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Mealguet Jewelry Free Engraving-Unisex Stainless Steel Medical Alert

Mealguet Jewelry Free Engraving-Unisex Stainless Steel Medical Alert

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mealguet Jewelry Free Engraving-Unisex Stainless Steel Medical Alert.

  • Fashion Medical Alert Bracelets for Men- A quality product that is approved by our customer. Exclusive design. affordable,waterproof,easy to care,practical. Now We push a Black and gold plated version. A simple and Handsome medical bracelets that suitable for daily. Perfect gift for Dad,Groomsman,Groom,husband,friend,boyfriend,grandfather,family etc.
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, highly resisted to rust, Comfortable for Skin, MEASUREMENT: Width:12mm, Length: 6.6″/ 7″/7.7″,(FREE MEDICAL ALERT IDENTIFICATION WALLET CARD.)
  • IMPORTANT:We offer free engraving for this product. Please click” customize now” fill in your engrave information then “add to cart”. We will get your engrave information from your order. If you don’t need any engraving please type” NONE”. Any questions please contact us.
  • PEOPLE WITH THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS SHOULD WEAR A MEDICAL ID JEWELRY:Diabetes,epilepsy,autism,allergies,coumadin,waffarin,heart diease,pacemaker,asthma,COPD,stroke,cancer,multiple sclerosis,dialysis lung disease,ADD/ADHD,Alzheimer’s,high blood pressure, children with special needs etc.
  • PACKING AND AFTER-SALES: It comes with a grey velvet bag that printed with” Mealguet”. Perfect for gift. Please contact us directly if any quality problems or shipping problems. We are here to resolve any problem for you. If you are pleased with the product please share your review in product page.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mealguet Jewelry Free Engraving-Unisex Stainless Steel Medical Alert.
Free Engraving-Unisex Stainless Steel Medical Alert ID Stretch Bracelet for Men and Women Common reasons for wearing a Medical Identification Jewelry are: – (1) Physical Allergies including Insect Bites, Pollens, Food Types – (2) Physical Conditions including Heart Conditions, Seizures, RNY Gastric Bypass, Asthma – (3) Medical Allergies including Medicines, Latex, Chemical – (4) Medical Conditions including Diabetes, ITP, Autism, Alzheimers. Medical identification jewelry can save lives by providing first responders critical health information in an emergency. Mealguet Jewelry have a large selection of medical jewelry for you. About Stainless Steel Jewelry Stainless steel jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years due to changing tastes and style trends that lean toward a more industrial look. Unlike silver, it will never tarnish and it is not susceptible to scratches, dings or dents. Stainless is also a great alternative for people that have skin reactions with other types of metals. It’s a jewelry that you can wear a very long time. Stainless steel jewelry is very easy to care for with its tough material that is able to endure a lot of wear and tear. This metal type is able to withstand moisture without tarnish or corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mealguet Jewelry Free Engraving-Unisex Stainless Steel Medical Alert.

Question Question 1

Our Bracelet Broke In Less Than Month, How Do We Contact The Company?

Good luck. We tried as it was junk.

Question Question 2

For A 7 Inch Wrist, Is It Best To Get The 6.5″ Band Or The 7″ Band?We Don’T Want It To Dig Into Our Wrist But Do Want It To Stay Put Not Dangle?

we have ~ a 7 inch wrist and got the 7.6 band.we took out ~ 4 links to make it just fit smoothly around our wrist.we think the 6.6 would be very snug maybe with a bit of tension?This is a very nice wrist band, so a jeweler should be able to adjust the 7.6 perfectly.

Question Question 3

Can You Adjust The Bracelet? If So,What Size Screwdriver Do You Need?

No, there is no adjustment on this bracelet.There are several different sizes to choose from when you order, you just have to try to measure your wrist and try to come close to the right size.

