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mockins Easy to Use Ceramic Salt Inhaler and Includes Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

mockins Easy to Use Ceramic Salt Inhaler and Includes Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of mockins Easy to Use Ceramic Salt Inhaler and Includes Pure Himalayan Pink Salt.

  •   The mockins salt inhaler allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural salt caves in the comfort of your own home. The mockins salt inhaler is ceramic glazed inside and out and includes with 1 bag of genuine Himalayan pink salt from the mines in Pakistan.
  •   The easy to use pink Himalayan Salt inhaler is a quick, economic and natural way to provide relief to respiratory ailments. It’s as simple as placing your mouth on the mouthpiece, taking a deep breath, and feeling like you are taking a breath of fresh salty air.
  •   As you breathe, the natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles into your lungs, which can help with sinus problems, asthma, allergies, the common cold, hay fever, congestion and more.
  •   Health benefits include; reducing inflammation, helping sinus ailments, better quality of sleep and so much more.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our customers are our number one priority. We stand by our product and offer a lifetime hassle-free replacement or money back guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out and we will be happy to assist. Take a deep breath and enjoy the salt inhaler and all the health benefits it comes with.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on mockins Easy to Use Ceramic Salt Inhaler and Includes Pure Himalayan Pink Salt.

Question Question 1

Can I Use This With Our Other Prescription Inhalers? Stiolto And Just Started Taking Floven Yesterday, Would Rather Not Take The Floven?

The inhaler is a completely natural product, so we do not see any reason it would interfere with any prescription products. You are welcome to consult your GP if you are still concerned.

Question Question 2

What Country Is This Made In?

This is made in Pakistan along with all our natural salt products

Question Question 3

How Can We Order Additional Pink Himalayan Salt For The Inhaler?

Good afternoon, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding any product questions you might have. We do not currently sell the salt separately, however, you can order and purchase additional Himalayan Salt for your Salt Inhaler from or even a local health food store if they sell that item. All the best, mockins : )

Question Question 4

How Long Does Salt Last In Inhaler?

Between one and two years.

Question Question 5

Is The Salt Food Grade?

Yes, the salt is food grade.

Question Question 6

We Received The Lovely Salt Inhaler; It Came With No Directions. Is It As Simple As Filling The Inhaler With All Of The Salt And Then Inhaling? Thx?

It is not necessary to use all the salt, only a portion of the package.Inhale slowly, then release the air through your nose.Do this for approximately 10 mins.

Question Question 7

How Much Salt Do You Put In To Start?

The instructions say use half the salt at a time. you get enough for 2 fills.

Question Question 8

We Notice A Smell Emanating From The New Inhaler.Should It Be Rinsed Out Before Initial Use?

If you rinse the inhaler it just keep in mind that it needs to be absolutely dry when you add the salt. The inhaler is glazed ceramic and has nothing in it that would be toxic.

Question Question 9

Does This Help With Aspergillus?

we don t know.we had to look up what aspergillus is.we will say, that for us,the salt inhaler has a soothing effect.The act of inhaling deeply for several minutes relieves anxiety and stress, which calms us and makes it easier to breath.

Question Question 10

Can You Share This Or Should These Be Used By Only A Single User?

With regards to the salt, there is no issue with sharing. However, sharing the mouthpiece is up to your own personal hygiene discretion.

Question Question 11

Is This Breakable?

It’s ceramic so it is as br eww breakable as a ceramic mug or anything else made of ceramic. Didn’t seem to help our mom’s copd though, which is really the point.

Question Question 12

Is It Dishwasher Safe?

Yes it is, please remember to remove the salt.

Question Question 13

Does This Need To Be Washed Out Or Sterilized Prior First Use?

we did wash it before using and made sure it was dry before filling it with the salts.

Question Question 14

Does The Air Flow Out? Can’T Get Saline Drops In Cats Nose, Hoping Air Comes Out That He Could Inhale To Relieve Sinus Congestion- Thanks.?

