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HiAir Cool Mist Humidifier - Humidifier for Baby Bedroom

HiAir Cool Mist Humidifier – Humidifier for Baby Bedroom

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HiAir Cool Mist Humidifier – Humidifier for Baby Bedroom.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION with ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY ‘- Ultrasonic humidifier lowers the noise level to 32dB for quiet humidification. So it won t disturbing your bedtime, working or study Ideal mist humidifier for bedroom, office, nursery room, and countertop humidification.
  • EASY USE & REFILL ‘ A one-hand operation portable air humidifier. With ergonomic arc shaped tank reservoir, the water tank fits your hands perfectly and offers securer grip than other humidifiers, so refilling and carrying is always a breeze of ease. Simply tip the touch button to choose from high low mist. For added convenience, dim blue night light can be separately controlled and bring you comfort to sweet dreams.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF for INCREASED SAFETY ‘- This cool mist humidifier can run continuously or set 1/3/6H auto-off timer. Set a timer on air humidifier to make efficient use and save electricity. Beisdes, it will shut off with red LED light on when water level is low. No worry when you are in a hurry leaving home.
  • STAY HYDRATED ALL DAY & NIGHT ‘ Let the air humidifier take care of your skin whether at home or office. 0.5 Gallon tank capacity allows up to 30 hours working time in low mist setting. No dry lips, no stuffy nose and dry skin. You will get more restful sleep thorough out the night. Besides, the sleek oval design fits nicely in narrow space and won t mess up your tabletop. During working time in office, it offers a great companion to keep your skin hydrated and mind fresh at work.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HiAir Cool Mist Humidifier – Humidifier for Baby Bedroom.
Are you still suffering from dry skin, stuffy nose, allergy or breathing issues? It is time you need a humidifier to help you breathe better and healthier . This aesthetically pleasing tabletop humidifier is packed with smart features that make it the perfect solution for improving the air humidity in your space. Ideal Humidifier for Nursery rooms, Office and Home Sleek and space saving design serves well as a tabletop humidifier. Quiet humidifier with optional night light helps your baby sleep better. Finer mist dispensed by the ultrasonic disk provides a uniform humidification and great relief to eliminate the fatigue of the day. PREMIUM QUALITY WITH FCC and UL Approved We are serious with product quality and have strict quality control system. The cool mist humidifier is applied with premium materials to resist the crack and leakage issue. With FCC and UL certified, the room humidifier is probably the safest ones in the market for family use. Risk Free Purchase We are always behind our product. If you have any problem with your humidifier, we are happy to solve it for you within 24 hours. Specification Model: HA001 Noise level: ‰ 30db Water capacity: 0.5 Gallon (2L) Coverage: up to 250 sq ft Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz Dimension: 5.4(L)*5.9(W)*10(H) inches Note: Do NOT add any kind of essential oils into the water tank or base of the humidifier. If you are looking for a big humidifying unit, it will not be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HiAir Cool Mist Humidifier – Humidifier for Baby Bedroom.

Question Question 1

Is The Opening Big Enough To Use Those Fish Cleaners?

No. The fish are barely too big

Question Question 2

How Easy Is It To Clean It?

It is just simple. Twist off the water cap, refill fresh cool water , and shake for a while then rinse. For the groove,add water then rinse. You could use a soft bottle brush (not included) or a piece of cloth to wipe the ultrasonic disk for better clean.The humidifier features a removable mist nozzle and silencer. It is just simple. Twist off the water cap, refill fresh cool water , and shake for a while then rinse. For the groove,add water then rinse. You could use a soft bottle brush (not included) or a piece of cloth to wipe the ultrasonic disk for better clean.The humidifier features a removable mist nozzle and silencer. If you prefer a thoughly clean,you can take off the mist nozzle and silencer to rinse the mist tube. Some white vinegar is also applicable per your demand.For more details, you can refer to provided user manual. We provided detailed cleaning steps for your reference. Email us at [support@hi-air.com] for instructions is also welcomed. Hope our answer helps.-HiAir Official Customer Support

Question Question 3

Does Nozzle Turn 360 ?

The nozzle does spin, so you aim the mist in your desired direction.

Question Question 4

Where Is The Timer Button?

its underneath the power button. You can set it for 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours

Question Question 5

What Is The Coverage? Sqft?

