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Mooka Humidifier for Bedrooms & Large Rooms

Mooka Humidifier for Bedrooms & Large Rooms

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mooka Humidifier for Bedrooms & Large Rooms.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • 5L HUMIDIFIER for LARGE ROOMS: This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with a mist output of up to 250ml/hr, can operate in rooms up to 377 sq. ft.
  • LONG-LASTING MIST: With two 360-degree rotatable nozzles, this cool mist humidifier operates for up to 50 hours in low mode. You can adjust the volume of the mist output to your preferred humidity level for comfort and health by turning the dial.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF: The MOOKA ultrasonic humidifier will automatically turn off when it runs out of water or when the water tank is lifted up.
  • WHISPER-QUIET: During operation, this air humidifier produces less than 28dB of noise, for subtle humidification of rooms without disturbing your study, work or sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mooka Humidifier for Bedrooms & Large Rooms.

Question Question 1

Can I Used Filter Water Which Filter Clorine?

we like to use filtered water no matter the humidifier. we just feel it s cleaner water for our kids to breath it.

Question Question 2

We Have Well Water(We Live In The Country, No City Water Available)Would It Be Ok To Fill With That?

No, buy filtered or distilled water. We have well water, but also a water softener plus reverse osmosis. Well water is to harsh and will do a crusty build up.

Question Question 3

Where Is This Made?

That’s one for the manufacturer.

Question Question 4

How Do We Contact The Seller?

Look on the registration form, or Google their home page

Question Question 5

How Is This Filled With Water From The Top Or The Bottom?

The blue tank lifts off with a hidden handle below the top plate and is filled from the bottom after unscrewing the large cap. We we have 2 and they are quiet and work well.

Question Question 6

Do You Have To Activate The Water Filter Before Using Humidifer?

No, just fill the tank and screw in the filter.

Question Question 7

What Is The Mechanic Humming Sound Like? We Don’T Mind Water Or Air Noise.?

Since there isn’t ablower, there is really no noise other than the occasional gurgling of water when it leaves the tank into the reservoir. Very minimal noise from the piezo that turns the water into a mist.

Question Question 8

Does This Humidifier Have A Night Light?

No it does not have a night light, but don’t let it deter you. It is whisper quite and we do not wake up groggy or stuffy headed anymore due to the Humidifier. A+

Question Question 9

We Are Looking For A Humidifier That Bubbles A Lot. We Have A Strange Cat That Stared At Our Old One For Hours. We Bought A New One But Its No Good?

Same here – we see this one doesn t, any luck finding a good bubbly one??

Question Question 10

Can We Add Essential Oil?

No, it can not serve as an essential oil diffuser, since the Essential oil will corrode the product.

Question Question 11

Is This Product Made In The Usa?

we highly doubt it. It s a wonderful humidifier though. we bought 1 back before Christmas then bought about another for another room right after

Question Question 12

All You Need To Know After You Buy It There Are No Parts Available I Lost The Round Disk On Top And Theres No Replacement Whole Unit Or Nothing No Coo?

Still works even without that plate, just heavier mist

Question Question 13

Can You Use With Air Cond. Is On?

Yes, but air conditioned air tends not to be as dry as heat.

Question Question 14

We Have Reverse Osmosis From Our Tap—-Would This Water Be Safe To Use?

Yes, it will require a lot more system cleaning *aprox every gallon* but you can use it. Just keep the humidifier clean should work decently. However distilled is preferred for less work.

Question Question 15

For Smart Home Use, It Needs To Stop When The Power Is Removed And Start Again (Without Intervention) When Power Is Applied. Is This How This Works?

We don t have a smart home. Lol

Question Question 16

Does Humidifier Require Filter?

It has a built in filter

Question Question 17

Does The Filter Have To Be Replaced Ever?

Please ask manufacturer.

Question Question 18

Is This Top Or Bottom Fill?

It is filled at the bottom. You turn the reservoir over and unscrew the cap and fill.

Question Question 19

How Do We Contact The Seller?

1 855 558 8999

Question Question 20

Can You Fit Your Hand In The Tank For Cleaning?

Definitely not

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Mooka Humidifier for Bedrooms & Large Rooms, these might be useful for better understanding.

