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Human Body DVD by Rock ‘N Learn

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Test-Taking Strategies Dvd Human Body by ROCK N LEARN

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Is Each System Taught In Separate Segments, Or Does It All Run Together?What Is The Running Time Of The Video?

we do not have this set.

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Ok, a talking pencil with an italian accent in a space lab helped by a whiny voiced butterfly with a human head to teach about the human body looked like it would be a complete disaster. We are still not sure what the writers of this show was thinking or what they were on. But, no matter how strange this video is, it does the job and then some. Our 6 year old daughter loved it and can tell you all about the semi-circular canal, the digestive system (they describe this while riding on a log ride. I. Kid. You. Not) and way more that you would never expect a child to understand. We love that they use the real terms as well. We wish that they had other videos that were just as comprehensive and understandable to kids. We tried the science one and it was just too much all at once. All in all, we are very satisfied with the results of this program.

We have used many rock n learn dvd’s to help explain things that our daughter is learning. All of them are strangely entertaining for our now 8 year old daughter. We feel that this video is best for 3rd graders and above to retain and understand the names of the more complicated body parts. But introducing this video at a younger age can still be helpful. We like the way they explain the purpose and function of the body parts in a simple and relatable way. In order for the information to really be retained we believe kids need to watch this multiple times.

We just finished a medical assistant program, we were trying to educate our 5 yr old as we studied our books. We watched this together, so know he knows why momour a new job is so important. Very educational for little ones & great refresher for adults also.

Informational and easy to understand for a 5 year old. However, a bit robotic. Update: our son loves this. He requests this video and asked for us to purchase other rock n’ learn videos for him. We gave this a 3 star originally, but he gives it a 5.

Our son is a bit obsessed with wanting to know all about the human body (he’s 3), so we got this for him, he loves it. We don’t get much tv/tablet time but when we do, this is one he enjoys.

We bought this for our 5 year old and it’s a bit too advanced/information overload for her. She does like the alimentary system song and can understand the path it takes.

Ordered for work.

Interesting – not great animation, but our kids seem to like it anyway, and request it.

Good music for. Kids to learn about the body.

The north eastern accent is difficult for some kids to understand. They could have used more animation for showing the subject the video was explaining.

Our son loves this series. He was asking for telling time by name at a year old. He is now 2 and we just watched this one. He did watch almost all of it straight through but it wasn’t quite as engaging for his 2 yr old mind as some of the others we found it interesting but had expected a bit longer and a lot more details than it had. So for younger kids it is nice but we hope by the time he is in grade school he prefers our anatoour and physiology books to learn more details about the basics he picks up with this dvd. Id o think it will help him get the basics and build interest for more details. But this one he asks for occasionally not every day like his top 5-6 rock & learn favorites. Still an awesome series of dvds and the only ones he constantly asks for–over cartoons, disney and even pbs. So thumbs up to this series just remember this one is fairly basic–which is age appropriate we suppose.

Our three kids ages one to 8 years old enjoyed learning with this video. This is a great replacement to cartoons in the summer time.

We have all of the rock n learn science dvd’s and our kids (ages 8-12) love them all. Even though the younger kids were under the recommended age when we first ordered the earth science dvd, they learned an amazing amount. We anxiously awaited the release of the human body and it quickly became the favorite of the series. We’re studying the human body in our homeschool and this dvd is the perfect supplement. Our kids have memorized things that we know they never would have learned otherwise. The fun songs and interesting characters help the kids to enjoy learning and the information sticks. Even though they’ve memorized all of the important information, they enjoy watching the dvd, which is great reinforcement of the information. For those that are concerned, evolution vs. Creation is not addressed at all. The information is strictly about the body systems, etc.

We bought this for our son to help him learn about the human body. This video is great for kids and entertaining too. They make it fun and they can learn a lot as well. This one video is great for visual learners. We love all the rock n learn videos. We’ve bought many of them.

Our 11 and 13 year old children are both learning about the body systems in school. While this video appears to cater to younger children. They both liked it, learned from it, and wanted to watch it again.

Currently our 5th grader is studying the human body. As a home school family, it is important to have many quality resources on hand that are both educational and entertaining. This video fit both criteria. Although a little dated in technology, the information was still relevant and presented in a fun way that engaged even a 5th grader.


The kids love it. We have a 6 and 9 yrs. Old and they don’t mind watching it at all. We later found out that the teacher in 4 grad. Had already introduced one of the dvd to our 9 yrs. Old.

What a fun way to learn about the human body. Our baby girl loves these dvds and so do i. We will sit and watch them with her and we get a kick out of it. She is only 5 and already ahead of many kids. We will purchase more.

Our daughter loves this dvd. She’s 6 now but even at 5 she was engaged through the whole thing. Our husband and we find some of the characters and animation a little odd but our daughter likes it and is learning and that’s all that matters. It’s a great introduction to, and explanation of, the various systems of the body. We highly recommend it. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by all of the rock n learn dvds.

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