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Product DescriptionJackie Chan return ends up being and has the ability to ward off various attacks and carry out extraordinary stunts. Helped by his humorous stepmother and buddies, Hong deals with the difficulty of securing important Chinese history and conserving his household honor.s to the function that made him a star in 1979’s “Drunken Master.” Chinese folklore hero Wong Fei Hong finds a smuggling ring, managed by the British Federal government, to carry important Chinese artifacts out of the nation. Hong needs to utilize his special design of martial arts, “Drunken Boxing,” to combat the conspirators and restore the Chinese treasures prior to it.comJackie Chan was 40 when he went back into the function of young Wong Fei Hung in this follow up to his 1978 development comic hit, DrunkenMaster In the taking place years the character, one of China’s most popular folk heroes and a cinematic staple for years, had actually been used up as a peaceful, reflective therapist by Jet Li in the first three movies in the wonderfully popular series of movies When Upon a Time in China and in the more comic Last Hero in China. Chan returns Wong Fei Hung to the naughty youth of the original movie, an impetuous rascal with the abilities of his healer/martial arts master father (Ti Lung of A Better Tomorrow) and the impulsiveness of his conniving, fun-loving mom (Anita Mui). Comic mix-ups and misconceptions land Wong in the middle of a plot by British smugglers taking Chinese treasures and shackling regional employees in an iron foundry. This mad mix of slapstick funny, energetic action, and melodrama deals some of Chan’s finest battle scenes, a series of firmly choreographed, extremely acrobatic skirmishes that integrate in strength to the fight royal in the foundry where Wong evades coal carts, parries slip attacks, and crab strolls through red-hot coals while handling a succession of comers. Though 20 years older than his character, Chan pulls it off with grace, energy, and younger vitality.– Sean Axmaker

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If you’re a martial arts cinephile, then one of the most uncommon things worldwide is an original, unedited variation of drunken master ii. What drifts around in abundance are these vhs tapes and dvds that are re-edited or re-released variations of the 1994 timeless. To date, no dvd has actually been dispersed that maintains the original element ratio and the uncut variation with the original cantonese audio track. Our dvd copy – we curse it even as we watch it – is the 2000 north american release that re-titled the important things as the legend of drunken master. Our dvd comes called in english and french, however a minimum of jackie does his own english dub. Sorry, jackie, we needed to switch on the english caption for the hearing-impaired. It’s possibly the most tongue-in-cheek take on revered chinese folk hero wong fewe hung, and, yeah, we would seen jet li’s and gordon liu’s take on wong fewe awaited, respectively, the as soon as upon a time in china movies and in difficulty of the masters (1976) and martial club (1981). Jackie’s wong fewe hung is still sort of chafing under his stern doctor father’s (twe lung) thumb, however he’s still got it in him to rebel and bum around, possibly since his step-mom ling (anita mui) is even more rascally than he is (while hubbie’s away, step-mom bets in mah-jong with her cronies). The plot includes sneery westerners ransacking china’s historic antiques and the fabricating of ginseng roots and step-mom’s shenanigans and vicious class warfare at the old steel mill and an embellished manchu officer (lau kar-leung) who appears early to implicate wong of being a traitor. And some other things. Simply goes to reveal the large badasssery of jackie chan’s filmography, we do not even believe drunken master iwe ranks in his top five finest. There’s a crap top of tacky minutes and ridiculous slapstick that’ll make you groan. And, by 1994, jackie was up there in age enough that we would’ve purchased it more if he ‘d played his film daddy’s bro rather than his scamp of a child. What makes this follow up so remarkable are the action scenes. Jackie chan is once again at his jaw-dropping finest. We appreciate this guy a lot for the unsafe lengths he went to simply to captivate us. It’s likewise extremely cool that he’s using drunken boxing. It’s such a particular and aesthetically unique strategy. There should be five or 6 showstopping battles, topped off by the virtuoso climactic face-off at the steel mill in between jackie and that outstanding kicky master, low houwe kang, who our company believe was a member of jackie’s elite stunt group, along with jackie’s personal bodyguard. Practically as great is the dining establishment melee as jackie and lau kar-leung take on the swarming ax gang. As normal, remain for completion credit outtakes that show just how much jackie suffers for his craft. The dvd’s bonus offer things:- behind the master – an interview with jackie chan (in english, 00: 06: 34 minutes).

