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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HomeoPet Cough.

  • Fast Acting Liquid
  • No Known Side Effects; Safe For Kittens, Puppies, Pregnant And Nursing Animals
  • Free of all chemicals; uses only the purest, naturally grown raw materials
  • Manufactured Under An Fad Registered Process
  • Clinically Used On Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Hamsters, Ferrets And Pot-Bellied Pigs

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Size:0.08For all types of coughs, frequently associated with boarding in kennels and exposure to other animals

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HomeoPet Cough.

Question Question 1

Has Anyone Used This Long Term?

we are on our second bottle.our dog gets severe asthma, since we have used this product it has been dramatically improved. we must say that we use it combined with Nature Sunshine liquid Echinacea and Lobelia combo. we use a small syringe and mix both the homeopet with Echinacea/lobelia approx. 5 to 6 drops of each on a we are on our second bottle.our dog gets severe asthma, since we have used this product it has been dramatically improved. we must say that we use it combined with Nature Sunshine liquid Echinacea and Lobelia combo. we use a small syringe and mix both the homeopet with Echinacea/lobelia approx. 5 to 6 drops of each on a teaspoon and we add water to the mix.enough to fill up the syinge. our dog weighs approx. 6 lbs. we give it for him for two or three days and then repeat only if he has an attack. His attacks have been fewer and not no where near as bad as before. He has gone as long as two weeks without an attack.which is usually just during the winter months. Hope this helps.

Question Question 2

How Long Did The Product Take To Work?

It is always a individual thing on response but most pets should experience some relief the first 24 hours if the product is used soon after the cough started. If it is a heart failure cough then the response would not be as good in response as compared to a respiratory type cough.

Question Question 3

How Does It Work? Does It Treat The Cause Of The Coughing (Such As Congestion), Or Just Treat For The Symptom (Coughing)?

It just treats the coughing.It isn’t to be used for a ‘productive’ cough, meaning if the animal is conjested. And it is not an antibiotic, so if animal has bacterial pneumonia, this is not going to do much.our chihuahua has collapsing trachea and coughs/chokes frequently.This product gave some relief.

Question Question 4

Can We Used It For A Guinea Pig?

we are not sure. The pictures on the box were of a bird,dog and cat. If we were you we would try calling a vet and ask him or her if you could use it on your pet. we would imagine if a bird could take it then your guinea pig could. A bird is delicate. If a bird can take it then a guinea pug could. Use your own judgement.

Question Question 5

.Why Is One Bottle $8 And A 4 Pack Is $99?Should Be $32.?

only the Retailer, Homeopet is selling at this price.

Question Question 6

Can This Be Used For Rats Sneezing And Coughing And How Much Do You Use ?

It helped cure our dog of kennel cough. On the package it says it is for dogs cats and birds. we guess you could try it on rats. If it will help birds we would guess it would be good for rats. Birds are more delicate. If it can help birds than it should be good for rats.

Question Question 7

Can This Be Used Instead Of Antibiotics For Kennel Cough?

This is a cough suppressant, not and antibiotic.If your dog has bordatella, which is a bacterial infection, you d still have to give him the antibiotics.

Question Question 8

Where Else Can I Buy This Product?

we are not sure outside of the company . we have only seen it on .

Question Question 9

Where Is This Manufactured? Usa?

It is a family owned business in US but founded in Ireland.

Question Question 10

Can This Be Used In Conjuction With Other Homeopet Products?

Yes it can

Question Question 11

This Can Be Used For Hamsters?


Question Question 12

Did We Read Right That This Product Contains Arsenic?

This product contains arsenicum album which is derived from arsenic.You may want to research that ingredient before buying. we made our own cough syrup for our dog warm water, honey and a bit of lemon which seemed to do the trick.

Question Question 13

Do The Drops Go In Their Water Or Food?

Yes, you can. The drops can be put directly into the mouth , in the water or on food

Question Question 14

Our Dog Has A Collapsedtrachea,Would This Help For That?

Not to sure might want to ask a Vet first.

Question Question 15

Can It Be Used On Aquatic Turtles?

we doubt it.

Question Question 16

We Bought This In Feb. 2017We Did Not Save The Box I Can Not Find A Expred Date Anybody Know How Long It Is Good For??

No expiration date on the box or the bottle.

Question Question 17

Does This Come With A Certificate As Proof?


