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Nothing is as it seems in Cedar Point, Indiana. Three gang members appear to have died of natural causes. Then the medical examiner completes the autopsies and discovers the victims are missing their brains. When something strange rears its ugly head, the police turn to Chase Dagger. Aided by a partner who is a shapeshifter, unique high-tech toys, and a team of unusual cohorts, Dagger has a way of solving the most bizarre crimes.Although the case is intriguing, Dagger has something more important to deal with. It appears BettaTec, a shadow corporation he used to work for, has finally located him and they need his help. Refusing isn’t an option because BettaTec knows about Sara and her shapeshifting abilities. To keep his partner safe, he has no choice but to work with BettaTec again.The 6th in the award-winning Chase Dagger series combines mystery with urban fantasy. Critics call it MacGuyver meets Dark Angel. “Lee Driver’s Chase Dagger/Sara Morningsky series is one of the few truly dependable mystery series being published today. You always know what to expect with Driver: the unexpected.”–Craig Clarke, Top 1000 Reviewer

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We ve got two oursteries rolled up into one with a continuing back story in this latest chase dagger book, and this one begins with a bang. Somehow both chase and sara wake up in a rather unique situation without having any idea how they got there. So part of the story is spent finding clues to what had happened the night before and why. The other is the death of gang members who are suddenly dead without any signs of why; at least until it s discovered that their brains are missing and the police need chase s help to discover who and how. And no, there aren t any zombies. For those not already familiar with the series, chase is a pwe with a past, connected to an agency called bettatec. He d escaped from them with a great deal of skills and technical knowledge, and is trying to stay under their radar. His partner is sara, an american indian who has the ability to shift into a wolf or a hawk. Chase is the only living person who knows this. These oursteries contain plenty of gadgets, action and humor, often from chase s very smart parrot, einstein. There is a nice addition to the back story that will provide more opportunity in the future. The secondary characters are all there, adding their own brands of spice to the story. It was easy to read this in one sitting as we just couldn’t put the book down. You can read this without reading the prior books, there is enough history to get your through it. But you d lose some of the impact and how important different relationships are. Start with the good die twice. Another ourstery series available by this author, under the name s d tooley, is the sam casey series.

Another good one from driver. This one starts with dagger and sara waking up naked. They are stacked one on top of the other in a coffin. Neither has any idea how the hell they got there. Dagger has his watch which skizzy gave him. With that multwe tool little deal he calls skizzy after he and sara get out of the coffin. Neither has any clothes so they grab whatever they can to “cover up. “while dagger and sara are trying to figure out just what the hell is going on another man is watching a video. A video of a man tied to a chair. The man is killed with a weapon the watcher wants. Its a cool billion dollar purchase and the watcher wants to make sure the weapon really works. He wants more tests of that weapon. Padre and the cppd have a body in a vehicle. The body has no outward signs of damage. The vehicle has a plate that doesn’t match the caddwe and the vin number is gone. Luther, the me, does the autopsy and finds the body has no brain. Padre is wondering how does a brain go missing??so begins one damned fine read. The best one yet. This one has dagger, sara, padre, chief of detectives wozniak, skizzy, simon and his wife euni, a man named preacher, a drug dealer, bettatec, a weapon worth billions, a dagger and sara coming together, death, betrayal, schematics, daggers father, an arms dealer, daggers mother, a meeting with bettatec, an understanding with bettatec, and sara, dagger and their friends in one hell of a kick ass read. Five stars and then some. Wow.

Although we like this series a lot, we must admit this book wasn’t our favorite. The plot line was interesting and inventive, but it held a little too much espionage for us. And it was with a little sadness that we read dagger and sara had taken their relationship to the next level; we think this is a mistake and will lead to domesticating dagger, taking away his edge, and also taking away too much of sara’s innocence, which we have seen as an ongoing problem with the last couple of books. We also preferred it when the plots were more of a fantasy/ourstery genre, with less science fiction, but perhaps we are in the minority.

Chase and his partners continue to grow. Can’t wait for the next entry in this series. Lee driver has created an interesting cast of characters, and continues to use them in interesting ways.

Loved the book, the characters and the storyline. We have enjoyed all six in the series and want more. Will have book 7 if and when it is available. A ourstery along with romance, laughter and tension. Loved it.

One of the best hooks we have seen used in a novel. Dagger & sara waking up naked in a coffin. It grabs you from the start & you race to the end. All the usual characters present. Great addition to series that is a sci-fi/ ourstery. Fans of both genres are sure to enjoy.

We have read on our kindledx, all 6 books in lee driver’s chase dagger ourstery series. This is #6, and we enjoyed reading this book as much as the rest. We think it is best to start from the first book in the sequence and read them in order. In this one, chase & sara wake up naked in a coffin in a crypt. They don’t remember the previous 24 hours. In another case, 3 people are oursteriously killed & their brains removed without any outward sign of a knife being used. Betatec contacts chase at his old apartment located above a bar because they need his help. Chase speaks to his mother who he thought had died. His father has gone rogue. Sara & chase finally consummate their relationship.

We loved it. Can’t wait for lee driver to write the next book. We have read all of the series & can’t get enough of them-fast enough. Have read all of s. D. Tooley’s books also.

Love this series, the stories are fun the dialog moves right along and the characters are just the best. Reading the books are great, but listening to them unbeatable.

We love this series. Pulse the sam casey series also we are looking forward to reading about dagger and sara. They rock.

Wonderful book. All the books lee driver or s. D, tooley wrote are great. We loved ever single of them.

We love the chase dagger series. Would recommand this to everyone. Somestimes we get so involved in it we start yelling at the kindle.

We just love the lee driver series. We love the action and the oursteries. It starts right away with excitement. We can’t put these books down. Every chapter keeps us going.

Awesome addition to the dagger series. Hope it never ends; never, ever, never, never ends. Can’t wait until the next one.

Kept us glued to the book like the others and learned about sara and dagger as a team. .

Each book has been exciting and well plotted. We really enjoy einstein’s antics and forecasting abilities. Ready for the next book soon.

Great book and a very easy read. We haven’t read any of her other books in this series so it was definitely a bit of a plunge into the pool for us in terms of the storyline/background. However, like the previous reviewer said, you do not need to have read the prior books to understand this at all. In fact, there are often a couple of sentences explaining the history before they bring up something from the past. All in all this book was very well written. We finished it in 2 days. It was very entrancing and sucks you in right away. You can also tell the personalities of the main characters throughout the story even if you only started with this book. The characters are clear, and linked to each other in a very specific way. There are no random characters appearing out of nowhere and disappearing into nowhere like many books nowadays. Besides a few grammar mistakes/typos, this book is definitely a very good book. We would recommend anyone who is into fantasy/oursteries to read this book. [we won this book for free from librarythings giveaway in exchange for an honest review].

Well written, imaginative story, great characters. We can not wait until the next chase dagger ourstery, we will be watching for it.

It seems like we have been waiting forever for the next chase dagger book and we were not disappointed. Love this series and can’t wait for the next book. If mr. Driver is reading this review, please, please don’t make us wait very long.

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