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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief.

  • Sneezing, runny nose, congestion
  • Watery or runny eyes
  • Runny nose and eyes
  • Country Of Origin: United States

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief.
Size:One SizeSinus infections, upper respiratory infections, colds, Sneezing, post nasal drip, red wet eyes, running or dry noses and allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief.

Question Question 1

Is There A Smell Or Flavor To This? Was Thinking Of Putting In Water Bowl.Thanks.?

we wouldn t put it in water. It might dilute it and defeat its purpose. The smell, which is slight, disappears in seconds after mixing it into food.

Question Question 2

How To Open?

Just unscrew i used our mouth because its crazy shut

Question Question 3

The Ingredients Are The Same And The Same Amount As Of The Regular “Nose Relief “(Dogs, Cats,Other Small Animals) Does Anyone Here Notice Any Differen?

we have only used the HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief drops with our pet and not the small animal one. Unfortunately,it didn’t help our cat. She had a runny nose and eyes, and coughing but after using it for two weeks, symptoms were getting worse and she was experiencing nausea. we finally took her to the vet. She got an antib we have only used the HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief drops with our pet and not the small animal one. Unfortunately,it didn’t help our cat. She had a runny nose and eyes, and coughing but after using it for two weeks, symptoms were getting worse and she was experiencing nausea. we finally took her to the vet. She got an antibiotic shot and her symptoms cleared up totally.

Question Question 4

How Is It Applied?

The box says you can apply the drops directly in your cat’s mouth, or in their food or water. we put the drops directly onto pieces of chicken or cat treats, and our kitty eats them with no problem (as long as the drops have dried, which only takes a few seconds).

Question Question 5

How Long Does This Take To See Results After Starting Drops?

our cat has had feline leukemia for over 9 years AND then he developed the herpes virus symptoms – sneezing a lot, nasal drainage, etc. we started this 3x a day at first and saw results pretty fast – much less drainage and less sneezing – he seems to feel better when he could breathe better. Now we keep him on twice a day our cat has had feline leukemia for over 9 years AND then he developed the herpes virus symptoms – sneezing a lot, nasal drainage, etc. we started this 3x a day at first and saw results pretty fast – much less drainage and less sneezing – he seems to feel better when he could breathe better. Now we keep him on twice a day 10 gtts in about 2 cc water – mix – draw up in syring and slowly put into side of his mouth. It does taste TERRIBLE if try it by self – he foamed and ran away – but in water he doesn’t notice it at all. we plan to keep him on this for the rest of his life. Hope this helps.

Question Question 6

Can I Use This For A Dog?

No, do not use the Feline Nose relief on your dog. HomeoPet has one for dogs also

Question Question 7

Does This Need To Be Refrigerated After Opening?

No it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It is very easy to give to your pet also. Worked great on our cat.

Question Question 8

Where Is Expiration Date?

we don’t see any expiration date.we don’t keep them long enough to worry about that.

Question Question 9

What Are The Ingredients?

The page offers a photo of the back of the box and it includes all the ingredients.Just click on it and magnify it if you can’t read it.

Question Question 10

What Is The Difference Between Homeo Pet Nose Relief With Or Without Stating “Feline”?

Feline is for cats so do not use it for dogs.

Question Question 11

What Age Is This For?

Our HomeoPet line does not have an age limit, you would just follow the dosing guidelines by weight.

Question Question 12

Is This Product Made In The Usa?

All HomeoPet products are manufactured in the USA

Question Question 13

Is It The Same Ingredients In Dog?

yes it is for a dog or a cat

Question Question 14

Does This Need To Be Refrigerated After Opening?

No- this product can remain at room temperature after opening

Question Question 15

Can You Use This For Small Kitten?

Yes, being homeopathic it should be safe for all ages, plus on the bottle itself it says for kittens under 1 lb. use 2 drops, otherwise 1-20 lbs. use 5 drops.

Question Question 16

Does This Product Have An Odor?

we haven’t noticed any odor and our cat doesn’t seem to notice one either.we put her dose in her wet food.

Question Question 17

Does This Have Alcohol In It?

No – there is no alcohol in this product, it is made from all natural, herbal ingredients.our cat has benefited from it very well .

Question Question 18

Can Someone Break Down These Ingredients? Never Heard Of Any Of Them.?

we suggest calling the company. You can leave a message and someone will definitely call you back.

Question Question 19

Does This Stuff Really Have Arsenic In It?

Not sure but it helped all our cats. we are sure the company doesn t want to kill, only help. And some people, sadly, can t afford a vet visit.

Question Question 20

How Do You Open The Thing?(Not The Cardboard)?

we wrestled with it for awhile too – push the plastic ring at the bottom of the cap down – then it easily unscrews 🙂

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief, these might be useful for better understanding.

