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Essential Oils for Allergies by Mary JonesTired of the Sniffing, Sneezing and General Misery of Allergies?Essential Oils Can Whisk Away Your Blues the Natural Way.When it comes to helping the body fight the misery of suffering an allergic reaction, many of us turn to expensive medication or allergy shots, all of which require yet another trip to the doctor – and while they work temporarily, all to soon your reactions will flare up again.But did you know that before expensive modern medicine and “Big Pharma” came along, humans used natural remedies for allergies for thousands of years? In some cases, essential oils were used for ALLERGY CURES.In Essential Oils for Allergies: Be Smarter. Be Natural. Be Allergy Free, you ll discover the biggest, most comprehensive guide to using essential oils and natural medicine to naturally cure your allergy without expensive pharmaceuticals.While it s true that essential oils aren t well-known as a treatment for allergies, it remains one of the most effective. Essential oils and aromatherapy really can have a huge effect on your allergies, their severity and their duration.How does this Essential Oils Allergy Cure work?It starts by helping you diagnose your allergies. You will not know what types of essential oils you need until you know what is causing you to have an allergic reaction. After traditional treatment methods are discussed, you ll discover practical advice on selecting the right essential oils and natural remedies to treat your condition, with a complete guide to preparing, mixing, storing and applying them for the very best results – and how to avoid the 2 most common beginner mistakes.This Essential Oils guide comes along with a number of benefits, including:• A complete guide to which essential oils can be used to cure and prevent allergies• Practical advice on which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy or for kids.• 10 secret Tips you should know BEFORE you buy Essential Oils to treat Your Allergies• List of Top 5 Essential Oils to overcome any allergy• Understanding of which essential oils are good for use and which are toxic.• Discover 21 little known essential oil recipes and solutions for the most common allergies, as an added BONUS.• A guide to help you store your essential oils, properly blend and apply them.This book will not give you just a brief overview of essential oils. It will help you understand these oils, how they are made, how they are used, where to buy them, and how you can prevent an allergic reaction or permanently cure allergies using them.NEW TO THIS EDITION: a FAQ covering your top questions about the 21 most common allergies in the West today and how to stop them affecting your family with essential oils.Save money and enjoy the benefits of natural medicine for allergies using commonly-found essential oils that you can prepare and use easily with this guide. Would You Like To Know More?Download immediately to diagnose what is causing your allergy – and how you can use essential oils to cure your allergy.Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

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We used to be attached to a kleenex. We were so tired of having to take loradatine every single day of our life, so we decided to stop and change the way our allergies were treated. We always thought pharmacy products were going to be much more effective, but we were so wrong. We have learned to prepare this amazing essential oils recipe, and it is now beggining to make a positive effect on me. We still haven’t tried all of the recipes, but the ones we have tried have been excellent. We have purchased quite a few essential oil books. This one stands out for us, very concise, well structured, organized & easy to read and understand. P. S. : we were so surprised to find an oils recipe for dark eye circles. We look like a raccoon, so we were especially amazed to find a solution for that by just using a few roman chamomile, lavender, rosehip, and sweet almond essential oil drops.

We are not new to the world of essential oils and have been exploring this ancient wisdom for many years. We also love natural healings so we were eager to read this book. We have to say that this guide exceeded our expectations by being quite different in many aspects of its incredible concepts it has great content, easy to comprehend format and most importantly substance. Our favorite section of the book is the one that explains how to tell if an essential oil is pure. Here, the author makes a strong connection between knowing plants and putting them together to good use. Differently from other books that we read about this topic, this guide balances the author s knowledge with great resources that allows the reader to do research of his/her own. We are very pleased with the amount of information in this book, and we can’t wait to try out some of the recipes/remedies. This book definitely expanded our knowledge in essential oils. We would recommend it to anyone with allergies as well as to those who are trying a healthier life style.

This book is an interesting, cohesive, informative book that delves into the specifics of essential oils and their uses for helping with allergies. The book is organized to first give you an in-depth understanding of essential oils, covering both the pros and cons of using these oils, which helps gives you a good perspective and shows that the author is giving you all of the information rather than just one side. The book is full of charts, numbers, graphs, and links to further resources to make sure you can find all the information you may want. It also goes into how to get started making your own mixtures and the do s and don’ts of this process. The second half of the book is full of the specifics of each plant oils and then gives recipes for different allergy symptoms. By the time we were finished reading the book we felt that not only did we have a good understanding for getting started with purchasing and mixing essential oils but also felt intrigued to continue to dig even deeper into this subject. With the exception of a few typos, the book was well written. It was easy to read while still giving you a great deal of information. The chapter names, bullet point notes, and picture, in particular, made it easy to find the information that is most relevant to your needs. All in all, this book was very helpful and informative. An excellent read for anyone interested in learning more about essential oils or their uses in helping cure allergies. As someone who does have allergies, we are excited to give some of the specific recipes a try. We also found it very interesting to learn more about these oils and what they can do for you, especially when it came to plants like lavender and mint, which we already have an affinity for. The variety of information given makes it a great read for someone with no knowledge of the subject to those who are looking for insight on specific uses of recipes. Just knowing that essential oils can be used to help allergy symptoms is great, giving an alternative to traditional methods.

