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KEECOON Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room

KEECOON Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of KEECOON Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Large capacity Equipped with a 7.5-liter high-capacity tank and can operate continuously for over 24 hours. The coverage area is large and does not require frequent water supply. You can spend time comfortably at moderate humidity. Tips: It is recommended to keep a distance of 30-50cm from wooden furniture.
  • Refill water from top  As it is a type that refill water from top, just simply open the lid to achieve water supply. The water tank is removable, easy to keep clean and hygienic.
  • Constant humidity function & 3 levels of mist volume adjustment Set your desired humidity with the constant humidity function. When it reaches the setting humidity, the mist will stop automatically. Moreover, the mist volume can be selected from three levels: low, medium
  • Automatic timer shutdown function You can set the shutdown time from 1 hours to 12 hours, it is safe even when you sleep or go out.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on KEECOON Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room.
KEECOON ultrasonic humidifier is with even, delicate mist and high humidification up to 300 milliliter per hour. Only 32dB for quiet humidification. Effectively moisturizes dry air without disturbing your sleep. Refill water from top and easy to clean, no filter required. Equipped with a 7.5liters / 2gals high-capacity tank and can operate continuously for over 24 hours. You can put diluted hypochlorous acid water into the humidifier, but be sure to refer to US hypochlorite standards. Diluted ratio 1: 50-250 is recommended. (Note: If the ratio of hypochlorous acid is too high, it will negatively affect the lifetime of humidifier.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on KEECOON Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room.

Question Question 1

How Do You Get Rid Of That Plastic Odor?

we rinsed the tank with warm soapy water prior to use and have not noticed a plastic smell.

Question Question 2

We Have Been Using Tap Water- Does Anyone Know Of Distilled Would Be Better?

If your tap water is “hard” we would recommend distilled water, as hard water contains high calcium and magnesium ions which would likely clog the humidifier.

Question Question 3

Can You Clean Humidifier With White Vinegar?

Sure it’s recommended to clean the water tank with white vinegar.

Question Question 4

We Bought One Last Autumn And Had Issues With It Beeping And Then It Shuts Off. Manual Wasn’T Helpful. We Got A Replacement But It’S Doing It Again?

we are having the same issue with mine.It was working fine and then all of the sudden, it started beeping flashing a 88 and then shutting off, even when the water level was fine.

Question Question 5

Error Message 88L Keeps Appearing And Unit Turns Off. What S Going On? Unit Is Not Operable.?

There is a problem with the spring on the bottom of the unit that releases water.After doing all the remedial steps recommended by the manufacturer, we had to return our unit for another.The new unit works fine.Good luck.

Question Question 6

Where Is This Made?

It’s made in China.

Question Question 7

Does This Cause Damage To Books Or Wooden Furniture?

No it won t damage the wood, BUT be carful when you remove the water tank some will drip down and get onto the wood. Recommend to have a towel near you when you refill water.

Question Question 8

Can This Replace Ac Units ?

This unit can not replace the AC, but it can help to increase your indoor humidity and make you sleep better. It provides quick relief from dry air making life pleasant for those with allergen, colds, flu and dry skin, etc.

Question Question 9

Does The Light Have To Be On?

No. Press the sleep button and it will turn the light off

Question Question 10

Where Do You Get The Diluted 40Ppm Hypochlorous Acid Water Is Recommended To Put In The Humidifier?

You can put diluted hypochlorous acid water into the humidifier, but be sure to refer to US hypochlorite standards. Diluted ratio 1: 50-250 is recommended. (Note: If the ratio of hypochlorous acid is too high, it will negatively affect the lifetime of humidifier.)

Question Question 11

How Do You Adjust The Temperature Of The Steam?

You do not adjust the temp. It is a cool mist. You can adjust a slow dispense of moisture or amore continuous stream of moisture. You can have it run continuously.

Question Question 12

Instructions Include Removing Sponge From Base Before Use. We Don T Have Anything Spongy In Base.Remove Floating Rod??

we found a small piece of white Styrofoam in the base that prevents the float from bouncing you and down during transportation. Easy to recognize and the unit won’t function if not removed. we did not remove a “floating rod”. we simply filled the tank with water and it has been running fine since we received it. Hope this helps.

Question Question 13

Is This Loud? Can You Hear The Air Coming Out Like The Air Of A Car Ac Unit On High?

It is quiet, definitely not loud. While it is audible it is not at all distracting.

Question Question 14

How Tall Is This And Does It Come In Black? White Is Too Bright And Outdated.?

The height of this humidifier is 27in and currently only white color is available.

Question Question 15

Does The Door Need To Be Closed For Humidifier To Work (In Big Office Building)?

It will definitely have better humidication if the door is closed while working.

Question Question 16

Is There Some Type Of Indicator So I Know When I Put In Enough Water? Would Like To Refill It Before We Go To Bed And I Don’T Want To Overfill It.?

The water tank has a maximum water level line. Be careful not to exceed MAX when refilling water.

