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Homeopathic Remedy for Cough and Bronchial Get the soothing relief you need from nagging coughs and bronchial congestion with this gentle, fast-acting spray. Our homeopathic remedy is designed to help reduce tightness of the chest, coughing, and buildup of mucous in the chest and airways, and quickly bring you back to your best. Relieves symptoms associated with cough and bronchial congestion, such as: – coughing – mucous buildup – chest tightness – chest soreness

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What S In It?

we no longer have the product. If we come down with a deep cough, this coming Winter, we will surely by it again. The product is very much like medicine from the 30’s to the early 1950’s, when your old time Pharmacy, hand crafted most of our medications. Gentle and effective. What’s in it? Do a Google and find out.

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This gets rid of our bronchospasm that goes along with asthma and gives us no side effects, priceless. We can only get it on , our local stores don’t carry it.

Great product for irritating dry cough as well as the coughs from your cold.

We had a bad cold just before christmas and the cough kept lingering on. It was going on 3 weeks and we were still coughing so we decided to try this oral spray. We have only used one other liddell homeopathic spray and didn’t even know they had so many. This soothed our cough, helped us to sleep and within a couple of days, our cough was gone. We will definitely consider more of these homeopathic treatments. We don’t like swallowing pills, so this is easy to take and pleasant tasting too.

Best cough spray we have ever tried & keeps us from coughing for about 5 hours with 2 sprays under the tonguecough spray taste really good & works just like the manufacturer said it would work.

The remedy worked immediately. After 2 days of using it, the symptoms were gone. Noticed overall improvement. Another great homeopathic product from liddell.

It works.

Better than expected. Better than our prescription meds. Saved us $49. 00 a month.

This is a great product, but not for ragweed allergy sufferers. We didn’t realize that it contained echinacea when we purchased it. The seller would not allow us to return it, so we kept it for our husband and son to use if they got sick. It works great. Just not for us.

We wrote a great review for liddell’s asthma spray. Now we can’t find it anywhere. Bought this one and. Yes. It helps us too. Very much. We use the one for anxiety too and yes. It works. We love liddell’s homeopathic sprays.

Okay we don’t eat organic, we eat meat and we have never hugged a tree. That being said, we would have never tried any liddell spray products if a friend hadn’t uttered the words “raise your tounge” one day when we were coughing. It was the asthma spary and a few minutes later we were breathing clearly. We bought several liddell products and have been very happy with all of them. Our husband has bad allergies and bronchitis and these sprays really control his symptoms. Maybe there’s something to this holistic stuff afterall. Thanks liddell & thanks for a great price.

This strange product works. The elements contained in it are as old, as time itself and reminiscent of old time remedies, that were handcrafted by the pharmacy in days past.

We have only been using it occasionally, but we have high hopes that it will help with getting rid of occasional slight cough and congestion.

Performs like an expectorant with me, but without the syrup. Have obtained this effect too many times for it to be our imagination.

Works well for coughs.

Immediate relief.

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