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LONOVE Facial Steamer Nano Ionic - Upgraded Face Steamer

LONOVE Facial Steamer Nano Ionic – Upgraded Face Steamer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LONOVE Facial Steamer Nano Ionic – Upgraded Face Steamer.

  • NANO-IONIC FACIAL STEAMER ¼ PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE ‘ Whether you want to improve your skin, reduce acne and blackheads, or relieve sinus congestion, a professional facial steamer does matter. Designed with an exclusive atomizing lamp, LONOVE portable facial steamer for facial deep cleaning offers a nano steamer to penetrate the skin up to 10 times more effectively, which could make a massive difference to your skin and give you special skincare.
  • UPGRADED DESIGN-360 SURROUND DEGREE DESIGN ‘ Our steamer for face 360 degree petal mouth design, making nano mist cover your face. Therefore, when the newly-created steam leaves the nozzle, petal mouth design ensure that there aren t any runaway water. Besides,LONOVE face steamer for facial designed with patented inner UV protection system processed the nano-mist before it comes out the nozzle, making sure the steam reaches your skin in the purest condition.
  • MULTIFUCTION& NO PLASTIC SMELL ‘ Come with nano ionic warm mist, our nano ionic facial steamer can soften the skin and open the pores, releasing the blackheads or whiteheads. The spa facial steamer promotes better blood circulation to give you a natural glow and adds much-needed hydration to dry winter skin. When first use, this facial pore steamer will have a plastic smell, it is normal and it will disappear a few times of steaming.
  • DEEPLY PENETRATION&AUTO OFF ‘ The face steamer starts working within the 30s and will stop automatically after every 10 minutes. Nanoparticles produced, which is 4,000 times finer than ordinary steam particles. In just six minutes, the nano steamer helps to relax and soften your skin, while removing dead skin, oil and makeup remnant from your pores. Note: To extend the life of the steamer, please drain the water tank after each use and turn the facial steamer upside down to dry the water.
  • WHY CHOOSE US ‘ WHY TO CHOOSE LONOVE Makes your skin more receptive to skincare. Our facial steamers home facial is designed to be customized to a variety of skin types. At-home steamers run on filtered water, even for those with sensitive skin, and give you a special skincare. Excellent customer service ensures your purchasing. NO WORRY ABOUT AFTER SERVICES. AN IDEAL GIFT FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LONOVE Facial Steamer Nano Ionic – Upgraded Face Steamer.

Question Question 1

220 Volt Available?

no clue

Question Question 2

Is This Bpa Free?


Question Question 3

Does The Steam Come Out At A Hot Temperature?


Question Question 4

Does This Come With Pore Extracting Kit?

Yes. A kit with needles, blackhead removers and other instruments of torture.

Question Question 5

Inf How To.Post A Review?

If we can help.

Question Question 6

Does This Face Steamer For Facial Have A Plastic Smell?

New products are generally a bit plastic, we think this is normal. Honestly, we kind of like the smell. If you mind,Just let your facial steamer run a few times later,or you can add some lemon juice.we believe this should be a lot better.

Question Question 7

Whats Electrical Input ?

It s just a normal plug.

Question Question 8

50Ml Of Water Only Gives Us About 4 Min Of Steam And It Says It Gives 8-10 Min. Can We Add More Than 50Ml At One Time?

Interesting mines give us a good 8-10 and it has a shutoff like for a rest before bit can be used again.You can try it and see if it will keep going or shutoffs.

Question Question 9

Does Anyone Know That Actual Temperature Of The Steam?


Question Question 10

Does This Come With A Dust Cover?

No, it doesn t.

Question Question 11

Does This Have The Towel Warmer?


Question Question 12

Does Anyone Use This For Lash Extensions?

If you mean does anyone use this who has lashes yes. we have lashes and use it and we have no problems.

Question Question 13

After The 4Th Time Using This Steamer It Stopped Holding Water. The Water Comes Out Of The Bottom, What Do We Do?

Send it back.

Question Question 14

Can We Use Mineral Or Purified Water?

The instructions call for distilled water.

Question Question 15

What Kind Of Water Does This Require ?

we use tap water. Works just fine.