This: when it comes to using essential oils, most of the negative effects or mistakes are down to simple errors and lack of knowledge. If you re hesitant about using oils, here s the most obvious and straight to the point explanation that we have read. Finally. Thank you, mary jones. We also want to say that despite our review, which is long and might sound complicated—this book was written in a conversational/informative style, very easy to follow, includes links for additional info and where to order, etc. It s really an all-in-one that eo users can t be without. If you ve read any of previous reviews, you know that we are huge fan of essential oils. And our ordered history also shows that we have been all over the place, trying so many assorted brands over the past year. We do incorporate essential oils into our daily life, but we sometimes have so many questions. That s due to there being so many different articles, pins, posts, etc. , on the internet and especially social media. This book is the answer to our holistic prayers. We loved the author s book on herbs, which we also work with, but this one really resonates with us and will help us go in the right direction. We appreciated the history of essential oils (starting in egypt- no surprise there) and how they work with your body chemistry and nervous system. Key information that will really help you, which we are excited to have handy now, is understanding the oil grade, what to look for on the bottle, how to tell what s pure grade and what isn’t. And a little tip that we found interesting is that eo raise the frequency of our bodies. We love that. The guide to botanical names was the best there are so many and it can be overwhelming. The tips about which scents blend together- top, middle, base notes- makes a lot of sense. We usually just blend whatever we think smells good, but there s more to it than that. We also didn’t know certain oils cause sensitivity when you re in the sun. Every possible allergy you can think of is addressed and even how to test yourself to see if you have a specific kind. This is good for naysayers: a traditional medicine versus natural remedy cheat sheet. Lolthere s a great number of recipes in there that we cannot wait to try. All the basic oils are mentioned and discussed, like the top 5 oils and the specifics on what they do, but there are also some that we have never heard of, like ravensara, which we just purchased after reading the book. Plenty of useful tips on what s safe/unsafe for kids, carrier oil info, and an impressive faq section.

As a busy (and stressed) college student, we found lots of helpful and insightful information about how essential oils could benefit our health. The multiple recipes for clearing up under eye circles or reducing headaches, not to mention the charts and graphics illustrating the several essential oils that could assist with stress relief and how to apply them, will certainly come in handy in the near future for those late night study sessions. We can’t wait to try it all out.

Must have book for a beginner. We found it to be very helpful and will use it again and again.

Our lovely daughter has had an issue with allergy since she was an infant. We tried different oils in vain and then one of our friend recommended us this book. The oils that we found information about in this book were very helpful to our daughter, she got rid the allergy. We are so happy and really recommend this book.

Good reading, a few editing errors but nothing too serious, can tell the author knows essential oils by constant cautionary of use of the oils.

When we read this book, we expected it to only talk about the benefits of essential oils to combat allergies, but it also contained a plethora of general essential oil “essentials. ” we don’t have any allergies ourself, but we might have our boyfriend try this for his cat and seasonal allergies.

Good information.

Easy to read and follow.

Smells great.

We are very glad to find a well-written, well-organized book on the use of essential oils for allergies. We read the book cover to cover because we wanted to learn as much as we could on the top and the book is an excellent resource and reference, as well. The formatting and layout make it easy to find answers to questions, so we can go back to the book many times to find information on specific essential oils and how to use them. There are many helpful charts with excellent information on essential oils and their use for people with allergies. The author discusses how to take care of the essential oils, how to dilute and blend the oils together, how to use and apply them for specific allergies and many other interesting topics. She discusses the top 30 essential oils for use with allergies. Each oil is described in detail, including specific healing properties. She also includes 21 recipes for allergy relief that you can make yourself, covering topics such as eczema, sinus headache, hay fever, pet hair allergies and more. The author also states that because essential oils are not regulated by the fda you need to know how to choose oils when buying them. She addresses safety concerns for use of essential oils during pregnancy or with children and elderly. She discusses skin sensitivity to essential oils and how to test them on your skin before general use. This is a very useful book. We have read other books about essential oils but we learned new information in this book that made it very valuable to me. We will use it many times and recommend it highly to others.

Just bought our first oils and wanted to learn more about them for our allergies. This was a good first book, it gave a lot of info on 30 popular oils and what they are used for where they come from etc. Would recommend it.

Highly recommend. We have had terrible allergies all our life, and though over the counter medicine has only helped us a little, essential oils have helped us so much more. We wouldn t have known to try them if not for this book. We didn’t know what to look for before we bought the oils, that there was a difference between pureness and quality or any of the application techniques or dilution ratios. Mary jones is a great author and this well-constructed book made managing our allergies so much easier. Now we know how to manage our allergies, without putting ourself in danger by making some pretty easy to make mistakes. Thank you for this awesome book.

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