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Hudson RCI Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser

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Large volume measurement and advanced low-work-of-breathing filter. Compact, ergonomic design with built-in handle. Gradations on both sides of unit and good/better/best flow window for visualization of daily improvement. Single-patient use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Hudson RCI Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser.

Question Question 1

Less Than A Month Ago, This Cost $7.70 And Today It Costs Almost Double.Why?

Covid 19 Mark up .

Question Question 2

Is This A Peak Flow Meter?

The product is an exerciser which is used in maintaining and improving the inspiratory volume and respiratory fitness of the lung. It is used to strengthen your lungs but we are not sure if it is a peak flow meter. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Question Question 3

Is This Item Returnable/Refundable?

You can return, but be prepared to WAIT for refund.

Question Question 4

Best Way To Clean?

The only parts you can clean are the mouthpiece and hose (use soapy water) you may also clean the outside by wiping down with a Lysol wipe. The inside does not need to be cleaned as it is only exposed to the ambient air that is drawn into it.

Question Question 5

Is This The Type Of Machine That You Blow Into, Not Inhale?

No, it measures inhale.

Question Question 6

The Middle White Piston Piece Is Stuck And It Wont Move When We Breath In. What Could Be The Problem?

we don t know. It didn’t happen to me.

Question Question 7

What Is Happening To ?We Ordered This 3 Weeks Ago And Still Haven’T Got It.?

we are surprised because every order we have ever placed with has arrived within 3 days max.

Question Question 8

Once You Click On The Product Page, The Cost Goes Up $3. What’S The Deal?

Don t know. Mine was $15.00Now we see they$10.00

Question Question 9

Where Is This Made?

It is made in Mexicao

Question Question 10

How Do We Get Replacement Mouthpieces For The Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser?

Don t know

Question Question 11

Is This The Same As An Incentive Respirometer?

not sure what an incentive respirometer is.This is the type they give you in hospital post-op so you expand your lungs.

Question Question 12

Does It Have A Chemical Smell To It Like So Many Plastic Items Do?

our Husband said “No,” He hasnt experienced any chemical or any other unusual taste or smell while using the Voldyne 5000.

Question Question 13

What Is Small Scale On The Left Marked Best-Better-Good. It Is Revers Of What Is Intuitive To Me.Main Chamber Is Understandable.?

Yes. Try to hold it up to a best betteror good .steadyand keep it there as long as you can. we help this was helpful but google it

Question Question 14

Can You Buy Separate Mouth Pieces?

Not that we know of. we clean mine with alcohol.

Question Question 15

Is Any Part Latex?

No it s make out of plastic .

Question Question 16

Is The Mouth Piece Adjustable? Or Come With Different Ones For Those Of Us With Small Mouth?

The mouth piece does not change in size. If you are really concerned, they do make spirometers for children too. They use pictures instead of numbers. They may have a smaller mouth piece.

Question Question 17

Is The Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser Made In The Usa?

It is made in Mexico.

Question Question 18

We Always Max This One Out.Don’T They Make One Bigger Than 5000?

we don t know

Question Question 19

Is This Item Returnable/Refundable?


Question Question 20

To Canada, Shipping Cost 71$? Is It Right? The Product Cost 3 $ But Shipping Is 71$ ?? Can You Help Us About This Issue?

No idea

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Hudson RCI Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser, these might be useful for better understanding.

We bought spirometer for our husband’s emphysema, to help with coughing out phlegm. Keeping phlegm out of lungs is the key to living the longest fullest life possible, when you live with emphysema. The voldyne 5000, did exactly what we hoped, it gave our husband a super productive cough where huge amounts of fluid came up & out to help him breathe better than ever. We hope it works just as great for everyone else who purchases it. Thank you so much for a great product. Loyal customer. Honey j.

This is mainly used to improve lung capacity. It can be difficult for a lung patient at 1st, but like any other exercise it can improve over time. Mine did arrive cracked up the entire barrel. For packaging please add bubble wrap or a box, these can be fragile in the mail system.

For the inexpensive price, this product compares very well, to what we were given to use in the hospital while getting surgery. We highly recommend it for post surgery use as was recommended to me. Generally, it helps keep your lungs clear and prevents problems. We highly recommend, but am amazed at the low price.

