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How To Prevent Asthma Attacks?

How To Prevent Asthma Attacks

Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma life but flare-ups can be prevented by identifying your triggers and avoiding them. Learn all you can about the disease and take an active part in treatment so you won’t be bothered by asthma life again.

Work closely with your doctor to develop a comprehensive asthma life action plan. This will enable you to be active and sleep well at night without any symptoms. It will also reduce your medical bills by keeping you away from the hospital and let you attend work or school regularly.

More importantly, choose your doctor wisely. Remember that asthma life is a long-term disease which means you’ll be working with your doctor for a long time. Choose one whom you can approach easily, who can explain things clearly, and whom you can trust.

Together with your physician’s help, you can conquer asthma life. By routinely monitoring your deep breath capacity and properly using the right medications, you can live a normal life and do what you want.

Two types of medications are used to reverse and prevent the symptoms of asthma life. They are referred to as “relievers” and “controllers.” How do they differ?

Relievers work by opening up constricted airways, allowing you to good breathe easier. That’s why they’re called bronchodilators. They’re also labelled as rescue medicine since they quickly relieve asthma life symptoms like cough, chest tightness, and wheezing and make you feel better. However, they provide only temporary relief and don’t prevent or reduce the underlying inflammation or swelling that causes your symptoms.

Since the airways are inflamed in asthma life and obstructed by increased mucus production, you also need anti-inflammatory medicines to remedy this condition. These drugs, which are called controllers, stop the irritation of the airways and prevent them from becoming chronically inflamed and swollen. They also decrease the amount of mucus in the lungs.

Unlike relievers that act quickly, controllers take time to act and have to be taken daily even when symptoms seem to be controlled. By preventing asthma life, they help lower the dosage of bronchodilators needed to calm symptoms.

Medical experts agree that inhalation is the most direct and best way of delivering medicine into the lungs where it is needed. Since they reach the lungs faster, inhaled medicines don’t circulate throughout the body.

Therefore, the drug is not wasted and there are fewer side effects. By delivering high doses of the drug straight into the airways, inhaled medicines act more quickly compared to oral medications. They also reduce the need for other oral medications.

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