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Jermei Handheld Portable Mini Cool and Warm Mist Atomizing Humidifier

Jermei Handheld Portable Mini Cool and Warm Mist Atomizing Humidifier

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Jermei Handheld Portable Mini Cool and Warm Mist Atomizing Humidifier.

  • COLD RELIEF ‘Non-medicated alternative to alleviate cough, congestion, halitosis, aching throat and other cold signs.
  • EASY CLEAN ‘Removable water cup and mask, easy to assembly and take apart. Water washable soft mask is very easy to tidy.
  • 4 WORKING MODE ‘2 Mode (Warm & Cold) x 2 Volumes (High & Low). Plus free 2 refillable mint essential oil vapor pads.
  • RECHARGABLE ‘Operation time after a full charge: 1200 minutes for cool mist., and 160 minutes for warm mist

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Jermei Handheld Portable Mini Cool and Warm Mist Atomizing Humidifier.
General Information For both grownups and children (aged 3+) Effectiveness: dampen throat, remove nose congestion, remove bad breath. Avoid colds, alleviate laryngitis, rhinitis, aching throat and cough. Promote thinking, keep the mind awake, assist the breathe efficiently Technical Requirements Water tank volume 30 ml Power adapter: input A/C100 V-240 V output DC9V 1A Charging time: 3-4 hours Operation time after a full charge: 1200 minutes for cool mist, and 160 minutes for warm mist Operating duration: Automatic power off 15 minutes at a time Functions Portable, easy to utilize anywhere at anytime Cold and warm mist switch Mist volume alternatives: High/Low No water detection function Alarm indication: flashing blue light: low battery flashing thumbs-up: charging thumbs-up: charge is finished(**************** ) Elements 1 x Vaporizer1 x Mask2 x Mint Essential oil Pad1 x Power adaptor1 x User handbook IDEAS 1. Spring or filter water just. Do NOT include medicine or other solutions. 2. Please empty water cup right after each usage. 3. Refill vapor pads are likewise offered in our shop.


Here are afewfrequentlyaskedquestionsandanswers onJermeiHandheldPortableMiniCoolandWarmMistAtomizingHumidifier

QuestionQuestion 1

CanSaline Option Be Utilized?

Maker requires to answer this. we are simply an end userand have no concept if saline would be harmful to utilize in this instrument.

(****************** )Question 2

Does This Include A Mouth Piece?

this product doesn t consist of a mouth piece

(********** )QuestionQuestion 3

Can WeBuyExtra Masks For This Gadget?Where?

sadly the mask is not offered individually. Please do not hesitate to email us nevertheless, we will see if there s anything we can do (******************** )(********** )(****************** )Question 4

Where Is It Made?


Question Question 5

Does This Have A Rechargable Battery Consisted Of. If So, Whatis The Recharge Connection?

Yes it s integrated in, has its own cable

Question Question 6

Where Can The Mint Pads Be Bought?

it could be found at Refill Vapor Pads for Jermei Portable Mini Humidifier – 24 PCS https://www..com/dp/B082 TN3MN4/

Question Question 7

What Kind Of Water Should Be Utilized?

please usage sparkling water or filtered water

Question Question 8

Would It Take Longer To Come Considering That Its Made In China?

although this product is produced in China, its offered by our United States based business. We have storage facility in California and utilize USPS as our shipping supplier, so the shipping time is ensured.

Question Question 9

Does This Have A Rechargable Battery Consisted Of? If So, What Is The Recharge Connection Type?

this product has a rechargable battery consisted of. It can link to basic 110 V and 220 V power outlets.

Question Question 10

Does It Offer You Warm Mist?

Warm mist is offered by this. The lower button triggers warm mist.

Question Question 11

How Typically Do You Need To Tidy To Defend Against Mold Buid-Up?

it s suggested to clean it after every usage and keep it dry

Question Question 12

Can It Be Utilized With Medicated Liquids?

this product is utilized with water just

Question Question 13

Can I Put Vapo Pads Rather Of The Mint Pads?

Unsure where the pads go, there is a little area for oil drops and water

Question Question 14

Is This For Singers?

Yes, however no minimal to. This product is for everybody who has adverse dry air, or has sinus problems or signs triggered by cold or flue like nasal congestion, cough

Question Question 15

Can I Put In H2O2 And Generate Vapor? Will It Damage Gadget?

please usage water just

Question Question 16

Must It Be Utilized With The Mint Essential Oil Pad?

the vapor pads are optional if you just wish to include wetness to air breathing. Those vapor pads work when you captured a cold or influenza, as it might assist alleviate with signs like congestion nose or cough

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Jermei Handheld Portable Mini Cool and Warm Mist Atomizing Humidifier, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Been utilizing it for about 2 weeks. Extremely pleased. We take a trip a lot and can not manage the humidity in the diff locations we remain. This little convenient gadget enables us to hydrate any where we go while understanding it is tidy and we can manage the pureness of the water source. When we get up parched in the night cuz some hotel’s heating has dried us out we simply utilize this for a few minutes while comfortable in bed and then fall back asleep. So hassle-free. It utilizes so little water, can take tsa allowed container of pure water even on flights. We have attempted travel humidifiers however this is a lot smaller sized and utilizes way less water. This is being composed throughout covid19 shutdowns, so keeping respiratory passages moist is a structure of total health. We do not utilize the essential oil pad and do not see any way to reorder those anyways. The system often requires a minute or more to produce a constant mist of full volume, and often there is a disruption in the outflow for no evident factor, however up until now that is not a big issue, simply wait through it. They might supply a luggage, however hope this terrific gadget works for a considerable duration to necessitate the financial investment. General extremely advise for personal hydration of respiratory channels.

Fantastic product. Was suggested by a friend of cold dry winter seasons that trash havoc on our nose, the humidifier is fantastic, it s little portable and the vaper pad is excellent for stuffy noses to.

If you are private who experiences ecological concern and require a humidifier on the routine or boiling down with something this is an excellent choice as you have various alternatives option for the mist. Likewise if you require a neb frequently this is excellent for that also. It s best for travel and personal usage. It very light and easy to utilize. Love it.

This product much surpasses our expectations. It is precisely what we wished to assist with dry sinuses. The unforeseen advantage is that when we feel a sinus headache beginning, this assists profoundly.

It is really beneficial and little we can keep it in our bag when we are on the go. We utilize it at work primarily to keep our respiratory tracts clear specifically with the corona. It’s not loud and it assists with our asthma. We like to utilize the warm setting the most rather of the cool. We certainly advise individuals to buy this really inexpensive.

This product was really easy to establish and it is easy to utilize. It comes with a battery charger (which works rapidly). When charged, it is portable. We have acquired it personally to assist with aching throats, however we have not had sufficient time utilizing it to state if it will make a distinction or not. It is soothing, though – and we enjoy that it is entirely quiet.

Serves it s function. Good for travel. Easy to utilize. Doesn t scare our child.

Me agrado mucho, necesito mas pads de remplaso.

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