Quick background of our cat. She’s 15 years old and started sneezing and getting a runny nose on a regular basis about 5 years ago. We have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years for vet checkups, shots, liquid prescriptions to help ease her symptoms. No real prognosis so it could be allergies, infection, common cold. Tests every 6 months or so is a pain with no real solution for a cure. So we have tried just about everything. These drops have helped more than anything we have tried so far. For our cat, it’s 10 drops, 3 times a day till symptoms are gone. Usually within a few days. If she starts to get a runny nose after a while, we will just give her another dose. We just mix it with her wet food or add it to something she likes to drink. The dropper looks like eye drops and holds about 300 drops worth. We have tried this on two different cats and it’s helped both of them. Works for any sort of sinus issue. We also recommend liquid vitamins for cats if you aren’t using them yet. Anything with lysine works wonders for cats with any sinus issues. The price is a little high. This may deter people from using the proper dose. We suggest just using as directed, and once you’re cats health improves, just use when needed. We are ordered again right now.

Bought this because our 14 year old daisy has had severe upper repository issues for years. She is deaf and constantly sneezed and had disgusting snot come shooting out of her nose every single day. Just listening to her breath was painfull for us to watch and hear. But after only 24 hours it seems like it’s already clearing up. We dosed her heavy yesterday by putting 10 drops in her drinking water 4 times yesterday. We highly recommend this with all our heart. Thank you so much . <3.

This product came yesterday and we saw immediate results with our 15-year-old cat. She has had a chronic condition for several years, labored breathing, constant sneezing and thick snot she tries to clear from one nostril. Our vet has told us that in old cats this condition is fairly normal and there is no “magic bullet” that will treat it effectively. We had been giving her lysine in her food, but over time it has stopped working for her and never worked all that well to begin with. Yesterday we put five drops of this product in her wet food and she immediately stopped sneezing and blowing mucus. She seemed far less stressed and her breathing appears to be far less labored. We gave her a second dose yesterday afternoon and then another one this morning. In that time she has sneezed only once or twice. When before she was sneezing dozens and dozens of times each day. She is not blowing mucus. When before her nose was running constantly. We doubt this will cure what ails her, but it did relive her symptoms drastically and we are truly surprised to see such improvement in such a short time. We hope it works for your cat as well as it appears to be working for ours.

We have ferals and semi-ferals who have an assortment of urwe issues. Some of them are fiv+ but are 10+ years old. The homeopet nose relief has been a godsend – we put 10 drops in a pint stainless steel water dish and they drink it right up. We use it until they are asymptomatic and for a few days thereafter. We have donated a couple of bottles to some small cat rescues and they also report great results and are ordered more.

Our cat, pumpkin has very bad allergies here recently. His eyes get watery, big goopy eye boogers, his eyes look swollen. We gave him 5 drops in his mouth the day we got it. We cleaned his eyes so we could see if we could tell a difference. By the end of that day he had no more watery goop, and his eyes were looking better. The next morning we put 5 drops in his mouth. That evening we were a believer, he hadn t had boogies or extremely watery eyes. He looked so good. Thank hoodness.

We literally used this a couple of hours ago on our 5 month old kitten. Took him to the vet last weekend becuase he would occasionally weeze. They said he had a sinus infection and gave him a shot of antibiotics. He was fine and then started weezing again yesterday. We ordered this product this morning with same day delivery. We added it to our baby’s food and he ate it with no problems. We can honestly say he has not been weezing since he ate. He usually does after running around and playing but not tonight. This stuff worked almost instantly. We will give an update in a few days but this is such an improvement and we are so grateful to have found this product.

Worked well. Our cat had been in the hospital with an illness. Ended up having to stay for many nights and had a feeding tube. He started coming down with a sneeze and watery eyes. We had already spent over $4g on him and didn’t want to take him back and have more blood tests and doctors visits. We bought this because of the reviews. Glad we did. By the next day l, we was sneezing less. The third day, he never sneezed again. He s completely fine now besides the feeding tube that is ready to come out. We would highly recommend this product. This is our own review and was not compensated for it. It really worked.

Our one rescue cat has had nose/sinus trouble all his life. After repeated trips to the vet for antibiotics, we tried this. The cat is breathing and acting much better, and no need for a vet trip since we started using this.

We had to absolutely write a review about this product. We have 3 cats, 1 was quite sick, sneezing, runny nose & very weak. They put him on antibiotics, which took almost two weeks to get ride of. Unfortunately our other cat caught it & got sick. Runny nose sneezing weak. We saw this product online & decided to take a chance and order it, and within 3 days, the sneezing was gone. This product is amazing, it absolutely works and the anabiotic didn’t even work this well. We are so thankful for this product.

