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JISULIFE Mini Travel Air Humidifier - USB Portable Desk Humidifier

JISULIFE Mini Travel Air Humidifier – USB Portable Desk Humidifier

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of JISULIFE Mini Travel Air Humidifier – USB Portable Desk Humidifier.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • 2 Spray Ports with Big Mist ‘– 2 nozzles spraying style, to satisfy your various need. For one nozzle, the minimum spray quantity is 30-40 ml/h. When both the nozzles remain in function, the spray quantity can increase to 60-80 ml/h. It can operate in a couple of spray ports
  • 10 hours mist spray Maximum ‘– Developed- in 3600 mA Battery with 500 ml container, after fullly charged, the humidifier adds to 5( 2 nozzle)-10 HOURS( one nozzle). It can be re- charged by USB cable television.
  • Soft Night Light & Automatic Power- Off ‘– This USB humidifier is likewise a night light to comfort you throughout the dark.It will immediately turn off when water runsout No fret about harming the gadget itself or triggering risk to users, offering you and your household a terrific complacency.
  • Cool Mist and Container variety ‘– It can successfully hydrate dry skin, assist you to minimize skin drying and peeling.Besides, it is the very best option for you if your eyes feel dry and sour.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on JISULIFE Mini Travel Air Humidifier – USB Portable Desk Humidifier.

Question Question 1

Can You Include Essential Oils To This Humidifier?

yes we did worked fantastic.

Question Question 2

The Directions State You Can Utilize Oils With It Like ADiffuser However It Doesn’T Odor At All. The Cotton Has Actually Soaked Up All TheScent Assist?

we didn’t utilize it with the oil. So we are not able to assist you in this regard

Question Question 3

Can You Utilize Essential Oils With It?

The guidelines state no

Question Question 4

What Are The Measurements Of The Product? Will It Fit A Vehicle Cup Holder?

Hi Nickstar, this humidifier might not appropriate for a vehicle cup holder due to its bigger size.

Question Question 5

Is It Possible To Change The Cotton Tubes?


Question Question 6

Do You Need To Plug It In The Ubs To Operate In The Vehicle?

No, This humdifier has constructed- in 3600 mA Battery, so you do not need to keep it be plugged in the USB.

Question Question 7

Where Do You Order Replacement Filters?

we simply browsed and there are lots of: https://www..com/s?k=Cotton+ cores+for+ humidifier & i= garden & ref= nb_sb_noss_2

Question Question 8

What Is The Specific Hight?

our company believe it’s 8.3 inches high. However we are basing that off the description on the advertisement. The product is presently at our work and we are at house. we will attempt to follow up and validate however.

Question Question 9

Can You Turn The Light Off And Still Run The Humidifier?

You can not however the light is very little

Question Question 10

Where Is It Made?

Made in China.

Question Question 11

We Have This However How Can We Tel If It A On? Will The Light Turn Green Or Something?

The vapor shows up from the top of the maker.

Question Question 12

How Do You Switch on? Absolutely nothing Takes Place When I Turn It On (We Have Charged It). I Can Get The Night Light On With Holding In The Power Button.?

You simply need to push the button. Pushing it when switches on both sides, then each extra time you push it, it will alternate in between each side and off. You need to make certain it is filled with water first however.

Question Question 13

To What Range Or Dimensions Of A Space Does This Product Humidify?

About 4to 5 inches.

Question Question 14

Does This Product Have Automatic Shutdown?

The water cup is not big so the maker will immediately turn off when the water is empty.

Question Question 15

How Typically Do The Filters Required Changing? Are Replacements Offered On?

Hi Nickstar, the frequency of filters changing depends upon the number of times you utilize per a month. Normally we recommend our customer changes the filter when per a month. And the replacement will be readily available on ASAP. Thanks a lot.

Question Question 16

What Type Of Water Should We Utilize For This Humidifier?

we m utilizing faucet water

Question Question 17

Can We Charge This Without Dumping The Water Or Taking It Apart?

yes you might charge it being apart

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on JISULIFE Mini Travel Air Humidifier – USB Portable Desk Humidifier, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This humidifier is fantastic. We like it for the following factors, it is:- peaceful for light sleepers like me, it’s a needed function- compact (see our image), our nightstand has a little surface area- visually pleasing, in our viewpoint- multi- function, it acts as a nightlight too (you can turn the light on or off)- efficient in running all night long even with a little water storage- wireless so there are no wires hanging around (other than when we charge it).

