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Lam Hub Fong Personalized Silicone Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets

Lam Hub Fong Personalized Silicone Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lam Hub Fong Personalized Silicone Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets.

  • Made in USA, Shipping from California
  •  MATERIAL: Silicone and 316L Stainless Steel, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, waterproof, suitable for daily wear, outdoor or sport
  •  ADJUSTABLE: Length 9 inches, can adjust it into different size for men or women
  •  SHIPPING SERVICE: All Lam Hub Fong distributors ship from the United States to ensure quality, reliability, and punctuality
  •  WONT FADE: The medical symbol and custom message are laser-engraved, not print, the engrave information will last many years & won’t fade

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lam Hub Fong Personalized Silicone Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets.
Lam Hub Fong Free Engraving 9 Inches Silicone Adjustable Medical Bracelets Emergency ID Bracelets For Men Women Stainless Steel Rubber Alert BraceletsHow to personalized ˆ Click the yellow button on right ‘Customize Now’ ˆ Put fill your engrave information just as ” your name, Any conditions you may have,Drug and food allergies,Medications you take,Your emergency (ICE) contacts etc ˆ Click ‘Add to Cart’ ˆ If the Self-Customize Service can not satisfy your request,please “Contact Seller”after your order.We recommend you engrave: ˆ Your First and Last Name ˆ Medical Condition(s) ˆ Treatment Considerations ˆ Food and Drug Allergies ˆ Life-Saving Medications ˆ Emergency Contact Number with area codeShipping and delivery ˆ Handle time: 1-2 business days ˆ Free standard shipping to US – 3-7 business days ˆ Expedited Shipping to US – 3-5 business days ˆ Expedited Shipping is the DHL shipping and requires a signature upon delivery.About Lam Hub Fong“Natural, Creative, Handmade” We Located in California USA, Inspired by Nature & Life, Lam Hub Fong Focus on Producing PERSONALIZED Jewelry with Unique Designs for You with Your Choose of Engraving Names & Created Birthstones.We offer free engraving service ,replacement Simulated birthstone services and superior quality gift box. Personalized custom jewelry suitable for holiday gifts (such as: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday etc.), the anniversary gift (wedding anniversary, love together time, etc.), Gift of Love (including lovers, friends and family).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lam Hub Fong Personalized Silicone Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets.

Question Question 1

Can You Engrave The Autism Symbol (Puzzle Pattern) Instead Of The Emergency Symbol?

we can, but just need you send us the HD picture of the symbol

Question Question 2

Are These For Kids And If So Can I Get It With Sickle Cell Symbol?

The wristband can be adjusted so we think it will work for most anyone. As far as the sickle cell symbol we are not sure?

Question Question 3

Is There A Way To Get It Without The Caduceus?

Well, had to look that up (caduceus). we had an idea, but wanted to make sure. Funny, the only complaint we had was that it was not red, as medic alert symbols usually are. Have to ask the vendor on that question.

Question Question 4

Do You Have Band Larger Than 9 Inches?We Ordered And Too Tight For Husband.Need Replacement Band.?

Ask the vendor.

Question Question 5

Can We Have Heart Emoji Engraved On Bracelet As 1 Character?

yes 🙂

Question Question 6

What Is The Width Of This Bracelet’S Band In Mm?

Not quite 1 1/2mm

Question Question 7

How Long It Takes To Ship?

Got mine in a couple days.

Question Question 8

Is This Small Enough For A 18 Month Old?

Most likely not. we got this for our 21 year old boyfriend and it fits well.

Question Question 9

Do You Have Band Larger Than 9 Inches?We Ordered And Too Tight For Husband.Need Replacement Band.?

Ask the vendor.

Question Question 10

Is It Difficult To Put On And Remove?

No it is not difficult to put on and remove. It is like. A watch band. we had one where it latched and was impossible to do on our own and this one is not. Hope this helps answer your question

Question Question 11

Will This Fit A Man With An 8.25 Inch Wrist?

no, max is about 7 1/2″.

Question Question 12

How Small Of A Wrist Will It Fit?

our wrist is just under 5 inches and we have 3 more holes to make it smaller.

Question Question 13

Can Info Be Engraved On The Back Of This Tag (For Privacy Reasons) ?

sorry about that this one couldn’t.

Question Question 14

What Is The Shortest Length This Bracelet Can Go?

From the end of the buckle, to the last hole, is 6 3/4 . we think more holes could be punched in the band to make it smaller. The band is soft rubber. Very nice.

Question Question 15

Help Us Seject One Pool Proof ?

if you needn’t the medical symbol, just let us know after ordered, and we can engraving what ever you need on the bracelet, thank you.

