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Regard theLegend Admire the Prodigy. Commemorate the Champ. However never ever ignore the Rebel. With unequaled thriller and her signature cinematic storytelling, # 1 New York City Times – bestselling author Marie Lu plunges readers back into the memorable world of Legend for a really grand finale.Eden Wing has been residing in his bro s shadow for years. Despite the fact that he s a top trainee at his academy in Ross City, Antarctica, and a dazzling creator, many people understand him just as Daniel Wing s little bro.A years earlier, Daniel was referred to as Day, the young boy from the streets who led a transformation that conserved the Republic of America. However Day is no longer the exact same boy who was as soon as a nationwide hero. Nowadays he d rather conceal out from the world and leave his previous behind. All that matters to him now is keeping Eden safe — even if that likewise indicates quiting June, the excellent love of Daniel s life.As the 2 siblings battle to accept who they ve each ended up being given that their time in the Republic, a brand-new risk sneaks into the range that s grown in between them. Eden quickly discovers himself drawn up until now into Ross City s dark side, even his legendary bro can t conserve him. A minimum of not on his own …

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As much as readers shouted for a conclusion to the story arc/romance of day and june, this novel is truly eden s book. Marie lu satisfies readers whose hearts broke when june and daniel fulfilled after a years apart and daniel s amnesia implied that he did not remember their impressive love. The set, reunited now, with daniel s memories flooding back more every minute, need to collaborate in their main capabilities and as people working outside the criteria of their particular federal governments, to assist eden utilize his enormously skilled brain to concurrently make life in ross city more fair for its people and lower a criminal kingpin whose intentions appear supportive and yet are are deformed by desire for power. Whew. If that sentence appears made complex, it is since the book is similarly so. The republic and antarctica both figure in this novel, and today battles constantly bring the weight of issues of the past. Daniel s relationship with his more youthful bro is definitely notified by their past. He views himself guardian and protector of eden, and his sorrow and rage at all the times he believes he stopped working in these capabilities makes his relationship with eden, finishing now from university and become early the adult years, uncomfortable and aggravating. When eden utilizes the undercity to check his nerve, daniel freaks out. The 2 siblings need to discover to accept each other as grown individuals throughout the course to the novel, and it is the shift that notifies the plot. Eden, whose sacrifices and bravery ended the republic s pester, has constantly resided in daniel s shadow, however he is not simply acting out when her endeavors into an unlawful drone race; he is evaluating his development, a brand-new continuous- energy engine. He longs to free himself from bullying by schoolmates and likewise from the over- protective nature of his trouble s enjoy. He enters into his own in this novel, acquiring a better understanding of not just his own strengths however likewise his bro s life as a criminal when he was too young to understand it. We enjoyed this novel, enjoyed the brand-new character of prissa, and took pleasure in the author s deft handling of existing action depending on and made complex by the characters s past-and- present injuries. Now we simply require some concept of how the eden bataar wing of this book ends up being the character we see in wildcard. We truly hope there is a novella or novel in the offing that will discuss how eden goes from his operate in reconstruction/urban preparation in los angeles to leading a group of players in fight in cyber tokyo.

That last chapter deserved all the years we waited. It has been so long given that we visited this characters. We were a teenager then and we are an adult now and reviewing them as grownups seemed like capturing up with old pals. We shed numerous tears in this book and our heart feels full and pleased. From the bottom of our soul we need to thank you marie lu. Your characters pertained to us in an extremely specific time in our life. June and daniel have taught us me a lot. There are lessons that we found out through them that will remain with us for ever. We have no words to explain our appreciation for bringing their story to our life. So we will stick with a basic thank you.

4. 5 stars. Lastly. We seem like this series has a real ending now compared to the one from champ. Daniel (initially referred to as day) and june have truly matured and grew offered just how much time has expired given that the last book and from life experience. This is informed in rotating povs in between daniel and eden. However since of completion of champ, we have a respectable concept of what june is believing even if daniel doubts. Eden is his own individual now, too, and we took pleasure in being familiar with him more in this book. We liked the story simply great, however truly, our preferred parts were the ones with june and daniel naturally since at long last, they have the ending we have all been waiting to see occur.