Question Question 18

Can You Just Put The Drops In The Dogs Mouth, As He Is Not A Good Eater. And The Other Dogs In The House The Water Bowl Is Not An Option.?

You can, but it’s harder to see and control how many drops your dog is consuming through this method, so we would suggest adding it to food or water.

Question Question 19

How Is This Administered?

we have our chihuahua when laying on his side just simply count the drops as they fall into the side of the mouth very easy and he stays calm and licks it all up.

Question Question 20

Can We Use This Solution With Inhailer?

we only use the drops on a small piece of bread and give orally.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on HomeoPet Cough, these might be useful for better understanding.

Started giving this cough medicine to our pomeranian 4 days ago for her tracheal collapse, and it has already started to help her so much. It has cut her coughing down by more than half. This medicine is also super easy to give to our pup. We just cut off a small piece of hotdog and put a couple drips into it, and then give it to her. She eats it right up; can’t even tell that the medicine is in there. We are very happy with the results. ***if helpful, please click ‘helpful’*** :).

We are former vet tech, and needed to find a reasonably priced (less than a vet clinic visit) medicine for one of our cats who has been vetted with no results for his terrible hacking cough. We were told it was due to him being slightly overweight, but we were once a vet tech, and had our doubts. And the cost of that advise was. Well. Expensive. We were at a loss how to help him and then started hearing the same cough in our 19 year old cat and the 3 month old kitten we’d recently rescued after someone tossed her into the river. At that point, we knew this was *not* a weight issue; this was the start of possible “rhino”; which is basically what is known as a “common cold”, but in a cat, can be deadly. They cannot blow their nose, nor cough up the mucus; and our poor buddy would just crouch and hack and hack and wheeeeze trying to breathe. (we are dealing with the after affects of multiple cancers and the vet here where we now live is soo costly). We decided after reading through the feedbacks, to order this product. “junior” is getting a dose of this, twice daily in his wet food. As long as he doesnt see us putting it into his food; he willingly gobbles it down and to our surprise? he licks up the liquidy part; first and thats the medicine with a bit of “gravy” from the canned food. (be sure to give only a bit of food when dosing, so they dont fill up and you wont know if they got the medicine. ). Its been. Hmm. Almost 2 weeks and it has made a huge difference. We havent heard him cough in several days now, and the other cats? no coughing at all. We are delighted to say we think he is improving daily. This cat, cannot be pilled and we are good at it, so being able to dose this into wet food is great and this one bottle is more than plenty, which is also a plus. We are so glad we found this and grateful to others who also take that extra time to leave feedback so we can make a more informed decision. (as we always do too). If your dog or cat or. Whatever your furkid is, has a hacking cough? buy this. It is well worth the cost. We were so worried for our boy and no, he hasnt lost any weight but we know he is feeling much, much better. Thank you homeopet. Btw: we were not given a free sample, a discount or any other. Inticement to purchase this item; this was for the love of pets. Period.

We have a pom with a collapsing trachea and we can’t make it without this, plus several other products that are here on (terry’s naturally bronchial clear, colloidal silver, hyland’s calc. Fluor 6x, spongin tosta 12x, black seed oil, just to name a few). You place these drops like on the gum line towards the back teeth (our pom, we use at least 5 drops, if he coughs again, 5 more) dogs have this open space at the end of their lips. Just pull it open and place it there. We rescue dogs, and had a bout of kennel cough last year. We used this plus to kill the bacteria/infection we used 6-8oz of water, raw honey and 3 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide. We gave to all of them three times a day in a syringe. Google for exactness of procedure. We used antibiotics first which cost a fortune (7 dogs at that time) and we couldn’t win the battle with, so we went to earth clinic and several other sites. With the peroxide and these drops we won the battle. We use these on all our dogs with their allergies too along with black seed oil. If they are running a temp, we use these and oleo penn (olive leaf extract without alcohol) drops available here on . Don’t get olive extract with xyletol, it is poisonous to dogs.

Nothing hurts us more than to see our dog cough as she watches me. She’s on doxycycline for antibiotics for the last two days, but she is still coughing. It takes a couple of weeks is what her vet said. But in the meantime we decided to take matters into our own hand. We are the type that will do hours of research and read reviews. We used this for our cat and it helped her drastically, so we decided to do the same for our lab. Just a couple of drops and it really helped. We know she needed a suppressant and this really gave her relief. Besides our pitbull did not like her sister coughing and we know she was concerned. She would not leave her side and just run in circles around her as big sis started to cough. If you have a pet that is coughing profusely, we recommend this inexpensive natural product.

