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Jamol Laboratories Ponaris Nasal Emolient

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Jamol Laboratories Ponaris Nasal Emolient.

  • Colds (sinusitis)
  • Atrophic rhinitis (acute, chronic, allergic)
  • Postnasal drip

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Jamol Laboratories Ponaris Nasal Emolient.
Size:1 OunceColds (sinusitis). Atrophic rhinitis (acute, chronic, allergic). Postnasal drip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Jamol Laboratories Ponaris Nasal Emolient.

Question Question 1

We Get Bad Nose Bleeds Due To Dry Nasal Passages In The Summer Or Winter.Will This Heal Our Nose Or Stop Them?

It has helped stop and prevent bleeding and soreness in our nasal passages. Also we do not tolerate a lot of smells/fumes ie perfumes and chemicals but we find if we are going to be exposed to these we can put Ponaris in our nose and do not have any difficulty breathing.

Question Question 2

Is This Water Soluble? If Not, Is There Any Reason Why Using This Would Not Pose A Lipoid Pneumonia Danger?

Here is the ingredients for this product Oils of Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cajeput and Cottonseed as Specially Prepared Iodized Organic Oils; Total Iodine 0.5% – 0.7%; Assimilable Hence Non-Lipoid Potential; Packing on Sterile Gauzewe would contact your doctor if you have any concerns about risk for lipoid pneumoni Here is the ingredients for this product Oils of Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cajeput and Cottonseed as Specially Prepared Iodized Organic Oils; Total Iodine 0.5% – 0.7%; Assimilable Hence Non-Lipoid Potential; Packing on Sterile Gauzewe would contact your doctor if you have any concerns about risk for lipoid pneumonia danger.

Question Question 3

What Are The Ingredients?

Know it has has eucalyptus in it. Other than that we don’t know. we have used it multiple times. Here in Arizona very low RH. Use of product keeps our nose hydrated?

Question Question 4

Price Is Confusing: $12.80 For 1 Oz Bottle But $49.99 For A 2 Pack?Also All Buying Options Say 1 Oz Bottle But “Product Details” Says 2.4 Oz?

we always buy the 1oz from , 12.80 is a great price, we have never seen a 2.4 bottle

Question Question 5

Does This Product Help To Reduce The Size Of Nasal Polyps?

we do not know. But we use it for dry nasal passges.

Question Question 6

Will This Cure Our Post Nasal Drip ?

No, it won’t cure it — you’d need something to dry up the mucus.This will soothe your sore and inflamed sinus passages.

Question Question 7

Ingredients Say This Contains “Iodized Oil”, Anyone Know If That Would Mean This Contains Iodine?

Yes, it has iodine in it.Ingredients: Oils of Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cajeput and Cottonseed as Specially Prepared Iodized Organic Oils; Total Iodine 0.5% – 0.7%; Assimilable Hence Non-Lipoid Potential; Packing on Sterile Gauze

Question Question 8

What Are All The Ingredients?

Ingredients for Ponaris:Oils of Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cajeput in a Cottonseed oil base,Total Iodine 0.4%-0.6% by weight.Assimilable hence non-lipoid potential.Exclusive J-R iodization process since 1931.One fluid ounce.( As seen on side of Ponaris bottle.)

Question Question 9

How Long Can We Continually Use Ponaris ?

Hmmm. not sure.we only use this occasionally,when ever we have a cold or a flight coming up.we usually use it for a couple of weeks at a time.Perhaps the manufacturer could give a better answer.

Question Question 10

How Does This Product Work For Atrophic Rhinitis Or Empty Nose Syndrome?

It helps to keep the nasal passages moist , it was prescribed by a EMTdr, helped stopp nose bleeds

Question Question 11

Can This Be Put Into A Small Bottle That Contained Nose Spray And Administered As A Spray?

we don’t think it’s recommended to do that. The emolient is pretty thick, so it creates more of a thick cushion to protect your nostrils from dryness. You could probably use it in tandem to your nose spray. we dab a little Vaseline on the inside rim of our nose to provide more moisture throughout our nose.

