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KNGUVTH Cool Mist Humidifier - Quiet Humidifiers for Home Bedroom Babies

KNGUVTH Cool Mist Humidifier – Quiet Humidifiers for Home Bedroom Babies

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of KNGUVTH Cool Mist Humidifier – Quiet Humidifiers for Home Bedroom Babies.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • LARGE CAPACITY & LONG-LASTING ‘ Large 4.5L capacity top fill water tank lasts 30 hours of continuous operation, can quickly cover your room, bathroom, bedroom, living room, baby room and office, Perfect for elders, adult, children, office workers and insomniacs
  • WHISPER-QUIET & SLEEP MODE ‘ Whisper-quiet operation within a noise level of 32 dB, and you can turn off the nightlight by pressing the touch panel about 3s for sleep mode to offer maximum relaxation during sleeping
  • MIST LEVELS & 360 ROTATING ‘ Three Mist Levels with 360 degree rotating nozzle, Low/Medium/High Mist Levels Humidifies can maintain an ideal humidity level for comfort and health; Rotating nozzle makes it easy to adjust mist direction and enables wider and uniform coverage
  • SAFETY & CLEANING ‘ This humidifier will automatically turn off when running out of water or the tank is removed, effectively preventing damage to the unit and keep you safe; Top-fill design make the humidifier easier to refill the water and clean, the water tank has a flat surface and a water inlet that allows you to hand clean and dry the tank to get pure mist

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More Info:

Here are some more information on KNGUVTH Cool Mist Humidifier – Quiet Humidifiers for Home Bedroom Babies.
Cool Mist Humidifier, OVPPH Quiet Humidifiers for Home Bedroom Babies, 4.5L Top Fill Mist Large Humidifier Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, Works Up to 30 Hours, Adjustable Mist Levels, Auto Shut-Off Large Capacity Tank 4.5L capacity humidifier is designed for use in large rooms of up to 10-30 m / 107-322 ft . Our home humidifiers can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, babies room and office etc. Three Mist Levels Three Mist Levels with 360 degree rotating nozzle, high/medium/low mist levels which can be adjusted according to your individual needs. 30 hours Long-lasting Mist The large 4.5L capacity water tank lasts 15 – 30 hours of continuous operation, the powerful and long-lasting mist helps moisturize the dry air in your room, improve your sleep quality, moisturize your skin and alleviate the discomfort. Whisper-Quiet The humidifier operates within a noise level of 32 dB, you can turn off the nightlight by pressing the touch panel for 3s for sleep mode to offer maximum relaxation during sleeping. Auto Shut-Off Rest easy with the auto shut-off feature that will automatically turn off once the humidifier is out of water, ensuring your safety and preventing any damage to the humidifier. Package includes: 1 x Home Humidifier 1 x DC Adapter 1 x User Manual 1 x Gift Box

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on KNGUVTH Cool Mist Humidifier – Quiet Humidifiers for Home Bedroom Babies.

Question Question 1

Can We Exchange It For A New One?

The seller was very friendly and gave us a new free one soon

Question Question 2

Does It Have A Filter?

No, it does not require a filter

Question Question 3

Does This Model Come In A Larger Size?

One size only

Question Question 4

Can It Work Last All Night?

we put it in baby room, and we ran it for all night with lowest setting and there was still has so much water in the water reservoir.

Question Question 5

Where Is This Made?

It should be made in China

Question Question 6

How Do You Turn The Humidifier Off Once It Has Been In Sleep Mode?

Just tap the button again and it turns the light back on.Tap the button more times to cycle through the power mode until you cycle to “off”.

Question Question 7

Where Do We Put Essential Oils?

Put the essential oil on the sponge, not in the water.

Question Question 8

How Can We To Turn Off The Night Light?

It is in the instructions it tell you to hold the power button for 3 to 5 sec to turn light off.