Even better than drunken master. Lau kar-leung s kung fu funny work of art drunken master ii: the legend of drunken master (1994) is a captivating and riotous blast of martial arts to your eyes. Kar-leung s instructions is quick paced and meaningful with an easy to follow plot about the british entering into china as imperialist set on taking chinese artifacts. Kar-leung usages numerous extended battle series that go on for 6 minutes at a time to the grand ending battle that s like 10 minutes. His skillful instructions records every motion, dive, blow, and stunt with a peerless vision. Drunken master iwe is probably jackie chan s finest movie up there with cops story (1985). It is definitely a top tier action banquet for any action fiend. William hu s rating is exciting and fast paced to match the film s lightning quick strikes. His spectacular melodic passages accompany drunken master ii s tranquil remarkable minutes, while his wild rhythms match the impressive combat and unpredictable design. Peter cheung s modifying is truly slick for a kung fu movie. He handles to take you from funny bit into a ruthless action fight in seconds with no disorientation. Jackie chan is the star here as the master of drunken boxing as wong fei-hung. The aspect of drunken master iwe is that chan is so outstanding because his motions are not simply quickly beyond belief. His battling is highlighted as if he is intoxicated and stumbling, however he s still combating effectively with a humorous design. Therefore chan makes every scene a wonderful blend of funny funny with his personality of a drunken stupor along with his interesting martial arts expertise. Anita muwe is possibly our preferred element of drunken master iwe as chan s step-mother ling. She is definitely side-splitting as mom. Her comical timing and overemphasized pain is too amusing. Muwe were plainly quick and experienced, however it s her unexpected bursts of energetic indignation that s superb to witness. She was a world class starlet, comic, vocalist, and martial artist that was taken prematurely by cancer. Rest in paradise, miss out on mui. Thank you for your terrific sense of humor in drunken master ii. Lau kar-leung is wonderful as the senior martial arts master fu wen-c his battle scene under the train with jackie chan is so quick and lovely. He opens the movie in an actually enjoyable way. We enjoy his last battle together with chan also in the tea home as they use bamboo shoots as a weapon. Twe lung is terrifying as chan s father character appropriately called father. He depicts a father s exemplary fury at his boy s disobedience and his better half s deceptiveness. He provides rather the remarkable efficiency that is likewise comical when he scolds them both in his yard. It s ruthless and barbaric, however likewise rather moving. Felix wong makes an enjoyable look as a fishmonger called tsang. His short bout with jackie chan is cool as alternative martial arts strategies clash. Also, andy lau gets an adorable cameo as the lovely counterintelligence officer cheung hok-leung that vouches for chan s household throughout an examination. Last but not least, the bad guys are truly frightening and vicious in their violence versus the chinese steel employees and chan himself. Ho-sung pak is the monstrous henry assaulting employees with warmed up steel beams in a stunning scene. When he does the exact same to jackie chan, you can not think it s real, however the ending credits reel of bloopers informs otherwise. Chan readied on fire for drunken master iwe along with falling on cinders all for our home entertainment. Likewise, ken lo provides a perpetuity piece de resistance as the last manager of drunken master iwe called john. His light speed kicking strategy boggles the mind and needs to be seen to be thought. His last battle with jackie chan needs to chan s biggest battle series. It s extremely long, elaborately choreographed, lit with fire, and agonizing to watch they beat the hell out of each other. Their motions and usage of in scene props to strike each other with is vicious and visceral. You need to watch drunken master iwe basic to see this legendary combat series. We must offer a shoutout to costs tung s cameo as the basic fulfilling chan. He is constantly a wonderful enjoyable existence in jackie chan s movies. In all, drunken master iwe stays one of jackie chan s finest movies. The battles are original and entryway you with their skilled execution. Hazardous stunts and amusing funny rivet the audience at every turn in drunken master ii. Do yourself a favor and check drunken master iwe out.

