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Mild Asthma

Mild Asthma

Mild Asthma Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Asthma is a condition where the airways leading into your lungs become congested and narrow. It can become increasingly difficult to catch a breath, and symptoms vary. Some cases of asthma can be, unfortunately, life threatening. Other cases, happily, are mild and remain that way. What constitutes mild asthma?

Mild asthma is one of four types of asthma. If you suffer from mild persistent asthma, consider yourself lucky. This is a disease which can become very serious very quickly. In mild cases there are asthma symptoms, but they tend to be no more than twice a week, and never more than once a day. Usually, you won’t have symptoms every day.

Night-time episodes of waking with asthma symptoms are usually 3 to 4 times per month. The good news is that mild asthma doesn’t greatly interfere with one’s daily routine. Periods in-between asthma attacks can be quite long.

With mild asthma, once symptoms appear, they usually last a minute or two. Never more than five minutes for a mild attack.

Symptoms may include:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Tightness of chest

On average, symptoms such as these are experienced about twice a week. Because of the mild symptoms, doctors will not normally prescribe much in the way of medications. There is a drug known as a corticosteroid which is often recommended in mild asthma cases.

As with any medical condition, your very first step is going to be getting diagnosed. What you may think is a mild case of anything, can turn out to be more severe than imagined. Always consult your doctor when deciding what regimen you will seek out in the treatment of asthma.

Never decide on your own to begin a medication or other treatment for asthma, as each condition is unique to each person. Your doctor will best be able to determine what will help your mild asthma.

Mild Asthma And Treatments Methods That Are Effective

Because of the many factors that need to be considered, the trial and error phase can take long before arriving to the right asthma treatment. Here are 7 ways that you can try if you want to achieve control over your condition without sacrificing your total well being: Breathing methods:

Breathing methods teach various forms of exercises that will correct any poor deep breathing habits that you might have developed starting when you were young. Methods like Buteyko and Papworth teaches how to breathe properly (diaphragmatic deep breathing, nose deep breathing, controlled deep breathing, etc) also incorporating diet and exercise programs that will help you achieve control and long term relief.


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise originating from India which helps individuals to achieve well being and oneness by having greater control over bodily functions. Pranayama for example concentrates on exercises that will help you develop and expand your the lung of adult capacity making you more resilient to attacks.


The use of acupuncture is not limited to the treatment of asthma life but approaches the condition as more of a whole. Since the basic principle of acupuncture is balancing the positive and negative energies within the body, the condition is treated as a whole rather than as a single condition alone. This involves the insertion of thin needles to specific points of the body in order to achieve balance.

Home remedies:

This may involve the usage of easy to find and simple to prepare ingredients that can be found at home. Drinking dark coffee or taking honey for example can help you get asthma life relief when you most need it.

Herbal Medication:

Herbal medicines have long been used to treat other illnesses aside from asthma life. What’s good about herbal medicine is that, with the help of an experienced herbalist not only will you be able to achieve relief; the underlying conditions that might contribute to the worsening of your attacks will also be taken care of.

Follow the action plan:

Although listed as the last, your action plan should always be followed no matter where you go. Remember that asthma life is a very unpredictable condition and having your action plan around will help you more than you can imagine. This will allow other people to help you out when things start to take turn for the worst.

There are probably more ways to relieve asthma life, but taking those mentioned above into consideration can help you out when you are interested in achieving long term asthma life relief.

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