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Homeopathic Remedies For Asthma

Homeopathic Remedies For Asthma

Natural Asthma Cure – Asthma Homeopathic Treatment

With the numerous and latest natural remedies and alternative medicines for asthma life conditions, there is always the so-called natural asthma life cure. However, in reality, there is no real cure for asthma life conditions. The best cure that is given to the condition can only be referred as the asthma life treatment or products.

One natural asthma life cure is the natural therapy that aids in managing the asthma life condition. A negative response to emotional stress may cause asthma life attacks. To relieve stress, some natural relaxation remedies can help such as biofeedback, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and deep abdominal breathing.

Other studies show that diet can be a natural remedy for asthma life, since it helps alleviates the asthma life symptoms. Eating food rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as cod, mackerel, salmon and any other kind of high-fat fish can help decrease inflammation within the body that cause asthma life attacks. Though this fact is still unproven to benefit asthma life conditions, high-fat fishes can be rich in other vitamins and minerals that help boost the immune system of the body.

While considering which natural asthma life treatment to use, it is also necessary to give importance on the possible effects of the cure, whether beneficial or risky. Do not use any type of dietary supplements without the proper consultation from the health professional or asthma life specialist.

There might be some diet supplements that could contain products or plants that are and probably are allergens to your asthma life condition such as pollen. Without the proper consultation, it may result in some serious or life threatening situations.

Even without the natural asthma life cure, asthma life conditions can still be controlled and treated through several medications. In managing asthma life for treatment and control, it should be secured with proper diagnosis on what kind of asthma life it is. If possible, work with the doctor on developing an action plan for your asthma life condition.

Homeopathic Remedies For Asthma

An asthmatic attack is one of the most striking medical emergencies. In an asthmatic attack, there is constriction or a tightening or the bronchial wall muscle, and a secretion of mucus, often with plugging of small air tubes, as well as inflammation and swelling of the bronchial lining. The frequency, duration and severity of the asthmatic attack and its symptoms vary markedly from patient to patient.

A Familiar Vitamin for Asthma Treatment

The word Asthma comes from the Greek meaning “to pant” and really that is the singular most common asthma symptom and characterized the disease. During asthma attack the bronchial tubes and airways get swollen or even blocked completely, making it difficult for the sufferer to breathe.

Compared to the Greek, the medical term for asthma is more of a mouthful: reversible obstructive airway disease; although this can be shortened to ROAD. The medical term is a little more revealing: asthma is reversible, meaning that asthma treatment is available. Treatment more often than not involves asthma medication that opens up the airways again and reduces the severity of the attack.

Deciphering the Cause of Asthma

The cause of asthma has been attributed to a range of vile sources which include dust mites, dust mite droppings, dust, smoke, stress, exercise, atmospheric changes, food, odours, and many more. What if all of these sources were totally irrelevant to the root cause of asthma? In, fact what if the source of asthma was nothing more complex then the way in which we breathe and react to our own body.

Natural Asthma Remedies, Herbal and Homeopathic

When it comes to natural asthma remedies, we can think of so many things that can help treat the illness. One simple way is to mix honey with cinnamon power and drink it before going to sleep. Another wonderful way is to boil 8 to 10 cloves of garlic in milk and consume it at night. With so many interesting and cheap ways, it is understandable that some asthma sufferers prefer to use natural asthma remedy in the early stages of asthma.

Some other Natural Asthma Remedies

1. Figs, which help in draining the phlegm. Try washing 3 to 4 dry figs with water and soaking them in a cup of water. It will be eaten on an empty stomach along with drinking the fig-soaked water. Remember that you cannot eat anything else for the next one hour. Usually people try this for at least 2 months.

2. Take one teaspoon of honey in very hot water and sip it before sleeping. This helps remove the phlegm from the throat.

3. Fenugreek seeds, which taken with a cup of water overnight is another natural asthma remedy. This should be strained and one may add one teaspoon of ginger juice as well as one teaspoon of honey to it and it should be consumed early in the morning as well as in the evening.