4. 5 starsmajor warcross vibes. We might absolutely inform that this book was affected by that series. It was an extremely unusual book, at minutes we enjoyed it since of the brand-new characters and plot and others times we were drawn back into the legend series june/day story. Both are excellent, simply various. All that being stated we enjoyed the last touches for the story and the call backs to the other books (good touch). We likewise liked that while it did have some fond memories it was likewise its own book not simply another follow up. Older eden s quantity of participation in this story was an overall surprise and we liked it, made it a various novel in the series in a great way.

We might not remain in this age, given that we are an adult, however we have enjoyed every minute and chapter of all 4 books. Day, june, and lastly eden are on full screen and it’s been a blast. We advise rhis book to any reader of any age whom enjoys a terrific story and adorable characters. Really, we will check out the other three books once again since they lack a doubt that addictive to check out over and over once again. A huge thank you goes to marie lu for composing this book that lastly sees all the significant characters have a delighted ending. Specifically day and june. They was worthy of to get wed at the end.

We wish to beginning this evaluation by stating that this is our all- time preferred ya series and among our preferred series in general. Legend, prodigy, and champ are artwork and so engaging that we find ourself wishing to reread them time and once again. No other books have ever linked us so well to an imaginary word and day and june are most likely the most vibrant, impactful, and remarkable characters we have ever checked out. Needless to state, when we found out about rebel, we wereted no time at all in preordered it. That being stated we find that a truthful list of pros and cons is essential for this addition simply since it is a little bit various than the first three books. ** spoilers ahead ** pros: composing– the author does an extraordinary task of diving into the hearts and minds of our lead characters. When we read her work, we can truly feel and link with what the characters are experiencing. Her descriptions are basic yet brilliant and the discussion has to do with as reasonable as one can accomplish on paper. Each character has their own voice and their own state of mind and she reveals this in the craft of her writing. Eden– we had anticipated that the typical double- point of view would be informed by daniel and eden rather of daniel and june. We privately hoped june would have informed the other half, however we truly took pleasure in being familiar with edenbetter This book is absolutely eden’s story (which is why we state it’s a little bit various than the original trilogy). He ended up being an extremely relatable character and we comprehended his battles. While no one can change june, eden did a great task of informing us his side of the story. Plus his battle at the end with dominic hann was simply pure awesomeness. Daniel– while to us he will constantly be day, our company believe that daniel altan wing is (and most likely constantly will be) among the most objectively relatable characters to ever exist within the pages of a novel. Whatever that occurs to him, whatever he does you simply feel it. You comprehend what he s going through. He is our preferred lead character we have ever checked out. We enjoy him. That being stated. He’s a little bit various in this book, eclipsed (in a little way) by his more youthful bro eden. However still. He’s daniel altan wing. He’s day. June– we were so anxious that june would just make a brief cameo in this novel. Not so. She played an important function in this story and am really delighted with her screen time. Drone races– a fitting homage to our cherished skiz battles of legend with an antarctican twist. Extremely good. The ending – we have no words for this. Simply read it. We wear t truthfully believe it might have been more ideal. Cons: sluggish start– undoubtedly, this novel began far slower than the other three. Undoubtedly a particular degree of antarctican world structure needed to occur, and we needed to get raised to speed on the brand-new lives of daniel and eden however beyond the drone racing, very little occurs in this book till you re at the midway point. There is a sense of foreboding with eden s participation in the undercity and some stress with the restoring of the relationship in between daniel and june, however absolutely nothing that makes your stomach squirm in anticipation to find outmore Regrettably, not rather the page turner that legend was till much further into the book (naturally it gets really well in the 2nd half). The level system– we are with daniel on this one: antarctica s level system draws. Not simply for the people of the undercity, however simply how irregular it was throughout the novel. There are numerous circumstances where we would anticipate indicate be included or decreased in specific scenarios, however none of that occurs. Daniel kissing june? that ought to be some points. Participating in an unique gala? got to be something there. Perhaps even something as basic as the heated arguments in between daniel and eden. Shouldn t they lose a couple? if watering a plant will offer you +1, we need to think that these few examples call for something. Unless all this leveling up is indicated? we re never ever informed and never ever findout We likewise find it hard to think that it is so tough for individuals in the undercity to raise their level. Simply doing useful things for yourself or others appears like a quite uncomplicated roadway to the sky floorings. This suggests that all individuals in the undercity are crooks which simply isn’t real. The level system seems like a cool concept however in the writing, it ends up being tough to impose on a page- by- page basis. Shallow characters– okay constructing a varied cast of deep and significant characters can be a hard task when your story remains in first individual. Even with a double point of view, this is not quickly attained (specifically here within the period of just one book). Nevertheless, this is precisely what occurred in the first three books with tess, kaede, thomas, anden, leader jameson, and even pascao. These characters were all established from the viewpoints of day and june and each of them was special and remarkable in their own way. Not rather in rebel. We get a few looks of pressa and dominic hann and who they are, however that s all it is: looks. No one else presented truly matters. In general, this book was an excellent follow up that finished up the questions about life after legend and where the future sees our cherished characters. The ending was psychological, gripping, and we are so happy to have started this journey from the really starting when we first got legend. 2 huge thumbs up.

