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Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa - Sore Throat Syrup

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Sore Throat Syrup

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Sore Throat Syrup.

  • Natural relief of sore throat, coughs, hoarseness, and loss of voice
  • Herbal Honey Loquat
  • Large Family Size

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Sore Throat Syrup.
A study at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine published in a 1994 article, “Pharmacological studies of nin jion pei pa koa”, indicated that Pei Pa Koa had significant effect on relieving coughs, removing sputum, relieving asthma in vivo and in vitro.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Sore Throat Syrup.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients?

Elm bark, honey, loquat leaf, fritillary, balloon flower root, snakegourd seed, sand root, senega root, tuckahoe, licorice root, ginger root, five flavored seed and peppermint.

Question Question 2

Does This Taste Bad? We Have A Hard Time Taking Cough Syrup.?

we think it tastes good.It’s sort of menthol and fruity.Depending on how sore our throat is, we will just take a tablespoon straight from the bottle. Or we will mix a tablespoon (or more) in a cup of hot water and drink it like a tea.we think it tastes better as a hot tea, but it does NOT taste bad straight from we think it tastes good.It’s sort of menthol and fruity.Depending on how sore our throat is, we will just take a tablespoon straight from the bottle. Or we will mix a tablespoon (or more) in a cup of hot water and drink it like a tea.we think it tastes better as a hot tea, but it does NOT taste bad straight from the bottle.

Question Question 3

Is This Supposed To Come With A Tamper Resistant Seal?

The bottle we purchased had a seal on the bottle itself. It did not have a seal on the outside of the cap

Question Question 4

Is This Gluten Free?

we just bought it and the bottle says it may contain gluten. So we are no longer sure that it is 100% gluten free. Previously when we bought this the bottle did not have this listed. So maybe the ingredients have changed. we have to now return the bottles that we bought as we cannot take the risk.

Question Question 5

Is It Vegan Friendly? We Notice It Says “Honey Flavored”, But Is It Actual Honey?

It is actual honey.Not vegan friendly.

Question Question 6

Is It Non Drowsy?

It s non drowsy.

Question Question 7

When Is The Expiration Date?

As of 11/18/17, we (Nature’s Health) are selling units with an expiration date of May 2020.

Question Question 8

Is This Loquat Syrup Gluten Free?

it does state on the packaging “this product may contain milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soy.”in other words, since it may contain wheat it may have some gluten.

Question Question 9

Are The Sore Throat Syrup And Herbal Dietary Supplement The Same Thing?Our First Bottle (Given To Us By A Chinese Friend) Did Not Say “Dietary Supple?

The company DOES NOT officially advertise the product as sore throat syrup. The box always said herbal dietary supplement. Here’s the website for the company. Also we have been using them ever since we are kid.

Question Question 10

Can We Make Lean With This?

we are not sure what you are really asking. If by “make lean” you are asking about weight loss, this product is taken for health and immune support and does not have that many calories.

Question Question 11

Does Anyone Know If This A Reputable Brand, I. E.No Hidden Ingredients/Heavy Metals, Etc.?

This is the most famous brand in the southern part of China. we have been using it all our life

Question Question 12

Are There Any English Instructions On How To Use It?

Yes there are english directions for what amount to take and the ingredients in english as well. It suggests 15ml up to 3 times a day.

Question Question 13

Is This Genuine Or Counterfeit?

Not sure to what you are referring, but this product was exactly as we remembered it from when we used to purchase it from our favorite herb shop years ago.Same packaging, same bottle, same taste, fragrance, texture, and efficacy.

Question Question 14

Does This Product Contain Alcohol?

Not that we saw on label.

Question Question 15

Is This Made In Hong Kong Or China?

It says made in Hong Kong.

Question Question 16

Is This A Bottle Or Individual Packets?

It is a bottle.

Question Question 17

Does It Leave A Cool Menthol After Taste? We Are Looking For A Fritillary Loquat Syrup With More Menthol.?