Question Question 16

What Temperature Can It Reach?

Its a very tolerable heat. Warm mist

Question Question 17

How Often Do You Use The Facial Pore Steamer?How’S The Result?

we usually use our steamer for face 2-3 times a week.our skin tone looks brighter and is very soft after each use. we highly recommend this facial steamer.

Question Question 18

Do You Use The Steamer Before Or After Washing Your Face? Do You Apply Anything Else After The Steam?

Wash firstyour face to.rid of sweat andGrime. After your done with the steamerwe wouldwait a while and apply a moisturizer

Question Question 19

Why Does It Come With A Diferent Logo On The Actual Product? I Saw Some Videos On The Reviews That Say Merece Instead Of Lonove.?

No, mine says Lonove

Question Question 20

Is A Headband Included?

No headband is included

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on LONOVE Facial Steamer Nano Ionic – Upgraded Face Steamer, these might be useful for better understanding.

We so love this product. It’s powerful and not as loud as other facial steamer. It honestly felt good to take some time and pamper ourself. The surface of this particular facial steamer is not hot making it safe to grab. The steamer was easy to use and the manual was self explanatory.

We have search all over for good reviews and this one stood up amongst our choices. If you need a handy but powerful facial steamer for a quick facial spa at home, get this. This at-home facial steamer, replicates the in-spa experience. It s warming, comforting and gets you in a meditative state as it preps your face for your facial. We use this so our pores can open up and we can easily get rid of our blackheads and whiteheads, extracting and using clay purifying mask works best for us. For the first use, make sure to run the steam full cycle to get rid of any plastic smell. The smell goes away after several usage. It is recommended loading your steamer with distilled water because tap water can have heavy metals that can affect the integrity of the steam itself. Distilled water will also prevent bacteria build up in the device. This product is a good addition to your skin care routine, at the convenience of your home. Facial steaming really has good benefits:it cleanses your pores. Clogged pores are one of the key contributing factors to acne breakouts, and can lead to infection and severe skin irritation. It makes your skin more receptive to other skincare treatments. It enhances circulation. It helps removes toxins. It promotes relaxation. So do yourself a favor and add this machine to your regimen to make your skin care routine more effective.

It is a great facial steamer. The mist came out are quite strong, as you can see from the video. The stem is very pleasant and the temperature is just about right. We tend to use it before and after using biore deep cleaning pore strips. It definitely pulls out more dirt and cleans pores. The result is amazing, feeling like a minwe mediation and relaxation session.

We really love this product. It’s small enough that it does not take much space to store in your bathroom and is powerful enough to make a difference in the appearance of your skin. Don’t get lazy and use regular tap water it will ruin it. We had a similar product that we used regular tap water with and it grew mold on the inside. We really love using this product when our sinuses are tight it helps open everything up. Sometimes we put a drop of essential oil in there as well. Great product for the price and very durable.

Very nice steamer. Simple and easy to use. It does what it s supposed, nice amount of steam as well.

Perfect. The cartridge for the water is small but we assume it s because you shouldn t be steaming your face longer than that amount lasts lol. Works perfect.

This steamer works like magic. We did our facial last night and woke up with soft and smooth skin. It is so much worth the purchase, its lightweight, doesn’t make any noise and is super powerful with steam.

We love this face steamer, it’s the perfect size. Instructions are easy to follow and easy to use. Steam comes out at a comfortably warm temperature. We would like for the water container to be a little larger but it is appropriate for one session. We would recommend purchasing this one.

We found this simple to use and compact but very powerful. The steam is very steady flowing and effective. It provides you with a very refreshing steam clean and helps to open your pores. We purchased this for two reasons, to of course steam our face but also to help with our sinuses. We suffer from horrible sinus headaches and the steam is so soothing and provides moisture, which helps greatly to relive the pain and pressure in our sinuses.

We are definitely glad we purchased this face steamer. It heats up quickly and it’s very easy to use?we love it so much ?.

