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  • 5 Packs of 7 inch tubing
  • Oxygen Tubing

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Question Question 1

So Are The Tips Curved Or Not? The Image Reveals Curved, The Remarks Don’T Agree.?

they are curved’ however not over curved. we are on oxegen 24 hours a day and these are soft enoughand curved simply enough so it’s in fact comfy

Question Question 2

Why Cant I Find Cannulas With A Slim Nasil Hood Upper Lip Rather Of So Thick?

Cannulas can be purchased in various sizes.Perhaps a kid’s size may work for you.

Question Question 3

Does The Connection. Fit On Cpap Machines?

These areused to provideyou O2 throughout the day. If you require O2 during the night through a CPAPmachine you require to buy an adapter that links in between the device and yourCPAP pipe. (do asearch for Oxygen Enrichment Adapter on ). You will require Oxygen Tubing (likewise offered here) and link that to your O2 tank These areused to provideyou O2 throughout the day. If you require O2 during the night through a CPAPmachine you require to buy an adapter that links in between the device and yourCPAP pipe. (do asearch for Oxygen Enrichment Adapter on ). You will require Oxygen Tubing (likewise offered here) and link that to your O2 tank or concentrator.

Question Question 4

Do These Canulas Have The Longer Nose Prongs?Thank You?

we do not understand about brief or long prongs, however these are the length we are utilized to and the only length we understand about.

Question Question 5

Are These Made By Or Dispersed By Baital?

we do not understand. You need to ask the seller/distributor, not the customer.

Question Question 6

Does This Cannula Be Available In Larger Quantities With Better Prices.?

does not have bigger amounts and it has to do with as low-cost as you will find them at a little over $1 per cannula.

Question Question 7

Does The Tube Twist Itself?

Thank you for your question.we are not 100% sure what you suggest however the tub is versatile if that is what you are describing. Thank you for your question.we are not 100% sure what you suggest however the tub is versatile if that is what you are describing. Please visit our shop to acquire or for more valuable supplies.https:// www. com/s? marketplaceID= ATVPDKIKX0DER & me= A17 D2ZPZ29 S70 V & merchant= A17 D2ZPZ29 S70 V & redirect= trueMain Center Supply1-800-775-0942

Question Question 8

What Do We Required To Choose Our Oxygen Tank?

You require a cannula and a regulator. A regulator parts out the appropriate quantity of oxygen you are recommended. You need to not hook the cannula to the tank and turn it on.

Question Question 9

Are The Ends That Are Placed In The Nose Rounded Or Cut Flat?

The ends are both cut flat and diagonal (rounded) so there is absolutely nothing sharp versus your nasal passage.

Question Question 10

Are They Safe With The Odor? Or Simply Garbage Them?

They are completely safe.If you are utilizing liquid oxygen, it’s the oxygen that smells.The cannulas might have a minor odor of plastic, however it goes away.If you utilize an oxygen condenser, there is barely any odor.

Question Question 11

Requirement Liter Circulation For This Cannula?

yes, we are utilizing 3 liters with no issues

Question Question 12

Are These Made In China?

we truthfully never ever inspected. Every one was packaged independently and had no markings. we tossed out the outdoors product packaging.

Question Question 13

Are These Tubes Compatable In Fitting To Inogenone Oxygen Concentrator?

yes, the tubing fits best for the inogenone and the Philips system that we have.One issue we come across with our last order is that the tubing had an bad chemical smell.i needed to clean the tubing inside within and out with strong meal soap to eliminate the odor.

Question Question 14

What Is The Diameter Of The Tube?

it is simply the basic tubing.The tubing leading up to your nose is not really soft and is a little stiff.we choose soft tubing resulting in our nose as we need to sleep with it on.

Question Question 15

Do These Have The Nonflared Tips?

what is nonflared idea? What is flared idea?

Question Question 16

Are The Nose Components Curved?

No they are not curved, however comfy.

Question Question 17

Are These High-Flow Loike The Salter 1600 Q?

we knowdon’t the Salter 1600 Q, However we have been utilizing these for 5 years and entirely satisfied.we just utilize a 2 or 3 liter setting on our oxygen generator.

Question Question 18

Do You Have A 4 Feet Nasal Canula?


Question Question 19

We Required To Know The Actual Length Of The Prongs That Go Into The Nostrils?

The nasal prongs are 1/2 inch in length, soft and comfy.

Question Question 20

Do They Turn Brown/Orange Immediately? What We Have One We Utilized For A Day Or More And They Altered, We Attempted Cleansing And It Didn’T Assist.?

we didn’t have the very same experience.However, mine did turn yellow-colored after afew weeks.we tidy the beyond mine with alcohol about as soon as a week, simply to eliminate skin oil.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Medline NASAL CANNULA ADULT SOFT TOUCH TUBING, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have confess – we got these by error. Our mommy was utilizing the 3 foot tubing for her oxygen generator, we didn’t trouble to determine and these look generally the very same. These are for the portable oxygen tank, so she still requires them. As it turns out – these are much better and here’s why. The 3 foot tubing puts the adapter too near to the body. Our mommy stated it injures as she constantly handles to lay on it. Oops. We can just picture – the 7 foot works better as it puts the adapter much further away. She likes these muchbetter We likewise got the (oxygen tubing swivel adapter, swivel adapter 1220, 1 pack) and that little gem truly works excellent at keeping the tubing untangled. Plus, it likewise makes the pipe last a lot longer. If you wish to link this tubing to a tube – you will require an adapter. The swivel adapter simply makes great sense. All in all, excellentbuy These are soft initially, however harden with time. We alter the tubing the first on a monthly basis, so we return here typically.

