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Luden's Honey Licorice Cough Throat Drops

Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Throat Drops

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Throat Drops.

  • 5-Packs. Each pack includes 30-Drops, for an overall of 150 Throat Drops.
  • Satisfying Honey Licorice flavor. Mmmenthol and Honey.
  • Usage for momentary relief of small mouth and throat pain. Secures inflamed locations in aching mouth and aching throat.
  • Luden’s honey licorice drops consist of menthol as an oral anesthetic. Excellent for sores or coughing.
  • Can be found in a resealable bag for included benefit and storage.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Throat Drops.
For over 130 years, Luden’s throat drops have offered pleasantly shooting remedy for scratchy throats. Luden’s Throat Drops are made with menthol for the function of an oral anesthetic. Relieve your throat from daily inflammations to small aching throats, few things are more aggravating than throat pain. Luden’s provides excellent tasting throat drops that will relieve your inflamed throat anywhere, anytime. Readily available in several tastes. They can be found in a hassle-free bag that can be resealed, so take as required and conserve the rest. Pleasing Honey Licorice flavor. Mmmenthol andHoney 30- Count per pack. Overall of 5 Packs. Usage as directed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Throat Drops.

Question Question 1

Does Anybody Know If It Includes Genuine Licorice Root, Glycyrrhiza Glabra?

Yes it passes away. we got in touch with the producer and they validated that it includes licorice and synthetic flavorings. So it does consist of Glycyrrhiza.

Question Question 2

What Is The Expiration Date Now?

The expiration date on package is 06/2036

Question Question 3

Does The Honey Licorice Have Menthol In Them?

States on the back of the bag that there is 1.6 mg menthol per drop,

Question Question 4

What Is Experation Date?


Question Question 5

What Remains In The Drops And How Much?Thnx?

active component in each drop, Menthol 1.6 mg oral anesthetic, non-active components, caramel color, corn syrup, tastes, glycerin, honey, salt acetate, soybean oil, sucrose, water

Question Question 6

How Lots Of Ounce Bag Is It? We Recognize There Are 30 Drops, However How Lots Of Ounces Is That?

Remarkably, the weight isn’t noted on the product packaging, so we weighed it on our cooking area scale.It’s about 3 ounces.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Throat Drops, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Luden’s are the best cough drops. They work and do not leave us sensation “overmedicated” when we need to utilize a great deal of them in one day, as some other brand names of cough drops have. They relieve our throat well and supply relief from tickling, coughing, or dryness. We were extremely delighted to find this “honey licorice” range of luden’s here on. We have not had the ability to find them here in our town, so we were extremely delighted to stockpile on them here. They work for when our throat is dry and tickly from allergic reactions, along with for a cough. We like to keep them on hand, a few drops in our handbag front pocket, for “emergencies” aka unforeseen requirements of ourself or others. The batch that we got has an expiration date of about a year and a half out, offering us a lot of time to utilize these up prior to they end. We are so delighted we believed to browse for these here on. Terrific purchase.

We have liked these cough drops for more than 50 years. We have not had the ability to find them for numerous several years and we are delighted we can get them on. The cost is excellent and they do not ruin so we might buy more”just in case” They are the only cough drops that work for us (think it or not, the other luden’s tastes do not work).

We are addicted to these black licorice/honey lozenges. We have been purchasing them for years (never ever prior to from ), however other locations run out of stock or terminate them and that is not an alternative for us, lol. We need to keep a consistent supply. This 5 pack is excellent for us for that factor, however if you wear t buy bulk (a minimum of 5pk), is quite costly. We absolutely wouldn t buy a specific bag. If ur aiming to buy simply a couple of bags, this is not the location.

These cough drops work better than any other brand name that we have attempted, and we enjoy the subtle licorice flavor. They are incredibly soothing on an aching, scratchy throat, without the frustrating medical flavor that numerous other cough drops have. A+ cough drops, plus this incredible cost for a 5-pack is unsurpassable.

These are extremely good modification from the excessively menthol or excessively sweet cough drops. They are not a “gross” licorice flavor. We have had other licorice flavored drops that we needed to spitout We buy 4 bags at a time at the supermarket. We had purchased these as part of care plan for our ill college child.

We were uncertain about acquiring a 5 pack of the luden’s honey licorice throat drops, however we are so delighted we did. These drops relieved our throat and tackled our cough like absolutely nothing else we have attempted. We never ever like menthol lozenges, however the terrific taste of the honey licorice conceals any menthol; we even forgot it was a component. We put 4 of the 5 packs in numerous locations: nightstand, office, living room, and handbag. We have shared some pieces with pals and colleagues and they too are happily amazed at how well they work.

These licorice cough drops are definitely our preferred along with our partner’s. We have a nearly persistent cough all year due to publish nasal drip. We just utilize a cough drop when we wish to absolutely prevent coughing. These appear to work, plus they taste great. We purchased the qty of 5 bags with 30 count in each. Certainly the very best deal plus they last permanently.

Lovethese We have attempted to buy these in shops and have not had the ability to find them. Matured in michigan delighting in ludens cough drops if you like licorice and require a cough drop, this is the one.

We have liked these for years. They are the very best throat lozenge in our viewpoint. We were pleased to find them wholesale.

We just recently had bronchitis. These cough drops worked better than the numerous cough syrups we attempted, consisting of one prescription syrup. Extremely advise.

We can not take a great deal of cough drops due to medication interaction. Ludens work effectively at easing the desire to cough without undesirable interactions. Flavour obviously is subjective, we are the just one in our household who liked black licorice. Functions well for us, the grandkids do not consume them as sweet.

These are our mama’s preferred given that she was a little lady however she can’t find them anywhere now. Purchased enough that we believed they ‘d last her a long period of time however they’re currently gone.

These been available in useful for us. We enjoy the licorice flavor and they assist with that dry tickle sensation in your throat.

We enjoy these honey licorice cough drops. Because relocating to bc practically 4 years ago we have been not able find them anywhere. We have had household sending us them from ohio. We are so delighted to have found them on.

No cough drop worksbetter Relieves throat and keeps irritation down.

We can’t live without these when we have a cold. They work better than anything we have ever utilized prior to. We constantly brand-new fennel assists with throat inflammations and cough. Our partner does not like the flavor of black licorice however swears by these.

We utilized to have these cough drops when we were a kid just they remained in a box and round. We were enjoyed find this product once again. It has been so long. We purchased 3 bundles. These likewise sooth your throat and aren’t strong. Love love enjoy them.

These are the only cough drops that we can take. We consume a lot of of them. Really strong, tasty licorice flavor. We purchased a 2nd multwe pack and we no longer have a cough.

Have a cough that will not disappear, so we draw on these & honey lemon.

Tastes excellent, gets at the tickle, many of all, are affordable size in the mouth. It s hard to find a cough drop that is not substantial, choking size and doesn t taste like medicine. These are comfy.

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