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This IS the better mousetrap. Most MD’s get just a basic 4 years in Med School, then work to earn not learn. I’ve researched diseases and aging for 20+ years, with a 10 year stint where I spent 12 hrs/day everyday in the Northwestern Med School’s library just reviewing clinical and scientific studies. .I’ve had 3 major papers published; the publishing journal has 5 Nobel Prizes between the editors. And described my papers as extremely exciting and of major importance.This book describes the case studies I have encountered either directly or indirectly of people who claim to have completely cured their life long asthma with high doses of LUNG REMODELING HORMONE.it also describes a recently published ground-breaking study of asthmatic children where low levels of LUNG REMODELING HORMONE were associated with denser lung tissue (and thus likely fewer airways), and more severe asthma attacks, while children with higher levels of LUNG REMODELING HORMONE had less dense lung tissue, and much less severe asthma.The obvious way to cure asthma then would be to dramatically increase one’s levels of LUNG REMODELING HORMONE.Because LUNG REMODELING HORMONE is unpatentable, you will never hear about it from Big Pharma, and likely not for a long time from your MD. Like it has been said by some. There is no profit in curing anything. The real profit comes in treatment. Because Lung Remodeling Hormone is unpatentable, it is cheap, and easily obtained.

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Thank you jeff t bowles for this clear and brave book. We used your advice on d3 and k2 and also the confidence that you inspired to try this cure. It took us more than a year to break free from the asthma symptoms. This were not the only changes that we made in an attempt to get better. Previously we changed our diet to raw food and then to a more balanced one which was gluten-free and mostly plant-based. But the real break through was achieved in weeks after trying the d3 mega-doses advised in this book. We hope everyone will get some health improvement after using adequate vitamin doses.

We found this to be a very interesting book and easy to read. It describes much of the research that has been done and which is currently being done with regard to the healthful benefits of vitamin d3. Among those being better lung function, fighting cancer, boosting immunity, and living longer. We are fascinated by these subjects and we found jeff bowles’ book to be very enlightening.

We still have asthma, but it is a lot better. We have been increasing our dosage of d3 for the past 2 months. Our nose ran like crazy (used a whole box of tissue in 2 days), then we were super tired. Then we coughed up sticky chunks of phlem for a week. The skin rashes started to recede and heal. Our leaky gut must be healing as well because we can eat wheat and milk again without issue. Our back has been giving us trouble for over 40 years, and we injured our shoulder 2 years ago. Both hurt like crazy for 2 days, and then felt great, just like the author described in the book. Power through the pain days and you will love the final results. At the current rate of healing, it may be 6 months to a year before we can say that we no longer have asthma. (remember that is a cure, not a treatment that just suppresses symptoms) since asthma almost killed us twice, we are working hard to kick asthma to the curb.

Mr. Bowles not only shares the information he’s garnered from reading thousands of research documents in an easy-to-understand manner, but he’s also delivered the direct links to these studies in the e-book edition. It’s easy to make your own “decision” about what to believe is going on in our “so-called” health (?) industry. Mr. Bowles gives you power through correct information to help you and your loved ones make critical and timely decisions about important health issues. We thank god for leading us to mr. Bowles.

We have tried just about everything to help cure our asthma. The 2 best things so far have been this book and the buteyko method. We feel like a new person. We did as the book instructed and started feeling better in days. So far so good. Must check this book out if you have lung issues as well as books on the buteyko method.

We like this book very much. We red all the 200 hundreds and plus review and contrary to the opinion of same readers we found the writing spontaneous and very direct. And we must add something that ‘s for us it s very important the author put his face on what he says in his book : he even supply the reader with his e mail,and he is also very open and easy to approach. We wrote him a mail and soon after got the reply. We suffer from severe asthma and we are going to try to follow what author suggests. We will recommend this book to every one who cares about health and health improvement . We would like to end thanking jeff for his frankness and kindness . Thank you jeff.

Loved the info. It made more sense than the doctor. He recommended 50’00 his a week. Did nothing. We switched to 20000 a day and in a month the pain was gone. Great book.

Jeff is being proven right in his findings with other significant research now coming to the fore:).

We gave this book as a gift and the person thanks us all the time.

We are very familiar with asthma as it is throughout our family. Many people don’t even believe it is a physical ailment. It is physical and terrifyingly real. It can kill. Besides the asthma itself, we always feared those teachers and neighbors who think asthma is psychological. It is wonderful to find their are people working to make life normal and and safe for children and adults. We were happy to learn that hormone treatment can cure asthma because most asthmatics spend a lifetime using steroids for relief, and steroids have consequences that can be risky.

Excellent book on vit d 3. Very informative.

Cures that work shushed by the so called eleet’s ” controllers” follow the ” money”.

It’s people like j bowles who shake ones placidity. He didn’t experiment on anybody but himself – that’s what sterner stuff is made of. He has made half the medical world sit up and take notice.

