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NaturalCare SinuFix Capsules

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Here are a few main benefits of NaturalCare SinuFix Capsules.

  • Healthy sinus function and immune response

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See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on NaturalCare SinuFix Capsules, these might be useful for better understanding.

Love the sinufix capsules. We always seem to have been “stuffier” than what we think is normal. We got annoyed with it and looked for something natural. We found the sinufix caspules. We have been using them on and off for a few years now. Whenever we start to feel to “stuffy” we take one a day and they clear us out. They clear us out so well, we can feel it drain down the back of our throat. Whenever we do end up with a cold, we take two each day and it seems to end the cold sooner for us. We will even take them as prevention during cold and flu season, and must admit, we rarely get sick if we take them consistently.

We have had recurring sinus infections for years. We started taking this product when we were in the middle of sinus infection a few months ago and didn’t want to go on antibiotics again. It worked wonders – cleared it right up. We had to take 4 caps a day to achieve that, so it was spendy, but better than paying for the doctor and more antibiotics and then dealing with side effects from the antibiotics. If we only take 2 caps a day, it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the sinus issues at bay. We have to take 4 caps a day for that. That is expensive, but much more affordable if you get these on the subscribe and save plan – especially if you order 5 items at a time because you get 15% off. The cost of being miserable and losing out on productivity from having a sinus infection is a lot worse to us than the cost of staying on these. Note: we also suffer from acid reflux and gerd. If we take them with only water, our reflux goes wild. If we take them with food, we have no reflux issues. The trick to avoiding acid reflux issues is simply to have a couple bites of some kind of food after taking them.

We have ordered this product for years during allergy season. Great product. (must take it for 3-5 days before you see max results. Also, we suggest to cut out foods that increase sinus symptoms – dairy. ).

This product has really helped to relieve our sinus congestion. Unfortunately for us it is very short acting.

Our husband uses this, and it really helps him, he has been taking this for several years now, he does not like to be without it.

We have always had problems in the past with general allergies caused by dust, pollen, etc resulting in sinus infections. We would feel tired and have frequent headaches. We are not allergic to anything specific, according to a test done several years ago, but just do not have healthy sinuses. We tried mucinex and other otc meds with poor results. Then someone suggested that we try sinufix. We did and after a week or so we could feel a big difference in the way we felt. We didn’t feel as tired all the time. After more than two years of using it we have had to go to the doctor one time for a sinus infection which is a vast decline from the 3-5 times per year we had to go in previously. We have also had only one short-lived, minor cold in the past two years. We think that the zinc supplement in sinufix had a lot to do with it. In short, sinufix has greatly improved our sinus health and would suggest that you give it a try for a month.

We have been using this product for years with great success. When we noticed that we were starting to have increased sinus infections, we immediately started researching herbal remedies as a solution to antibiotics. This product does not disappoint. Unfortunately, we were unable to find this product for several years, which resulted in 3-4 sinus infections each year. We are so glad we have been reunited with sinufix, we have been infection free this entire season. We take two capsules per day all year, not just during the winter months. Like any herbal supplement, plan on using it for a few months to realize the benefits. We highly recommend this product.

We love these pills. They help us combat sinus congestion without using heavy duty pseudoephedrine products.

This is the best relief for sinusitis.

We have a problem with getting sinus infections several times a year. We have been hoping that taking this and another sinus supplement would do the trick. We take this one at night and the other in the day. They are successfully keeping our sinuses from clogging and make nose-blowing more productive. They are also helping to prevent the drying of our sinuses during the night. We wake in the morning with much more free breathing than in the past. It’s refreshing. Sadly, however, these positive traits did not prevent us from getting a sinus infection. We are disappointed, but we won’t stop taking this product, because it’s really helping our breathing.

Great natural way to relieve sinus infections.

They do help with your sinus pressure. You have to keep it in your system for it to help you.

Works very well.

We take this product once a year to keep our sinus clear, always works. It’s works so much better than other products, it’s easier and less messy than other products (sprays, drops, neti, ect.

Good product.

Helps with our reoccurring sininitis.

We take the capsule at night, and it helps to keep our head unclogged while we sleep. And it’s all natural.

It really has seemed to makea differance. It takes two to three weeksbefore you realize the results. We will continue this product in our daily regime.


Really works to open our sinus’. Doesn’t give you a weird “spacey” or sleepy feeling like some sinus meds.

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