This is our 3rd try with the facial steamer. We purchased the same steamer twice under a different brand name & paid $20 less than we paid for this one. Had to return them after a couple of uses each due as they kept breaking: leaking, etc. This it s the same exact machine, just costs more. The quality is not worth $50 at all. But it gets the simple job done, very lightweight & compact. Please do follow the instructions and use distilled or purified water. The easiest way is to just use bottle water. Do not use dasanwe water though. We believe the salt content rusts the insides of our first one. Please do not put essential oil directly in the water tank. It will destroy the steamer immediately. We were impressed this one did not have the extreme chemical plastic rusty smell the others had. But a fresh scent makes the steam time enjoyable. Try dropping a few drops of essential oil on a gauze, unfold the gauze out full length and place the gauze over the steamer head. Do not place the gauze or essential oil directly inside the steamer head. The heat and oil combo will melt the plastic shiny finish of the interior of the head. Be careful and enjoy.

It isn’t as hot as others that we have tried, the temperature is perfect. It has a handle which is good if you want to move it around to hit certain spots but it already does a good job at covering the entire face.

Highly recommended. This facial steamer is extremely user friendly, heats up and emits steam within 10-15 seconds and includes quality extraction tools (for blackheads etc. ). The cost of this steamer is very competitive. We looked around quite a bit and did our research before finally deciding to purchase this one. We found that this particular steamer has just as many, if not more, 5- star reviews as ones that cost twice as much. This purchase was a no brainer.

We purchased this product in january and we wanted to use it a few times before we wrote a review. The product arrived in a timely manner and looks exactly as it s advertised. It is the perfect size, not too big and not too small. The instructions were pretty straight forward, and the device is pretty easy to use. Prior to the quarantine, we got monthly professional facials and we would use this device once weekly. Now we use it twice weekly since we can t get our monthly facials. We have seen a huge difference in our skin tone. It is even and our dark spots have faded quicker. We have also noticed that our breakouts have decreased tremendously. We would definitely recommend having this device to add to your beauty regimen.

We bought this for our girlfriend who has a strict skin care routine. She doesn t really get acne but she likes to do blackhead extractions on her nose. She said it would save her money to skip paying for a professional facial and do it herself, so we got her this steamer for christmas. Let us just say, she loves it. The amount of water needed to get the thing going is minimal and it provides enough steam for just as long as she needs it. It heats up fast and has a nice, clean design. She s already done her at-home spa day and has even drug us into it. So, we suppose it s a good gift for two, lol. Because it s going to save her a lot of money in the long run and we get free skincare from her. Win, win.

We bought this after looking through several what seemed to be “cheaper” alternatives, and this brand is used by a beauty blogger we follow. It came relatively quickly and seemed simple enough, but upon unwrapping it, we discovered that one of the pegs that snaps the steam plate cover into the main body was broken off in the hole. It still steamed fine and didn’t have a plastic smell, we were satisfied with that. Decided to keep it because of quarantine and what a pain shipping can be.

We feel lucky to install a power outlet and a stand near our jacuzzwe bathtub. When we put this steamer next to our bathtub, this is perfect accessory and we can enjoy the hot water massage even better.

We just tried this facial steamer, and we were impressed. First off it is very nice looking, sleek, and easily portable with a nice carry handle. The water container is easy to get to and fill. It does not take long for the water to warm up to start creating mist. The mist comes out at a good rate, and it is at a good temperature. We could feel the effect of the moisture from the steamer, felt great. It was so relaxing. We look forward to using again, soon. We no longer have to stick our face in front of our whistling tea kettle, lol. We highly recommend this product, it is of good quality, and it works well.

After using the merece facial steamer, our skin feels moisturized, less dry, and overall healing. We are so glad we purchased this because it’s not only relaxing, but also clears our complexion. The overall product size is convenient to keep on the counter or put away easily in a drawer / cabinet. We loved it so much that we also bought one immediately for our friend as a gift. Highly recommend if you want a minwe “spa-getaway” right from your home.

We bought this product because of the uv sterilizing light feature which was hard to find. We have used it around 8 times now and it works well but it does still have somewhat of a plastic smell to it. We have never used a face steamer before so we have no points of reference for comparison as far as effectiveness etc. But overall we are happy with it.

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