We have four cats who have never really been sick before, until we brought an 8 week old puppy into the house. Within a couple weeks, 3 of the 4 cats were sneezing and seemed lethargic. We had never really seen our cats sneeze before and we could tell they were not very happy. Did a bunch of research on why cats sneeze, and we decided that since their symptoms are minimal we would not go to the vet at this time, and came across homeopet nose relief for cats. Showed up the next day in the mail and we immediately started the cats on the drops. Within 2 days we noticed as significant decrease in sneezing. And now a week later, all 3 cats are doing well, no side affects, no more sneezing and they have their energy back. We are big proponent of natural remedies, but it is usually hit or miss. This product worked just a s it should and we could not be happier. We saved ourself the vet bill cost and also we didnt have to buy antiobiotics or other “medications” that can have side effects. We highly recommend this product and will always keep a bottle of this on hand.

It took a few days before we noticed our cat sneezing less and breathing better. We were a sceptic thinking she was just doing better even if we weren’t giving her these drops. We’ve seen the vet and have tried all kinds of drugs to help her over the years, (the $ we spent is insane). We left for vacation and decided to forgo the drops while gone, (teenager pet sitting), and a week later, she was back to her sneezing and breathing issues. Started the drops back up and once again, she was better. It doesn’t get rid of the sneezing 100%. She still sneezes, but there is definitely a 75% improvement and her breathing is 99% better. Definitely worth trying, especially if you’re like us and have seen the vet with no success on anything working. We put the drops on her treats because it’s the only way she would take it.

Our cat diego has suffered for over five years with a terrible runny nose. We are talking nasty snot slinging when he sneezes that has landed on walls where the only thing that will get it off is a mr. Clean sponge and even then you have to use a lot of elbow grease. Gross doesn’t begin to cover it. We have had the vet to our house at great expense because diego can’t travel without hyperventilating and he’s been given antibiotics & allergy shots. Nothing seemed to help. We have counted over 30 continuous sneezes out of him at a time and cleaned up dried snot from the floor, walls, furniture, etc. Gross. We tried this a few times and diego fought us tooth and nail so we gave up. Lately the snot has been awful so we tried it again. The first 4 or 5 times it was a fight and we have got a bite on our thumb that’s just now healing from it, but after a week of this he now lets us give him the drops. In the last five days we have heard him sneeze exactly 3 times. Three sneezes in a row and that’s it. No yellow and green snot flying around the room, and no sneezing attacks. I’m sold. We are mad at ourself for giving up so easily a few months ago instead of biting the bullet and having to fight him a few times until he got used to it. The first night we chased him around the island in our kitchen about 20 times before we were able to corner him. We don’t put it in his water because he shares a water bowl with our other cat and 5 dogs so it wouldn’t be economical to put it in the water bowl but now that he knows we are not trying to kill him with the dropper bottle, dosing him is easier each time. This stuff is amazing. Even if it only gives your pet 50% relief that’s better than no relief. Try it.

We will be honest, we are not about the homeopathic life, nor do we subscribe homeopathic remedies as being better or on par with fda approved medicines. That being said, we have been desperate to find some kind of relief for our cat. He has persistent congestion, thick nasal mucous, and sneezes constantly. Steroid shots help temporarily, but they re expensive and not something that should be used long-term. We use saline in a nebulizer for him, too, which again, only helps temporarily. So after reading positive reviews from people whose cats had similar issues, we figured what the hell, anything is better than nothing. Well, over the past few days since the drops arrived, sneezing has all but stopped, labored breathing due to congestion has stopped. While it s only been a few days using 5 drops 3x a day, we have to say that we are beyond impressed and grateful that our boy has finally got some relief. Again, we know this is not a replacement for veterinary or medicinal treatment, but there are clear signs that these drops work. Should things regress, we will post an updated review, but for now we are cautiously optimistic that we have found something to help relieve his symptoms.

This product is amazing. It brought our kitty (who has some serious respiratory issues to include congestion) back from the brink of death. Her congestion was so bad that she was listless, couldn’t breath, and was finding hiding spaces, we think places she could go and die. The vet told us there was nothing they could do and just wrote her off. In desperation, we googled for anything natural that might make a difference and found homeopet nose relief and purchased it. After only 2 days, she was up and eating and back to her normal routine. We make sure that this is a part of her normal routine and she is doing great. We have recommended this to a friend whose dog had constant nasal discharge and she said it has made a tremendous difference. We just wish it came in a larger size.

This product helped our kitty from her on endless sneezing. It was easily dropped onto her wet cat food. Now she is purring instead of sneezing :-).