Item as described. Similar to the ones from the hospital. We had lost ours and our dad still needed to continue these breathing exercises, so this was a good buy for us.

We purchased this item, post-hospitalization for double pneumonia, as recommended by our doctor. What he didn’t know was how to properly use this device, and there are no instructions accompanying the item, either. When we blow into the tube, are the numbers on the device to be upside down, or vice-versa? how do the marks relate to how well we can breathe while using the device? we are using it upside-down, since it’s the only way the stoppers raise themselves when we breathe into the device.

We bought this ad the hospital gave us one. We were short of breath quite often. We purchased this to exercise our lungs and we are doing better.

So we like to shop and every so often, weird things are recommended to me. Things we never knew we needed. And so we were looking at some lung exercise gadgets going for $30-$60. We thought, well, it’s for our health, right? would be good to exercise and build our lungs up. Then we stumbled on this device, found youtube videos where they train nurses on how to instruct patients and we realized that this is a legit device if we want to practice exercising our lungs.

If you can t exercise on a treadmill or the like then at least use one of these. We were given a smaller version in hospital, after having a kidney removed and bought this one on returning home. We are 77 now and a treadmill just wears us out, but at least we are still using this. It strengthens the lungs and surely must result in other benefits. These devices are strange design though. What the ‘best, better, and good tube is trying to convey we have no idea, the text seems in reverse order to us and we never refer to it. Then the half circle cutout in the top. We suppose that s for storing the tube, but it s much too tight and so we use the slot instead, it s far easier. This device could be made a lot cheaper if it dropped these unnecessary attributes.

We should have been given one of these at the hospital after our double mastectoour with reconstruction. Our o2 levels were low at the hospital and they never thought to check our lungs. They blamed it on the pain killers. Ended up going to er two days after release. Two partially collapsed lungs and still we had to order this for ourself. Got our lungs back into shape within a few days. Great for bronchitis too.

Very good quality and very helpful . Highly recommend.

Got this as a replacement for our boyfriend after his surgery. He was given one identical to it in the hospital to take home, but then tried to wash it not realizing the bottom is cardboard and not a cardboard label (do not wash the main unit. Only the detachable hose. ). Works just like the hospital version.

We bought two so our husband and we could exercise our lungs daily. Works good and arrived fast.

At 76 we wanted to know our lung capacity and wanted to see if we could improve. We have gotten it to register us down to 55. They have instructions but the youtube video is clearer. Well worth the money.

We bought this to check our lung volume and were surprised to learn we are not in such great shape. We’ve been practicing with it for a few days and have increased our volume. It was not intuitive. We had to read the instructions to know how to use it. It’s different from other kinds we’d seen, but it gets the job done. It’s small enough to carry around. It would be better to have the little handle on the other side or no handle. It cannot balance at the right height on a table, too light -weight, so you need to hold it up. It comes with a little chart so you can see where your volume intake should be for your age and height, and also mark your progress. We are hoping to increase our lung volume for swimming and to make sure we are safe from covid-19, which is tenacious in people whose lungs are weak. It does the job. Now that we know how to use it, it’s easy, but it was confusing at first.

This product is easy to use and helps you increase your lung capacity if you use it regularly. James f.

This product is easy to use. We got it because we want to prepare for surgery by expanding our lung capacity. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something we would only use for a short time. This device is perfect. The instructions are clear and the adjustment for the user’s age and weight is simple to use. We highly recommend this product.

Simple and easy however when inhaling if one slows down too much or halts for a fraction of a second the measuring bell begins to drop. Therefore even if you continue to inhale it does not give accurate total volume inhaled. Still good exercise but if you compare your results to age/sex volume table you may come out a bit on the low side.

It was exactly what we ordered and exactly what we needed it for to help reflate lungs following a virus.

This has helped our husband’s breathing problem tremendously. Although he was told no need to buy this, he feels it’s nice to measure what is going on in his lungs. He highly recommends this for shortness of breath.

Nice , easy to use and we like that it comes with a guide which tells us where we should be breathing for our age and height.

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