Question Question 4

Where Do We Enter Size Of Bracelet?

we have three size for this medical bracelets, it’s S, M, L, and S is 6.6″,M is 7″, L is 7.6″,that is the inner length of the bracelet

Question Question 5

Is This Bracelet Returnable?

No or we would have. It s junk.

Question Question 6

Can The Mens Braclet Be Made Smaller?

we have 3 different size for this medical alert bracelets,6.6″ and 7″ and 7.6″ , please note that the size is the inner dimeter size of the bracelet

Question Question 7

Does It Work For 6Yrs Old Kids?

Yes it does

Question Question 8

Can The Words “See Medicine List In Wallet” Be Engraved On Back?

yes. it’s ok.but please order the one with ” custom engraving”

Question Question 9

Can I Put A Med List Inside This?


Question Question 10

These Are Pretty, But Too Small.We Need One To Fit A 10 Inch Wrist.Large Size Available?

we are sorry we have no such big size yet.

Question Question 11

Does The Bracelet Get Easily Scratched?

No it does not get easily scratched.

Question Question 12

Do Any Have Compartments To Add Medication Information?

Mine does not have compartments.Others might have.

Question Question 13

What Size Is The Black One? How Do We Order A Small Black One?

We only have one size for the black color, the size is 6.6″ inner length

Question Question 14

How Many Character Can Be Put On One Ine?

If you are ordered the 7.6″ bracelet you can get 30 characters on it.At lest for the 2 we got got that was the Maximum count on lines on the back side.Wish we got the same on the 6.6″ one we just ordered. If you are ordered the 7.6″ bracelet you can get 30 characters on it.At lest for the 2 we got got that was the Maximum count on lines on the back side.Wish we got the same on the 6.6″ one we just ordered.we had to figure out how to redo a couple of lines

Question Question 15

We Are Ordered Black. Can A Jeweler Make It Smaller If Need Be Since It Is 6.6 Inches?

we are sorry the change can not be changed as it’s a finished product from factory. So we suggest you can take to jeweler to make it smaller.

Question Question 16

Was Our Order Cancelled?

we don’t know.

Question Question 17

We Would Like To See One That Is Alredy Engraved, If You Can Post A Pick Up I Will Be Grateful?

It is junk. Do not purchase it.

Question Question 18

Can You Add Links To Make It Larger?


Question Question 19

Where Do We Enter Size Of Bracelet?

It s a one size fits all.

Question Question 20

What Is The Inside Dimesion Of The Band?We Have A 7″ Wrist And And I Don’T Like Really Tight Stretch Bands?

we have a 6 and a half inch wrist on the left, it fits just fine with a bit of movement. our right wrist is 7 in. and it just fits it, not tight but not a lot of movement. we wear it on our left wrist and its fine. we hope this helps you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Mealguet Jewelry Free Engraving-Unisex Stainless Steel Medical Alert, these might be useful for better understanding.

This is exactly as advertised. Clean looking bracelet with a stretch band. It can fit those with a smaller wrist. We took a rough measurement and the inner circumference is approx. 6 1/2 inches. The etching is clean, easy to read and time wearing it will determine how long it will remain so. We had only one complaint. The time it took to receive it. It is shipped to you from china. The company shipped it within 2 days of our placing the order, but it takes a long time to get here. If you’re not in a hurry and can wait a month to get it, this is an excellent product.

We ordered 2 of these for our oldest sister and this is the best medical alert bracelet she has ever had. She normally breaks any bracelet we purchase very quickly and we end up piecing them back together just to keep them on. The stainless steel stretch bracelet is perfect for her and she will leave it on. She’s pretty tough on jewelry of any sort, but so far she has not broken this ( a personal record for her), so hopefully we won’t even need the spare we ordered. Another plus with this is the free engraving on both the front or the back of the bracelet. We had room to list her conditions on the front, and contact info to reach a family member on the back. It did take about a month to get it once it was ordered but it was totally worth it. This is a great deal and it’s wonderful for anyone needing a medial alert bracelet. For our family’s experience, we would totally recommend this for someone with an intellectual disability. You can get all the info you need engraved, no compartments with little pieces of paper to keep up with or losefree engraving-unisex stainless steel medical alert id stretch bracelet for men and women.