Question Question 12

What Is The “Experation Date” On These Bottles?

we purchased our bottle in early 2015.It expires 12/17, so lasts quite a while.It says it turns dark when exposed to light, but it doesn’t affect the product and it can still be used.

Question Question 13

Does The Medicine Dropper Contain Latex?

The bottle doesn t say. The dropper appears to be plastic. we don t use the dropper; we use Q-tips. L

Question Question 14

We Recently Read That The Bottle Needs To Be Stored Upright. Mine Has Not Been. Should We Not Use It?

??our bottle is been up and down side way,upright diferent position and we are still using it and seem to steel work??for our 6yrs old boy, we feel that needs to be upright so it won’t drip???? , hope this help but is your decision.

Question Question 15

Is The Cottonseed Oil Gmo?

Not sure was highly recommended by our ENT Dr.

Question Question 16

Does Anyone Have Any Experience Or Guidance About Using Ponaris The Day After Chemical Cauterization? Thanks.?

Sorry no experience.

Question Question 17

Doesn’T This Come In A Nasal Spray.How Difficult Is This To Use With An Eye Dropper?Hard To Use?

Yes, it’s hard to use and only end up getting one or two drops in your nose.Should definitely be a spray.

Question Question 18

Is It Ok To Use On A 2 1/2 Year Old?

No, it is not for children. There are ingredients in Ponaris that are too strong for kids. This is per our ENT, ear nose and throat doc.

Question Question 19

Why Has The Price Of Ponaris Oil Gone Up?

What has not when we started using it cost was about $8.00, the last l purchased was about $15.00 ,from

Question Question 20

Is It Of Any Benefit For Nasal Odor?

Not sure what you mean by nasal odor. Do you mean if you smell something bad? If so then NO. It is to moisturize your nasal passages. It is GREAT when taking allergy meds and it helps our hubby with snoring. We have bought it 3 times now and use it every night.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Jamol Laboratories Ponaris Nasal Emolient, these might be useful for better understanding.

This has been a life changer for us. This was recommended to us by an ent after a series of sinus infections left us with an incessant cough. We loved how the drops cleared our congestion and soothed the inside of our nose, but we hated the dribbling oil down our lip, or worse – our throat. Our nurse suggested using them at night, so we didn’t suffer from the embarrassment of oil sliding out of our nose while we spoke to a human in the day light. So we used it until it was gone and then forgot about it. We have been working in a job that requires us to travel several times a month, for the last couple years. This has been hell for our sinuses. The recycled air of the airplanes, the dry hotel air, and quick climate changes meant that we would frequently get sick, our nose would always be dry and cracked and painful, and we would often suffer from nose bleeds. We had been using ayr nasal gel for a long time – we would place a drop of the gel on a cotton swab and rub it along the inside of our nose. And it soothed our nostrils, especially when they would get so dry they’d crack and bleed. But it only soothed, it didn’t heal or prevent. So we were just constantly putting it in our nose. It was impractical and we suspected not helpful, but we couldn’t go back to doing nothing and dealing with that pain. Then we remembered ponaris, but we still dreaded the drip; until we read some reviews of users applying the oil with a q-tip – then everything changed. We dip a q-tip in ponaris and swab the inside of one nostril and use the other end of the swab on the other nostril. We try to do this day and night, if we are traveling or in a dry climate. If we feel sick, or especially dry, we apply ponaris as often as we need it. This has solved a major problem that plagued us – we can breathe better, sleep better, we are sick less often (if at all), and most importantly – we are more comfortable. If you’ve ever suffered from chronic sinusitis, you know that it’s no fun when breathing hurts. We wish we had been using this for the last decade. We can’t imagine not having it in our daily routine now.