Our older cat has chronic sinusitis. And by that we mean the constant sneezing and shooting green, stringy snot out of his nose and against the walls, furniture, carpet, his fur, etc. He also has a slightly runny left eye and nostril. About every 4 months he has to go on an antibiotic. We are always wiping up cat snot. But he s the best cat in the world, the love of our life, so we deal with it. While ordered his lysine we saw this, and read the reviews, and thought we would try it. O m g. Our fuzzy angel has hardly sneezed in the 3 days we have been giving it to him. We are astounded. By hardly sneezed, we mean we haven t noticed him sneeze. Or saw any eye or nose drainage. We put 5 drops in his wet food in the morning. That s it. Whether it lasts, we ll see. We will update in a few weeks/ months. Fingers crossed.

The product took effect within a week of repeated application to our cat’s food. Her nose was getting to be pretty bad, but this gave her a chance to clean up and be clear for a while. About 3 weeks later, it seems that her symptoms are gradually coming back, and that could just be because she is 16 years old, and has other issues that are getting worse, so we can’t fault the product and think that’s a fair claim – we don’t know. We do know it worked great for about 2 weeks, and she’s only just now starting to get a repeatedly runny nose again. Any way, it’s worth it enough to us to get it again.

Our kitty was so sick- we bought her benedryl but she hated the taste so much she puked and foamed at the mouth and it was so hard to give her. After reading reviews we decided to give this a shot. It was much easier to give her and she did not gag on it like the other medicines. She began feeling better pretty quickly. We only had to give her this for a week and she was better. She had an uri.

We bought this as a last resort, and was a bit skeptical. An article we had read listed this as an alternative to medication. Let us explain. (warning, slightly lengthy. Skip to the end for results lol)we have a coated bambino cat (half sphynx, half munchkin- looks like a kitten at 7 years old with tiny front legs, and yes she has fur) and for over a year now she’s been having sinus issues. Just the right nostril. At first we thought it was allergies when her sneezing fits started march 2019. The sneezing would come and go, sometimes with snot sometimes without, and it often sounded like her head/nose were filled with water. Then one day in august she sneezed and we swear the booger nearly wrapped around her head. It was disgusting, and it was tinted yellow/green. Took her to the vet, tried the medication, it didn’t work. Tried 4 medications total before our vet took xrays. Fyi, sphynx cats don’t handle anesthesia well (she’s so tiny and moves so much they had to put her in twilight) which we didn’t know, and either our vet didn’t know or didn’t realize either (thinking about finding a new vet tbh). So our baby girl had an awful reaction–temporarily blind for 12 hours, drooping eyelids and limited facial movement like a human stroke patient, panting, thick saliva that gave way to drooling, rapid heart rate, and loss of balance. The vet had giben her another medication and said if it doesn’t work to take her for a scope of her nasal cavity. It didn’t work. We took her for a second opinion to our friend’s vet who suggested the same thing, especially since all the mediation didn’t work and they didn’t want her to gain a tolerance to them. Well that requires being put under. Nope. Wasn’t happening. Not after what happened the first time. So we found ourself researching ways to help her without dropping $2k on a test alone (who knows what treatment might cost). That’s when we read about these drops, and how they helped so many people with their fur babies. And we bought them; $9 (8 and change) is not a bad deal. We don’t know why people are complaining about the size for the price. You pay more, for a bottle half the size, of holistic eyedrops for a human. We mixed it in to her food with lysine (we started giving powder lysine to all 4 of our cats back in december). We couldn’t notice any odor or color, and our cats didn’t even know it was there. There was a noticeable difference within 2-3 days. No more wet drops coming out of her nose when she breathed, fewer sneezing attacks, no more sounds like she was trying to blow her nose, and when she did sneeze there was less and less discharge until it stopped coming out altogether. Her sneezes and breathing sound dry now, not like she’s blowing out a sinus cavity full of water like before (sorry, don’t know how to best describe it). Using the bottle on 4 cats, 5 drops for 3 cats and 10 for her, twice a day, lasted us from april 16th to may 4th. We think that’s reasonable. Especially because our baby girl was able to find relief after a year of suffering. We will be buying another bottle, maybe more, because allergy season is coming up and we want to be prepared. Her sneezing has definitely gone down, but we have noticed since running out that the wet drops when she’s breathing have come back. It’s better than boogers that are so big they fly around her head though lolobviously if continued use doesn’t help we will have to take her to the vet. But we want to give her relief without risking her life. And this product has been amazing. We wish they had bigger bottles though. Lol.

We had adopted an older cat from an elderly home a few months ago. The lady who had her was moving to a different floor and could no longer keep her so we offered to give her a home. The thing was this cat had really bad congestive issues for most of her life and the residents family did not help take care of the kitty. We discovered this stuff as a means to help control the congestive issue since we did have other cats. It does work really well for that. We give it to her at least twice a day. Morning and at night. We noticed since giving this to our new kitty she has been more lively then ever and can breathe much easier. She still has a long road to go with her treatments though but this product has give a good steppingstone for her future with us. Thank you.

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