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MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer

MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer.

  • Upgraded Self-cleaning Function &#9668 Designed with self-clean function, there is no more clogging. When it is blocked and does not produce mist, just start the auto-clean mode, it will work normally.
  • LED Indicator Light &#9668 Blue light is on shows it is in normal working status. Red light shows insufficient power, orange light shows it is running out of medicine solution.
  • Waterless Detection Technology &#9668 It will auto-shut off when there is no water in the cup, there is no need to worry about destroying the machine.
  • Super Quiet &#9668 The noise is less than 25dB during working, it will not wake your kids when they are sleeping sound.
  • Battery/USB Cable Powered &#9668 It is not rechargeable. It needs 2 AA batteries or connects usb cable to socket to make it work. And please don t use the battery and USB cable at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer.

Question Question 1

Will It Work Using A 3Ml Vile Of Albuterol ?

Yes, it can work.

Question Question 2

Can I Use As A Dule Nub Treatment Albuterol And Ipratropium Bromide ?

we did and it works fine. It s quiet, uses d.c.cord or double a batteries. we take it on trips

Question Question 3

Can We Use It Without Medicine ?

Yes, you can use tap water or salt water. If use purified water, the mist will be very weak.

Question Question 4

Can You Use It Will Colloidal Silver Water?

Don t know

Question Question 5

Does It Have An Air Filter?If So Can It Be Replaced?

No, it doesn’t have.

Question Question 6

Can I Add Essential Oils? Is It Worth Buying?

The amount of water you put is 2oz, we didn’t try with esencial oil because goes directly to your nose or mouth, so you won t want the taste of it. we wouldn t buy it again

Question Question 7

Can I Used This With Vicks Vapor Liquid?

Yes, you can.

Question Question 8

Can We Plug This Into 110 Volts & 220 Volts?

Yes, it can use both 110 volts & 220volts.

Question Question 9

Two Mist Spray Modes ? Description In Picture Shown But In Your Video You Only Seem To Have On And Off Option. How Does The 2 Spray Modes Work?

Yes, it does have two mist spray mode. When you press the switch, it enters the mist-thin mode, which the mist is very thin, suitable for kids. Then press “MODE” button, it enters mist-thick mode, which produces large amount of mist, suitable for adults.

Question Question 10

Won’T Stay On.Anyone Have That Problem?

If the green light won’t stay on, it would not work.Does it not work?Is there any problems?

Question Question 11

Will It Work 5Ml Tubes?

No, it may not work. This machine do not need tubes to do nebulization.

Question Question 12

How Can We Get An Extra Cable?

A medical supply company

Question Question 13

We Are Not Sure How To Load This Machine With Medicine. Do You Need Both The Saline Solution And The Asthmanefrin? In What Ratio To Mix The Two?

It can use saline solution only, but as the ratio of the mixed solution, you should follow your doctor’s advice.

Question Question 14

Is It Made Of Medical Grade Plastic?

Yes, it is made from medical grade plastic

Question Question 15

This Weighs 8 Pounds 8 Ounces?

It weighs 8 ounces.

Question Question 16

Where Do We Get A Charger?

Our package does not come with a charger, you can use your phone charger or other power charger.

Question Question 17

Why Does Unit Feel Too Warm After It Is On For A Couple Minutes? It Didn’T At First And Now It Seems To Nearly Over Heat. Do We Need To Quit Using It?

Please do not use warm water, otherwise it may get too warm. If it is too warm, you can stop using it and wait it till cool down. Then change batteries or use power cable to use again.

Question Question 18

Where Is This Product Made And Shipped From ?

It is made in China and shipped from warehouse.

Question Question 19

Is The Steam Cold Or Hot?

It is cold. It can not produce hot steam.

Question Question 20

Can A Hard Mouthpiece Be Purchased?

Sorry we do not sell accessories, you can buy a same size mouthpiece to be used with it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer, these might be useful for better understanding.