We have chihuahua mixed pekingese hes 13 yrs old hes has been suffering for the past 3 years from collapsed tracheal hes been in and out of the vets on a million pills to the point he was so heavy that made it ten times worse. Ive taken him off all meds changed his diet still he coughs so bad. We finally had the conversation with our son to think about making a better life in heaven. Then we saw this med on hear and read the reviews. Let us say. We gave it to him with the raw honey. Tonight is the first night he is calm not one cough. The drops came today and hes in his bed as calm as could be. Even if we call his name he wont start coughing because getting excited makes it worse. We can not explain how amazed we are to the point of tears to think that he is finally so calm and that he will be with us much longer. Thank you. One forbthis amazing . Amazing. Product. And for the people that did the reviews it does make a huge difference prob. Saved our baby.

We were at wit’s end as we were tending to a rescued 2 y/o bichon mix and he had been treated for kennel cough. He went through two rounds of both antibiotics and steroids. It was over 30 days that he was coughing, the xrays and the labs showed that it wasn’t his heart or lungs, but most likely a virus or some sort of bacteria or allergy that was bothering our little yoda. Well, after putting 5 drops on a half of a cookie and given in the morning and evening, within two days he was cough-free. At first we didn’t realize it until we were petting him and rubbed his throat and then we realized that hey, he wasn’t coughing anymore. This stuff is gold. We stopped giving it to him after 3 days, he coughed again and we continued for another week and now, not on it and still not coughing. So thankful for this cough medicine for dogs. Can’t thank you enough.

This product is a miracle. Our little 5 lb. Long hair chihuahua, sugarbear suffered from a chronic cough for about a year and a half. He coughed throughout the day, everyday. But also the cough would start about 5 am every single morning, wake him up and last a couple of hours. Antwe biotics plus a strong cough medicine from the veterinarian did not help at all. The cause of the cough was unknown. After using “homeopet cough” he now does not have a cough. We are so amazed. And so happy for him. Thank you for this incredible amazing product.

Our yorkie has a collapsing trachea. We have been to 3 vets and put him on all the medications they recommended . They either gave himdiarrhea or made him vomit or didn’t work. We were to the point that we were going to put him to sleep. The coughing was bad enough but then he would not be able to breath. Seaching on the internet we found homeopet cough. We give him 3 or 4 drops about 3 times a day and we are managing. We feel that this product has extended our time with him.

Frankly we were shocked by how well and how quickly this product worked for our kitty. He was coughing and coughing a couple times an hour – very distressing. We put this on his daily treats and now he pretty much never coughs at all. We really didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. Before starting our furry boy on this we took him to the vet for x-rays and bloodwork. They found nothing other than maybe chronic bronchitis or asthma. They gave him steroids and suggested a breathing treatment. We tried this instead and am really glad we did.

This is great stuff we had bought and it before we started running low and thought we would order another one in case our dog needed it . We just opened it up today and unfortunately there is nothing in the bottle it is bent and must have spilled out. But we also have the worst male person in history it seems like each week we have a new mail person we don’t know if that’s the problem or not . Our guess would be it is the mailman so since today our dog ran out of his old medicine we are gonna have to go to pet smart or somewhere and look for cough medicine there’s really not much that comes in this bottle so we would suggest when you buy it make sure you have enough and order ahead. We just hope whatever we buy today will be happy as good as this stuff we usually give our dog for drops and we could barely squeeze out two drops that’s how empty the bottle was . We wish we could find somewhere local that sells this. We have seen sites send different stores have them but they’re not in stock and they run about the same price. This is our third time buying this product it works so well that even if it spills out because of the shipping process we still would spend any amount to help our dog and this really seems to help him . He is a service dog and we would do anything for him because he does everything for us . When he gets sick and starts coughing and what he does all we can do is cry tonight we are not crying we got the new shipment in from the one that was broke open and he had his medicine and he sleeping soundly right next to us .