Question Question 17

Does This Have A Night Light?

This humidifier has an optional green night light. You can turn it on or off per your preference without influencing the mist.

Question Question 18

How Do You Clean This?

It comes with the cleaning brush, use it clean the tank and add small amount of white vinegar into water. Rinse it out well after. And you should only be using distilled water in your humidifier when using, this will help with keeping it cleaner also.

Question Question 19

Can We Use Breach To Clean This Unit?


Question Question 20

Will The Humidifier Be Damaged If We Used Hard Water?

we would recommend distilled water. The hard water would likely clog the humidifier, or leave calcium deposit on it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on KEECOON Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room, these might be useful for better understanding.

This dehumidifier says it’s good for up to 500 sq ft, but personally we think it really shines when being used in a bedroom. During the winter when our heater is on the dry air makes it difficult for us to sleep. When we bought this we were sitting around 20% humidity. After running this for the day, we got it up to 35%, and that really helped us sleep more soundly. The unit itself is made very well, it’s quiet (even on it’s highest setting) and holds enough water to get you through 24 hours of usage. The features are very premium. You can set up auto shut down, you can set to a desired humidity, and it comes with a handy remote so you can operate it from your bed. We also love that you can easily fill from the top. The other really cool feature (you can see from our photo) is the green light. We love that the mist glows like the aurora borealis while operating in a dark room. All in all this is exactly what we need and couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

This is our 4th humidifier and the largest capacity one that we purchased. The other 3 has about four litters capacity, which is great for bedrooms, but since we’re using central heater and it gets pretty dry as well, this humidifier is perfect for our need. We usually filled the water tank to full, which is about 7. 5 litters or a little more and that would last through at least 2 days. The design of this unit looks like a tower fan so it’s perfect to place behind a couch or next to it, looks very sleek. The design allow for easy water refill, no need to remove the water tank from the base, just pour water directly onto the vent on top. We have essential oils and add some to it every time we refill the water, it helps giving a the mist a very good aroma and help with breathing problem too (by adding some vicks droplets). The remote work great, however, we wish the main unit has a place to hold/store the remote control, since it’s kinda small and can be easily misplaced, so we put a velcro tape on the remote and to the back of the humidifier and keep them together. Overall, with this humidifier on, our living/family room humidity level now are around 55% to 60% (used to be around 30%), which is a huge help.

We bought first one we liked it so we ordered second one and lights area was broken so we returned and received another one and this didn’t shoot the mist up high like the our first one and seemed lot more mist come out and down and we noticed the bottom the humidifier and floor was very damp so we returned we love our first one . We didn’t get another one for our bed room because you don t know what you re going to get. It should be same quality. We guess we were lucky that first one was good.

We are so happy to purchase this 7. 5l large capacity humidifier. Equipped with a 7. 5l tank and can works over 24 hours. Our older house tends to get very dry and this bothers our relative’s and mine allergies. We started to look at humidifiers to help with this issue and settled on this top fill humidifier. Another thing we really enjoy is how quiet this machine is. It runs so quiet you almost forget that it’s even on. Plus it’s so easy to fill with water. We like how we can set a specific humidity level and it’ll turn on and off depending on what it needs to do to stay at that 3 levels(just like an air conditioning unit). The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. Plus it even comes with a remote control so we can adjust it from our bed if we’d like. All in all we love this system and can’t wait to keep using it. Right now it’s helping with the winter dryness but we are most looking forward to using it in the summer.

The keecoon is the nicest humidifier we have ever seen, let alone owned. It s more than we would hoped for when purchasing it. We have only ever owned the smaller, more old fashioned humidifiers. This one holds enough water to run forever before you need to refill it. You can adjust how much mist it produces, it has a sleep time option, a remote control, a timer, and a light. It s just high quality.

We use this humidifier in the bedroom and is helping a lot. It is easy to fill, controls are easy to set, it is quiet and just the right size for our needs. It s attractive lightweight and simple controls. Large capacity made it so easy, we didn’t have to keep refilling the water. Love it.

We really like how this humidifier look, the appearance is very stylish. The machine is very light weight, also separated into two parts , but water won t fall out even you carry them separately with the water tank full. It really helps to improve the humidity, we only have been using three days, and our face is not that dry than before. Highly recommended.

Features that we love most about this humidifier – the large 7. 5 l capacity, we run the humidifier all day and night (as we live in colorado with very low – about 30% – humidity right now) and we only have to refill it 1x/24 hours; there is no noise during operation, and having it set up in our living area with tv, this is essential to not have loud background noise; automatic setting where you can set the desired humidity level, and the humidifier will stop running when it reaches this level, and automatically start back up when it drops below this level; no filter makes it extremely low maintenance, not having to worry about replacing filters for as often as we run this 24/7. Overall, we find that we are not as congested and sleeping much better at night.

This is a great humidifier. We are so pleased with it. It goes perfectly in a living room or bedroom. We used it in our bedroom and we can say we slept very peacefully. After leaving it running all night there was moisture in the air but no condensation on our floor or furniture, which was a regular problem with our old humidifier. Overall, great humidifier.

