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Lumcrissy Nano Ionic Steamer for Face

Lumcrissy Nano Ionic Steamer for Face

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lumcrissy Nano Ionic Steamer for Face.

  • Nano-ionic Steamer &High-end Manufacture: Adopt nano-atomization technology,which to penetrate the skin 10X more effectively to improve cell vitality.The sleek design and streamlined appearance, easy to use and portable.You canenjoy professional facial SPA at home or even in travel .The water tank is made by ultra-high grade, durable, heat – resistant and eco-friendly premium material, does not have any plastic smell .
  • Spa Facial Treatment: Promotes collagen regeneration,makes skin clear and bright, 10x improved blood circulation, improves cell vitality for a healthier younger looking complexion, reduces acne and blackheads, weakens pigmented spots, kills skin bacteria, and suppresses acne, restores smooth and delicate skin, promotes drainage of sinuses and airways for overall improved well being.
  • Powerful Steams: Made of custom PTC heating element. the facial steamer nozzle sprays strong, steady, wide and thick steams within 40 seconds, covering entire face Nano-sized steams easily penetrate the skin barrier, moisturize skin more quickly and absorb nutritional essence more effectively.
  • Smart Switch and Auto Shut-off: The atomizer has an anticreep touch-panel for operation, which is easy and safe for your beauty routine. Facial steamer will auto shut-off if there is no water in the water supply tank, preventing any injury. Enjoying spa-like facial sauna treatments at home, anytime you want.
  • Perfact Gift&Quality: Meanwhile we offer 12-Month Limited money back guarantee or return service,just contact us service@lumcrissy.com, Absolutely a perfect gift for your friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lumcrissy Nano Ionic Steamer for Face.

Question Question 1

Can I Put Essential Oils Into The Water Compartment? Is It Easy To Clean?

Yes, you can. It is also fairly easy to clean.

Question Question 2

How Long Does It Run?

Like 5-7 minutes.It s not good to steam your face for more than 10 mins bc it can cause inflammation

Question Question 3

A Few Reviewers Said It Leaks. Any Problems With Leakage?

Yes, it does leak. However, they will replace it and the second did not leak. It all depends if you get one that is a lemon or not.

Question Question 4

Can We Use Hot Water? Is To Use Before Shave Our Beard.?

It is a steamer so its going to end up hot no matter what water you use. The directions say you must use distilled however.

Question Question 5

About How Hot Does The Steam Get?

It does get a little hot but not to the point where it feels like your face is burning off if that helps lol

Question Question 6

Is This Made Out Of Plastic Or Made Out Of Metal?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Lumcrissy Nano Ionic Steamer for Face, these might be useful for better understanding.

Really recommend. This has helped clear our super stubborn adult acne. We have struggled with oily skin for years and bad breakouts, but with our skin being so sensitive, we can t use hardly any acne fighting treatments without getting irritation and rashes. This is the most relaxing and soothing way to fight acne and oily skin. We use it twice a week, one day we will do this followed by a face mask then coconut oil moisturizer then a few days later just do the steam and coconut oil. We put tea tree and lavender oils and it makes it so relaxing and enjoyable. It holds what seems like very little water but that makes about 15 minutes of steam and you really don t want to do any longer anyways it ll dry your sinuses out. It s been very reliable so far and you can t beat the price.

Facials at home whenever we need it. No more spending $60+. Easy to use, heats up quickly. Doesnt take up much space. Note: use purified water. Did a budget at home facial with our daughter (clean, facial scrub/exfoliate, steam, mud mask with cucumbers for the eyes, moisturize). Our face feels amazing. And everything was under $40. Products still left for more facials. Yay.

We got really tired of boiling water on the stove we needed something faster and that will come in handy with our skin care routine and this gadget was perfect. It s so sophisticated as well looks great chilling on our bathroom shelf . We just need to add water and in just about a minute the steam start to come out of the spout . We use it all the time since we do have oily skin works great with the aztec clay mask and the biore charcoal cleanser.

We bought this steamer because we needed one and it was inexpensive compared to other and it has good reviews. We weren’t expecting it to be perfect to be honest but we were pleasantly surprised. The instructions about the amount of water you have to put are not exactly clear but we read in a review that someone burned herself because it put too much water, so we went with a small amount to be sure. We put water in the cup till the dotted line and that’s where we used, even if the dotted line was all crooked. Honestly, for the price, it works very well. You put the amount of water, wait 20 seconds and you have your steam. It feels nice in the face and helped us to open our pores 🙂 didn’t have any problem setting it up or using it. Shipping was also flawless, got everything quick and product was intact. It’s definitely worth it.

This steamer is lightweight and easy to use. We really like it. It takes about 90 seconds to heat up, but the steam only lasts 5-7 min. We wish the steam lasted longer.

The top of the steamer always comes out.

Best face steamer great for sinus issues.

This steamer works great. We put the 50ml of water inside and it did not splash on us nor burn our skin. It stops steaming once it runs out of water (obviously) so you know when your session is done. It really dilated our pores and it did help our nose pores to open and we started extracting all of our nose blackheads and they came out quick. 10/10 would recommend.

Nice steamer, our daughter loves it.

Good product. Bought as a gift after buying one for self. Great for opening your pores before a facial or putting on products.

We brought this mainly for our sinus allergies. It helped us breathe, it also helped with our skin.

We literally love it when it s ready it turns on this color. But when you add too much water it squirts water and let us tell you love it burns . And the top to twist it on is weird but other than that recommend. We use this before we start doing our extractions and stuff .

Love this . First couple uses smells like plastic , the bottom seems to really heat up fast . Check the dimensions tho as this was a lot smaller then we anticipated. But it gets the job done . Nice big steam cloud.

Really good product.

It s good and easy to use. Been using this for a week and our face is cleaner and fresher.

Perfect for quick steam.

Steamer works wonderful heats up in no time and feels very nice in face and skin feels like you have been in sauna.

We have been looking for a good inexpensive facial steamer to incorporate into our skin care regimen everyday, this product is amazing and warms up really quickly.

Perfect. Quick shipping.

We love this steamer. We use it when doing our facials or when our face needs some good moisture. The steam comes out enough and covers our entire face.

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