Not sure of total SF this will cover. we use it in our desk at work and it makes our surroundings comfortable.

Question Question 6

After 6 Months It Has Started Emptying All The Water Through The Bottom Vent Part Onto The Floor. Lid Is Tight And Base Connected Well.Any Advice?

we have only had mine for a short time and have not had any issues.Sorry, Iwould call support from the company.

Question Question 7

Mine Is Bubbling A Lot, Pretty Much Constantly, So It’S Not Very Quiet. Is There A Way To Avoid This?

we don’t have this issue, sorry.

Question Question 8

Would This Work In A Small Office And Would You Have To Close The Door?

It’s perfect for a Master bedroom like our room.So we are guessing for a small room it would be perfect . Personally we kept the door closed. Nevertried with it closed.

Question Question 9

Is The Electronics Waterproof?

No. Do not get the plug/adapter wet,or the base. Only wipe down to disinfect. You can wash tank with mild soap and water.

Question Question 10

Dose It Blow Warm Or Hot Mist?


Question Question 11

Is The Light Bright Or Can You Have It Not Light Up?

The light is meant to be a night and is not too bright. The light is optional when running.

Question Question 12

Why Is The Power Button And Timer Touch Button Not Well Responsive? Or Is That Just Mine?

we found it touchy at first but its almost like a sensor. You have to touch it lightly, its mush easier to operate.

Question Question 13

Will This Work With 220V?

The specs say: Input 100-240v

Question Question 14

Mine Has Stopped Working. It Turns On For A Minute And Then The Timer Lights Start Cycling Quickly. Has Anyone Had This Issue And Found A Solution?

Sometimes the little spring in the tank cap gets stuck and the unit won t work because water isn’t getting in. we have found it s easy to just push the spring down one time gently to feee it up. Worth a try.

Question Question 15

How Many Hours On The Highest Setting?

we put it on when we go to bed, 10PM and its empty when we wake up 6AM so less then 8hrs

Question Question 16

How Do You Remove The Mist Nozzle?

You can change the direction of the mist by rotating the nozzle, but it doesn t seem to be removable.

Question Question 17

Does It Make A Glug Glug Sound Like Some Other Humidifiers?


Question Question 18

Troubleshooting: The Mist Has Been Leaving A Layer Of Moistness Around It. We Checked It For Leaks, But It’S Just The Mist Going Up And Then Back Down.?

What is the question?

Question Question 19

Will Water Be In The Base, Once Filled And Connected?

It will stay in the base and slowly evaporate

Question Question 20

Replacement Cap?

we would contact and in return they could contact the manufacturer and they would definitely can answer the question

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on HiAir Cool Mist Humidifier – Humidifier for Baby Bedroom, these might be useful for better understanding.

This humidifier is perfect for a bedroom or office space. Easy to fill. Easy to clean. Other reviewers have talked about the many features. Do not forget to disinfect this humidifier regularly. An important con: these types of inexpensive humidifiers do not have any anti-bacterial/anti-mold features. They will grow mold on the hard plastic. You have to take the machine and the reservoir apart (we do it once a week) in the sink and spray it will diluted clorox or high concentrate vinegar. Be sure to spray the tube that the steam flows through also. Let it sit. Then rinse well. If you don’t do this, you will be spreading mold spores in the air. Not a good thing and likely to make you ill. For the price and design features, we do recommend it. If you aren’t willing to disinfect periodically then you should consider spending more money to get a humidifier that has built-in anti-bacterial & anti-mold features.

This humidifier is awesome. We have been looking for one for our daughter’s room for a while now because she has allergies and her poor nose is always stuffy which makes it hard for anyone around here to sleep??we really wanted a smaller one because there’s not much space to put it in her room but we figured they were all large no matter what you bought. To our pleasant surprise, this little thing is compact but it works so good. Last night was the first night she had it in her room and you can literally see the steam coming out of the top. She never woke us up once last night and it has to be because of this product. The price is really great, you get good instructions, they’ll send you a free gift after you receive your humidifier, so it’s a win win all around the board. Most def recommend because the price is great, the product is great, avg it’s compact so it’s not bulky and doesn’t take up much space at all?? don’t think, just buy.