One day we were browsing netflix, and saw”drunken master 2″ It was a jackie chan title that we had actually never ever enjoyed previously, and chose “ah, why not?”, and put it on. Little did we understand that it would go on to become our preferred jackie chan film, much less our preferred kung fu film of perpetuity. The film begins with an easy property of missing out on ginseng, and ends with one of the very best battle scenes we have actually ever seen, choosing the result of the future generations of chinese culture. We are bad with evaluates, and we are bad with an important breakdown of such an incredible movie. Feel in one’s bones that we composed this evaluation to state, if you are looking for the english variation of this film with jackie chan calling himself and that amazing music, you concerned the best location. We have actually enjoyed it about a lots times because our purchase and strategy to watch it numerous more times. Its blue-ray, exceptional quality, and precisely what we desired. Thank you.

We definitely enjoy this film. Usage to be able to watch in on our dvr prior to the hard disk drive spoiled. Aside from that we figured we could not live without one of our preferred kung-fu films, so we purchased this dvd. It’s a legendary classic that consists of some incredible cast from the days of the shaw bros consisting of lung twe (amazing in the nostalgic swordsman films & others like shaolin prince & avenging eagle) and chia-liang liu (who did a lot of battle choreography with shaw brothers movies; incredible in mad monkey kung fu). Other incredible cast members in the movie like andy lau & ho-sung pak. There is at times extreme drama, however likewise a lot of funny in the movie that you want that sammo hung might have remained in the this movie. When jackie’s character gets intoxicated his character gets to kick butt battling. We never ever get tired of this movie as it is pleasurable throughout and his young step-mother (played by anita mui) is constantly attempting to lie and cover for him with this daddy (lung ti). If you enjoy martial arts classics this is the ultimate one to see. The mixup with the movie all starts when jackie’s character believes he bringing house medicine link ginseng for his daddy’s store, however rather end up with a chinese artifact that immigrants are attempting to get their hands on. Jackie who enjoys to combat in this film is dealt roughly with his daddy who protests any kind of battling.

The legend of the drunken masteras any one who has actually read our evaluation of the first movie by jackie chan called “drunken master” can inform you we are substantial fan of that movie. Which by the way that first movie has a lot to do with an earlier movie starring jackie by the exact same cast and team called “snake in the eagle’s shadow”, simply inspect itout So it goes with out stating that we enjoy this one also. Jackie chan has and will constantly be a king of these kinds of movies; you understand fantastic martial arts action combined with that comical design. Like the first movie this is exceptional in both departments. Chan repeats his function as genuine chinese folk hero wong fewe hung as he is on his way house when he blends a box he had with one similar. The thing that remains in that box is an extremely important piece of chinese artifacts, in reality he unsuspectingly gets blended with those wishing to take evenmore So as these british lawbreakers attempt to recuperate what they lost to him wong fewe needs to do fight with them utilizing a martial arts design his father disapprovesof That design of course is zuwe quan (drunken fist/drunken boxing) and his daddy disapproves since he needs to get intoxicated to totally use his abilities here, however he fears his boy will not understand when to stop drinking. Jackie chan remains in top kind here and looks simply as great here as he carried out in the first movie which was something like 16 years prior. So that makes it even more outstanding specifically after you see the action in this movie. Which we should state is excellent and not just incredible however likewise uproarious sometimes. The movie is directed by lau kar-leung [liu chia-liang] who likewise directed one of our preferred movies of perpetuity “36th chamber of shaolin” along with its 2 follows up along with “our young auntie” to name a few. You might likewise understand him as martial arts choreographer to movies such as “the one-armed swordsmen” movies along with “master of the flying guillotine”, “seven swords” and numerous others, and has actually acted in many movies also. So this movie was staked with all kinds of skill like the 2 discussed above along with individuals like lung twe who played chan’s father and anita muwe who was his action mom. This movie in our viewpoint like the first movie is a timeless and they both rank really high among each we understand. If we needed to pick which we believed we liked more we would not make sure. We might need to go with the first movie however just by a little and even then we are unsure. Both movies are classics and worth any one’s time, we state go get both right now. Immediate watching [you know what we mean] and leasings are cool however there is absolutely nothing like owning the classics infant.

