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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark Syrup.

  • Traditionally used to support overall respiratory health
  • With raw honey, propolis, and organic and wild crafted herbs
  • Made in Vermont
  • Traditionally used to support overall respiratory health
  • With raw honey, propolis, and organic and wild crafted herbs

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark Syrup.

Question Question 1

Why Isn’T There A Photo Of The Ingredient List?And Why Isn’T This Product Certified Organic?

our bottle lists the ingredients: Wild Cherry Bark Apitherapy Formula (Raw Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Tinctures of Elecampane root, Propolis, Usnea and Wild Cherry bark, Platcodon (root extract), Ginger, Licorice, Essential oils (Lemon, peppermint and Eucalyptus.Other ingredients: Pure Grain Alcohol and Purif our bottle lists the ingredients: Wild Cherry Bark Apitherapy Formula (Raw Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Tinctures of Elecampane root, Propolis, Usnea and Wild Cherry bark, Platcodon (root extract), Ginger, Licorice, Essential oils (Lemon, peppermint and Eucalyptus.Other ingredients: Pure Grain Alcohol and Purified Water.This syrup has helped our husband’s “winter” cough for two seasons now. You can probably find other information on www.honeygardens.com

Question Question 2

Is It Gluten Free?

It doesn’t say gluten free on the label and lists pure grain alcohol on the ingredient list. we would suggest contacting the company with the question@www.honeygardens.com.

Question Question 3

Is This Product 100% Organic?

You can go to their website here and read for yourself. https://honeygardens.com/wild-cherry-bark-syrup/apitherapy-honey-wild-cherry-bark-syrup-8-oz.html

Question Question 4

We Notice Online There Are 2 Cherry Bark Syrups (Different Labels) From This Same Company. What S The Difference?

we believe 1 is a 8oz and 1 is4oz

Question Question 5

What Is The Shelf Life?

At least one year.we have a bottle we opened last year; needed to take some a couple weeks ago — it worked.we felt much better in just a couple of minutes.

Question Question 6

What Are Elderberrys Good For ?

Elderberry is a natural antiviral and antibacterial and it’s also packed full of lots of vitamins.

Question Question 7

Does This Product Also Contain Organic Apple Cider Vinegar?

Yes, the second ingredient is Apple cider vinegar first ingredient rawhoney .says it on the front of the bottle our friend.

Question Question 8

What Are The Ingredients On This Bottle?

Supplement FactsServing Size 1 tbsp (15 ml)Servings Per Container 16 Supplement FactsServing Size 1 tbsp (15 ml)Servings Per Container 16Amount Per Serving %Daily ValueApitherapy Proprietary BlendRaw Honey*, apple cider vinegar*†, elecampane root*†, platycodon root*, propolis*, usnea*, wild cherry bark*, coltsfoot*†, ginger root*†, licorice root*†, essential oils of lemon*, peppermint and eucalyptus*18 g **Daily Value not established.†OrganicOther ingredients: 13% Pure Grain Alcohol.

Question Question 9

Does This Product Contain Alcohol?

(From bottle label) Other Ingredients: Pure grain alcohol and purified water.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark Syrup, these might be useful for better understanding.

We won’t be without honey gardens cherry bark syrup or the eldeberry syrup. Our husband had terrible allergies andwe put him on the natural antihistimine along with the cherry bark for the night time cough and the eldeberry syrup in the am to boost his immune system. Fabulous and he is doing great. We have been taking the honey garden eldeberry syrup for about 15 years. We found it on our vacation in vermont where it was produced and use it as soon as we feel we are under the weather . A teaspoon every morning and it’s gone in 3 days. What ever is trying to get me. We took it to our natural path physician and he said it was better than what he was taking. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

Now, we cannot swear that this works. However, for weeks everyone around us and we have had either allergy, cold, or sinus difficulties. It seems to have effected the entire county. This was hanging on for weeks. We were suffering from terrible sinus headaches and then a sinus infection. We went to a previous sinus specialist and he recommended antibiotics, which seemed normal. However, these weren’t having the effect we expected. If you are believer in applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and you frequent practitioners of this natural health care method, then you can understand that our chiropractor, who practiced this, once recommended elderberry syrup extract, having its own special healing qualities and is supposed to help with respiratory difficulties. We searched and found elderberry syrup extract and at the same time saw this wild cherry bark syrup and the product description claimed “traditionally used to support overall respiratory health” which definitely caught our interest. We read the reviews and that sealed the deal. We decided to buy both products. We are familiar with “honey gardens” products. We have used honey gardens raw honey orange blossom, 1-pound for years. We think it’s one of the best honeys around. It’s one of the best for us humans in the protection it gives us by naturally helping us develop immunities. Interestingly, in only a few days, our condition began to subside. We can’t swear it was either of these products. However, there was nothing else we did in the meantime to treat this. The way we are feeling now, we will definitely look to this as a natural remedy in the future. We believe it works. Naturally.