Early this morning we woke in a panic because our little one woke up with a nasty head cold. We just sprained our foot last evening and knew there was no way we could get to a store, physically walk through it, browse the aisles, and carry a big humidifier out while limping. We hopped on and chose “same day delivery” and began our search. We have used other brands before but they would leak, be too loud, weren’t powerful enough, etc. This momma was desperate and we needed to find something asap for tonight’s rest. We had another humidifier in our basket. It was more expensive and had over 1k reviews, but we thought we should take one more look. We found this one and read how quiet it was and how small yet powerful it was. We ordered this one and we are so happy. Not only was it extremely light which was pleasantly surprising, but there wasn’t a lot of packaging which we also like (save the turtles. ) we are not kidding when we say this, it’s. So. Quiet. You literally cannot hear it. It’s also very powerful. The moment we plugged it in, it immediately started to release the cool mist. It also has two different levels (low or high) and you can set a timer if you want to. We give it a big thumbs up.

When our kids are sick, our pediatrician always recommends a humidifier. This cool mist humidifier is wonderful. It has a nightlight which makes it glow which can be turned on or off. There are settings for 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours at the tap of a button or it can run continuously. We can t believe how quiet it is. This is super nice for sleeping kiddos. It s a beautiful design and it s not large or heavy, so it s easy to move and find a place for. It s also super easy to use and clean. It comes with excellent instructions for cleaning. We absolutely love this humidifier and we highly recommend it.

We bought this humidifier based on price, size, and the fact that it does not have a filter to purchase and replace. Upon removing from the box we noted that the design is so simple that it will be easy to clean. We do not want a filter because we have a de-humidifier in our basement to use as a source of distilled water for this machine. We have used the unit now for two nights on the 6 hour setting. It uses bit over a third of the reservoir each night. The mist is very fine and dissipates into the air easily. So far the floor under the unit has remained dry. We have a small fan in the room so air does not get stale so the moisture is mixed into the air of our room well. Our fan covers the very small amount of noise the unit makes, it is pretty quiet compared to other humidifiers we have had. We have sinus problems and dry mouth when we sleep, (yeah, a mouth breather) this has really helped us sleep and our sinuses have not been closed up in the morning. This humidifier adds just enough moisture for our needs, perfect. We live in the west side of washington state, we have some humidity already, this just adds to the level in our bedroom. We have used hot and cold humidifiers throughout our life at various times, we are 65. This one is the best so far and the small size is great we are pretty happy with it.

Shipping was super fast, we got the humidifier same day we ordered it. Assembly was easy and quick. It has three set times (1,3,6 hours) or you can choose no time and have the humidifier run until it empties. We filled it up last night, it is now the next day (9:33pm), and it is still running. There s absolutely no noise at all. You can also choose if you want a light or no light. We love this humidifier and we will definitely be using it every night now. We would highly recommend this .

We are so happy purchase with this brand. It’s very quiet and the light adds a nice touch and a soft ambient glow. Also it will last up to 30 hours on the lowest of three setting. Cleaning is etramely easy and easy to settlement. We have 2kids, it’s helping our kids’s nose not so dry, making it great for bedroom. Overall, we highly recommend this fine ultrasound humidifier, quiet, effective, and reasonably price. We are very satisfied with this one.

We have been using the humidifier since it arrives. We love how easy the operation is. We set it at low mist to get a little more moisture in our bedroom. We do not expect it could last all day and night, however it does. Bonus it does not take much space with the sleek design. We will get 2nd for our kid.

We purchased this humidifier for our 3 year old’s bedroom during her last cold with a cough that seemed to drag on and on. The difference in her coughing at night is amazing. We wish we would have bought this 2 years ago. We had been using the vicks humidifier but it was so hot and muggy in there she was having trouble staying comfortable. This cool mist humidifier is awesome. We ended up buying a second to use in our older child’s room as well.

Update: thanks to hiair s excellent customer service, we were contacted and the matter has been handled to our satisfaction. Original review:we stopped using the humidifier after a while because we felt pressure building up in our ears and a general nauseating feeling. We cleaned it on a few occasions but not everyday. We should have used distilled water instead we used plain tap water. Not sure if that s what caused the uneasiness. The general humidity level in our area has improved with season change, so not using the humidifier anymore. Will be looking at warm air humidifiers next and see if we fare better with them.

This humidifier is great. Our baby gets stuffy nose due to the dry weather so he cries and fusses because he can’t breathe. But since we got this, he’s been sleeping through the night. Additionally, we put like 30 drops of lavender essential oil in it and now it’s like a giant diffuser. We have it on low setting and it emits lavender all night and lasts for weeks. The price isn’t too bad either for the size of it.