Question Question 9

We Lost The Sponge Foam Piece.Can We Get Replacements Or Do We Need It?

we don t think so we need ,but if you worry about it ,u can replace it ,ask the service

Question Question 10

Does This Work With A Smart Plug? (Does It Resume After Power Is Turned Off And Turned Back On)?

It will not resume if turned off with a smart plug.

Question Question 11

What Does Sleep Mode Mean?

You touch the panel for 3 seconds and it turns off the light for sleeping.Unit is very quiet

Question Question 12

Can You Plug Unit Into A Power Strip Or Does It Need To Plug Directly In To The Wall For Safety S Issue?

we have mine plugged into a power strip with zero issue. we love this thing. Lol. It has been good to me.

Question Question 13

Is It Normal For Water To Be Collecting On The Top Part Of The Bottom?

we noticed during refilling reservoir prior to being completely empty there is water left in the machine. It is normal.

Question Question 14

Do You Have To Use Distilled Water?

Using distilled water helps prevent bacteria, mold, and white dust from tap water. It is still advised to clean the unit every 3 days or so to prevent any secondary infections from a contaminated unit.

Question Question 15

Does The Box Say Bpa Free?

Doesn t say on box

Question Question 16

What Are The Dimensions Of This Humidifier?

10 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2inches

Question Question 17

Is It Ok To Run While You Are Not Home?

we run this little vaporizer constantly twenty-four hours a day it provides so much moisture in the atmosphere in our home a cooling mist and breathable air the only time does it ever shut off what you does automatically when it runs out of water what’s when it ran out of water allowed us to breathe easier take the stuff we run this little vaporizer constantly twenty-four hours a day it provides so much moisture in the atmosphere in our home a cooling mist and breathable air the only time does it ever shut off what you does automatically when it runs out of water what’s when it ran out of water allowed us to breathe easier take the stuffiness out of our sinuses and allow us to pet our cat without making him run away with lightning bolts coming from his fur great little unit couldn’t ask for more

Question Question 18

Can We Add Essential Oil Into The Tank?

Add drops of essential oil to the sponge foam “o-ring” and not into tube.

Question Question 19

Does The Night Light Look Bright At Night?

The brightness is just right for us, we can find the humidifier switch through the night light in the dark. You can turn off the night light if you like to sleep in the dark.

Question Question 20

Is The Humidifier Loud?

Not at all. Very quiet, we love it

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on KNGUVTH Cool Mist Humidifier – Quiet Humidifiers for Home Bedroom Babies, these might be useful for better understanding.

We bought this because of the top fill design and the overall size. The top fill let s you pour water into it without having to remove the tank and it s easy to adjust the amount of mist we want. We generally max it out at night which really helps remove the dryness in the room. We no longer wake up with headaches and we have been sleeping more comfortably.

We suffers from terrible seasonal allergies. We have tried multiple things to help them. It is ideal to use during the night because it is very quiet. It’s filter free, so no need to spend money with it. The tank is wide, so it is easy to clean. Overall very satisfied.

We were recommended by our friend that this humidifier is pretty great, not only can moisture our room but also it is super easy to clean it up. After using it for two weeks every single day, we totally agree with our friend. The appearance is beautiful and elegant, and it is very quiet while sleeping, we cannot hear any noise be made by the humidifier. The capacity is pretty large that it contains 4. 5l water, we can use it for 24 hours of continuous operation. What a convenient product. The design of the humidifier is safe while running out of water or the tank is removed, the machine will automatically turn off, and the top-fill design makes it easier to clean it. It comes with 3 types that you can change it by your will, it’s super easy. Overall, it is the best thing we brought in and the seller is literary a nice guy. Feel free to ask any questions to him.

We use this for our 2 sons every single night from the dry nose waking them up, and it works perfectly. Love the big tank that can go though the whole night. Easy to adjust and convenience to use. Worth every penny.