We have had a dry cough before bedtime for years. Nothing could ever calm it or take it away. This syrup is a true miracle. We bought more bottles of this to keep on hand. If you have tried so many remedies as we have in the past & nothing ever worked try this one.

We were diagnosed with asthma 3 years ago and our doctors put our on all kinds of meds and steroids. We were on 5 different meds in an attempt to control our asthma. Nothing was working. Our doctors even tried some brand new injections which did nothing for our asthma. Finally, our yoga teacher said “we are tired of hearing you cough. Go buy honey gardens cherry bark syrup. We bought it and within a month of using it most of asthma issues cleared up. It truly was amazing. We don’t usually write reviews and we know this sounds outrageous but we truly credit this syrup with controlling our asthma. We are off most of the other needs and only have problems when we run out of cherry bark syrup.

Our relative says it works as advertised – now that she’s used to the stuff. She takes 4 to 5 swallows a day. (she has been coughing for 25 years now) we told her it was going to be bitter and to hold her nose and just swallow. We didn’t realize it was 30% grain alcohol. Trying it the very first time, she was gagging and trying to spit it back up. She says it works, so we would recommend it for coughs.

Great taste we ordered the elderberry one loved it ordered it again and now the wild cherry great taste as well. Just make sure to shake bottle very well before use. No better way to get apple cider vinegar without it tasting bitter, this is awesome.

Works nicely for a cough. We have asthma related coughing issues and it helps a lot. The taste is a bit strong but you get used to it. Nice through coating and overall a great product. Comparable pricing to what you will find in natural grocery stores around your town, probably even a little cheaper here.

This is absolutely the best cough syrup that is natural, does not contain dextromethorphan. The taste is phenomenal. We have to keep ourself from snacking on it.

This stuff is amazing we have chronic breathing problems. We noticed a change minutes after taking this product. We are not as short of breath anymore. We highly recommend. It has a weird taste but it works.

Works pretty well. Will order again.

This helps with chronic dry winter coughs and tastes good too.

The absolute best remedy for dry cough. Also use for air born viruses. We highly recommend to all our yoga students. Spirit goddesss??.

Stopped our cough quickly and the cherry flavor was just right. This was our second order and we will order again.

We liked the delicious taste that was very soothing to the throat. It was a great relief to our constant cough.

Works well.

This is a good product although a bit inconsistent in their blending. Also they advertise free shipping and still charge us every time.

We have been using this at the first sign of a cold for about 1. 5 years (combined with echinacea and goldenseal tincture) and haven’t been sick in that long.

Amazing product. One dose of this stops our sons wheezing when his asthma kicks up. We certainly don’t recommend that you use it to replace your asthma medicine, but our son has such mild asthma that we didn’t recognize it as asthma for years. Having discovered how well honey gardens cherry bark helped him when he woke up with his “coughing spells” in the middle of the night, we would use it every time. By morning there would never be any reason to take him to the doctor. For that reason, our doctor has only once seen him when he was wheezing. She credits the success of the cherry bark for him with the elecampe that it contains. The taste is strongly cider vinegar. We mix it with honey gardens elderberry syrup and water to make it palatable. In our family of six, only two of us really use this, both having some tendency towards mild asthma or bronchitis. For those who need that kind of respiratory support, though, honey gardens cherry bark is indispensable.

It came right on time, and the bottle was more then we thought. It was a great deal.

Knowing we are ‘an easy drunk’ with medication, we only took 1/4 teaspoon. Holy cow. That’s all we needed. Stopped our coughing within seconds-and we didn’t redose. We used it for a few days and worked like a charm each time. Our husband thought we were exaggerating. A few weeks ago when he was sick, he took a teaspoon {proper dosage} and was a believer. He did have to redose about 5 hours later, but he was impressed. Nothiing has ever worked so well. We will be buying more when this is gone and it will be a staple from now on.

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