For 10s and 10s of jackie chan films we have actually enjoyed, we feel great that this is his finest battling film. We state that since there are some critics from making this his finest film ever, however if you find yourself liking kung fu films in basic besides simply jackie chan films, this will be your favorite. This film is a big enhancement on the original drunken master film. While this is still a called film it certainly has a more worldwide appeal. Likewise like the original jackie mauls his opponents utilizing his drunken boxing strategy (which as it suggests is a method enhanced by large qualities of alcohol, so it might not be an excellent film for children). In this film jackie needs to fight plunderers of chinese heritage and his father’s displeasure, next to the many anonymous opponents. As we have actually currently stated this film has jackie’s finest battle scenes jointly both in amount, he battles for a big part of the film, and quality. Nevertheless, any jackie enthusiast will feel it lacks his signature death defying stunts, and while it is filled with humor; subjectively it does not feel as amusing or his character as pleasant as some of his other films. Bottom line is that you will enjoy this film. It’s fantastic. We do not typically watch kung fu films unless they are jackie chan films and in our viewpoint it ranks up there in jackie’s finest films.

We have actually constantly liked jackie chan, we believe his capability to do very hard martial arts, and do his own stunts and likewise on event bring funny to his movies and make us laugh is definitely fantastic. He has actually gotten a lot of bad representative from individuals stating that he is a bruce lee wannabe and that he will never ever be as great. Imo. They are 2 totally various monsters. And we are quite sure that he never ever offered himself that tittle individuals simply kinda branded him with it. We believe this movie is so killer 2nd time around. The original is great he was much more youthful when he made it and it is more standard martial arts roots based. We believe this variation is more contemporary to the american fan base and the battles that he go’s through in this variation are little more relatable. The movie is filled with killer martial arts incredible stunts and it’s simply one of jackie chana finest imo. Remarkable film. And the seller ensured we got it in a prompt style. 5 stars.

We state one of the very best action movies ever made since like buster keaton, fred astaire and gene kelly, jackie chan is doing this things himself. The legend of drunken master or drunken master 2 is a non stop action film and a funny along the exact same lines as buster keaton’s timeless the basic. The part where jackie chan falls under a pit of cinders, that is all genuine, jackie had that series recorded three times, on the 3rd time burning his arms and still having those scars today. All that and he played this part at 40 yrs old, managing a function of a 20 year old convincingly. Another movie we delighted in that was affected a lot by drunken master 2 was kung fu hustle (widescreen edition) even calling the gang in it the”axe gang” The legend of drunken master is a need to for any fan of action films. It made home entertainment weekly’s top 25 action films list and likewise is on time publication’s top 100 films of perpetuity.

When we heard that a person of the drunken master films was going to remain in theaters, our friend and we hurried down to the movie theater to watch it. This is “drunken master ii”, and it is packed with fantastic action and funny. We do not believe you have actually seen jackie at his finest till you see that last battle scene. If we keep in mind properly, this initially came out in 1994, and was a follow up to the 1979″drunken master” It includes a redone calling that is most likely better than the original calling offered. Jackie chan did his own voice, if we remember. Our one problem is that this variation most likely will not include a subtitled edition (with the original chinese audio), and the business that did launch a subtitled variation no longer holds the rights to launch it. It is a pity that a lot of fantastic asian movies are not offered in their original, uncut format. Nonetheless, this is still an excellent movie, and a need to for any jackie chan, hong kong movie theater, or action fan.