Decided to buy this and give it a go, as we have now waisted money buying two vick s cool mist humidifiers and both broke. The motor on both started making weird sounds and stoped working. Sooo we gave this one a try. So far so good. Easy to access to clean and all you need to use is a soft cloth to wipe it out. No soap or cleaners as it could contaminate the water. Used it last night and it smelled so good. Like fresh mountain air. Love that it has 3 settings. The blue light can be turned off by holding the power button for 3 seconds. It also has a little sponge at the top (see last photo) so you can use defuser oil/liquid. It s also fairly quiet. As low as a whisper even on the high setting. This works great so far and we will be getting one for our room lol. Another feature we liked is that when you go to turn it off the mist shuts off first then after a few seconds the fan does. It seams to shut down like a computer. We are thinking this will make the motor run longer and better??if there is any issues or changes we will update.

It’s cold and flu season right now and our boys always end up getting coughs that last a while. Moisturizing the air with a humidifer seems to help them a lot. Our previous humidifier burned out because they turn it on when it’s out of water but this humidifier has an auto shut off feature so that if it’s out of water it wont keep running which will help it not to burn out. The large capacity of 4. 5l runs for up to 30 hours and has 3 adjustable mist levels. This humidifer is very quiet so it doesnt disturb our kiddos while theyre sleeping. It fills out the top with water quickly and easily.

We have used a couple of humidifier before but nothing of them satisfied us until we come across this one. This one is super good in terms of the smell coming from the steam, the water tank capacity and the noisy level. This humidifier is good for at least 10 hours because we let it run for a whole night and it only use half of the water in the tank. It is also very quiet which is perfect for our daughter who is only 9 months old. Also, we are living in san francisco which is super dry during the winter even the whole year and it keep the indoor the perfect humidity which is good for our skin and lip. Never worried about feeling dry for our lips. Really recommend you buying it.

This humidifier is awesome. We have been looking for one for our daughter’s room for a while now because she has allergies and her poor nose is always stuffy which makes it hard for anyone around here to sleep??we really wanted a smaller one because there’s not much space to put it in her room but we figured they were all large no matter what you bought. To our pleasant surprise, this little thing is compact but it works so good. Last night was the first night she had it in her room and you can literally see the steam coming out of the top. She never woke us up once last night and it has to be because of this product. The price is really great, you get good instructions, they’ll send you a free gift after you receive your humidifier, so it’s a win win all around the board. Most def recommend because the price is great, the product is great, avg it’s compact so it’s not bulky and doesn’t take up much space at all?? don’t think, just buy.

It’s been a month now of daily use, and the unit is doing very well. Three output levels but she uses the “high” level from the nightstand and we can’t hear it from our side of the bed. Even on high, the reservoir lasts closer to 10 hours than to 8, not needing a refill until the next day. We refill the reservoir while still installed on the unit – a nice feature compared to our previous unit that required you to take the reservoir to the sink for a refill. We rinse, wash and refill weekly because the unit doesn’t need it more often than that. The output vent rotates to direct the mist, but it is a steady gentle mist (not like a rotary fan). No condensation on the night stand or bedlinen, which you sometimes get when other units are set to “high” output. As advertised, this is a cool mist unit (no heating element) but she does add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance and holistic results. Pleased with purchase and sleep much better at night.

We live in an apartment in a northern state where temps drop far below zero and humidity drops down in to the teens. Setting up this humidifier was as simple as unboxing it and plugging it in. We filled it up with tap water and turned it on low. A full tank lasts all night. We turn it on when we get home from work, top it up before going to bed and turn it off before leaving for work. In the first week it’s brought our apartment from 32% rmh to 40% and that’s been from running it on low for 12-14 hours a day. We could crank it up to high for faster results but we are incredibly happy with the performance. As-is there is no filter to change (we couldn’t even find filters to buy for the last honeywell unit we had), it’s quiet, and it’s easy to use.