Our husband loved this bracelet much more than the expensive ones we had previously purchased for him from other sellers. He is very active and the other bracelets would get sharp “spurs” on the metal bands which were painful and scratched the skin. This bracelet is economical and wears very well.

We bought this as a replacement for a usb medical bracelet we have had for a couple years and recently learned that most medical professionals and emt’s will not utilize the usb because of virus/malware fears. After learning this we immediately looked for a traditional stainless steel bracelet that wasn’t too bulky and wasn’t absurdly priced. We have severe nut allergies which require us to carry an epi-pen as well as some other conditions that can complicate anaphylaxis reactions so having a medical bracelet is a must. We liked that it could be engraved on both sides as we put our name and birthrate on the front and our conditions on the back/inside. The 6. 6 is a little loose on us since we do have tiny wrists for an adult but as a college student studying business finance the look and functionality of the bracelet is not only professional but also very simple and practical. Plus we bought it on 6/22 and it arrived on 7/2, for it to take less than three weeks for an overseas product to arrive is really impressive to us and everything was just as we inserted in in the customization screen when we added it to our cart. Highly recommend.

We love it. Because it looks like a watch it protects your privacy, but is there for usdical professionals to take notice if in an emergency. The engraving was done exactly as we asked and is clear to read and looks great, even on the underside. This is worth the money, no irritation, no color changes, we wear it in the shower sometimes, while washing the dishes and washing our hands. It came in a really nice velvet pouch. We are glad we bought this one, we highly recommend this to others. Be patient, because it does come from outside the country but it is worth the wait.

Okay, these are made in, and shipped from, china. Some reviews said they took a month to arrive. They only took a couple weeks for us. They are 100% nicer and better quality than the medic alert bracelets that you see flyers for in doctor’s offices and drug stores. (we made the mistake of buying two of those. ) this is comfortable, attractive, very well made, and the engraving is outstanding. All this quality for under $15. Including shipping. Simply amazing. We threw those pieces of junk from medic alert, that we paid 5 times as much for, in the trash. We are recommending them to everyone. They are worth the wait, even if they had taken a month. Free engraving-unisex stainless steel medical alert id stretch bracelet for men and women.

Good quality for the price. All engraving was accurate and complete. Received mine 2 days before the promised delivery date. Just a few words on picking your size. Add 2 inches to the bracelet size to accommodate the engraved strip plate. Our wrist is 8 inches. The largest size we saw was 7 inches so we ordered that one figuring it will stretch to fit. The actual band, the stretchy part, was 7 inches. Add that to the 2 inches for the engraved strip plate and our bracelet is a total of 9 inches. One inch too long. The extra inch is ok with me. It flops around a bit on our wrist but it’s still very comfortable. We wish the ordered instructions were a bit more clear before we ordered so we could calculate our correct size. This is a minor point and we would order through this vendor again.

We love the quality. It really is nicely made. The company is also great. There was a problem with our personal information that was engraved and they corrected it and replaced the bracelet for free with the right information. Kudos to them. Our only complaint is it is too big for our small wrist but, we wear it anyway with a couple of other bracelets. Problem fixed.