Cold chicago winters + thermostat cranked up = excessively dry air. To combat, we have half a dozen humidifiers throughout our home. We get tired of refilling the water every day. Some don t even last the entire night if turned all the way up. We went in search of a large capacity tank and came across this model. After using it for a few days, we are happy with the amount of time between refills; 2-3 days. It has a built in filter and comes with a sample of the scale remover which happens when you use tap water. The top of the tank is flat which makes it easy to refill. Others that we have are dome shaped and it s difficult to balance on the sink. We took off one star due to the output. The stream is steady, but not as strong of a flow as our honeywell humidifiers when turned up to max.

With winter months, we find one of the kids is always getting a cold and this year has already shown to be no different. The humidifier works similar to other cool mist humidifiers we have used with a few differences. First, there are these beads that act as a filter for the water before the water fills the base. Second, the nozzle has two rotating disks so you can aim the mist in different directions or all in one direction. Other features are pretty typical – you turn the dial all the way left until it clicks and that turns it off. You turn it right and the farther you rotate the dial, the more mist you get. We found on the highest setting it produces plenty of mist – any more than that and it would cause excess dampness in the area nearby. We turned it back a bit for overnight use and there was plenty of water left in the morning. They provided two free packets of citric acid scale remover and provided a website link to get more. We found the size and shape to be perfect. It is just small enough to fit into the sink under the faucet to fill it up. Anything bigger and we would have to use the bathtub faucet to fill which is a pain with other large tank humidifiers we have used. When filling it, you remove the nozzle and there is a little handle underneath to carry the tank. The handle seems a bit on the thin side, but it serves its purpose. Overall, we are happy with the purchase. It has a 12 month warranty which we hopefully will not need to use, but seems pretty standard for these types of humidifiers.

This features a very large volume water tank and also has a nice design and beautiful shape. The water tank also has a filter inside to prevent any objects flow in to damage bottom ultrasound vibration mechanical. The top has a handle so we can easy grab to go filling. It contains a small gift of critic acid for us to take care of water strain removal. When we turn on the machine, it is also very quiet and starts to generate steam. It is good for us to use this product all night when sleeping because we cannot fall asleep due to noise. The packaging is very detailed and organized, and the product is even vacuum inside a bag to prevent loose parts falling around.

We bought this humidifier for our plants. Our sunroom has floor to ceiling windows that makes it too hot and dry for our orchids. This is an amazing product. Large water reservoir that lasts for days, adjustable output knob. Also included was a packet of acid scale remover, though we intend to use distilled water only in this machine. An additional bonus is making our family comfortable, you know, now that the plants are good.

We use this in our studio control room/office, where there is carpeting, a metal and glass desk, and many many metal pieces of equipment. Not only does the equipment need to be fairly moisture controlled (both for low and high levels of humidity), but we also don’t like shocking ourself when we move around and/or adjust a mic boom stand, etc. For the price, the mooka humidifier has been an excellent unit, and we would buy it again when/if we need another. Update: the unit we originally purchased stopped producing mist on jan 11, 2020. However, we contacted mooka support and they quickly got a replacement unit on the way.

It has a knob that you can turn to change the steam production rateit auto shuts off when it is out of water. Very quiet – around 21 dbholds a lot of water. Could last multiple days without having to be refilledproduces a lot of steam.

This is brand new to us as of today, but in testing it appears to be essentially instantaneous in putting out an incredibly fine mist. Our only disappointment (that we were aware of when we purchased) is the small size of the “fill” opening. Our previous vicks warmmist steamer had an identical size opening which was, as this will be, difficult to drain completely making drying and expediting storage frustrating. If there had been an identical product with equally good reviews that had an opening that we could reach into in order to dry the tank, we would have likely bought it.

We have purchased two of these in the last few years. They are very quiet and very easy to use. The misty air coming out feels great on our face and the cool breeze definitely helps with a rooms humidity. We would say this size is better suited for a smaller room. We are giving it a one star in the “ease of cleaning” category because this thing is hard to clean. One of our units never gets moldy or orange from buildup which is nice. The other unit gets very gross after just two uses. And its impossible to clean. So much so that it might end up in the trash. But its a great unit and we plan to use the one that always stays clean for as long as possible.