Our sweet beagle came to us after having been very neglected, with kennel cough being one of his ailments. Before we found homeopet cough, we were at the vet getting antibiotics & narcotic cough meds for him 2-3 times per year, paying $100+ for each visit & the meds. Being that we dabble in naturopathy ourself, we knew there had to be something out there to soothe our pup, without the side effects & high prices of prescription meds or vet visits for the same ailment over & over. Homeopet cough is it. We can’t even express how surprised we are that it has been so effective for our boy’s kennel cough symptoms. His coughs have been quieted, his “reverse sneezing” has been almost completely eliminated & our sweet lil benny beagle is happy again. We just received this amazing product & began administering it yesterday. The soothing effects he received from this product caused a trickle effect & now we can all rest much more easily. Especially benny beagle. Try this for your pets.

This works great for our chwe who was diagnosed with trachea collapse. We weren’t getting much sleep and the vet’s prescription meds had negative side-effects. Saw this and thought we would try a couple of different homeopathic meds and although this was a third of the price of others, it works the best. Will always keep it on hand when she has flare ups. We also saw this company makes something for sinus/nose issues and giving that to our almost 16 yr old chwe with good results. Thank you thank you.

One night we awoke to the sound of our dog making very strange gagging noises. However no vomit was produced. We also noticed it happened to be happening after she had been sleeping for a while. It had been rainy and cold recently and our dog likes to go outside. After some investigating as to what was going on, we came to the conclusion that she may have had kennel cough, which was strange considering she was vaccinated and not around any other dogs. But her symptoms matched up. We looked into natural ways to treat kennel cough, as we knew a trip to the vet was out of question. They would charge us a few hundred dollars, we know, to do a battery of tests just to give her an antibiotic, most likely. We didn’t have hundreds of dollars. We figured we would try our best to treat it naturally at home and if it got any worse, then we would figure out a way to make the vet trip happen. We started giving our dog probiotics, as well as setting up a humidifier near her. We gave her a spoon full of honey every few hours (manuka/tea tree honey) and that did help quite a bit. But the cough was still lingering. We decided, based on reviews that we would give this a go. Within 3 doses, the cough was gone. She has been cough free for over a week now. This, along with manuka honey, the humidifier (with oregano oil) took care of that nasty kennel cough. We are so impressed and very relieved. Definitely recommend this product.

We have a 13yo chwe who suffers from the ubiquitous collapsing trachea. Sometimes the gagging and choking was terrifying for both of us, and we realized that she needed some relief to forestall the damage the frequent coughing was doing. Started putting this in her meals 3 times daily (she is fed raw with supplements, 1. 5 tablespoons with 5 drops of this. After 3 days we have noticed a marked improvement. She has no episodes of choking and hacking at night, and her respiratory distress when playing outside is much less. We know we will eventually lose our sweet mimwe to this disease, but we have probably added years, and that is all good.

Poor kitty had a weird cough, he sounded like a duck quacking. Been trying all sorts of natural meds to cure it: colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay. All came up negative. After a few rounds of this and the nose relief, kitty is all better. He is older too so we were worried he might be on his way out. But he’s all good.

Can’t rate it at 5 stars yet. Still in early stages of use (few days). But it seems to be working. Our neighbor’s little dog had a raw throat (maybe too many hard type of chews) and as a chihuahua – a possible partial collapse of the trachea. Her coughing was driving our neighbor to distraction. Bought this and we were happy to see that the dog didn’t mind the taste. In fact, she liked it, licking her lips. (makes it so much easier to administer. ) it definitely has calmed down both the cough and its frequency. The price is great. So many others on the market are way over priced. Would definitely recommend giving this product a try before spending $$$ on other products.

Our dog has seizures so we have to be careful with stuff with him and these homeopet products contain alcohol and they don’t list that on the package and they need to we don’t know why they are hiding it but this cough version worked well on our dog he was practically choking on mucous because he had a urwe before antibiotics fixed that but thank god we had this because we thought he was going to pass out coughing we put 1 drop in his water and it worked immediately he’s 8 lbs and very sensitive to medications so we couldn’t imagine giving the recommended 5 drops twice a day or something it tells you for his size that’s why it’s good to give a small amount at first until you see how your dog reacts to it the first time because since he was fine with the cough one we bought the allergy version and same thing we did 1 drop in his water and he had a seizure so now we are even afraid to use this one again but they claim these are 100% all natural and no side effects that’s not true obviously and they also have somewhere saying it’s okay to just squirt the drops into your pets mouth which we wouldn’t do that because you can’t tell how much is coming out we know because us just trying to squirt 1 drop into his water bowl was hard to do so how can you see when the bottle is inserted inside their mouth and you are squeezing? put on food or in water and it does still work in water as long as you don’t use alot of water compared to drops.

