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MHCHO,OfficeMarket Olbas Twin Inhaler

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Olbas Nasal Inhaler 695mg Pack of 2

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What Are The Ingredients In This Uk Formula?

active ingredients – Cajuput Oil 20%, Eucalyptus Oil 20%, Levomenthol 40%, Peppermint Oil 20%

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How Many New Can We Order?How Many You Have In Stock?

You can order from our store on . We have plenty in stock.

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We have used olbas inhalers for many years. They work quite well when our sinuses are congested and are very helpful alleviating sneezing outbreaks during the allergy season. Though we can’t prove it, these inhalers seem stronger and last longer than the dispensers available at the local pharmacy. This is good product that we will definitely buy againl. We highly recommend it.

We bought this product last fall while traveling in ireland. We wanted to purchase some more of these to keep in several places at home. We checked when we got back from our trip and sure enough they had them. This is a great product if you suffer from sinus issues.

Looooooooove these inhalers. So much more potent than us brands that make similar claims. Taking a deep whiff of these puppies is like taking a refreshing dip in the antarctic without the hypothermia or dreadful deep sea creatures.

This stuff works great. Will buy again and again.

Have been using these for years, great to keep in your bag etc. Really helps with stuffy noses.

These little things are great for stuffy allergies.

As described.

We love this product, we had one for about 10 years and the smell had only just started to fade so we got this pack to last us another 10 years.

We first bought these when we were in london. They work great and our kids asked us for new ones. We will continue to order them.

This works very well. Suffer with allergies and this is a god send. Thank you.

Good product – but s l o w delivery. Buy at least a month before needing.

We like these a lot. They open up a stuffy nose from allergies.

Olbas twin inhaler is a must have for our household. Great product to have.

Easy to carry with us and have when we need it. Works great to clear up our head.

Good for clearing our head, helping with sinus issues and headaches. So easy to carry in purse. Arrived from uk quicker than we expected.

Works perfect for our sinuses.

Natural way to open the passages. We depend on it.

The name speaks for itself. When your nose is stuffy, it works wonders.

Used olbas oil, and inhaler all our life in the u. K. Growing up, now we buy it every time we are home. But ran out so we were ecstatic to find out we could purchase this on . Thank you.


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