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LEASTYLE Essential Oil Diffuser

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LEASTYLE Essential Oil Diffuser.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Multi-function&Wide Application ‘Diffusers For Essential Oils & Air Humidifier & LED night Light. The Aromatherapy Diffuser could fill your space with fragrance and help you relax . It also work as a humidifier without oils to increase room humidity. The LED light could create comfortable atmosphere during the night. Its mini cute design will be ideal gift for kids, the age,girls and ladies,Suitable for any room in home and office .
  • 2 Mode Diffuser ‘Noiseless Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser use the super quite technology,no disturbing noise while misting.1st press continuous mist , 2nd press 30 Seconds Intervals mist .Add drops of essential oils and enjoy peaceful night.The mist or light could work separately or mist and light used in the same time .
  • Breathing Lamp ‘Brightness of the light is Adjustable,1st press high brightness,2nd press medium brightness, 3rd press is breathing mood the lamp on and the brightness will be decrease until off then light again accoring the breathing.The night light shines warm, soothing light to creat a safe & comfortable atmosphere is good for sleep .
  • Safety,Waterless Shut-Off Protection ‘ BPA free material ,the Aroma Essential Oils Diffuser is safe for your family members. The cool mist could last 3-5 hours with 100ml capacity .The Vaporizer humidifiers for bedroom has waterless auto-off function, it will turn off automatically when water runs out to ensure your safety and avoid damage to the essential oil diffuser as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LEASTYLE Essential Oil Diffuser.

Question Question 1

Can You Run The Aroma Diffuser Without The Light ?

Yes,1st Press,Mist on Light on then double click to turn off the light.

Question Question 2

Is This Mini Diffuser Electric Plug In Or Battery Operated ?

Hello ,Electric plug in

Question Question 3

Can This Essential Oil Diffuser Be Used Without Oil Just With Water?

Sure?you could use with oil and enjoy the fragrant or without oil just with water to increase room humidity

Question Question 4

How Long Will The Oil Diffuser Work ?

The mini oil diffuser with 120ml capacity could work 6-10 hours and Auto shut-off with 10s red light flash warm remind when water runs out.

Question Question 5

Is This Diffuser For Essential Oil Electric Plug In Or Battery Operated?

Electric plug in

Question Question 6

Could The Travel Diffuser Will Turn Off Automatically When Water Runs Out During The Night?

The office diffuser design is double protection, when the water less than the first level it will turn off , if the first limit lose efficacy the diffuser will Auto shut-off with 10s red light flash

Question Question 7

Can We Keep The Light On Just One Color?

Yes,short Press to switch the color,when you stop it will fix one color

Question Question 8

The White Diffuser Have Timer Or Not ?

The white essential oil diffuser do not have timer, but it have two mist mode 1st press continuous mist , 2nd press 30 Seconds Intervals mist

Question Question 9

When We Turn Our Diffuser On The Light And Mist Flicker And Then Shut Off. Not Sure If Its A Problem On Our End Or If The Diffuser Was Broken In Transit?

our does this too. we sent email to seller but no reply yet

Question Question 10

Could The Home Diffuser Will Turn Off Automatically When Water Runs Out During The Night?

Sure,The essential oil diffuser for bedroom has waterless auto-off function, it will turn off automatically when water runs out toavoid damage to the essential oil diffuser.

Question Question 11

How Long Will The 100Ml Oil Diffuser Work ?

The essential oil diffuser could last 3-5 hours with a water tank capacity of 100 ml.

Question Question 12

This Usb Diffuser Could Be Used In Our Car ?

Yes,The size of USB essential oil diffuser is 3.85*3.85*4.72 inch.Btw,please confirm the Input power meet 5V 1A.

Question Question 13

Does This Small Essential Oil Diffuser Could Be Connected To Bluetooth ?

No ,only manual button control ,no bluetooth or Wifi

Question Question 14

Does The Diffuser Have Stay Plugged In To Operate Or Will It Hold A Charge?

It has to stay plugged in. There is not a built-in battery.

Question Question 15

Can We Use This In Our Car?

Yes, but know that it is a little bit bigger than a standard cup holder.

Question Question 16

On The Pink Model How Do The Other Colors Shine Through If The Outside Is Pink?

You can only see the other colors from the top around the vapor spout.

