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The common cold affects millions each year in the United States, yet it remains among the most misunderstood and improperly treated illnesses.Most adults are familiar with the telltale symptoms of the common cold: sore throat, coughing, runny nose… After all, adults typically contract the common cold twice per year, and children and the elderly are at even higher risk. Despite the cold s status as one of the most widespread illnesses worldwide, however, myths abound concerning treatment and prevention strategies. In Quick Relief for the Common Cold, researcher M. Harrington outlines the information cold sufferers need to know. How can you tell the difference between a cold and the flu? When might you need to visit a healthcare practitioner? Which cold prevention methods really work? Most importantly, how can you treat a cold? The book answers these questions and more.

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As autumn speeds toward winter, bringing holidays and changes in weather, another accompaniment is the common cold – a nuisance factor that we all endure. In this brief informative little book north carolina author m. Harrington defines the malady, discusses its manifestations and how it differs from other illnesses, and comments on the various methods of treatments. As the author states, ‘the common cold is a respiratory illness common all over the world on average, a healthy adult experiences a cold twice a year, while children can experience several colds a year. A cold can be spread easily by touching your mouth, eyes, or nose after touching an infected individual practicing good hygiene, getting adequate sleep, and taking measures to decrease your stress levels are some effective ways of lowering your chances of getting sick. This straightforward approach carries through this book – a helpful resource for managing and coping with colds. Harrington discusses the signs and symptoms of a cold and how to differentiate between a cold and the flu, how a cold can progress into more serious illnesses if not treated correctly, some common ourths about colds, quick remedies (decongestants, cough suppressants, vitamin c, echinacea, elderberry, increased fluid intake, sleep hints, chicken soup, and more), and preventative measures to take – and when to consult a physician. This is a fine little summary of a disease we all encounter – and a helpful overview of what it is and how to endure and heal. Grady harp, november 19.

Author m. Harrington writes of how the common cold affects millions of people throughout the united states alone, but still remains one of the most incorrectly treated illnesses. Harrington explains how adults can catch a cold up to two times per year, while the elderly and children and catch it even more. In this book, harrington explains some of the most common misconceptions about colds and how they need to be treated. This includes highlighting the differences between colds and the flu and how your doctor can help to treat you. You ll also discover more information about how colds develop and spread. In addition to this information, you ll find some helpful tips as to how you can prevent a cold from forming, such as by eating a healthy cold-fighting diet. You ll also find some quick remedies you can use if you find yourself suffering from a cold, such as the best medications and vitamins. Because of this, this book is ideal for those who want to learn how to prevent catching a cold and ways to help heal it quickly if you do.

We grabbed quick relief for the common cold by m. Harrington when we were desperately in need of exactly what it described. We have a little one at home who is in daycare throughout the week and our entire family seems to rotate germs, getting sick definitely more often than the author s average of once or twice a year. Since our toddler is extra susceptible to germs, we try to use preventative care in our household. This book gave us a lot of good ideas that we hadn t been aware of already. It was too late to prevent ourself from getting sick, but at least we felt better. We knew about echinacea but not elderberry and we would never heard of a netwe pot. It s a great book if you re not strongly in the know about the difference between colds, flus, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, etc. The knowledge can prevent unnecessary doctor s visits or get you there when you need to be there.

This book clears the air and helps decipher the symptoms between the flu and the common cold and tells you when you should see a doctor or when home remedies will help. Personally we prefer using the more natural remedies than the over the counter medicines they mention but we love that the author also talks about the natural remedies and highlights the ones that really work. We highly recommend reading and applying these fixes for both the flu and the common cold before going to the doctor. We like that this book is written in clear and concise terms, there s no mumbo jumbo that clutters up the facts. It reads kind of like a powerpoint with the bullet points and graphs. Which to us is helpful, it makes it really easy to follow and refer back to for a quick reference without sorting through everything.

Quick relief for the common cold by m. Harrington is a short little guide that may help in your battle with the all too common cold. Most people get a cold one or two times a year according to the author. Children and the elderly are even more susceptible. While there is currently no cure, they are ways to make yourself more comfortable. This guide shows you how to distinguish between a cold and the flu, and how to treat it in various ways. There are preventative measures you can take as well, and the author even suggests when it might be a good time to see the doctor, if your cold doesn’t abate, or seems to get worse. Unfortunately for all of us, the common cold is something we all must grapple with; but this handy and informative guide may indeed help you feel better, faster.

Common colds are obnoxious but yet are part of life. For anyone who has questions about colds, the flu, what causes them, how to treat them, and other information, this book offers a simple but thorough discussion on these topics. This book is written in very simple terminology to make this topic approachable for just about everyone. It offers plenty of useful information, especially for parents who want to ensure their children stay healthy. What we especially enjoy about this book is the discussion of common ourths surrounding colds, including the idea that cold weather causes colds. Overall, this is a very educational book that anyone could get something out of.

In a time and age when we can quickly search for answers on the internet, we found ourself reading m. Harrington s quick relief for the common cold a quintessential guide on the topic of common cold and other respiratory illnesses similar to it. Sometimes, having too many sources of information online makes the task of looking for what you need more complicated than it has to be. We like that this brief read puts together reliable information in a manner that is easy to understand and follow—enough to get anyone with the common cold feeling well in no time.

It is that time of year again and we always find ourself getting sick. The common cold is a devastating illness that affects everyone. It doesn t matter who you are or how careful you are, you will likely encounter the common cold at one point or another. Many people are improperly treating it and don t really have any clue as to what they should do. Having this e-book was super handy because it had a lot of good, fact-checked options right at our fingertips. Instead of having to wade through inefficient options or deal with overdramatic things that basically said that our system was dying. It was nice to have this right on our kindle so that we could pop it up for advice whenever we felt like it. Also, after reading through the whole thing, we found it all quite useful. Although we haven t avoided the virus entirely, we have learned how to manage our symptoms better. Get it before you regret it.

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