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While running an ordinary errand at the grocery store, Macy Anderson s life abruptly changes. In an instant, she watches in horror as people from her small town spiral into a coughing fit and seconds later, drop to their death. Within minutes, cars crash, helicopters fly overhead and the military rolls in setting up a quarantine of the town. This was only the beginning.With the town in chaos, Macy must focus on protecting and keeping her two young sons safe from catching the deadly virus. But how? By the time she processes what all is happening, it is too late. The virus is everywhere. The only hope and greatest chance for a cure lies within the work of Charles Kimble. However, even he faces defeat as the virus pushes man to the brink of extinction.In an attempt to save mankind, the world takes desperate measures. Quarantines and internment camps are initiated, and cities are closed down. As law, order and government structures crumble, people are left to the own battles and resources. Can one mother save her children from something caught as easily as taking a breath? And can she, like the human race, hold on until the virus runs its course.

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We always enjoy jacqueline druga’s stand alone stories, and this one was no exception. The premise for “end of the world” was interesting, and the story’s progression engaging. The story followed a similar pattern to druga’s other stand alone. We liked the characters, as we always do. Although, they could have been developed more. Drugs is a talented writer, capable of better character development than this. Our big complaint is this: typos and awful grammar. Again, drugs is very capable of turning out a good, well written, technically well rendered book. We think she just doesn’t care to make the effort. In terms of typos and poor grammar, this was one of her worst. It’s as if she is publishing a first draft, and like english is not her first language. While we do recommend this book, we have to say, there is no excuse for the poor grammar, typos and nonexistent editing.

We love all of her books so far, and this one was no different, another great story. Bad editing sure, but not bad enough to make us dislike it. Cough is about a small town pulling together to make it through a coughing virus that kills after an automobile accident releases the virus, making them one of two ground zeroes in the united states. Confusion reigns as people drop and die, all communications are cut to the outside world, and the national guard circles the town to keep them quarantined. It pulled us in and kept our attention, we look forward to reading many more of her books.

A deadly virus with no cure is stolen and purposely released. The race is on to find a cure. A few scientists are working on that when they crash in a small town and more virus is released. The scientists race to find a cure before everyone is lost. After reading this book every time we hear a cough we will remember this book.

We loved this book. The first great thing about this book is it has no zombies. Yay. Furthermore, it gets your attention from the beginning and is an exciting and engrossing read. It s an excellent book and well-written and if poor spelling and grammar distracts you, you ll enjoy this book because if there are any errors, they are few, providing a smooth reading experience. Good book.

Love her writing and this one as usual is great. Have not found an author in awhile that can make us laugh one minute and cry the next so to speak that is. Have read several of her books and would recommend any that we have read very highly. Gave her her own little grouping in our library.

Terrific read, one of those— you can’t put down, read all of the way through, and remember it at work the following day (if you can stay awake)— books . If you don’t already own it, buy it now . . .

Can’t put it down one we start reading. All of her books pull you in quickly. And of course we always get attached to the characters.

Kind of scary and totally plausible. Fast paced and really like ms. Drugs s writing style.

It was good enough. It kept us turning the pages. We were entertained.

We got hooked on druga works reading the incredible beginnings series – those characters are almost like family to me. We have now read most of her work and it is really super reading and this one is no different. Great character development and a totally interesting story line. A must read for sure.

We truly enjoyed this “we cannot put it down” book. It scared the h— out of us as it was so realistic. Thank you.

This was a cover to cover binge read. Pulled us in right at the start, and didn’t stop. Highly recommended.

Awesome read, ms druga.

It was quite good and really held our attention the whole time. This is the first virus type novel we have read and we would recommend it to anyone who likes apocalyptic type books.

We like her books but there was a lot of mistakes. Sometimes we had to read the sentence again to get it. The story was our kind of read so all in all we enjoyed it.

Thoroughly enjoyed.

One of our top favorite authors. Book will keep you intrigued. Well written. Be sure to check out her other books.

A easy and “fun” read.

Loved this book.

Good book.

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