Question Question 17

Can This Be Used With An Electric Plug Or Usb?

It comes with a USB C cable, but cab also be plugged into the wall with a USB charger adapter like the one for your phone.

Question Question 18

Does This Essential Oil Diffuser For Home With Bluetooth Or Speaker ?

No bluetooth, no speaker,no Wifi

Question Question 19

Can The Essential Oil Diffuser Light Brightness Adjustable?

Brightness of the light is Adjustable,1st press high brightness,2nd press medium brightness, 3rd press is breathing mood

Question Question 20

Does It Need A Filter?

Don’t need.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on LEASTYLE Essential Oil Diffuser, these might be useful for better understanding.

Small volume easy to carry, but also can automatically close. That’s great.

We are really glad we got this diffuser. It is really pretty and works great. We have no complaints. Really easy instructions and straight forward functions.

Super cute diffuser. We have had it almost two months now and turn it on 2-3 times a day everyday. It’s small and simple in design. There are three light modes: bright, dim and pulse. And two mist modes: on and pulse. We add 2-5 drops of essential oil each use and it diffuser very well into our large living room. The light is warm and provides as cozy ambiance. We use it as both a diffuser and to add a touch more humidity for our tiniest plants. It seems quite small for the price but very well worth it in our opinion.

We read a lot of reviews before picking a diffuser. We love the size of this it s not very big and the soft/warm lighting is nice. We could not force ourself to spend the money on a vitruvwe for our first diffuser so all in all this is a really nice diffuser for the price. It diffuses for a long time before shutting off; you can also diffuse with and without the lighting feature on. We wish the wall outlet wasn t so bulky and if the cover was ceramic that would be nicer. Still a really good buy.

This little diffuser is so powerful. It gives off such a good mist an easily fills an entire room, and diffuses oils so well. The water last very long. It s small, it s easy to travel with. We bring it to work with us all the time and it helps us with stress. Favorite part- you can change the light color.

Nice and quiet. Fits small spaces easily. We are hoping this helps with our dry nose during the winter. The colors are bright and strong, but can be seen mostly when looking down, so it s not distracting. Easy to use. Perfect for travel. We would buy again.

We bought this for our car originally but unfortunately it did not fit in our cup holders so we took it to work and put it on our desk not even 5 minutes past and all the ladies asking what that amazing smell was. So we are really happy with this product in fact we highly recommended it and our office manager will now be purchasing one for herself and a couple more for the office.

We like most things in pink. It turns out that we didn’t choose wrong. The small and exquisite diffuser is bright and not dazzling. We want to say that its quiet effect is also very good. Use it every night,use we will add some cold water and a few drops of pure lavender oil before. The mist is a cool straight vortex mist when the device is turned on. A light scent will radiate in the air with the mist. These will immediately help us relax and can be very sleep well.

Nice oil diffuser . Ordered this for when our toddler naps in room scents help calm her. Easy to operate and came in professional protective packaging. Definitely recommend. Love simple look.

It’s silent, small, and powerful. It’s perfect for our small room/ dorm and isn’t overpowering. It’s completely silent and the color can be changed by pressing the button but it doesn’t flash colors or change automatically, which we like.

We love that this diffuser fits right in with the decor of our room like a decorative piece. It is very easy to use and has a great stream of scent and just super cute. Very please.

Gifted this to our sister for her office. It fits so nicely and the place smells great. Super easy to use, highly recommend.

The oil diffuser produces a stream of mist, lasts longer between refills with beautiful design. Love it. Noise level is ok.

Works great and we are using it every day.

Really good product, at least with this one we can really put some essential oilour only regret is that we should buy 2 instead of one, one for our bed and one for work.

Great product.

Awesome little oil diffuser great to give as a gift. It’s nice size so doesn’t take up much space and works well. Would be great for the car as well for a usb when traveling.

We bought it as our 7-year-old daughter s birthday gift. It s a cute and beautiful pink design. It s quiet at work, and it has a colorful lighting design that wo n t affect our daughter s sleep. She loves this gift very much.

This is our very first oil diffuser and we are in love. Beautiful design. Quiet and emits the scents super quickly. We will definitely buy more for other rooms in our house.

It has been working perfectly since we received it,haven t had any issues. Probably best for a desk top or small room as the scent won t travel far. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a diffuser.

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