Omg . Haven’t had a bad sinus infection in over a year. The trick is you must use it twice a day. We use a cotton swap, dip it in the bottle and put it as far up our nose as we can to get our nose well lubed. That keeps the germs out. We wouldn’t live without this. It came with an nose dropper, but can’t stand using it,,,, the cotton swab is easier and works as well. The best thing. No side effects .

We have developed very annoying post nasal drip. We went to an allergist and after being tested, he determined it wasn’t allergy related. He prescribed a couple of nasal sprays to try and also gave us a sample of ponaris to try. The sprays did nothing for the problem, but the ponaris has helped. Our problem is probably reduced by 75%, so we will keep using ponaris.

We have acute sinusitis and suffer from year-round allergies. We get allergy shots, take allergy pills, and supposed to take a steroid nasal spray which we are not a fan of and is why we stopped and started seeking alternatives. Not a fan of western medicine to begin with an when our allergies get real bad and flare up, the only answer we get is “keep taking your nasal spray. ” steroid nasal sprays are horrible and your body can grow dependent on them. The first time we tried ponaris, we didn’t think it would work because we were so congested. Within second one nostril clear up and then the other and we were able to breathe. Then after 5-10 minutes we were congested again and it kept alternating between clear passage ways and semi-blocked. Think it was just trying to work its way through. The days that followed was not as the first experience, but we began to notice that we were breathing through our nose more frequently, which rarely happens. This has also prevented/treated our sneezing attacks form happening. Loved it so much, that we bought another bottle and gifted it to a fellow allergy sufferer who is thankful that we did. Would like to see if our doctor could cover the costs of this, but if not we think not suffering every day of your life and being able to breathe through your nose is worth it.

For reasons we do not understand, this stuff stops our post nasal drip for a few hours and lets us get to sleep. Nothing else does. We tried all sorts of otc antihistamines pills and sprays – none of them worked.

We have a chronically stuffy nose all year round. At night we can’t breathe at all. This causes dry nose and mouth breathing, nosebleeds, etc. Constant waking. We have tried a lot of different things, otc and prescription. Nothing worked. This arrived quickly. We took the other reviewers advice and used a q-tip. We used the dropper to put it on the q-tip to maintain sanitation. Swabbed the inside of the nose – one side to a q-tip. It’s not too strong or smells bad. We have a very sensitive nose, we would tell you if it did. It opened our sinuses quite nicely and lasted a long time. We would reapply in the middle of the night if necessary. No more dry nose or nose bleeds. If you would like to dilute it, here’s a tip from the internet. Use extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil. It smells nice, very light texture. Plus it’s antiviral, antibacterial and healing. Coconut oil alone is excellent for dry nose. We find diluting down unnecessary unless we just want to stretch it out, but it’s too weak for us that way. This is our new go-to. Give it a try.

This helps in fighting the infection,not like most of conventional nasal drops, which usually do nothing beyond drying the nose a bit. We use it when we get first signs of cold. A combination of natural oils brings fantastic relief without compromising the immune system. The overall aroma is like forest, it must be because of the pine oil. We love it. So fresh. We are happy that we found it, ordered one for our parents as well. The bottle we had lasted for 2 years, now we are getting a new bottle for ourself as well.

Yes it smells a little organic, some menthol to it as well. There is a review that talks about it turning dark so they had to throw it away. Should have read the box first. The color change is normal. This is a great product that has improved our life.

A coworker recommended this. His ent said to use it as a non prescribed alternative. It comes with a dropper but he used a q tip and dipped in bottle. Easier than drops in your nose. You maybe get some dripping down your throat. Oily so careful around your clothes. This stuff works great. The peppermint oil smells wonderful and helps open your nasal passages. Highly recommended as the directions tell you to use as needed.

We read the reviews and tried it and it seems to work,we have experienced a little light headedness after putting the drop in,one of the reviewers stuck a q-tip up his nose,we found this a disagreable act and didn’t do it more than a couple of times, we now just put in a drop in each nostril and deal with the taste in the back of our throat,it’s better to be able to breath than the alternative.

