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LUVV Personal Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers

LUVV Personal Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LUVV Personal Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers.

  • §¡ PORTABLE AROMATHERAPY: Take the power of aromatherapy with you wherever you travel. Fits easily into pockets, purses, backpacks, and yoga bags. Set of 3 scents makes a great gift. Made with pure essential oils. No unauthentic smells.
  • §¡ RELAX LAVENDER: Pure, calming Lavender essential oil. Wonderful for stress, headache, migraine, and PMS relief. Encourages relaxation for restful sleep.
  • §¡ HAPPY BLEND: Add a little pep to your step. HAPPY is a cheerful blend of Bergamot, Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Roman Chamomile, and Cedar. A joyful blend that promotes calm focus.
  • §¡ SUNRISE BLEND: Awaken with this uplifting, blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Bergamot essential oils. Known for boosting mood and energy, citrus essential oils are wonderful for reducing anxiety and seasonal depression.
  • §¡ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your order.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LUVV Personal Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers.
Scent Name:SUNRISE, RELAX, HAPPY Combo Pack  |  Size:3-PackRELAX, HAPPY and SUNRISE aromatherapy nasal inhalers (set of 3) are all natural aromatherapy blends designed to awaken the senses, calm the mind, and encourage relaxation. RELAX – calming lavender. HAPPY – joyful blend of bergamot, peppermint, rose geranium, roman chamomile, and cedar. SUNRISE – uplifting citrus blend of grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot essential oils. Travel easy with LUVV s leak-proof mini design.Thai ya dom  nasal inhalers have long been used in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia to conveniently harness the essence of plant oils to benefit the mind and body. Fits in your desk, car, yoga and travel bags, making it an absolute must for anyone on-the-go. Have kids? Pets? Our simple design makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of calming aromatherapy without the worry of spills and leaks. Small, portable and simple, LUVV nasal inhalers are the most convenient and low-key way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Each blend is specially crafted to optimize your physiological and emotional well-being, while also providing refreshing sinus relief.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LUVV Personal Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers.

Question Question 1

Can You Make A Eucalyptus Lemon One, Pls?

Oh wow, that’s a great idea. Yes, we’ll add that to our product development list. We have some other cool new products coming out soon.

Question Question 2

How Long Do These Last?

It depends how often you use it, but it should last a couple months at least.

Question Question 3

Is This At All Bad For You?

Absolutely not, this is a 100% natural, healthy product designed to enhance your life and wellbeing.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on LUVV Personal Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers, these might be useful for better understanding.

We like how they smell, it is pleasant but did literally nothing to improve our anxiety or relaxation. In fact it did quite the opposite as we took a large nose hit while stopped at a red light, looked over to our right and just barely managed to catch the look on the police officers face before the light turned green. Within a few minutes, instead of feeling relaxed, we were explaining what we were “snorting” and that we had pulled the label off etc. Fun times. But really just because it doesn’t work as intended for us doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. It does seem to work as a sneeze stopper, however.

We have purchased the sunrise before and have been enjoying it very much. The happy inhaler is a new eo synergy blend for us. The first inhale didn’t smell quite right. We went back and read which eos were in it then tried again and the aroma then made sense. It’s definitely an acquired scent blend, but we can honestly say we are enjoying it especially because we are familiar with the benefits of each oil, good job. Of all three, we must say, our all time favorite is relax because it’s lavender. We use pure lavender eo everyday for just about everything and now we have our very own lavender inhaler. Thank you.

Pleasant aroma helps clear mildly stuffy sinus cavities, great to keep in car and purse.

Easiest little pieces of aromatherapy in your pocket. These inhalers are easy to use and are packed with soothing fragrance. The lavender is our personal favorite and gives you that immediate spa feeling. If you need an instant mood-lift, these inhalers are your best bet.

We love these nasal inhalers. The variety pack is great it has 3 very different oil blends that smell amazing. It s great to have them in our purse handy. And we love that they don t come in a whole lot of packaging.

We like the smell, we like the price and we like the way it helps congestion. Not sure of the stress relief yet.

Tamper proof packaging. Scents were great. We did also purchase a single unit of the sunrise, but found the one in the 3 pack is a much stronger scent.

We have never tried aromatherapy but thought we would give these a try due to their ease of use and portability and the fact they aren’t oils you apply to your skin. We were pleasantly surprised that they do work. Highly recommend.

The lavender is our fav. It calms us down when we are feeling overwhelmed. It also relaxes us before bed. They are very convenient and easy to carry in our purse.

Absolutely love these. We bought more already and would recommend these to anyone looking for natural ways to clear your sinuses.

We love essential oil blends, but hate the mess of oils and was looking for something to throw in our tote for on-the-go use. These are perfect. The scents are subtle yet strong enough to feel a difference. We like how you can control the amount inhaled and there is no residue or mess. Our favorite is the relax lavender scent. Great for before bed, as well as to take a mindful moment for slowing down and creating calm during a stressful day.

Such a nice scent, and the very act of using this inhaler makes us pause for a moment and allows for some real benefits towards fighting anxiety to take place.

This product size is great for travel and everyday use. The product does relax you.

Like the product but we will probably not buy again. Smell doesn’t seem to last. But we are not sure because this is the first time we have ever tried this type of product.

We love aromatherapy, but am not a big fan of oils. These portable inhalers are perfect. They are small enough to fit in our purse, and the aromas are pleasant without being overwhelming. We keep the relax on in our bedside table. Great value for the money.

We love this calms us right down great lavender smells.

The lavender oil stick is great. We have a diffuser for lavender oil in our room but we love being able to take the oil sticks into the office or keep them in our purse to carry around.

Relaxation and something new to help us live with o2 tubing in our nose and the smell of the tubing. This is a breath of fresh air.

We love these. When you need a quick relaxation fix, use these.

These are decent inhalers. The scents are nice. We don’t use them everyday so they have last a while.

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