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Product DescriptionKate Winslet (TITANIC, SENSE AND PERCEPTIVENESS) and Harvey Keitel (U-571, PULP FICTION) include scintillating efficiencies to a sexy, darkly amusing movie that’s fulfilled with frustrating important praise. While on a journey of discovery in unique India, stunning young Ruth Barroin (Winslet) falls under the impact of a charming spiritual master. Her desperate moms and dads then employ PJ Waters (Keitel), a macho cult deprogrammer, who challenges Ruth in a remote desert hideaway. However PJ rapidly discovers that he’s fulfilled his match in the attractive, smart, and iron-willed Ruth. Another remarkable movie directed by Academy Award( R)- winner Jane Campion– you’ll feel an indisputable comic charge from the triggers that fly as PJ and Ruth take on in an electrical fight of the sexes. comAussie director Jane Campion’s one of a kind. Forget cash and popularity; she’s influenced by the enjoyment of sharing her cinematic dreams with buddies and movie audiences. Her globetrotting heroines (Angel at My Table, The Piano, Picture of a Woman) may be willful, crazed, narcissistic, incorrect– however who can withstand signing up with these enthusiastic females on their trips of self-discovery, whether they cause safe harbor or dead end? Holy Smoke opens deliriously in a wonderful India, saturated with light, color, sensuality. Commemorated by Neil Diamond’s anthem, “Holly Holy,” Ruth Baron (Kate Winslet, providing a breathtakingly luminescent efficiency) checks out a world that motivates spiritual surprise–and falls hard for the cartoonish master who opens her “third eye.” Back house in Australia, her hilariously inefficient, noticeably down-to-earth household works with hotshot deprogrammer PJ Waters (Harvey Keitel, his colored hair and cowboy boots telegraphing desperate machismo) to cure Ruth. In a separated Wilderness shack, Campion’s duo battle each other for control of their souls–and bodies, too. This battle’s in deadly earnest: Ruth attacks Waters’s scared masculinity; PJ intends to remove this glowing lady of her unexamined faith. Their wild flight– amusing, harsh, sexual– towards new selfhood is stressed by enduring images: Ruth dancing in a white sari next to an emu confine; naked in the night, Ruth using her rich body to her tormentor; lost in the desert, cross-dressed in red dress, PJ “saved” by a golden vision of Ruth as a stunning Indian goddess. For those who enjoy the way motion pictures can in some cases forecast fact and appeal, Holy Smoke is a banquet for the eyes–and for the mind.– Kathleen Murphy

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We liked this, it resembled the perpetuity “father” controller “saturn” who pertains to “save” the intense and shining “sun” maiden in distress while bring all the devils within himself that he was blindly unable to “see” about himself and hence ending up being the victim of his own “chained” fixations and released at the same time by experiencing himself from the forecast of another.

It was a bit “all over the place”, and it definitely didn’t go as anticipated. (lol. ). However, personally that made me rather delighted. We like a little surprise. Rather amusing.

This is an oddly stunning movie- a movie as enchanting as the spiritual euphoria that touches ruth and the romantic love that takes pj. The campion sis are making a fascinating contrast here, a contrast from which the motion picture takes its name: that there is a comparable fascinating force in both romantic love and religious beliefs, and that both resemble getting smoke in your eyes. Rationality ends up being secondary to frustrating conviction. This movie had numerous carefully wrought minutes that we sometimes exclaimed out loud, “brilliant. ” one such minute is when harvey keitel’s character, pj waters, the cult exiter, swaggers into the movie by means of the sydney airport with his tight denims, black t-shirt, cowboy boots, and sunglasses. We see a gaggle of individuals surrounding the baggage carts as they make useless efforts to remove them from one another. The crowd separates as the gum-chewing pj methods and easily draws out the carts, artfully twirling them towards grateful and blown away visitors. We comprehend quickly that this is a male to be reckonedwith Yes, we wept seeing this movie. However not just for the pity we felt for ruth and p. J., however for the movie’s basic quality. Performing like this made us doubt the entire of movie making, made us feel happy at human achievements. Winslet provides us a ruth that is abundant, multi-layered, powerful and susceptible at the exact same time. Keitel is a bold star: you’ll understand what we suggest when you see the red gown. These are top-notch efficiencies, and we feel grateful to have seen them.

This motion picture is a bit odd however if you like harvey kitel you’ll like it. Kate winslet is oh so young and great in it. A not likely pairing however it works and does end up being credible.

Kate winslet is really a star. Her character representation was as soon as again, right on target. We enjoy whatever she does.

We are fan of kate winslet and purchased this dvd to contribute to our collection.

Holy smoke. Is first and formost a wry, sensuous display of the brave, interesting skill of kate winslet. She and harvey keitel are both outstanding in their particular representations of a girl under the sway of a faith her moms and dads do not comprehend and the professional deprogrammer sent out to turn her back into the female her household understands and likes. The energy and flavor of brand-new zealand make a great background for this darkly funny tale. The motion picture is beautiful to take a look at, the cast is outstanding all around and the twisty turns of the story will take you on a flight with a perceptiveness all it’s own. And did we point out the sexiness of kate winslet?.

Among those unknown motion pictures that is not for everybody. However, it’s amusing, deep, major, spiritual, nasty, sexual and an eye opening flick for your partner. Keitel and winslet are genius by themselves and together.

Kate winslet and harvey keitel are both remarkable in this movie. Terrific motion picture. Enjoyable to watch.

It was a bit odd and ridiculous however likewise it has major minutes that would have you consider the genuine mindset of the typical individual. When it pertains to religious beliefs, sex and personal satisfaction.

Intriguing to see another side of deprogramming an individual who has lost their way.

Excellent motion picture with a fantastic cast and the story held our interest with great deals of action and enjoyment. Would suggest this motion picture t/o anybody that likess kate winslet.

Terrific motion picture.

Strange however rather appealing.

Australian movie is a fantastic source of fresh development. Harvey keitel andkate winslet with a great supporting cast narrate; simple on the surface area however jaw dropping as it unfolds.

Little insane however great motion picture.

The motion picture is excellent. Kate and harvey were excellent in motion picture. We have seen the majority of motion pictures we buy however are getting them for our collection.

What a weird motion picture. And how stunning too. We were completely bewitched. Technically well done – music, cinematography, settings, casting. And acting that increased to the level the entire motion picture desired. And did we point out that it’s australian. Really.

Kate winslet is a remarkable starlet. This motion picture is among our most intelligent purchases ever. Five stars for sure. Harvey keitel is really. Weird. Terrific motion picture, fantastic experience. We would certainly buy from this individual once again.

2 fantastic stars one fantastic motion picture. See itsee itsee itsee itsee itsee itreally you ought to see it.

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