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A new book from the # 1 bestselling author of The Break and The Female Who Takes My Life They’re an attractive household, the Caseys. Johnny Casey, his 2 siblings Ed and Liam, their stunning, gifted spouses and all their kids invest a great deal of time together– birthday celebrations, anniversary events, weekends away. And they’re a pleased household. Johnny’s spouse, Jessie– who has the most cash– demands it.Under the surface area, however, conditions are murkier. While some individuals clash, other individuals like each other far excessive … Still, whatever handles to remain under control– that is, up until Ed’s spouse, Cara, gets a concussion and can’t keep her ideas or viewpoints to herself. One reckless remark at Johnny’s birthday celebration, with the whole household present, and Cara begins spilling all their secrets.As whatever deciphers, each of the grownups discovers themselves questioning if it’s– lastly– the time to mature.

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We have simply completed this book and definitely liked it from start to complete. This is a developed book for full-grown fans of marian keyes. It is various to her other books and yet a lot the very same. This isn’t a story with a main character, plot and a pleased ending. It s a behind the scenes take a look at the untidy, imperfect lives of 3 siblings and their households. For the many part this isn’t a laugh out loud amusing however there is certainly humour there, simply more subtle than some of her earlier books. This story has to do with untidy adult relationships, rocky marital relationships and middle-aged angst. It s about those insecurities and secrets we conceal due to the fact that we feel we re too old not to have got ourselves totally together by now. There is a dependency story in there however it is simply one story and we believe marian managed it truly well. We do not comprehend the remarks about it being hard to follow all the characters. There are 3 households and each has a story. There are prolonged household members that appear however these are easy to follow. We often forgot whose kid was whose however eventually that doesn t interfere with the story. We truthfully didn’t desire this story to end and yet we couldn’t put the book down. Therefore, it s over and we are gutted due to the fact that we remain in self-isolation and we simply liked being a fly on the wall in other individuals s ‘ideal on the outdoors, and not so ideal on the within lives. Personally we believe this is a should check out if you’re a keyes fan and can recognize with remaining in your 40’s and life not being as ideal as you hoped it would be.

We dislike that minute when you come to the end of a marian keyes book, understanding it’s at least a year up until you can get the next one. We continue reading our kindle, and found the ancestral tree diagram difficult to see, so the characters were rather complicated to us for a while. As soon as we figured who was who we were away laughing, and truly delighted in the book. It did bug us that we didn’t understand how to pronounce saroise (sp?), however we didn’t wish to put the book down for enough time to findout Certainly as much as keyes typical requirement.

We had not had the satisfaction of checking out marian keyes up until we found matured. We reside in the us however heard her on a bbc radio 4 podcast discussing the book, and it sounded wonderful. We wound up binge reading it throughout a week when we had a sinus infection and it was such a reassuring buddy. Marian keyes does what we enjoy finest in a story, which is to provide something relatable with heat and great humor, while diving into the achey depths of adult life, today. Practically each of her characters is loveable and irritating in equivalent step, similar to individuals we would picked for our buddies and household. It s likewise a hearty book. We liked that it wasn t over in the requirement 265 pages, and yet we never ever seemed like it dragged. We were grateful to find a book that provided grown ups that varied from early 20 s and well past late 40 s. Jessie and cara, 2 females related by marital relationship in their mid to late 40 s get the majority of the plot s attention, as do their other halves and children. Keyes deftly prevents rubber marking these females in cliche and we were grateful to find ourself connecting to both of them rather of simply understanding with their circumstance. Keyes is likewise nuanced in her method to males and what it implies to appear as a partner, partner, and father when they are strolling their own thin lines. An outright satisfaction to find this book, which we had the ability to get in paper copy through prior to its us launch. Will certainly be returning to find more of keyes works.

Amusing and major at the very same time. Fantastic characters that you can not assist however enjoy and dislike all at once. We felt a bit recognized with nearly each of them in one way or another. Finest feature of keyes is that she constantly handles to deal with major and often unfortunate concerns without turning the book into an unfortunate drama. Do read.

Marian keyes is f ***** fantastic. To state we are fan of her books is an understatement. We have a few more pages left of this book and fearing ending it ever since we won t have anything to anticipate however our god this lady can compose a book like no other. Given that the day we checked out among her books anyone out there we have been hooked. Not just does her design of composing make you seem like you understand the characters however you simply never ever desire the journey to end. She makes us feel a lot of things with each of her books and we wear t understand lots of authors that have made us feel that, and we checked out a lots of books. Concerning this book, whether you are fan of hers or not, we extremely advise this book. The stories were not as complicated as we believed it would be, provided the number of characters there are. Generally when we checked out books with this lots of characters, it s generally hard for us to bear in mind whose who when we get where we end and then makes it aggravating for us to begin checking out once again. However this was such a smooth read we couldn’t stop thinking of all the characters. We enjoy this lady and this book and will humbly wait for for her next book to comeout Till then, going to gradually check out the last few pages and consider what else to do with our life.

We have checked out every book marian keyes has composed. We pre-ordered the book and couldn’t wait to read it. It didn’t dissatisfy. The characters are easy to like and you find yourself rooting for them. We want we didn’t read her books so quick. Buy it and enjoy it for a couple days.

Another marion keyes remarkable. Never ever dissatisfies. We were weeping as we completed the book, not unfortunate tears, (other than for the book ending. ), however psychological appreciation. Roller rollercoaster of laughter, feeling, finest book yet. And they’re all fantastic.

We are huge fan of marian keyes’ books and was truly eagerly anticipating this brand-new one. We enjoy to state that it didn’t dissatisfy. A really interesting, amusing, dynamic book. The characters are definitely real to life and it’s so easy to empathise with them throughout their ups and downs. The hard part about checking out marian keyes’ books is that you need to come to the end.

She s done it once again. Marion keyes is such a beloved author. Her characters are credible and captivating. She s among our relative’s all-time preferred authors. Would buy anything she composes.

For a reader with no experience of ireland or the irish individuals this book is an eye opener. We delighted in the story quite.

So depressed we have completed it. Marian constantly makes other books appear like crap. She is the queen – not simply of females’s fiction, however of human stories. We seem like we have lived her characters’ stories, and might not put the book down.

We liked this book, it was an enjoyment to check out and we were unfortunate to complete it. It was amusing and major at the very same time and the irish expressions and terminology all the way through makes it such a pleasure. We rapidly ended up being bought the characters and believed the representation of the casey siblings was specifically well done with their various methods of coping with their childhood. Exceptional. Thank you marian.

We enjoy marian keyes and all of her books. This is another amusing, wise, enjoyable book with depth. We can t wait for her next book.

What a terrific book once again from marian keyes. Amusing story. Not as great as her book ‘the break (our preferred up until now) however definitly advised.

A light fluffy amusing book. Terrific vacay read.

Another excellent one from this exceptional author. Terrific characters, suspenseful story and simply wonderful.

We definitely liked it from start to complete. Twists and turns had us captivated. Terrific read. Buy it. Specifically now when we require to keep away from indoor occasions.

Enjoyed every word.

It’s a great 4,5 star read, however we didn’t understand how to do a half star. We just dropped the half star due to the fact that it took us a bit to enter into the characters and the so the story.

Have not liked an imaginary irish household a lot because the walsh siblings. Marian’s outshined herself, amusing and heartbreaking – in a great way. (definitely no pressure.) however we can not wait up until the next one.

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