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North American Health + Wellness Winter Fleece Mask

North American Health + Wellness Winter Fleece Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of North American Health + Wellness Winter Fleece Mask.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Breathe much easier and safeguard your lungs while covering nose and mouth with this face mask
  • Polyester product safeguards dangers of cold air inhalation
  • Might assist lessen signs of asthma, emphysema and other respiratory problems
  • 100% polyester material feels soft on the face and reduces irritation

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More Info:

Here are some more information on North American Health + Wellness Winter Fleece Mask.
Shelter your face from the severe winter weather condition with the Cold Weather ConditionMask Made out of 100% polyester to offer the utmost convenience versus your skin, the Cold Weather Condition Mask warms and dampens the air as you breathe which assists reduces asthma, emphysema and other respiratory disorders. An adjustable rubber band fits easily around the back of the head to keep the Cold Weather Condition Mask snuggly versus your face.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on North American Health + Wellness Winter Fleece Mask.

Question Question 1

Does It Enable You To Inhale And Exhale Quickly Without Rebreathing What You Simply Breathed out? How Does The Air Move In And Out Of The Mask?

tryedthe mask as soon as did not like it have not utilized once again

Question Question 2

Is It Washable In Laundry; Or Requirement Woolite?

Maker Washable finest with woolite.But then we are passing product product packaging, our straps broke the first time we attempted to place on and we put them in File 13.

Question Question 3

Is This Great Fot All Ttpes Of Weather condition?

It’s great for cold and windy weather condition.

Question Question 4

Is This Great For Outside Cycling?

the mask is great for cold winter bike flights, i usage mine to feed our animals trigger it gets genuine cold here in the winter seasons

Question Question 5

Is This Mask Made From Neoprene Or Some Other Product.? Thanks Ahead Of Time For The Info.?

More like felt product

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on North American Health + Wellness Winter Fleece Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We established pneumonia in 2015 after an afternoon of shoveling in the cold. We have never ever been troubled by the cold til then. Did not delight in remaining in the health center for 3 days and out of work for another 2 weeks. The rest of that winter was invested with a headscarf or something up over our face in the cold air. We chose to take a various method this winter. The mask works fine. Does tend to mist up our glasses and if we are doing an exhausting activity, it gets a bit moist on the within. However beats being side lined.

We quite enjoy this brand name and this product. We have awful asthma and this assists us for the cold New York City winter seasons. It truly does what is states it does. Safeguards our lungs from the cold air, by warming/moisturizing it. Likewise now it makes a great mask throughout these times when face coverings are needed. Product led its time.

We have asthma and with the harsh winter we got in the location where we live this mask has been a saver in assisting us keep our lungs far from that bitter cold entering our lungs. The mask change well to your face and you can breathe quickly through it. Extremely advise it for those with respiratory problems or conscious air modifications.

This mask conserves our life all the time. We oversleep it when we have an aching throat or the air is cold and dry or today where we have horrible post nasal drip. It s not ideal, however it truly does work.

4 stars due to the fact that it does keep the coldout However due to the fact that your breathing warm air the within product gets moist. And the adjustable straps on side are useless.

We have extreme asthma when it gets cold outside we constantly use them.

We are utilizing it for the winter here in michigan and likewise for the covid-19 infection walking around like wildfire. It works for both conditions.

In order to enjoy this mask, you need to be comfy looking ridiculous (due to the fact that you will get stares using this). If you worth kind over function, checked out no even more. Aside from visual appeals, the most significant cons are that changing the mask is challenging, and placing it properly will take some time to get utilized to. Beyond that, this mask warms the air you breathe * a lot * over the outdoors air. What more could you desire?.

These mask keep out the cold air so we can breath. It works. Thanks.

Bought this as a present for our mom with copd. It assists a terrific quantity in the cold months. Would advise.

We utilize this in our basement when working out on the treadmill and bike. With how cold it is down there, breathing hard in the cold makes for aching lungs and then wheezing. It works splendidly and even better if we didn’t need to use glasses when seeing t. V. It does mist them up as any mask would. We can see how this would work for outside walking in the cold though. Really comfy and made extremely well. Cleans well. The flexible straps have kept their kind and have not chilled out at all. Soft product and breathable yet warm.

Really comfy and convenient. Soft to my face.

Great for winter wear. Assists with cold air. Compact, suits pocket when required.

We bought this product due to the fact that we are having issues with our asthma in the cold air during the night. We bought 2 ofthese One string broke the 2nd night. Easy repair though. The 4 stars is due to the fact that the ear loops are little lightweight. Gets the job done.

We provided these as presents to people who have trouble breathing throughout particular times of the year.

Needed to cut a great deal of the flexible and change. It’s kinda huge however. If your face is broad, it’ll fit better, however it works.

Liked the weight of the product.

We have sinus issues and constantly wound up ill if we were out in the cold. This masked truly appeared to assist, we had the ability to breathe without issues and no headache. Rate was likewise terrific.

Respectable, however not as great as the double layer fleece face mask.

It works better than a headscarf. Remains in location and warms the air so his heart does not need to work so hard. Naturally we could not let him stroll into the bank using it however otherwise – an terrific product for a reasonable cost.

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