This book has helped us more than any health book we ever read. 4 months ago, when we read this book, we started taking 50k iu of vitamin d with vitamin k. Also used transdermal magnesium. Our blood level of vitamin d was 10, before we started taking heavy dose of vitamin d. Our doctor suggested to take 5000 iu for a day and then continue with 2000 iu daily until the next test. We have been suffering from a persistent, nasty sinus infection for 10 years which would not heal. This infection was a result of sinus surgery to remove polyps from sinus area. Been treated with antibiotics many times. We had tried almost everything out there including hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver. 26 days of vitamin d in 50k iu and we are already seeing improvements. We don’t get as much dried blood from our nose. This sinus infection is not 100% cured yet. We are expecting good results in another month cause we are able to walk now. To me, its a major achievement to walk. Something we have not been able to do for almost two years. Our second major issue has been severe chronic asthma and copd for last 28 years. We were not able to walk, could not use stairs. Constant use of prednisone over the years destroyed our health. Repeated antibiotics have wiped out our gut flora. Though we are still using prednisone and our regular inhalers (albuterol and advair 500/50), but for the first time in two years, we are able to walk without much shortness of breath. We don’t have acute wheezing as we always used to have. The only medication we don’t have to use any more after a month of d3 is nebulizer treatment. We don’t have to use budesonide nebulizer and levalbuterol inhalations any more. This is a major improvement in our condition. Our lungs capacity has improved significantly. We were at 45% lungs capacity at one point and was hardly able to walk. Now we are able to speed walk and lift weights. Really appreciate jeff t bowles for sharing his experience with people.

– intro -this book is about vitamin d, which apparently does help asthma. – body -take 5,000 units of d3 per day. Take more for a while if you are sick. Get blood tests if you are taking high doses. – conclusion -this book was about vitamin d, which apparently does help asthma. – the end -.

We have been using the stuff for 11 weeks to date. We began with 20 iu and gradually moved up to 80k iu by week 8. We began using the hormone for the treatment of copd. We are 44 and have been battling symptoms for 11 years. We have never smoked or been exposed to lung contaminants that we know of. We have tried many natural treatments including other high dose herbs and many natural modalities. All have been helpful for a time and in a limited capacity. At the time of beginning this hormone, our symptoms had become unmanageable and life threatening, increasingly by the day. We had seemingly run out of options. So trying this so called “extreme” felt like a last ditch effort. By week six we had noticeable improvement in breathing and congestion and asthma. We would say a 40 -50% improvement. However an unexpected improvement was that we no longer had stomach pain in caused by eating grain. We discovered this by accidentally consuming grain and had no pain. We then experimented to see if it was just a fluke and no it wasn’t. We still don’t consume grain intentionally, but we can if we want to. We went through a period of 10 days of sever pain in our hip and back. We were aware it could be an effect of the hormone healing these areas that had been painful for years. We did not back off of thehormone. After . 0 days we are completely pain free in these joints. We also went through weeks of needing to sleep long hours. We knew we were healing so we just went with it. That lifted at week 10. At week 8 we had a 75 percent improvement in congestion, shortness of breath, asthma and coughing. And by week 10 we had no symptoms of copd. We have in week 11 we backslid some. We have continued on with the 80k iu of the hormone and vit k, but have had some mild symptoms return. We have also experienced some irritability and depression that is uncharacteristic for us. We plan to continue for at least six months while monitoring blood levels.

We wanted to update our review by noting the improvement in our chronic asthma that we have has since we were a barely breathing baby in an incubator. All our life we have struggled with it- even though we were an athlete, we were always trying to catch our breath after the game. A bug we recently got should have had us gasping for air with guaranteed pneumonia. But we have had no trouble breathing with the cold, only coughing. Its been 10 days so far and now we are almost 100% back from almost certain respiratory hell that we would have endured in the old days. And we are still taking the hormone. We believe the lrh has had a significant role in our improved lung volume it’s like we can breathe almost 40% deeper than before. We are hardly using our inhaler and cut down on our daily meds-thinking of dropping them altogether. We are beginning the 30,000 dosage today. Will see what this brings over the next few months & ill write another update. Oh and we didnt want to give up the secret of the book. And hope other reviewers wont either. You must read the book to know the secret trick.

This book was very informative to us and we feel we learned much from it. If you’re seriously ready to leave man’s synthetic world of meds and begin a life of natural cures, then we suggest reading this too. We love vitamin d, it has transformed our life. Learn all you can about it and make a difference in your overall health. Thanks you for your prime members perks and thank you mr. Bowles for your book.

We highly recommend this book. The book is very informative on how to improve your health dramatically with the correct application of recent and decades old research and knowledge.

Lrh cause and effects to lung tissue is truly a remarkable break through. The body is an amazing factory that given the proper tools and the correct dosage can remodel itself. The author’s insight into this theory is nothing less than remarkable. The book’s findings we feel are on the line with the discovery that ulcers were bacterially induced and could be simply cured by antibiotics. (not big money for major pharmaceutical companies so not much backing. This break through in lung treatment is also not going to be a big hit with big pharma due to its low cost and easy access ability ) the author’s theorywill truly revolutionize how asthma is treated and could improve many people ‘s lives. He puts his findings in a simple format that is easy to follow . We highly recommend this book to anyone suffering with asthma.

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