Biovent Helps Fight Asthma Attacks

If you have not heard of BioVent, it is a natural asthma remedy product that combines herbal and homeopathic ingredients. One may use it daily to improve the function of the respiratory system, reducing the incidence as well as severity of the asthma attack and it will also strengthen the immune system. It is an excellent remedy in controlling and preventing asthma attacks as well as assisting in the management of chronic asthma.

When you are using BioVent, you have to monitor closely the drops. It might become diluted in about a quarter glass of water or juice. For adults one may use fifteen to twenty drops twice or thrice daily each day, while for children, one may use a single drop per age year of the child twice or thrice daily.

Other natural asthma remedies one may try out are herbal and homeopathic asthma treatments that may prove to be very effectual. Don’t be surprise that very severe bouts of asthma can be treated using natural asthma remedies. They are extremely safe to use and can even match conventional treatments of asthma.

Online Homeopathic Consultation – Herbal Secrets at your door

Do you remember those days when people used to write letters to contact their friends and relatives? There were no mobiles and computers available that time. With the technology developing day by day, we are being gifted with newer and newer gadgets and gizmos like web camera, iPods, palmtops, microphones, internet connection etc.

With such innovative instruments it is possible to contact a person sitting anywhere in this world without any interruption. Because of this a no of online consultants are available in every field. They instruct with all their rules and regulations and are always ready to answer your queries.

Similar consultants are also there if you need homeopathic treatment. Although most of the diseases requires at least 1-2 visit to a doctor but some of them like Asthma, Bronchitis, Migraine, Hair fall, Skin diseases, and depression can be conveniently treated from a long distance also. These diseases generally do not respond to conventional system of medication. So in such cases you can go for a homeopathic treatment.

In order to contact online consultants you first of all have to select the right homeopath and then send him the mail describing everything about you and your disease. They will reply you whether treatment possible or not. After this if you finally decide to continue with them, they will send you a questionnaire to know about you, your health, your lifestyle, your personal life and other related questions. Be honest to fill that form because that will play a very important role in your diagnosis.

Before this questionnaire you have to make payment. It can be done through demand draft or credit cards. After submitting your questionnaire they will take 2-3 days in analysis and then guide you for your medication. You can also take medicines from them through online payment. They will parcel you the same. Their charges may differ according to Indian and foreign patients.

Once you start taking remedies you have to be in regular contact with your consultant. You have to give report of each and every minute change in your body. With such report of yours, he can further carry your treatment and introduce the required changes. It is possible that that your online treatment can take a bit longer time then your regular visits. As here your homeopath cannot meet you so your responsibility increases as giving him detailed information time to time. These online institutions have a no of people just hired to answer your queries as soon as possible.

This method of treating disease is very helpful because it is very much cost effective and easily approachable by every individual. You don’t have to disturb your schedule much to get an appointment from the consultant. You can search on internet to know about the further details of homeopathic consultants. It will provide you with a no of options. A very important point to keep in mind is to be aware of the wrong people. You should check the authenticity of the homeopath so that your investment can bring you positive results.

Asthma Homeopathic Remedies

Despite the numerous asthma homeopathic remedies available nowadays, it should still be treated with the proper guidance from the professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced on the actual application of treatments.

Absolutely, asthma life homeopathic remedies can help relieve the difficulties of an asthma life attack, but in certain cases that asthma life attacks get worse, professional medical advice should be taken the soonest.

Worse cases of asthma life are usually seen on the deep breathing and turning bluish lips of the patient. In some cases, the loss of consciousness is also a sign of severe asthma life attack.

With the proper and strict guidance of professional homeopathic therapists, here are some asthma life homeopathic remedies that any person can use in treating his asthma life condition:

(1) Carbo Vegetabilis – this remedy is usually used during the actual attack of asthma life when the person is feeling faint or weak. The person would say that he feels shallowness of his chest. Furthermore, continuous cough follows wherein difficulty in the air passage going to the lungs is experienced.