For the most part the bracelet serves its purpose. The print is in a readable font and the wristband sits comfortably (though we did need to take it to a jeweler to have a few panels of the stretch band removed as our wrist is slender, and even the smallest size was pretty loose fitting). A bit less than a year after purchasing, the info plate is fairly scuffed, but still readable for the time being, though in another year or so we can see it being difficult to read. Also, a few months ago we noticed that the red enamel of the red cross design, that draws attention to it being a medical bracelet, has already chipped off a fair amount. Again, while it’s still recognizable for the time being, in a year or so we can predict the enamel being completely worn off. This product is good for if you need a medical i. D now, and plan to upgrade to a more durable product later on, as well as having a spare, because you just never know. We have worn it every day for a little under a year and generally forget that we are wearing it, which has probably lead to the scuffing (also, we are clumsy and bang our hand on crap all the time. ) so if you need a long term, live in it day-in-day-out bracelet this may not be the right one, but if you just need for travel, a spare/in between bracelet, or you’re more coordinated than we are this is an overall good product.

We got this for our husband who will be going on dialysis and he isn’t supposed to have his left arm used at all for blood draws, finger sticks, or taking his blood pressure, so we had that engraved on the bracelet. It comes as 7 1/2 inches in circumference, so for him we had to take it to the jeweler to remove 4 links.

We needed an affordable, easy to use, easy to wear, blank engraving space for a custom medical alert message bracelet. This bracelet was not easy to find, but so glad our husband persevered and found it on as it was exactly what was needed. It is not only sturdy and well made, the engraving is nicely done, the band does not pinch at all and it is attractive and wearable by any gender. This even came with a nice soft carry pouch and thoughtful note which made it feel as though we were receiving a gift rather than having to have yet another medical necessity. So kind, considerate, and appreciated. Did we mention it was affordable as well? a big “five star” as well as a big thank you to mealguet for this item.

We received our bracelet today. We are impressed. It was a very good price, it looks good and everything is correct. Its also very sturdy and looks exactly like the photo. We guess we missed the part about it coming from china, but that’s ok. It was worth waiting for.

Bought for husband. Engraving nice and hopefully won t wear off over time as last one did. Over all nice. Recommend measuring wrist before purchasing as this was to large. Had to take to jeweler and have a couple of links removed to fit. Husband has complained that it pulls hairs on his wrist so beware of that. Recent purchase so can t say of durability over time.

It is a great medical bracelet. Looks good and nice engraving. However, it states it fits a 6. 8″ to 7. 8″ wrist. We have a 7. 5″ wrist and we can put 2 fingers underneath it and it doesn’t even expand. We would say would say it would not start to expand until 8. 5″ wrist.

The product seems excellent, and the text is easy to read on both sides. We cannot judge durability since we have only had it a short time. The only down-side we have experienced is its tendency to pull the hairs on our wrist. The only improvement we could suggest is the addition of some flag on the front side to indicate there is additional information on the back side of the bracelet.

Great quality bracelet. Yes, it takes a few weeks to arrive but it’s worth it. It is large, so we took it to our local jewelry store and had them remove some of the links. Now it’s perfect. We would highly recommend.

We love this bracelet. We are larger woman (>250 lbs) and it fits us perfectly. The band stretches (like a watch band) and is very comfortable. The engraving is high quality and very easy to read. We love that we can put our personal information (name and dob) on the inside so it’s contacting our skin and is not openly visible without taking the bracelet off. We would recommend this for anyone that has any type of medical condition.

Easy to order, customized as expected. This is for our dad who has alzheimers and is unpredictable on his best days but he wears it faithfully. Two links needed to be removed – and the jeweler charged more than the bracelet cost to adjust it, but it was very much worth the cost to keep dad safe. :).

The item is as ordered is fairly well made. The only issue was that we didn’t notice where the item was shipped from. It took nearly a month to receive the item directly from china. However, this was our fault, we didn’t check before ordered. Again, the item is very good for the low costs, you just have to wait for it.

We are more than satisfied with this medical bracelet. It is a shiny stainless steel and the expansion band is very nice. The engraving is well done and free, and the number of lines-6, with a lot of letters is the best we could find. It slips on easily, where as the band we had before was difficult to get on. Some women might think it looks like a man’s, but we want something visible for usdical people to see. The price was more than reasonable. There is a nice small bag to keep it from being scratched.

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