The correct way to use this, is to add the dosage to a cup of hot water. our Dad was a Chinese sinseh. Drink it slowly . to allow it . to flow slowly down the throat. The warmth of the loquat syrup will be enhanced by the hot water. The minty/menthol smell goes up to the nasal area . you can smell it . when you tak The correct way to use this, is to add the dosage to a cup of hot water. our Dad was a Chinese sinseh. Drink it slowly . to allow it . to flow slowly down the throat. The warmth of the loquat syrup will be enhanced by the hot water. The minty/menthol smell goes up to the nasal area . you can smell it . when you take the time to drink it slowly.

Question Question 18

Does This Contain Menthol?


Question Question 19

Do You Have To Refrigerate This Product After Removing The Plug/Seal?

No, we have used it for years and never refrigerated.If you have an ant problem though, it might be wise to do so.

Question Question 20

Does The Bottle Cap Come Sealed? We Got One That Wasn’T. Also The Box Seal Was Cut.?

The box has a red sticker seal. The bottle itself doesn’t technically have a safety seal, though it does have a rubber plug under the cap. Some people here have called that a safety seal but it isn’t, it’s just a plug. But the box is sealed.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Sore Throat Syrup, these might be useful for better understanding.

Straight to the point: this eastern magic syrup somehow works incredibly well. About me: we are non-chinese (so no bias) practicing dentistry for about 10 years now & majored in biology in college so we are familiar with medicine & how it affects the body (but we have never even seen most of these ingredients before haha). We bought a similar honey loquat syrup for our mom’s sore throat & cough years ago when it was midnight and all the local pharmacies were closed (no near 24hr one) except for a local chinese plaza. She said it seemed to work but she really liked the taste. We tried a little & liked the taste too but was skeptical & felt like this was similar to the effect of a cough drop. What we have: 3 nights ago we had a mild sore throat (3/10 pain) with no koplik spots anywhere, a fever of 102. 2, extreme migraine, fatigue/malaise, body ache & neck pain (turned out was unrelated but was the reason along with fever & migraine our doctor told us to go to the er for possible meningitis or other serious viral infection of the brain), & palpitations. They er team did 2 throat swab culture tests (flu panel & strep), an ekg, & various blood tests. All came back negative but they said it’s definitely viral causing pharyngitis but the worst should be over. Our temperature normalized, our migraine cleared, our body aches were almost gone, but our sore throat was about the same (3/10 pain). They told us to return if certain symptoms occur/return. Next day, still no temp but our tonsils & entire throat was red & raw, our tonsils were more swollen, and there was white spots all over our tonsils (possibly koplik spots). Throat pain was now severe (10/10 pain). We could not eat, drink, or swallow without intense pain. We ordered this chinese magic syrup on due to it’s high ratings & our memory of that pleasing taste. With prime it gave us an option to get it by 9pm of our 3rd night. We rushed to our urgent care on the 2nd night, they swabbed us & said, no bacterial infection still just viral. It’s normal for tonsils to undergo more inflammation as your body tries to heal. The white spots were exudates from the white blood cells & viral infection. Just keep taking nsaids, drink plenty of water, & rest. They gave us a steroid that they said should work within 1-3 hours for the swelling and pain. 14 hours passed & the pain was still extreme (9/10 to 10/10 pain). Finally the package arrive at our door a little after 8pm on the 3rd night. How we used the product: the instructions on the back says 1 tablespoon 3/day. We don’t think you can overdose on natural herbs & roots so we modified it – 1. 25 every 3 hours (we occassionally took a bit extra due to the great taste & soothing feeling like a fire was being put out). We kept it refrigerated. The product was thicker than the similar product we bought a few years ago. The way we used it was to put a drop (1/4 tablespoon) down our throat for the soothing action & thin coating. We let it sit there for a few seconds & drink plenty of cold water (cold so we don’t melt it that fast & flush it out) – hydration is key. Then we slowly slurp/lick the rest off our spoon letting as much stay and coat our tonsils & throat as much as we can without gagging. We are huge gagger but this was pleasant. It’s like drinking in slow motion. Conclusion: we are on our 4th night since this started. We have taking this eastern voodoo potion for about 18 hours while continuing the instruction by the doctors. Our throat pain & swelling has gone down significantly (3/10 pain). Our overall feeling continues to improve. We think the ingredients primarily effect the swelling & pain (the inflammation response to the infection) though we don’t know whether it’s a direct or indirect action. We suspect that it is also stimulating or aiding in the healing process rather than fighting the virus directly. Furthermore, we still doubt this would work as great on a bacterial infection as you would need an antibiotic to heal you. However, we are sure it would still help alongside the antibiotic. Heck, we would not be surprised if it worked just as good. Some of the ingredients may also act as a natural antibiotic like some essential oils (a well studied eastern medicine that does work in various scenarios . Listerine’s been using it for decades but china’s used it for thousands of years lol).