One of our preferred films of all time.:-RRB- we essentially enjoy all jackie chan’s films, however this one is our outright favorite. It’s a pity that it is so hard to find on television, cable television, satellite, and so on. In english language. Now because we purchased this, we can watch it whenever we want.:-RRB-.

If you wish to discuss the most extreme action film of perpetuity, rather than jackie’s most extreme action film of perpetuity, this one is undoubtedly a prospect. Reality stunts that pre-date what tony jaa and iko uwais are popular for today; outstanding and fluid choreography that definitely offer yuen charm ping (matrix, eliminate costs, bending tiger hidden dragon, prohibited kingdom) a run for his cash (though they have actually interacted because the 70 s), and other things, make this film as explosive as you might have ever pictured.

We enjoy jackie chan and the drunken master films. We initially saw drunken master iwe a few years prior to its american re-release as legend of the drunken master (the variation we saw was launched by tawe seng, our company believe) and when we enjoyed legend in the theater, we could not comprehend why they cut the very end of the filmout There was an entire scene later where jackie has actually gone cuckoo from consuming the commercial alcohol. It was practically jackie clowning around, however, when we lastly wished to buy the film for our collection, all we might find was the modified, americanized legend of drunken master. This release is the original drunken master iwe and this dvd, while not as high quality as the legend dvd, is still great. A should for chan fans.

We do not understand what the message is, this entire drinking and battling thing that happens in a minimum of 2 of the best films that we have actually ever seen, the other being drunken master (the first, this one being ‘the legend of drunken master’ and recorded much later on), however we enjoy the cinematic outcomes. The action is so fast in this flick that your eyes will sweat. Yep, it’s the exact same old story of a man who suggests well, however keeps getting even more into problem and needs to battle his wayout Something like that, however better, much faster, and funnier than it needed to be. An essential, for us.

This film is a need to own for jackie chan enthusiasts. It has a great story, great dubbing, and incredible action scenes. Jackie chan is his own voice star in this dub, so there’s another plus. It has 2 kinds of action scenes, those with jackie utilizing his environment around him to unwillingly battle opponents, and scenes where jackie gets slam dunk intoxicated and utilizes drunken boxing to remove gangsters. It’s amazing. Get it.

Love his films. This was done when he was young and did more of his own stunts.

Honestly, we believe this is one of the very best of jackie’s films. It’s likewise one of the most amusing – it’s amusing, does not take itself too seriously and it will hold your interest. We watch most of these martial arts films as soon as and pass them on. This is one of the few that we have actually kept and enjoyed more than as soon as. Some of the scenes will stick in your mind like no other m/a film.

The cover revealed is not the cover of the film. It is not real broad screen, being first cropped to requirement and then letter-boxed to 4:3– still below the measurements of the original, with some action happening off-screen, the resolution is somewhat below vhs quality. English is equated in chinese syntax with regular misspellings. Still, we more than happy to have the complete variation– the american modification cuts off the ending. We consider this to be the most firmly choreographed film jackie chan ever produced, and the glitchy translation maintains the humorous discussion of anita muwe (rip), who owns her function. We simply want the transfer was as promoted.

The ultimate jackie chan crafted action movie.

We enjoy jackie chan and nearly all of his films however the original drunken master film not did anything however dissapoint me. As for this one however, we were very amazed, we personally feel this is jackie chan’s top film because it reveals you his genuine ability and what he can do. Rather than the majority of of his other films where white individuals with weapons attempt to eliminate him all the time, this one he battles utilizing numerous designs and it was simply incredible. One of the very best battle movies perhaps ever made.

Super product and service.

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