Originally got this to combat the dry winter air. Didnt know how much we were going to rely on it when our son caught rsv. This is super quiet, very easy to clean, and our favorite feature is the blue night light built in. It allowed us to turn off the hall light and still be able to see in the bedroom. We are super light sleeper so any noise or light wakes us up easily. Thankfully this hasn’t added to all the nighttime wake ups with a new baby.

So we bought this because we read that cold air humidifiers are good for relieving dry mouth problems in hospice patients. After running this humidifier in the room for a full 24 hours on high we have found this to be the perfect buy for our dying friend. The coughing that was being caused by his thick mucus his dry mouth and chapped lips have all seemed to be correctedso if you find yourself with a nasty head cold that has turned you into a mouth breather we suggest that you buy this for yourself straight away it will bring you tremendous comfort. The machine itself is quiet except for the occasional gurgle of water going from the basin to the bowl (but this is only noticed during times there is total silence in the room. ) we find that a full basin of water runs out in 12 hours on high. We have found no wet residue on the furniture we look forward to the added benefits of what the extra moisture in the air can do for our skin and our plants.

We bought this for our 7-year old son’s room for dry winters. We love it. He loves it. He reminds us to turn it on when he goes to bed if we forget. Easy to fill, whisper quiet, efficient, effective, runs all night, even on high. Foolproof usability, low-profile, durable. We love the blue nightlight feature. (however: don’t buy the antibacterial blue fish that recommends under “things often bought with this item,” it won’t fit. Four bucks, no loss) all the hundreds of positive reviews about this humidifier are true. Couldn’t be happier.

This is our first humidifier. Got it for our mom as a gift. Have been using it continuously every night for 2 months now. We cannot complain anything about the mist produced as it always really cool. Worked as per design. Has been doing its work really well. The only negative feedback would be the cleaning part, as the top nozzle is small and it becomes difficult unless you have a good cleaning kit for narrow mouth stuff.

Humidifiers are used to relieve congestion, headache, cough, irritation of the nose or irritated vocal cords, cough. This discomfort increases when the air in your home is dry, especially during the winter months or when an air conditioner is used during the summer. This humidifier is easy to use to install, it is not loud, and you can put a time of 1, 3 or 6 hours. Excellent quality and with a lightweight design. Los humidificadores se usan para aliviar la congestión, dolor de cabeza, tos, irritación de la nariz o cuerdas vocales irritadas, tos. Esta molestia aumenta cuando el aire en su hogar está seco, especialmente durante los meses de invierno o cuando se usa un aire acondicionado durante el verano. Este humidificador es fácil de usar, no es ruidoso y puede poner un tiempo de 1, 3 o 6 horas. Excelente calidad y con un diseño ligero.

We highly recommend this humidifier if you are looking for something to help soothe allergies and dry skin. We have extremely dry skin that requires moisturizers that are thick and long lasting. However, since we have been using this humidifier in our home office we feel it’s effects immediately and we feel hydrated. It has even helped our chapped lips. The humidifier is easy to put together and works within seconds. It’s very quiet, which is great if you wanted to use it in a nursery. We are very happy with this product.

We live in the desert so it s always dry. This humidifier helps our kids so much with colds, and allergies. Plus it s easy to clean. It s very quiet so doesn t bother the kids at all at night. It also has a really pretty blue light that can be used as a nightlight, as well as timer settings. All around a great humidifier.

Ordered this humidifier after our old one stopped working. We decided to get this one because of the reviews and features. The reservoir isn’t huge but it lasts up to six hours. We like the light touch feature and the option for a time to shut off (1,3, or 6 hours) automatically it s nice to not worry about the machine running without water in it. The top has a little nozzle you can steer which direction you d like the machine to output the steam. Very happy with this product and the fact that it has a warranty included with your purchase. Would highly recommend.

Just started using it today at the office but it’s the perfect size. We previously had a cute, smaller cactus one but it was just way too small. This one is perfect for a large office and is so quiet that if it didn’t bubble every like 10-15 minutes, you wouldn’t even know it was there. And it puts off a heavy amount of cool mist in the air which is awesome. A few of our coworkers already ordered one after seeing mine. Definitely recommend.

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