This book is precisely what the legend trilogy required. While champ was a terrific book in itself, it didn’t offer much closure. Rebel nicely answers all the questions left unanswered in the very best way. We personally am a sucker for delighted endings. We reside in truth where life does not constantly have delighted endings so when we checked out a dream we desire a delighted ending we dislike unfortunate endings. So we were extremely pleased that this ending had a rewarding ending. There’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than investing our time and feelings into a terrific story just for all the main characters to pass away. * cough divergent cough *.

We checked out the original series years ago and recall being dissatisfied at the conclusion of the series. After checking out rebel, we felt that the unsolved concerns in between day and june were given a required end. We took pleasure in the classic recommendations to previous occasions and characters and returned to check out legend (the graphic novel this time) to revitalize our memory. Lu s strengths constructing stress in between character came through yet once again, and we took pleasure in the advancement of occasions in her last installation (possibly more?) of this series.

We were very delighted to get the next book in the legend series and am very delighted with it. After the cliff wall mount we were left on in champ, rebel was a book we couldn’t wait to check out. We wear t wish to ruin anything however will state if you delight in the series up until now you will fall in love with this book similar to the others.

The book is fantastic read and cover artwork is exceptional, the matte appearance sends it over the edge. Marie lu is a terrific author and our partner can’t put her books down, that’s stating something if he reads rather of playing computer game ?? this book series deserves purchasing and excellent plot to get lost in.

This was an extremely good unforeseen surprise. We truly enjoyed it originating from (mainly) eden’s point of view, without leaving out the main characters of the last 3 books. It summarized the lives of some, while leaving the door open for advancing the story of others lives. We anticipate seeing if this author chooses to take it any further. We extremely advise reading this set.

Our child brought this book house from school. We selected it up and was immediately amazed and absorbed with checking out the whole series. We have constantly wished to check out the ending of day and june and we enjoy that the author continued to compose rebel. A should for all ya and adult dystopian fans.

Been waiting for completion of legend series for so long. Perfect series for teenagers and grownups alike. Dystopian. Experience. Love. It has all of it.

This series made us have numerous feelings at the same time, anger worry, joy and what ever other feelings you can consider. We enjoy the ending and we are so grateful that the book didn’t end the way we believed it did when we ended up champ. We ended up all of the books relatively rapidly and have kept up late in the evening to be able to read them. It’s going to be hard to find another series however we are grateful it ended the way it did.

We definitely enjoyed the first three books and attempt state they stay our favorites. All other dystopian books that we read we cant aid however compare to the legend series. Spoiler * this installation was such a treat and im so grateful to have had the ability to get this delighted ending.

Marie lu developed a wonderful dystopia, with characters we enjoyed. We are happy we lastly got to the gladly ever after.

June and day reunited versus the background of a horror strike this time in antartica. Informed in turning perspectives in between day daniel and his more youthful bro eden, they accept a future in the republic.

We believed this book was extremely well composed. We enjoyed the ending. We believed it was totally essential after the author left us awaiting book three. The story wasn t as covering as books 1- 3, however it was totally essential and magnificently done.

We have been waiting so long for this to comeout This is a terrific series of books the very best we have ever checked out. We are hoping that there will be another please.

We were practically scared to read this since we liked how the legend series ended. However be still our heart, this ending was evenbetter Enjoyed it.

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