This product is amazing. We had the flu cold that’s going around, had a seriously raw throat and heavy mucus. Took this before going to bed and our throat quit being painful while coughing. Over the next 2 days the heavy mucus was gone, no sore throat, just a minor cold. It defiantly helped us and our spouse heal far quicker than ever expected. We also bought some for our son who has had lung issues for more than a year, and he got the flu cold thing too, so he tried it out. And wow, he got better too. He’ll continue taking it to help his lungs heal. And he’s not necessarily a “natural medicine” kind of guy, but he’s sold on it too.

One of the best cough syrups we have ever used. Does not make us drowsy, compared to those mixtures which contain antihistamines like diphenhydramine. Does not contain dextromethorphan cough suppressantdoes not contain ephedrine decongeststantdoes not contain any aspirin or acetaminophen pain killers. Nin jiom pewe pa koa – sore throat syrup – contains natural ingredients that must have been tested for hundreds if not thousands of years. We could not find anything like this in any pharmacy. It works great with no side-effects and what is more, it tastes so good.

We had been suffering serious sore throat for more than a week. It was the worst one we have ever had. We bought this supplement since it has pretty good reviews. We followed the direction to take one tea spoon a time, three times a day. It was tasty and we even took more than one tea spoon a time. We felt 50% better after the first day of use. After the second day, we felt our throat was almost healed, like 90%. It was just amazing.

This was recommend to us by our acupuncturist. We were struggling with the severe chest congestion and cough plague of 2018. This stuff was a miracle. We were able to sleep without coughing the first night and have gotten progressively better since. It helped loosen the gunk in our chest and move it out productively without a 10 min coughing fit. We have been taking it a week now and don’t plan on stopping until the plague is over.

We learned of this product through recommends, we think because we buy lots of south korean cosmetics and health products here. After reading highly positive reviews, we took a chance and ordered because we live in a dank climate where congestion and colds can be frequent. This is a wonderfully soothing and very tasty syrup which we found works best when diluted in hot water. We like it better as a tea than we do most teas, and it’s more effective for soothing our throat than any other tea we have tried. We are definitely a fan and will be ordered again once this bottle is empty, which will take some time because you get a lot of syrup for the price. Very, very pleased.

We were introduced to this product when a friend from china got a horrific head/throat cold. He had it shipped over. Of course, two weeks later, we were enjoying a similar cold. He shyly offered some to me, and hell. Why not. Normally we are in the “herbal supplements are bunk” crew, but this stuff kicks any uri’s booty for us. We just got some acute laryngitis, and it wouldn’t go away for a week, so we re-ordered this stuff. We didn’t want to rough our throat up more with too many decongestants. And yep. Less than a day in, and we are already feeling a little less beat-up, and less snotty. We wouldn’t try to treat pneumonia or suchlike with it, but for short-term colds/flus, it works better for us than dayquil or phenylephrine-containing otc stuff. And with less drying-out. It’s a thick molasses-like syrup, with a faint menthol/alcohol-type taste, but not unpleasant. Be careful that you don’t spill over the jar edge, or cleaning out the threading at the top will be gross as heck.

We have been using this for 10 yrs now. Used to get chronic bronchitis and this is what stopped us from getting it all the time. We have only had bronchitis once in 10 years since we have started using this. You may take it by the tablespoonful, or you may drink it in a hot, or cool tea. It works wonders for not just throat issues, but for sinus and upper respiratory ones as well. We highly recommend this to those who don’t have lots of allergies.