Ordered this big capacity humidifier so that we don t have to fill up the tank everyday. It last for days for a fully water filled. It s quiet as well, we don t even notice it s on because there are no noise at all. We love the remote control for easy switch the levels and power on and off. We really enjoy this humidifier.

This humidifier lovely. It large enough to be use in our living room and our master bedroom. We believe it work better with bigger room than smaller. There a timer to be set whenever time we want the device to be turn off or we can use the remote to control it. The humidity level could be set to prefer as well. It easy to take apart for cleaning and it came with a long handle brush to help to clean deep down inside the device. Good quality, nice design, and reasonable price.

The main reason why we purchase this humidifier is the automatic humidity function. We have a lot of house plants in one room, so we bought this to keep them humid, but we don’t want it to be too high. We keep it around 50-60% humidity, and this humidifier has a function so it auto shut off when it reaches certain humidity level. We have an indoor humidity sensor and it is about +/-5% accurate with our sensor, so that’s pretty good. Another reason why we bought this is because of top fill, we don’t know who designed bottom filled, but it is the worse design of all time. Top fill makes our life sooo much easier. This humidifier has a large tank, so it lasts 2-3 days for us since it only runs when humidity gets low.

It is a lot better if we can have 1 big humidifier instead of multiple ones in the same room. Especially if you have a large bed room. This is perfect for us and it doesn t take much space either. It can be use anywhere because it supports larger area than the smaller kinds of course. It works like a charm and because its tallness, it can spread out the mists even further before it reaches the floor. It has all the features a humidifier can have which is simple to control on the device itself. It has a small controller which is awesome. At this price range, that s expected. It is also easy to clean, just pop the large cover on top off and clean the bottom part. The front lcd and lights can be used as a night light. It looks really cool at night.

Nice design and work quietly. 7. 5 big water tank is good for our 200 ft room for 2 to 3 days. You can also add hypochlorous to provide addition sanitation. This is very helpful especially during the ongoing pandemic. The touch pad is fancy and easy to use. One important feature is this is top loaded. You can just add water from the top. We have like 5 humidifier at home, somehow, they all designed to load from bottom. So every time you got pick up the water tank reverse it upside down and add water. And then you need reverse it to carrier back. As you can imagine what we is leaking all the way back tot he room :(. We have to say this is just the right design to load from the top. Eat and convince.

We got this humidifier to replace one of the renowned brand humidifier that intermittently stops working. This is a decent capacity humidifier (need not worry about water refill every night) and is working really well for our bedroom. It is always a challenge to fill water by turning them upside down in most of the humidifiers and it is really easy to fill the water (little less than 2 gallons) in this humidifier by just popping the lid from the top (no more turning upside down). We really like the digital display and the options to adjust humidity. The remote is definitely a bonus and comes really hand to operate the humidifier without needing to walk to the humidifier. First thing that got in our mind when unboxing (by the way the packaging is really good) the humidifier is that this is so tall and how could we clean it and the cleaning brush the comes with the unit reaches to the bottom of the humidifier which really helps. This humidifier is really quite and does the work well for a medium size room in our opinion. Have been using it for the last 2 weeks with no issues .

Every year in winter, the house is heated 24 hours, the air becomes very dry, and our son often has nosebleeds because of the dryness. Our brother s room has a humidifier with a relatively small capacity. We used it for our son when he was sleeping. God, we feel he sleeps better than before. But the capacity is not enough, we need to add water before dawn. So we need a humidifier with a larger capacity. . When we saw this humidifier, with a capacity of 7. 5l, we immediately placed an order and bought it. After receiving it, we used it for a few days. It felt very good and was very suitable for our son. Thank you.

Very easy to set up. Just take out of box, remove packaging and put the big piece on the smaller pieces. So the grey lines up with the black. Remove lid on top, add water, put lid back on, plug in and push power on. This humidifier creates a good amount of cool mist. It has three levels of mist to choose from. So you could set it to make more or less. Is has a light that can be turned on and off. The light helps to see water level. It also had a timer. Great.

We need this year round in arizona since the humidity is 0% all the time. That means dry skin and more allergies. For many years we have been using small ones. This big one is a great addition to the house because it helps moisturize the air better. We have this in our master bedroom and have seen tremendous helps. We don t cough at night due to dry air and allergies as much as before. This is a good buy.

Our house is full of plants and our tropicals were not doing well with the dry air. We have several smaller humidifiers but we get tired of filling them once a day. This humidifier has the largest capacity we were able to find in this price range. It s very quiet and has a small footprint. We are very happy with our purchase and so is our little indoor jungle.

We were looking for a large humidifier for a while. Finally tried this one. We like it. We don t need to keep adding water with large capacity. Meanwhile, it is easy to add water from the top. The tank is removable which makes it very easy to clean. It is quiet. And the remote control makes it very convenience too. We like this humidifier.

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