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Jorvet Oxygen Mask & Muzzle – Small

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Here are a few main benefits of Jorvet Oxygen Mask & Muzzle – Small.

  • These instruments work for a range of scientific usages
  • These instruments will can be found in helpful
  • Scientific usages at a really budget friendly rate
  • Native Land: China

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Nylon muzzle. Jorvet presents a broadened line of high- quality water resistant nylon Muzzles that have a side easy release snap buckle. Can be found in a range of sizes. Security. Muzzles fit firmly with changing straps for a tight fit. Convenience. Light-weight nylon feels and looks more professional than gauze roll. Quality. Strengthened sewing to guarantee long listing usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Jorvet Oxygen Mask & Muzzle – Small.

Question Question 1

The Hole On The Mask Is Too Big For Regular Oxygen Tube.What Did You Usage For Adapter?

we utilized it on our nebulizer. we simply held it there.

Question Question 2

Is This Mask For Canine?


Question Question 3

What Is The Muzzle Measurements That This Mask Would Fit On?

A small 10 pound poodle

Question Question 4

Exists Another Piece For This That Produces The Oxygen?

No. It is simply the mask. You will require either and oxygen tank or concentrator with tubing.

Question Question 5

Exists An Adapter That Links This To A Nebulizer? What Do I Look for To Buy It?

have no concept however you might attempt it.

Question Question 6

Tubing For The Oxigen Concentrator Is Smaller Sized Than The Opening Of TheMask Exists A Piece That Links Into Both?

we require that small connecter piece.we have been holding the Very same size tube as much as the muzzle. It works, however extremely ineffective.

Question Question 7

Will This Deal With A Oxygen Concentrator? Our Shi Tzu Has Pneumona And Congestive Heart Failure And Requirements In House Oxygen.?

Yes that is precisely what i required itfor our mothers poodle has heart disease and it works greatMaybe wish to speak with your veterinarian cardiologist about viagra for the pet dog. It opens the capillary in the heart and enables fluid to pass.

Question Question 8

No Size Info Supplied. Would This Fit A 10-12 Pound Pet Dog With A Long Muzzle?

we had a Yorker and it covered her entire face. we needed to position her in our lap and hold it till she might relax we have oxygen in our house and that was the only thing that kept her alive. When we recognized her lifestyle was too dreadful to live that way, as hen we decided to let her go. She s waiting for us.

Question Question 9

Exists An Adapter That Links This To A Nebulizer? What Do I Look for To Buy It?

The adapter that you link 2 oxygen lines together with to extend the length. A few of them can spin so the line does not get injury. It simply sticks right in the front of the mask.

Question Question 10

We Are Wildlife Rehabber; Do You Batty A Size That Would Fit Small Animals Like Squirrels, Opossums, Etc?

It works for pet dogs and mine are small dachshunds. You need to tape the oxygen line and make certain it doesn t slip too near to the pet dogs nose. we utilize it for our pet dogs when required. uncertain if they have a smaller sized one however it would work.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Jorvet Oxygen Mask & Muzzle – Small, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This works great for our 8lb chichuahua who has lung high blood pressure. We couldn’t manage the veterinarian costs for oxygen so purchased a concentrator on craigslist and this great mask. You require to get an oxygen swivel and extension tube if you choose to acquire.

Fantastic to provide our little pet dog treatments for oxygen.

We required this for our mothers toy poodle who was and still is experiencing heart failure. She s succeeding and this was terrific with the oxygen tank and oxygen condenser,.

Fits completely on our yorkie who has a collapsing trachea and in some cases requires additional oxygen.

This is terrific, however the size small is not for small pet dogs, simply keep that in mind. It’s more so for a 15 pound pet dog, versus a smaller sized pet dog.

To huge for small family pet returning.

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