No.This would def not work for that.No automation at all.You put your lips on opening and inhale thru mouth, pulling away from inhaler to exhale.Completely for your own healing and benefit of respiratory.

Question Question 15

Can I Use Essential Oils In The Salt?

You could probably use essential oils in the salt if you don t plan to use it in the ceramic pot, but the closing plug on the bottom is plastic so we would not recommend using it with the pot.

Question Question 16

How Long Does The Salt Last?

Apparently, it lasts a really long time.we have been using mine for several months and have not had to change or add to the salt.

Question Question 17

How Long Does The Salt Last?

we would not expect it to deteriorate for years.After all, this is SALT.By it’s very nature, it does not go “bad”.Salt is a natural preservative, and these are large crystals.By shaking it, you are simply rubbing off microscopic particles that become airborne and enter your mouth/throat.By their size alone, yo we would not expect it to deteriorate for years.After all, this is SALT.By it’s very nature, it does not go “bad”.Salt is a natural preservative, and these are large crystals.By shaking it, you are simply rubbing off microscopic particles that become airborne and enter your mouth/throat.By their size alone, you aren’t going to reduce them to dust any time soon, certainly not within years.The only way it gets affected is if it becomes damp due to excess moisture (which is why they tell you not to breath back INTO it).Honestly, the original bag they give you is probably a lifetime supply.(we couldn’t even fit the entire bag in.)

Question Question 18

Can This Be Refilled?

Yes it can be refilled.The Himalayanpink salt can last 1 to 2 years,as described by mockins.we think we would change in a year,2 years seems toolong for us.

Question Question 19

Is This A Air Purifier Has Well As An Inhaler?

No, it is an inhaler only. If you want air purification, try a Himalayan salt lamp. It uses the same priciple to clean the air.

Question Question 20

Do You Have To Clean This Product And If So How Often Do You Need To Replace The Crystals?

The salt crystals can be taken out from the inhaler by removing the silicon cap on the bottom of inhaler.It can be washed once the crystals are out.If there is dust on the salt too, spread out the salt crystals on a flat surface and clean it by a damp cloth. The salt crystals can be taken out from the inhaler by removing the silicon cap on the bottom of inhaler.It can be washed once the crystals are out.If there is dust on the salt too, spread out the salt crystals on a flat surface and clean it by a damp cloth.And then refill them.Don t put water directly on the salt crystals. Otherwise it will dissolve.There is no need to replace the crystals.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on mockins Easy to Use Ceramic Salt Inhaler and Includes Pure Himalayan Pink Salt, these might be useful for better understanding.

Greatly reduced the amount of flare ups we have from copd. It’s not “perfect” but it works much better than the stupid pro-air inhaler that we were prescribed. Maybe doctors should prescribe medications that work if they’re going to come with side effects. This has no side effects and greatly reduces the stress and effort it takes to breathe. It also deters you (but not prevents you) from picking up a cigarette much better than a terrible e-cigarette can. You’ll never see this at a brick & motor store because everyone would be buying it.

We bought this product because we were in romania and went to this salt mine there that has minwe golf, tennis and all kinds of activities to keep you busy while you inhale the salty air. We were told people get cured of asthma all the time there. Didn’t believe it, but after 3 days of hanging out in the salt mine we felt a lot better, but still needed to use the inhaler every few nights, but not every night as before the salt mine. So when we got home to the states we researched and found this product, figured it would do the same thing. After a month of inhaling once a day (shook it up to make salt dust and took a puff where we can taste the salt in the back of our neck) we ran an hour on the treadmill on 7mph and could still keep going. This thing saved our life. We go bronchitis then developed asthma about 5 months ago. We think we breath better after running a while then we did before we ever got asthma. The idea is salt heals and disinfects wounds when you put salt them. We figured this would do the same for our lungs and it did. We were a mess before this. Anyway hope this helps you the same. Also people we know who got allergies the same time we did are now having allergies as well and we are not. Don’t know if our allergies are also gone for sure, until full blown allergy season, hoping for the best.