Question Question 16

Can We Purchase This Bracelet With A Longer Band.We Purchased This Product But The 9 Band Is Too Small For Our Husband S Wrist.?

Have to contact the vendor.

Question Question 17

Can You Engrave The Autism Symbol (Puzzle Pattern) Instead Of The Emergency Symbol?

You would need to contact the seller directly.

Question Question 18

How Do We Contact This Company ?

There should be a link on the product page. we have had to contact them on several occasions; about issues with mine.

Question Question 19

Can You Get This Without The Medical Symbol?


Question Question 20

Where Is The Buy Now Button? I Want To Buy It Not Add It To Our Cart.?

Only can answer that.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Lam Hub Fong Personalized Silicone Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets, these might be useful for better understanding.

This is just what we were advised to get to wear. We have a large wrist and there was plenty of band to adjust to the right size. The latch is secured by a clip and is very secure, and the engraving is better than we expected, all four lines are distinct and easy to read for their size. We are very happy with this purchase, and highly recommend this for anybody with a medical problem that should be made available just in case. Sure bets a tattoo, and it’s easily removable.

Beautiful engraving, nice color, great materials. A medical id bracelet usually costs a lot more, and though we were a bit skeptical about getting one from , this is great. The box it came in was absolutely adorable, and you can tell this company puts effort into pleasing their customers. The delivery was quick too – what would normally take us months to receive we got in a few days, without paying for fast shipping either. The only thing wrong with it is that the metal scratches easily and the cloth that comes with it can’t really do anything about it, but it is partly because we wear it 24/7 and it’s not too scratched to read. So overall, a great product and a great experience.

This bracelet fit our husband well, good quality, and good price. We wished we had ordered bright colors so that people would see it better. However, he is in early stages so probably would refuse to wear a bright color but maybe later when we need people to see it immediately. It is a good product.

Really loved the bracelet. Bought it for our daughter and it fits her perfectly. We weren t expecting this quality for the price. She have a really small wrist and we did not have any problem adjusting it but it also gets as big as our husband could wear it. The only comment we have to make is the letters and symbol are not as black as we were thinking they will be but because we love it so much we don t care. Will definitely buy again. (ignore the black line that was only us crossing out the phone).

We were really impressed with the quality of this bracelet. The type is very crisp and clear and easy to read. The contrast with black/metal looks really nice. It arrived with a cleaning cloth in a gorgeous gift box. We haven’t take in off since we received it and it looks as shiny and new as the day it arrived. Was shipped and delivered earlier than promised. Really great experience with this seller, we will definitely consider getting another in another style/color as well. Very happy – thank you.

What we like is that the band is red and thicker, which we hope the emts will notice when they encounter me. They don t even look at our silver medic alert bracelet when we shove it in their faces. We also like the loop that holds the bracelet excess. It took us a minute to realize that it was created to hold in place. Just weave the end of the bracelet through, and voila. What we do not like is that the engraving is grey. Making it wet doesn t turn it black, so we are unsure how to darken it. However. We think it ll at least be noticed, so it has a higher chance of being read.

We needed this having recently been put on blood thinners. Its comfortable and easy to get on. We have very small wrists and happily this fits nicely on the last notch. Many bracelets and watches are impossible to get to fit. Good for causal activities and perfect for a hot day walk with the silicone band, but we bought a fancier one for dressing up. We read that the writing gets scratched off eventually. We have worn it a number of times for the last several weeks and we use our hands all the time for lugging things, washing the car etc and so far it hasn’t been a problem. The writing is on the outside and we included an ice number. We wish it was on the inside instead for confidentiality, but we needed a sporty type band and they all seem to be set up this way. The writing also might last longer if it was on the reverse side with the outside just showing the medical alert symbol like the fancier one we bought.

This is the best medical alert bracelet we ve ever had. It s for our 8 year old son who has a life threatening allergy. It s a very soft silicone bracelet that s adjustable like a watch band. The engraving is beautiful and easy to read. The shipping was very fast and we loved the proactive communication from the seller. We also love that it came in a very cute little gift box & had a free polishing cloth. We have had many medical alert bracelets over the years and this is by far the best one we ve ever had-especially if you have a child with critical allergies or medical condition.

We just received this medical bracelet in the mail yesterday. Right off the bat, we can tell that it is a much better quality than that other crappy medical bracelet we bought a few months back. We love the fact that it is so easy to put on and take off. As many of the reply we had concerning how easy it is, we see what they meant when they said “if you can put on a watch, you can put this on. ” it is that simple. Our life depends on this especially if our health happen to go south when we are alone in public, we need to have a reliable medical bracelet on us so that emt know of our medical condition and for someone to know how to reach our relative. We can’t afford to have a medical bracelet to fall apart when least expected. So far, this bracelet looks like it is much better made.