Medline has constantly produced quality medical grade devices and devices, however likewise using unequalled rates, with a 5 pack of 7ft. Nasal cannula adult soft touch tubing for just $6, with free shipping. We have not had any problems with their products, and this is the 2nd time we have bought these cannulas from them. Here is what you get: product functions: ——————— medline supersoft touch nasal cannulas, adult 7ft. (5pack) made from an innovative product that is soft, versatile and non-sticky. Helps in reducing pressure and friction on fragile ear and deal with tissue. Brand-new clients are less worried of using a cannulalexisting clients can’t think how comfy and mild they are to use. Treat less cannula-related soresbulky foam ear cushions are not neededcrush-resistant tubinglatex-freeproduct specs: ————————— product size: adult 7″ brand name: medlinemanuf/ provider #: hcs4514 cannula curved: yescannula flared: nointrument grade: soft-touchconnection type: basic, universalhpis code: 680 _85 _ 0_0air circulation: adult liter circulation 1lpm to 6lpmdisposable: yes; perfect usage for as much as 14 days prior to replacingcrush resistant: yesmade with rubber latex: noproduct product: pvcunspsc: 42271709 instrument grade: soft and versatile tubing product reduces irritation. Product type: adult unisexproduct function: oxygen deliverytubing overall length: 7 feet (2. 2m)- in general, this is a great worth for a 5 pack of these nasal cannulas, as you change each tube every 2 weeks, so a 5 pack must last you about 2 and 1/2 months if you are changing them every 14 days as suggested. So your costs approximately $7. 20 every 2 and 1/2 months with free shipping for brand-new cannulas, not a bad offer at all we would state.

Product is incredible, excellent to oversleep as the cannula part that rests on your face is really soft and versatile. It smells amusing, as with all cannula however the odor disappears. We sleep with oxygen support, and we take a trip with it too.

Bies far the very best cannula we have attempted. We had presumed that all cannulas were the very same. When we got house from the medical facility, we took the really comfy cannula we would been utilizing the last number of days with me. Our concentrator came with five of them, so we hadn t bought any when it came time to alter. We remained in for a shock. The salters laboratory brand name cannulas that were consisted of were awful. The nasal prongs weren t curved, were too far apart for our nose and too brief to remain in, anyhow. We rapidly bought some various ones (westmed # 0556) that looked more or less like the ones from the medical facility. When those gotten here, they were even worse. The prongs were a little curved, however still way too far apart, with the outcome that they stabbed into the within our nose. By this point, our nostrils were really aching and we were getting desperate. We looked really carefully at a great deal of photos of cannulas and check out evaluations. Lastly, we boughtthese The prongs are completely curved and spaced, the product soft, yet firm enough to remain in location. We are really happy with medline s cannulas. Buy them with a swivel adapter to make you life simpler and you re set.

We bought these for our hubby. He has lung disease and needs an oxygen tank. These are incredible. They were quite affordable so we weren t sure how excellent the quality would be. However they are wonderful. Precisely the like the ones he got from the medical facility.

The cannulas are really thin, soft, and a little curved. The last batch sent out to us by our health care company were curved however weren’t lined up properly and they kept slipping out of our nose. These are muchbetter Naturally nearly anything would be better than that, however these are rather comfy and remain strongly where we put them.

These are really soft. We have been looking permanently for a soft cannula and this is it. Just factor we offered it 4 stars was since of the length of the suggestions that enter your nose. They are too long and they are curved that makes them nearly unusable for us since it troubles our nose. We are going to call medline straight and attempt to get the very same thing without the flared suggestions and much shorter suggestions. Dream they had the very same thing on, however can’t find them.

We weren’t sure this would be the best one for us after checking out some of the negatives, however it does not have a repulsive smell and the nasal tubes are simply great. This thing remains in. In some cases it tickles the nostrils a little, however we were burning out of awakening with our other cannulas in our eyes or over our head or anywhere. And it’s not uneasy.

We quite like the much deeper entry into our nose from the longer breathing tubes; provides more oxygen without slipping out every few minutes. Although they have a plastic-like smell for the first few hours, this disspates and we believe might be minimized by maybe opening the plan a day approximately prior to altering out the cannula. In general a fantastic product and our requirement from now on.

Is soft and versatile to start with however after a number of weeks utilize, the plastic stiffens and ends up being less versatile and less comfy. Maybe this is a good idea, showing it’s time to change to a brand-new cannula. However we like making that call, bit being force into it by hard, uneasy plastic.

Quality tubing and nose fitting for easy & convenience of usage. Tubing is of a basic length. Forget attempting to steam or warm water tidy your old set-up. Simply toss it and change with a brand-new one regularly.

We did not like these initially nevertheless, after utilizing them for a while they are better than we believed. A little stiff compared with the others we had been utilizing, we will be acquiring these once again. Remember they are not returnable even if you do not utilize them.

We truly like these a lot. The nasal tube is soft in our nose and it looks extremely well made. We utilize these for our hyperbarics chamber. Better than the last ones we bought from in other places.

Well we utilize oxygen so got this as product when they stated we would. So we enjoyed about that because the one we required to be altered. So was really pleased with product and when it was provided as assured.

These are professional quality. We purchased more than one as the rate was really sensible. You can’t fail, simply ensure you get the length you require.

Outstanding. It s odd how quick nasal cannula requirement to be changed. This is not just an excellent buy however an excellent product we will continue to buy.

Really comfy to utilize. Quick shipment and easy adequate to establish. What’s more to state? as much as medical facility requirements.

Compared to other nasal cannulas we have utilized, this is a 10 star. We still find it a little uneasy however this is much much better than other products we have been utilizing.

First- time purchaser for these, & appeared to work excellent for gramour. Simply reordered & advised us how remarkably, affordable they were.

They do not injure the ears.

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