This is by and far the best salt inhaler we have purchased. We have had three including this one. The others were much thinner ceramic and in both other cases unpanted. The blue color is appealing and not icky to have on your counter. The finger grooves are great touch and most importantly feels solid and has thicker ceramic. Feels like it will last unlike other competing products on .

We have only had for 3 days but wow. We have had a severe sinus infection for 3 months. We have been on antibiotics, steroids and flosase nasal spray. Nothing has worked. The day after first use our pressure headache eased. Day 2 felt less congested. Each day we feel better. Thank god. We feel silly breathing this because it dosen t feel like it should do anything but it does.

We had surgery on our throat a couple years ago and every couple months we lose our voice. We are singer and we depend on our voice for a living. We have tried many things but haven’t found anything that works until now. We got this in the mail yesterday and tried it immediately. We can’t believe it. We woke up this morning feeling a little better. There is definite improvement. Our first impression when we used it was very positive. We have some anxiety issues and after about 10 minutes we felt some relief from that. And we started to get a little tired. So we used it again a few hours later and the effects were exactly the same. We also have trouble sleeping and we were able to fall asleep and sleep the whole night waking up feeling refreshed. We didn’t immediately feel any relief in our throat but we did notice that we were able to cough up mucus a little easier than usual. When we woke up this morning our voice was clearly better than it was yesterday. We have tried so many different home remedies to improve our voice loss that we were doubtful that this would work. After we ordered it we googled himalayan sea salt and we read some things that disappointed us from the medical community and some things that gave us a little hope. We can tell you this. It appears to be working. We will update this in a few days, but so far this feels like a miracle. Give it a try.

This has helped with our asthma and seasonal allergies. We noticed a change within 3 days. We were using our nebulizer with medication daily. But after getting this simple product, we have gone days without our nebulizer. It just makes sense that salt will clear airways. In the past people went to the coast to get better when sick. It’s the salt air thst does one good. We have our little ocean in a bottle now and ordered 2 to have one at home and one on the go. The salt is provided and directions say to change it out after 2 years. We highly recommend this for any breathing issues. They offer a free gift but email provided is false.

For sufferers of copd, like me, the mockins sky blue inhaler with natural pure himalayan pink salt crystals has been a life saver. The regular medications we take are good, but after using the mockins inhaler we feel better than with simply our medications alone. We can’t believe the difference when using our mockins inhaler. We can breath like we don’t have copd.

Have only been using it a week and already feeling the improvement in our breathing. Efficiently loosens mucus from the lungs as well as alleviating allergies caused by vog as we live on an island that is occasionally blasted with volcanic by-products from a neighboring island. Great product and super easy to use for just 5 minutes or so a day. Have already recommended to friends with different respiratory ailments.

The mockins inhaler is amazing. We have copd and the mockins sky blue inhaler is definitely helping us breathe better; we can walk faster and farther without having to stop and take a deep breath, and since our nose isn’t stuffed at night, we are sleeping better. Most surprisingly, it’s eliminated an unusual problem we have had for years – gustatory rhinitis, a condition that causes almost instant nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose immediately after eating a meal. Within five minutes of finishing a full meal, we begin sneezing hard, and do it over and over for as long as a minute. Happily, if we use the inhaler an hour or so before eating, we no longer have sneezing fits. Customer service is very helpful, too. We asked about how much of the himalayan pink salt included in our order we should be used to fill the unit. They explained the bag contains enough salt to fill the inhaler twice but wouldn’t need to be replaced unless it became damp and clumped. Enclosed with the inhaler is an offer for a gift for writing a product review. Sure, we will take a thank you gift, but it’s a great product, with or without it.

Works great for us. We deal with persistent nasal polyps, along with general allergy and sinus issues, so haven’t been able to breathe freely for years. With routine use of this himalayan salt inhaler, we have finally found some relief. Among the many salt inhaler options available, the feature that was the deciding factor for us was the indentations that allow for better gripping of the inhaler. We appreciate that this is a safe, natural alternative therapy. It’s so good to breathe again.