If it’s good enough for astronauts, it’s good enough for us. We have shoved no less than a dozen different products up our nose, desperately seeking relief for our extremely dry and irritated sinuses. Some have temporarily soothed them but this is the first thing that has healed the problem. How we wish we had found this years ago. The application method is strange, we didn’t want to stick the dropper in our nose then back into the bottle, in case of inadvertently transferring any goobers or infections. We use the dropper to apply it to a cotton swab, then insert. We use it at bedtime, you definitely want to lay down right away so it doesn’t drip back out your nose. It’s very viscous, not at all thick or sticky. At first we used it nightly, but then reduced to just a couple times a week and that’s sufficient to maintain. It has a slightly strong scent but not at all a deal breaker. We will never again be without it.

Our post nasal drip had gone on for 2 years after chemo. Nothing worked: netwe pot, salt spray, flonase, etc. Whoda thunk a product invented in 1931 was solve our problem? this sure did. Twice a day and we are 99% symptom free. Great product.

Every winter the dry, cold air gives us post nasal drip that drives us crazy with a hacking cough. Our ent prescribed a steroidal (prescription) spray and our allergist gave us an antihistamine spray. Neither works as well as ponaris in relieving the symptoms. If you suffer from dry, irritated nasal passages, we highly recommend you give this product a try.

It worked. We had a really bad sinus infection and ordered this as a last resort. It was the worst sinus infection we have ever had. We were able to sleep after using this because it helped to clear our nose.

Our daughter has chronic stuffy nose. Doc says no allergies detected. We used this once after 6 weeks of saline rinses that were not doing anything and we saw an immediate improvement. We used it the next day and it sealed the deal. A little nervous about the disclaimer with children and iodine. But we figure using it sparingly won t be a problem. And since it cleared up after two doses, we are pretty happy.

Maybe even too effective. For me, it lasts for two days but the first 12 hours are little overly moist in a slightly suffocating way. But it’s a lifesaver for dry environments and chronic bloody nose days. It ships with a cap, and a separate dropper. Instructions say that it can leak if the dropper is left on, but we let it bump around in a ziploc bag with the dropper on and didn’t have any issues. However, the bottle never experienced pressure changes. Yolo.

First used following sinus surgery many years ago to assist with keeping nasal passages moist and clear. It worked very well. Just bought some due to some recent irritation, and it–once again–is providing relief in a way that no other product has done. It is made from oils of pine, eucalyptus, peppermint and caleput in a cottonseed oil base. It’s like a topical vapor rub for the inside of your nose that also helps soothe irritation. You may not need it all the time, but when you do, it’s wonderful.

If you have seasonal rhinitis or live in a dry climate. This is the stuff that can turn your life around. Have been using it for two years every day and now we don’t experience those dry nose bleeds or sinus infections. Try it.

We never had nosebleeds before, but last year we had a couple of episodes where our nose just started bleeding profusely & uncontrollably. A visit to an urgent care didn’t help. We went to a sinus wellness center. They prescribed an ointment which helped quite a bit. However, 6 months later, we had another bad episode—we used the ointment for the prescribed 30 days, but was still having smaller bleeds. Went back to the sinus center and they told us to get ponaris. We live in a very dry climate, and use it nearly every day—we just dunk a cotton swab into the container and lightly rub it around the interior nostrils. We haven’t had a nosebleed since we started using the product. A bottle lasts over 6 months, and for $15, we consider it a very cheap, effective solution.

We need to give this nasal moisturizer more time, but so far it seems to work. The problem is, the dropper is awful. It’s not easy to get any number of drops in the nasal cavity and you can’t tell how many drops went in. Also, it gets in the throat and sometimes if you’ve added too much into the mouth. The smell is what makes it difficult to use. It tastes as if you’ve just put a glop of vick’s vapor rub on a spoon and eaten it. However, our nasal passages are so dry we are using it anyway, and will continue to do so for a month to see the results. If you can tolerate it, it seems like a good product.

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