This stuff is seriously amazing. Let us preface that a bit with a somewhat long story. Once upon a time. Just kidding. We have an 8yo catahoula (big farm dog), named daniel dog, and two months ago he started coughing. It was a dry, hacking, non productive cough. We made him an appointment at his vet, and then started googling what it could be. Don’t ever do that. We immediately became upset and worried for the next 24 hours. The vet could not find anything wrong with him. Like at all. So several hundred dollars later, we were given a “well, let’s see if this medicine helps” and was sent on our way with 3 very expensive prescriptions. They didn’t do squat. So, back to the vet we went. They still didn’t find anything and were completely stumped. So they gave us some doggy robitussin, and wished us well. (our vet is awesome by the way. Like seriously, great. )as we were nearing the end of our most recent prescription of doggy robitussin, we decided to see if it was any cheaper on here ( ). This prouct (homeopet cough) came up in our suggestions at the bottom. We clicked it and read everything on the page, even the reviews before deciding to try it. (yes, every single one of them. ) it looked safe, and it was way cheaper than his cough medicine. So, we figured what they heck. Whats $10 more dollars. We were still a bit skeptical, but we were willing to try it for the sake of our puppers. Daniel was downright miserable, and we hated it for him. We went ahead and paid the little extra to get it here a little faster, and it arrived the next day. Still a bit skeptical, we went back and re-read everything. After being put somewhat at ease, we pushed forward, and decided to go for it. Daniel, being the big dog he is, is not a fan of medicine. So this has been a daily struggle for us. Luckily enough, it also happened to be the same day that his nexgard (monthly flea & tick pill) was due, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone since we did not want to fight him any harder than we had to at this point. We took the dropper, and made a puddle of the drops on the one side of his pill. It was maybe 8 drops. Maybe 9. But definitely not 10. Then the struggle ensued. After we had successfully dosed our daniel dog with his medicines, we waited. Not sure for what. He still coughed a bit that day, but not as much. The real miracle happened the next day. He did not cough once. Seriously, not a single hack. We were amazed, but still somewhat weary. At that point, we assumed it was like honey, and coated his throat somehow. We were happy, but made a mental note that it was probably just temporary. But it wasn’t. We gave him this medicine on july 3rd and he has not coughed once since the 4th. Whatever this is, soothed his throat long enough for his ailments to disappear. We may still have to give him more later on, but we will gladly take forcing medicine into him every once in a while over every 4 hours (like clockwork). Today, our daniel dog is a happy old man. He isn’t coughing, and that makes taking his naps a whole lot easier for him.

Our relative’s dog is a maltipoo and started coughing a few months ago. We didn’t even know what she was doing except that it was scary. We searched the web for information and found videos of other dogs doing the same thing. We selected homeopet cough simply because it was reasonably priced and had decent reviews. We really didn’t expect it to work. Well, we just opened the second bottle. Since we started putting five drops on a small snack about midday (which she gobbles up), the coughing has essentially stopped. Seems like if we miss a day, we hear her cough some. This evening, she had a fairly serious coughing attack and we gave her 6 drops on a small piece of ham. She seems okay now. We believe it works. It may be necessary to give it to her a couple times a day as she ages and if perhaps the coughing gets worse. We recommend this product highly.

Two years ago, our german spitz was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea. He coughed instantly. All day, all night it was cough, cough, cough. He didn’t rest. We didn’t rest. The medication the doctor prescribed did little to suppress his cough. Finally, she suggested the options were to put him on steroids for a month, and if there was no improvement, we should consider surgery. The outlook for surgery was not good. And having him on steroids long term would compromise his renal system and cause additional problems. We asked her about this product and she said that though she’d never used it, she was all for a natural product if it would help him. Today we are buying our 3rd bottle. We started him at 3 times a day for the first month, then once a day. By the time we were on the second bottle, we’d only do it as needed. Buying today’s bottle as a “just in case”. He happy, he’s healthy, and the coughing fits don’t last at all like they used to. So happy we found this product and even happier our fur baby is comfortable again.

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