Portable handheld nebulizer. This nebulizer is simple to use, just open it and put water in, it is also very convenient to give medicine to our little ones, just follow the doctors instructions on the amount to make sure that the right dosage is being given, we got this for our niece for when she stays over and feels a little sick, we like to make sure that she feels good at all times so we can play together and build beautiful memories together :).

This is easy to use. Smaller than the doctor onewe got. We have a big animal machine. This is nice it’s hand held, small. Easy to clean puts off a lot cool mist. We think it’s great,been using regularly during cold season.

We were suffering from severe cough and wheezing. Went to er and they wanted 700 dollars for a simple nebulization process. Ordered this device from . It was delivered the device is very nicely packaged and very intuitive to assemble and use. We didn’t even have to use the manual. Very quiet device and very effective.

Our husband uses this device to treat his throat. It delivers the glutathione medicinee deep into his throat where he needs it. Simple vapor delivery. Small and compact. Very happy.

Our son used this when he had asthma episodes and it has helped him. It’s near because you can charge it via usb and ac adapter, they also give you a car charger and it runs with batteries too.

Works great. Love it being portable. Very quiet. Have operated both with batteries and usb. Bought for camping and to take with us in car anywhere we go. Very happy with product. Need to see of have replacement mouth pieces.

We love that this handheld minwe nebulizer is compact and quite. Easy to assemble and is battery powered. Although we don t know how long you have to charge it for for it to work without the batteries. We used to twice for our 3 year old to administer breathing treatments with albuterol and it works perfectly while he s sleeping.

This works so well and is so quiet. We have severe asthma and this works so perfect. It is also fast treatment too.

It s a great product. It works really fast this is our first trying & we love it.

So convenient. Great price compared to competitors. Battery life is very short so use plug in method as much as possible and save batteries for necessary situations. Other than that, this product rocks. Has totally changed our lives.

We bought this for our nebulizer treatments yo be more portable. This unit works well for the treatments but does leak. It’s very quiet.

Fast and easy to use, works well, recommended.

It works for us. When your albuterol “puffer” won’t give you relief it is time to nebulize the aqueous albuterol so. Ution. Talk to your doc for an rx.

Have had a few glitches but nothing major. It works well as long as cleaning is done after each use. We feel it was a little overpriced, for that matter we just purchased another one for about $9 less with couponwhere we live we frequently lose power so this is a necessity not a luxury for us. We use it a lot running on power cord unless batteries are needed like the other day. Power was off for 8 hours which prompted us to purchase another as an additional back up. This is the 3rd one of this type we have purchased and is the better of the 3. The other two went in the trash.

Be sure to wash the attachments first with detergent because it has an odor that we are still smelling the next day after having used it. Luckily we didn’t end up throwing it away, because when we first tried it, we started coughing like mad, but luckily realized it was from the smell of the plastic/rubber attachments (face mask/mouth piece). Be sure when you notice that the mist stopped, to give the gadget a little shake to reactivate it. We are using tap water, and it helped clear our sinuses, but will see how it helps our cough/clear lungs, since we feel that we need to use it a while longer to see the true results. We would recommend this little guy, but remember, wash the plastic/rubber attachments first. Unless mine was the only one with this problem. Wish you luck that it will help you.

This is our second vaporizer. We keep one at home and one keep one for traveling. Compact. Easy to use anywhere. Very effective and efficient.

This is the second one we have bought. It worked for a few weeks but then quit working. We bought another because of the size and have it a few months and now it doesn’t work. Could we get anothet cord for if we can and see if it will work. Especially in the car.

We were on vacation and needed this quickly. Fast delivery, worked as expected and helped achieve the desired results.

Very handy and easy to use. Since we have asthma, we now have no worries of bringing our very own super minwe portable nebulizer anywhere we go. It is battery operated and has usb adaptor in case no battery is available. Very quiet and so easy to clean and store. Included was a pouch for easy handling. Great deal. A must buy for people who suffer from espiratory diseases.

Had to tighten screws and clean contact. Overall good. Sometimes it indicates we are out of liquid when we are not. We just restart.

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