So we wanted to wait a bit before reviewing this product to really make sure we loved it first. Well. We do. Fits perfectly on our night stand. We use it on its highest setting and am sleeping more comfortably through the night. It has helped our dry sinuses tremendously. We weren t sure what to expect when cleaning it, and it seemed we needed to clean it before the 2 week mark as we began to smell the faint smell of mildew. When we opened the bottom we noticed a bit of an orange film forming so we went to town cleaning it. Very simple to take apart to clean and put back together, and you re back in business. It is very quiet to run all night even right next to your head. Does not leak. No wet night table at all. Very pleased with our purchase.

Since our old humidifier has broken. In long winter months, the air indoor is always extremely dry, then we are in market again for humidifier . We bought this 4liter humidifier. It is colored clear and white, it has blue led night light in the base. We don t have to open the lid to check how much water left in the water tank. We love the fact that it comes 3 settings from low, med, high. And we can select settings as far as how much mist is sprayed into the room. However, you really do need to run it at the high setting initially until you have reached the desired humility level. In the past, we have found humidifier to be rather noisy , but this one is whisper quiet. We would recommend it to anyone whom needs a new humidifier.

We are really sad that this didn’t work for us. We think the issue was that it pushed out the water too forcefully and caused our small bedroom to feel very damp, it was on the lowest setting. Everything around us was damp and our room looked foggy, (like a steam sauna). But on the lighter side our skin was very hydrated.

We bought this for our living room for its large water tank and it is indeed very large. The mist last for over 12 hours even for the highest mist level. It s super quite and good quality. It look very compact even though it has high capacity water tank. The machine itself does not take lots of space. Highly recommend this product.

We bought this unit to help with dryness in a small room that we have, after putting it to the test we can say that the room is much cooler and doesn t feel dry at all, the unit has a very cool look, it feels well built, filling up and puting it back in is very easy, like that you can grade how much output you need also move the direction of the mist, must say very happy with our purchase and it has solved the dryness issue in our room.

This product us definitely worth it. Very nice design and absolutely silent. Not too small, perfect size. You can even put on your desk if you want. We moved to a dry state in october, it was really hard for our skin. It was used to humidify. So all the locals told us a needed a humidifier. So finally we got one. Super satisfied.

This is the 2nd type of ultrasonic humidifier we have tried living in the desert & have extremely hard water. Tried to use water from tap which runs thru water softener – leaves white dust everywhere & a fog in the house (previous different product did as well). We have an ionic air purifier & it quickly became completely filled up in 24 hours. We tried using our drinking water which runs thru a kinetico water filtration system & works much better. Distilled water works the best & does not leave any white dust anywhere. Really quiet & easy to use.

We always love user-friendly products and this humidifier exceeds our expectations. We own three humidifiers and this is our favorite. We let it run day and night. We have several reasons why we love this humidifier so much. First, the low mist level is ideal for the sleeping time since it adds enough moisture but not getting too damp. The blue light is soft enough without disturbing our sleep. It runs very quiet. Because of these three reasons, this is the only humidifier we can use in our bedroom. It is also very easy to use and easy to move around. The shape of the water tank and top fill feature make refilling water very easy to me. Using one single touch button to control on/off and all the mist levels is a big plus to me. The water tank of our humidifier is black hued, which is different from the product picture. The white and black combination makes this humidifier very sleek and cute. Our kids call it panda:-).

We were looking for a compact humidifier for our daughter s room and come across this one. Bought it based on the good reviews. It works great as it describes. It does not take much space, yet can last long time. We set to middle level, only half tank empty overnight. Super quiet, you even won t notice it s running. The blue indicator light can be turned off too. Also, very convenient design for top filling.

It is a good time for us to replace our old humidifier. This one is a pretty cool one with a lot of better features than our old one. The first thing that we like that it has a really big tank which is 4. 5l. We don’t have to refill it nightly to use anymore. It has 3 levels adjustment so not too much will come out. The design is really nice. We like the idea to refill the water on the top of it so we don’t have to do it upside down like the previous one. This one is super quiet and you won’t hear anything when it runs. Last but not least, it will auto shut off when running out of the water so you don’t have to worry that it will get burn up. Overall, we are pretty happy with this product.

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