We got our bracelet for type 3 ehlers danlos syndrome. Grateful to find a company who could customize one for us. We have extremely thin wrists and was afraid it wouldn’t fit. We can wear a fitbit on the smallest setting and this bracelet seems to be sized the same for an adult female. We have it on the smallest notch and it fits fine. It is very durable and the print is very clear. We wish the extra length weren’t hanging over the edge of our wrist, but we may just trim it – easy fix. Overall, we are very pleased with it and would recommend. Way better than a reactive metal bracelet for those who have sensitive skin.

Would have given it a 5 star but the rubber band is too small. We literally have it on the second to last hole (tight feel) and we can’t put the tiny bit of band in the loop. The engraving/quality is really nice. We would recommend for women, kids or men with tiny wrist.

Originally we had a problem with the gray bracelet. The ink was a light brown color that did not show up against the silver background in regularly lit areas. Customer service sent us a replacement immediately. They gave us a black bracelet with white ink and it shows up perfectly. Thank you so much. The light brown ink against the silver background only shows up in low levels of light, so if you need something you can see in all light, we would get the black background with the white ink. Thank you again customer service.

Comfortable and fits well on our small wrists. We dont have to worry about it falling off even on biggest notch. We have bought countless other bracelets and couldnt handle the excess dangling parts hitting against our wrists, or it would get damaged or broken so quickly because it couldnt accomodate our small wrists, but a child’s size band is too small. But this one is perfect. It is bulky with all of the silicone, but it fits well over any snug long sleeve shirt that there is no issue.

We are very happy with the customer service. Our son has food allergies and we wanted to get him this wrist band before he starts school. Our 5 year old son is into spiderman and we asked if seller can add a spiderman logo instead of the medic symbol. They agreed and came through with a great looking band with a spider symbol that our son absolutely loves. He wears it 24/7 and we can’t be anymore happy, as what’s the point of buying this band if our son won’t wear it.

We had two of these made with our special needs son s medical information on it. He has very specific health issues including being non-verbal so our relative and we wanted them for when we travel with him in case something were to happen to one or both of us, they would know what to do with him. They were attentive to our messages and sent responses back quickly. The engraving was flawless and centered perfectly. Delivery was quicker than we thought it would be. The quality of the material is good. The only complaint we have is that the wrist bands are little on the short side for bigger wrists. We are pretty big guy (6 0 , 240 lbs) and we just barely made it work. We are able to latch the second to last hole on the band, which holds it on, but the bracelet did come undone a couple of times over the course of our trip. If you could provide the option of a bigger band that would help us bigger folks.

Beautiful purple silicone band is very comfortable and non-irritating on our wrist. Text on the stainless steel plate is very legible and easy to read. It is very adjustable and could fit lots of wrist sizes. We have small wrists but it has a lot of adjustment notches that could work for larger wrists. We havent had any issues with any of the pieces on the bracelet. It has stood up to daily wear for almost a month or two now and looks brand new.

100% satisfied with these. Great product for the low price. Engraving is done very well. We wish it arrived sooner but otherwise, we are happy. We bought one for our daughter and our son (we did spell our sons middle name wrong but that s our bad ??) for an upcoming trip. These will be great for travel and the beach/pool. We definitely plan on buying more for them, because we are pretty sure they ll lose them eventually lol.

Easy to read, easy to clean, fits great and is comfortable. The shipping was way faster than they even stated and based off the quality we would have waited longer. Our only caution would be if you’re buying for a small child because it doesn’t get small enough for small wrist. We had our friend try it and at it’s smallest it didn’t fit her tiny wrist and she’s an adult.

We have needed to get some type of alert to wear for a couple of years. We were pleased to come across this style bracelet. It is comfortable; easy to clasp to your size. Made of quality material; waterproof; the information is clearly engraved as we requested. We highly recommend this product.

Wow. No words. It s absolutely beautiful. We have ordered from lauren s hope before, but always wanted a bracelet that would look beautiful, stylish, and more than half the fraction of the cost. This product came 7 days earlier (we were so pleasantly surprised) and comes with a little suede bag and a small cloth to put it inside/clean it. There is no scratches, the font is beautifully done, and it does not feel cheap whatsoever. We are size 5 1/2 (in case anyone was wondering) and it fits us perfectly. It s not too tight and not too loose. It s also extremely comfortable & stays still. It s a must buy.

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