We like this. We have been sleeping with a heating unit recently. It has been drying out the air in the bed room. This humidifier is definitely quiet. We have been positioning it on the nightstand a foot or more from our head. We can t hear a thing while it s running. As far as the battery, it lasted all night. We did just have it operating on one jet. Will attempt both jets tonight and see what the battery can do on that setting. As far as the water tank it just utilized half of the water. This was a 9 hour amount of time utilizing just one jet. We picture it will utilize the whole tank because quantity of time if utilizing both jets. Likewise, the nightlight is a good included function. Not too brilliant and fantastic for utilizing when awakening in the middle of the night. It s mobility is reward for those late night journeys to the bathroom. We were at first taking a look at the designs you might put in a glass or bottle of water. We need to state for a few dollars more this is much more appealing and we believe this iunit a much better option.

So we purchased given that we had a packed nose and our workplace is really dry due to the fact that of the heat blowing all the time. We can state this truly cleared us up and we can lastly breathebetter Likewise like about this is the size and the battery charge so this can truly be portable, the charge last for a full tank, this is truly easy to tidy. Would certainly suggest purchasing if your looking for a little portable humidifier.

We required a replacement humidifier given that our old one got lost in a move. We desired one that was compact, trustworthy, and peaceful. We saw the evaluations for this one being truly peaceful, and likewise saw that it had 2 spray nozzles, and believed it was quite cool for being a little sized humidifier, and it does not dissatisfy. Easy to utilize, peaceful, fantastic size. We purchased it for house usage however wound up bringing it to work given that we have begun discovering there would be times where our eyes would feel dry and unpleasant. Functions fantastic.

Love that it’s portable, we purchased it without understanding about the nightlight however we utilize that for mood lighting at our desk. The guidelines are not best (we want to assist you seller/manufacturer) however the messages discover all right. This minwe humidifier enables you to include aromatic oil to the mix and it truly appears to enhance the scent of our area. Examine out our images.

It s visually enjoyable and fits well with our design on our end table. We had nose and throat drying problems in our sleep due to winter season and heating unit however utilizing this for few days truly enhanced it. Don t forget to soak the filters in the water for few minutes when utilizing for the very first time. We likewise got extra set of filters.

We are truly pleased with this. This was basic and easy to establish. It’s a quality product with a heaviness to it which we like due to the fact that it does not feel too light or low-cost which was a concern we had previous to acquiring it. Our colleagues were similarly pleased and have likewise bought themselves one. Excellent worth, we would extremely suggest this.

This little battery powered humidifier has a fantastic output of wetness. It is so peaceful you do not understand it’s running. Can be charged by usb cable. Extremely portable to travel with or move from space to space.

Got this for our other half he has issues breathing and running these in the evening assists him really peaceful running can set to shut off after so long and has night light he truly breaths better with it.

A great deal of humidifiers have such an odd structure that they’re difficult to tidy entirely. This one is so basic to tidy, we like it. Perfect for little spaces, travel, or a workplace desk (where we have it.) you do not require more than a drop of essential oil in the container to have a scent diffused for hours. There are alternatives to have a single side mist, or both concurrently. The light is mild, comparable to a night light for a kid. Easy to to utilize, and conserves our skin in the dry winter season.

Love this thing pumps alot of wetnessout Functions fantastic you do require to fill up a minimum of 2 times a day if you keep it on all the time. Choice to have light on or off is fantastic. Love all of it around.

Functions well, you get replacement cotton filters and its not loud, soothing buzzing sound if anything. Assists in our dormitory so we do not awaken with an aching throat in the early morning.

This is a terrific size for taking a trip. Our function was for our camping tent trailer. We can bring our oils and im set. We have utilized it in the house simply to see how it worked and it did fantastic. Extremely pleased with purchase.

Liked the quality of the product. Was extremely easy to utilize and did not need much inconvenience to get it working. You can include fragrances to the water too. Likewise given that its wireless we can travel with it. The product packaging was good and likewise it has a soft touch product that makes it appear premium. Need to attempt.

It’s the prettiest little thing. Up until now it works fantastic in our workplace veal fattening pen. We need to humidity in the workplace which triggered our sinuses to dry out painfully. We have been utilizing it for 2 days and we are much more comfy.

First of all we purchased it due to the fact that of compact size and trendy appearance. We travel a lot and wished to have humidifier constantly with me. It s useful specifically after long flight. So utilized to have one in the house. Now require one all over we go and sleep. It s little charming and does what it expect to do.

Great. This is excellent. The rate is low and our household takes pleasure in utilizing it. Our relative and we were so delighted as she had been grumbling that the dry air concern. This id precisely the very best option to counter the issue.

“the air humidifier is excellent . It refreshes the air and makes it pleasant to take a deep breath with . We were enough with the ” fresh” air before this and this never let us down . Definitely working great . “

Great humidifier. It has 2 outlets. The mist is huge and moist. We specifically like the style. It’s basic and minimalist. Would suggest.

Utilize it for our plants, they like it. Super rather.

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