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LunaTussin Personal Humidifier Strips - Nasal Vapor Pads

LunaTussin Personal Humidifier Strips – Nasal Vapor Pads

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LunaTussin Personal Humidifier Strips – Nasal Vapor Pads.

  • TWICE THE HUMIDITY OF ROOM HUMIDIFIERS – Our unique, breakthrough, patent pending, nasal humidifier strip technology provides twice the humidity of typical room humidifiers and steam diffusers to stop your coughing and sinus symptoms fast.
  • TARGETS THE SOURCE OF YOUR COUGH – by soothing inflamed tissues, unlike unhealthy over-the-counter drugs that merely cover up your symptoms and often unwanted side effects such as leaving you feeling groggy the next morning. Our nasal humidifier strips naturally capture the moisture as you breathe to target and reduce irritation in the nose and throat caused by a dry cough, dry air, or sinus problems.
  • START FEELING BETTER FASTER – Our new nasal humidifier sinus aid will quickly reduce your allergy symptoms and dry coughing so you can get the sleep you need and wake up refreshed.
  • NO MESS AND NO CLEAN UP – These proven, germ-free, breathe easy nasal humidifier sinus relief strips will provide you with the best natural respiratory cough solution without the high cost, cleaning, maintenance and noise of traditional steam & mist machines.
  • GUARANTEED TO WORK OR YOUR MONEY BACK. – We are so confident that LunaTussin will naturally stop your nighttime cough that we back it with our 100% risk free 120 day money back guarantee – so be prepared now so you never lose a good night sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LunaTussin Personal Humidifier Strips – Nasal Vapor Pads.

Question Question 1

Can You Reuse The Strips Or Are They Onetime Use Only?

They are meant for one time use.

Question Question 2

How Long Does It Stay Active?

Good question.LunaTussin stays active all night.Hope you are feeling better.Errol

Question Question 3

How Do You Apply It?

Each humidifier comes individually wrapped.Simply unwrap, peel the backing off of the humidifier and apply to you nose much like a band-aid.You can see visual instructions on and on the back of the box.

Question Question 4

Does This Work Better Than A Room Humidifier?

It does.LunaTussin is designed to deliver moisture right where its needed and is not dependent on room size, type of humidifier, or how clean the humidifier is.And, LunaTussin delivers up to twice the moisture of most room humidifiers and lasts all night.Thanks for the question.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on LunaTussin Personal Humidifier Strips – Nasal Vapor Pads, these might be useful for better understanding.

We had to squeeze together the center bit because our nostrils are bit close together, but once we got it positioned we were pleasantly surprised. They look utterly ridiculous, so the flight attendants were giving odd looks, but we noticed a marked difference in how our sinuses felt when we landed after 6 hours. Deducting a star for the price. These little buggers are expensive.

Our husband’s nighttime coughing drove both of us crazy until we discovered lunatussin. We had tried just about every cough remedy you can buy but nothing seemed to work on him. Both of us were up half the night. Night after night. We guess it showed on our face, because one of our best friends at the gym asked if we were okay. “you look exhausted,” she said. We told her the problem and she recommended lunatussin. Hoping for the best we ordered a box. Our husband was a little dubious at first, but the first night he used a lunatussin strip he slept like a baby. And so did i. No coughing. It’s pretty amazing. He feels better and we look better. Perfect.

This product is truly a breakthrough. How wonderful to have something to help nighttime coughs that is not a prescription. We have respiratory problems and go through a lot of cough medicine and cough drops every winter. This works easily and is so much better for our bodies. We plan on having this with us at all times, at home and when we travel. We can verify that you will also find it effective and easy to use.

Recently our sinuses have been more dried out than usual and for the first time in our life, we have been experiencing seasonal allergies. The air in california is super dry and we have needed something life this for a long time. These strips are kind of goofy to put on and look a bit silly, but to our surprise, we woke up feeling better than we have in months. They really do work.

We will admit we were skeptical of something new. But, since nothing else was working, we thought what the heck, we will try anything. Talk about a pleasant surprise. Within minutes we felt a difference. When we inhaled, it was like this warm moist air was spreading through the inside of our nose, throat and, we guess, all the way into our bronchial tree. You guys don t say so, but within minutes we could feel a difference. Here s what really blew us away—-our cough didn’t just slow down, it almost vanished. We slept through the night, and for the first time in three days we went to work. You ve made us believer.

Three cheers for lunatussin. We bought the strips for our daughter. She has asthma and becomes dried-out at night. We tested it before allowing her to use the product. It works. We began by using one during waking hours. You can feel the humidifier working the second you begin breathing through your nose. We slept with one on that night and gave her one the following night. We did not hear her cough once. She generally has 2-5 small coughing fits per night. We found our solution. This product is worth every cent. We travel a good deal for business and will be using them on planes as well. They are easy to use and store.

We have had sinus and dry cough issues most of our life that normally flare up in the winter and during the spring time. We have used room humidifiers and over the counter drugs with varying degrees of success. Stumbled upon luna tussin and decided to give it a try, although with some doubt. We tried it out before bed and to our surprise it worked. Within minutes, we could feel the moisture clearing our passage ways, less harsh coughing and breathing became easier with our throat feeling less dry. We are believer and can highly recommend the product.

Our allergies have been making us wake up in the middle of the night with a persistent cough and this really helped out. We haven t been waking up so it s great to be rested in the morning.

Night time coughs are always a problem. And particularly in winter when the house is dry, things are typically worse. These luna strips worked great. Amazing really. Kept our throat and nasal passages clear with natural humidity of our own breathing.

We have really bad allergies and often wake up coughing in the middle of the night. We saw these and thought we would try them out. It has helped us tremendously with our allergies.

Tried lina tussin the other night after having our seasonal allergy attack with dry coughing and sinuses. The product worked as described. Within minutes, sinuses opened up and coughing felt much less contested as we breathed normally.

Hace su teavajo.

This product does exactly as advertised. At first we weren t buying it because we have tried everything to alleviatehorrible night time coughing when we are sick, but try it for yourself and see.

Not used to taping anything under our nose at night but the full night’s uninterrupted sleep was worth it.

Great to use with congestion due to cold / flu or on dry winter days.

We purchased this product directly through the site, but felt compelled to leave a review here. We have had a terrible cough for three months that doctors can’t seem to diagnose as anything other than “walking pneumonia”. Nothing provides relief and cough syrups leave us feeling groggy or loopy. The pain and exhaustion were taking a toll on us and we decided to try everything we could find to find relief. We happened to come upon this product while searching for drug free options and gave it a try and it has been a life saver. We are finally able to sleep through the night without being constantly woken up with painful dry coughing. It took a little getting used to, but you quickly forgot it was there and it stayed on through the whole night. We have even taken to wearing them during the day while at home. We would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering with a cough.

Lunatussin is a fantastic product for relieving nighttime coughing without using expensive medicines with side effects or a bulky room humidifier. So grateful these were recommended to us by a friend.

We were looking for relief from our nighttime cough that wouldn t leave us fuzzy in the morning. Found it. Not exactly sure how it all works but it does. No need for a humidifier soaking our pillow every night. We travel for work and now keep a couple of these in our shaving kit.

The graphics of this video are amazing but we don’t trust the narrator’s voice :'( we love lunatussin and am a customer 4 lyfe. Stocking up for coronavirus 2020 and hope it works.

Prone to nosebleeds, we hoped lunatussin strips would help with the dry sinuses that causes them (in addition to aiding dry coughing). Check both boxes on a job well done. One tip : the adhesive works so well you might be tempted to get a second night out of a strip. Don t ??. Start with a fresh strip every night.

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