Perfect for a bedroom. We run a woodstove foe heat during the winter and was in need of a humidifier. This humidifier does not put off a lot of mist on high but on a full tank and on high we got roughly 60 hours. As far as cleaning we put roughly 1/4 cup of water in the tank mix it well with water. (make sure you relieve the pressure) let it sit for 10 min or longer and rinse it out. We clean mine no less then once a week.

We were searching for a humidifier for our bedroom and we get better sleep because of this. We have been using it for a month or so now and it produces a good amount of steam. We don’t generally use it on full throttle. It has a well balanced sturdy base and a removable tank with a separate top plate that hides the handle and has a rotating knob type thing with an unknown purpose. It works well and it quiet. The only issue we have with it is that when we pick up the tank part, it drips slightly because of the water present in the base . All in all, would buy again.

We have only used this product for 2 nights so far but we have nothing but great things to say. Very happy with the noise level, super light weight, easy to fill the tank and has helped us already. We are pregnant, which can cause you to have sinus issues. Definitely happened to us so this has helped so much. We can sleep so much better and our nose is no longer dry or stuffed throughout the night. Also, want to share that customer service is awesome.

We love it, very easy to use. Our kids have asthma and allergies so having a humidifier in hand is a must. The tank is huge so no need to keep refilling comes with the tools to clean it. Different settings option and the design is very pretty. If you at looking for an affordable and reliable humidifier look no more this is it.

We have only been running this for a couple nights but with the winter being here and the air being pretty dry we figured we would try this out. It is very quiet and gives off a “white noise” effect to ease you to sleep. Not obnoxious. The misting is just dense enough that it breaks up before hitting the floor or putting any moisture on furniture. We would recommend this for anyone who suffers from nosebleeds or dry throat/ lips during the dry months.

The mooka cool mist humidifier has a great esthetic and is easy to use. The tank is an amazing 5l that will last at least 48hours when filled at least 2/3 full, from experience. The product packaging was shipped in a vacuum sealed bag in the box that seems to be reuasable if needed for storage. The mist output is pretty impressive and constant, the mist level is adjustable with the front dial. The tank is easily removable for refill and rests upon the base. We would highly recommend this item as we have used warm mist previously, this unit doesn’t increase the room temp as warm mist would create sticky warm environment. It also helps with dry sinuses and doesn’t leave an uncomfortable moisture feel on furniture. We would definitely order another unit and recommend this to family, friends, and others.

This humidifier works great in whatever room you choose to use it. It is very quiet and adds a good amount of needed humidity to any dry environment. This is a on or off machine. There is no sensor or scale so that it turns on or off as needed. They may have another model with that feature. This works as expected and we are happy with it.

We have tried other brands and found them to leak after a while. But this humidifier feels much better in quality and in operation. It looks great and so far it has not leaked and it’s working perfectly. Yes we would recommend this particular model over the others plus it has a long run time of up to 50 hours.

This humidifier performs as expected. Large tank, good for a small, medium, and maybe large sized room. Nothing fancy about it, and a good value for the price. The instructions do say not to put on carpeting, so you’ll want to find some way to elevate in a carpeted room. Remember to clean every week with vinegar.

This is a nice looking, well built, product that is very easy to use. We needed a unit like this for our bedroom and, of course, it needed to be quiet. The good news is. That it is. Even with a humidifier in our air con system at home, the air still gets very dry in the michigan winter, so using this unit in our bedroom at night is just what we needed. It has a good sized tank and puts out a reasonable amount of mist. Importantly, the unit is able to project the moisture mist vertically so that is is able to circulate across the room. We have had other humidifiers where the projected moisture mist falls to the ground with a few feet of the unit. That is not the case with the mooka. Too early to tell about longevity. But so far so good.

So easy to use and really does make a difference. Our husband is able to sleep and wake up without having a dry mouth in the morning. In the video we attached, it shows the vapor at medium, and then high speed. It makes no noise, which was surprising for the both of us since we are used to ones that make noise. We also thought it was cool that it came with it’s own wipe.

The larger humidifier operates a for a long period of time , as advertised. We have a wood stove in the basement that helps to heat our place. So the air gets very dry. We are hoping the humidifier helps with that issue. We use the smaller one in our bedroom next to our bed. We need to gets essentials oils in it – we look forward to adding a scent.

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