Nin jiom pewe pa koa is not new to the industry. We have been using it while we were in malaysia. Now that we have been in the us for the last 13 years, we still seek the same medicine. The order arrived on time and and worked like magic. In malaysia, whenever we get a little fever, flue or sore throat, we quickly dissolve 2 tablespoon of nin jiom pewe pa koa in small glass of hot water and drink it fast after a meal. Any kind of fever subsides right after. We have used for our family members as well with good results. We wanted to reach out and thank the manufacturers for making it available here in the us. We will be lost without it. Thank you . Shanthwe genga.

We had strep and flu at the same time and continued to have a severe sore throat for two months after the illnesses. We went through multiple rounds of steroids, which only helped while we took them. We were miserable. Took a chance and ordered this. We could tell a difference the next day, but not significant. However by day 3, our sore throat when from an 8/10 to 3-4/10. After a week of use, we are pain free and it has not re-occurred despite a continued cough. We are grateful we found this syrup. We would recommend it to everyone. We even bought another bottle to keep on hand for the winter.

School recently started and with in 2 weeks. 2 of our 3 kids have a nasty cold. We gave them this syrup 3 times a day as directed on the bottle and 24 hours later the kids barely have any symptoms. It’s pretty much gone. Our third child started to complain she was getting the cold and her throat hurt, we gave her the syrup and the next she felt fine, gave it to her 2 more days. She never came down with the cold. We ordered another bottle to have on hand for next time.

Super effective relief for irritating itchy cough. It helps us a whole lot when we get the dry itchy allergic cough during the cold weather. Before we used to use the otc meds with no relief at all. It used to be a total waste of money. Now we know about the nim jiom syrup, im well equipped and ready for the winter. “let is snow”.

This was a 3am purchase after suffering with a dry cough and sore throat for 5 days. The nights were so much worse because we couldn’t stop coughing, to a point we were waking our sleeping baby and strained our ribs ๐Ÿ™ we came across this product and thankfully for 1-day delivery we were able to use this fairly soon. Needless to say, we will be making sure we have this on hand anytime we are sick. It literally coats and soothes your throat, and even tastes great mixed in hot water. Definitely worth a try if you re suffering like us and over-the-counter drugs just aren t working, and you re looking for a natural alternative.

Gave this to our son, 8, last night and again this morning. He has a little congestion and the start of a cough. We can’t say he loved the flavor, but he was willing to swallow it. ๐Ÿ™‚ (it’s pretty ok tasting per our palate, and tastes like it’s made with real herbs and not gag-worthy chemical garbage. ) he did cough a few times during the night, but after his second dose this morning, he was able to expectorate some pretty yucky stuff with ease, which we count as a great success. Will continue to give and see how things resolve.

So impressed with this that we bought 8 to use as token christmas gifts (something practical and thoughtful for those that have everything). —we first tried it when our friend gave us some in a hot tea when we were sounding horrible. Bought some for us and our husband the following month upon getting the crud a 2nd time. Husband was pretty impressed. Then, it helped our mom when she was sick. It’s got an impressive history.

The correct way to use this, is to add the syrup/dosage to a cup of hot water. Our dad was a chinese sinseh. Drink it slowly . To allow it . To flow slowly down the throat. The warmth of the loquat syrup will be enhanced by the hot water. The minty/menthol smell goes up to the nasal area . You can smell it . When you take the time to drink it slowly. We would give it a 5-star . The price is bit too high.

Super thick, tastes good, almost like honey plus dayquil. Our husband loved it when he had a sore throat. Only 4 stars because it never took away our sore throats, it just felt good on our throats and made us feel like we were doing something about not feeling well, kind of like a placebo affect.

We love that herbal balm so much. Our kids are using it all fly season and it is really helps to be stronger. Recomend. We ordered this balm 3 more times already and will continue. We also like big bottle.

We usually don’t write reviews but we had to for this cough syrup. We are going on to week 3 of this nasty cold that’s going around with no relief in sight. We have been taking mucinex, which hasn’t worked at all. We have had a terrible cough and chest congestion that hasn’t been clearing up and the coughing fits have been keeping us up all night. We just received this yesterday and took it before bed–no coughing all night. We will never be without this in our medicine cabinet.

This product was referred to us by our doctor. It s is very thick, very sweet. It also is very effective. This can be purchased in store for $8. Due to stay at home orders, we needed to purchase on line. Very expensive online.

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