We stopped smoking a little over a month ago (after 40 years). The residual cough and mucus from”smokers flu”made this physically the worst month of our life. The doctor told us to take mucinex, cough medicine and stay hydrated. After 10 days of that making the cough worse, our niece (physical therapy assistant) told us to get this salt inhaler ( we also got the pocket neti). We stopped the mucinex protocol and stated with the salt inhaler. Noticeable difference in 1 day. We are bringing it back and forth to work with me. It’s been about 3 days and we feel 1000% better.

We have been suffering with asthma exacerbation for over a month. We have been on nebulizer treatments around the clock every 4 hours for several days. We set up this salt inhailer to use for 10 minutes right after we finished a treatment. It is helping to break up some of this inflammation and congestion. This is well worth the price.

Update: we paid $14. 99 for this. The current price of $24. 99 is just too much. This is a small ceramic device – almost like a knickknack. It has one spout for inhaling the salt crystals and a plug in the bottom – essentially like a salt shaker with a single curved spout instead of holes. Just trying this out for the first time. This inhaler is relatively small. It comes with a plastic bag filled with himalayan salt crystals. The color blue is very subtle. We’re supposed to breathe in with your mouth and then breathe out with your nose. It burns a bit breathing in the salt crystals. Will update once we see if there are any results and any improvement in our cough.

We have never used one of these before, and there were zero instructions in the box. What was included was a giant flyer asking for a good review in exchange for a free gift. But nothing about how to clean it, how often to change the salt, how full to fill it, how often to use it, how long to use it. We tried finding instructions on their website, but could only find ways to buy it. They did provide a phone number and email address to contact them. But we would really have appreciated a little first time use customer support in the box. That said, it did really seem to help with our bronchitis and cough. Maybe would have helped even more if we were using it according to some recommended directions. :)update: customer service emailed us proactively after reading our review and answered some of our questions. She was very helpful and courteous. Seems like a good company and we like the product overall.

We purchased the himalayan crystal salt inhaler 2 years ago for our husband for his copd and chronic sinus issues. He uses it religiously and it honestly helps him. When he gets congested, which is quite often, he will reach for the inhaler. He always keeps it close at hand. We purchased an extra one recently for him to keep by his bedside. First thing in the morning, he will use it before he gets out of bed. He is constantly amazed how quickly it will clear his congestion. This may not solve all his copd and sinus problems, but it brings him comfort and opens him up enough to where he can breathe a lot easier. Our husband is not easy to please and he loves it. He finds it more effective than the expensive prescriptions he gets monthly. He said it removes his congestion and soothes his sinuses. Our grandson has sinus issues and we are going to purchase one for him since our husband is so pleased with it.

We purchased this for our mom who has copd. It is easy to use and care for despite her arthritis. She loves how she feels after use.

Finally received this today after a shipping delay due to the winter weather. We are extremely pleased with the weight of this pipe compared to others we have used. This one is nice and substantial and shaped perfectly to hold comfortably in one hand. Came with an nice amount of salt that will last a long time. Can t beat this price also.

We purchased this for our father who has suffered from a chronic cough for close to 5 years with flare ups coming at all times of the year. He hasn’t had a full nights sleep during this time, due to his coughing fits. We heard of a local salt cave that he said was too far for him to try on a daily basis, so after a quick search we found this product. After just a few uses he could feel some relief and in under 2 weeks he is sleeping through the night with no more debilitating fits. His routine is to use it for 20 minutes every night. He can t believe the relief this product has given him and only wishes that he knew about it sooner. He has been to specialist after specialist and this does much more than any steroid ever did.

We were going to a salt room where they suggest going every week for a salt treatment, no question it was wonderful but with no lasting effect. Then we saw the salt inhaler and now we use it several times a day for 10 minutes and really feel the benefits. We also have a post nasal drip and the salt inhaler takes care of the mucus buildup. It is always on hand where we can reach it when we need it. Thanks.

The health benifits im getting from using this product . Cheaper than going to the salt cave every week. Has helped with the weezing we experience. Easy to use and portable not cheap plastic this is ceramic. K.

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