(2) Ipecacuanha – this remedy is applied to those asthma life patients who suffer from coughing spasms resulting in vomiting or retching. It is also best for asthma life that comes with mucus or phlegm in the deep breathing tubes.

(3) Chamomile – this remedy is best for those who suffer from hard and irritating coughs when asthma life attacks. The coughs usually occur when the person is exposed to certain air that is moving, or when anger or excited feelings are experienced by the person.

Nevertheless, not all asthma life homeopathic remedies are recommended or advisable to patients with asthma life. You will still need to determine what kind of asthma life is present in that person before recommending any of these asthma life homeopathic remedies.

If possible, take time to consult or discuss with the preferred doctor on the kind of asthma life homeopathic remedy being recommended on the kind of asthma life that you have you. In this way, the best course of treatment will then be applied on your condition.

How To Cure Asthma Life Permanently In Homoeopathy?

Asthma can be defined as a respiratory disorder which is characterised by the shortness of breath. Do you know India contributes one third of the total asthma life patients in the world. One out of three asthma lifetic children misses the school daily.

In a recent survey, doctors from Hyderabad found that only 12% of the asthma life patients take the proper treatment. With the growing number of population living in cities the number of asthma life patients also is on increase.

Some Of The Important Reasons We Can Discuss Here.

Increasing pollution: With advancement of technology the pollution emission is increasing. The pollution from vehicle reacts with oxygen and sun light to produce ozone. This ozone triggers asthma life. In a recent study from researchers of Columbia University and university of Cincinnati, it is found that if the mother is living in an area having increased air pollution during pregnancy then the child is more prone to develop asthma life due to acquired genetic changes.

Misconception of asthma life treatment: Most of asthma life patient think the inhaler one uses will bring cure. But the fact is that the inhaler is a palliative measure. The moment you inhale it relaxes the constricted air passage. Every asthma life patient gives the same story that initially he used inhaler once in a blue moon but gradually the frequency increased. Now even in one day one can use 4-5 times.

People also hardly know that inhalers produce a lot of side effects; like adrenalin hormone is reduced in the body which causes fatigue and tiredness. Hence an asthma life patient always feels weak.

Increased consumption of tobacco: Cigarette smoking is also on increase. Cigarette smoking not only harms active smokers but also passive smokers are very much affected. A smoker loses about 10 years of his life as compared to non-smokers. A smoker dies usually of Tuberculosis, respiratory disease and heart disease.

Why do Asthma life Patient become Breathless?

The air passage is surrounded by muscles. Those muscles contract and expand when we breathe out and breathe in respectively. In case of asthma life the airways gets infected or irritated when the patient is exposed to any irritant or allergen or trigger. Then muscles surrounding the airways tighten up and make the airway narrow. This results in difficult breathing.

When you use puff or inhaler or bronchodilator, these muscles relax and you are able to good breathe easily. But, it is only a temporary help or you can say inhaler is a management only but not the cure. Particularly for kids; I sincerely caution the parents not to make the inhaler, a toy of your child.

What is the real solution of asthma life? Asthma is neither an incurable disease nor it needs lifelong medication.

The decreased body resistance makes one vulnerable to get asthma life. It can be hereditary or acquired. If it is hereditary then the genetic alteration is corrected and if it is acquired then the constitutional correction is required to cure.

How Homeopathy Cures?

Homoeopathy has constitutional treatment approach for asthma life. Here the symptoms during the attack, time of attack etc. are important for a better prescription. In order to prevent recurrence the past medical history and family medical history are required. Asthma is treated as a chronic disease in homeopathy which needs a prolonged medication.

How to Ascertain Cure in Homeopathy?

During treatment the frequency and intensity of attack is reduced gradually. When the improvement is apparent the doses of medicine is reduced slowly and finally stopped.

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