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ODONOBO Cute Dumpling Essential Oils Diffuser for Kids

ODONOBO Cute Dumpling Essential Oils Diffuser for Kids

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ODONOBO Cute Dumpling Essential Oils Diffuser for Kids.

  • RELAX WITH AROMATHERAPY Restorative support to assist you renew, ease stress, and find natural balance this freshener utilizes pure essential oils to produce soft, corrective scents that condition your air and gently spread out scent.
  • CUTE DUMPLING STYLE Integrating the benefits of ultrasonic technology with a portable, modern-day and practical style, our 3-in-1 Dumpling Diffuser makes for a wonderful present to all infants, teenagers, good friends and household.
  • NIGHT LIGHT Select from 7 various colors (brilliant and dim mode) to match your design and decoration or automobile cycle through all the colors to produce a more enjoyable experience. This makes it a fantastic device to any house, workplace, bed room, child space, etc.
  • WISE TIMER and AUTOMOBILE SHUT-OFF Quickly swap in between 1, 3, 6-hour, or constant modes to produce even essential oil circulation to your taste. Each diffuser boasts a 300 mL water capability and a waterless auto-off function for more secure performance.
  • RELIED ON QUALITY ENSURED We are here to eventually offer you 100% complete satisfaction. Our original dumpling diffuser is backed by a 1 year maker’s service warranty. Contact us for all problems associated with your order for a reaction and service.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ODONOBO Cute Dumpling Essential Oils Diffuser for Kids.
Spread soothing, corrective essential oil aromas with a premium diffuser that utilizes ultrasonic technology to assist ease stress and promote relaxation. When you re aiming to assist produce a more relaxing environment in your house, workplace, or personal area absolutely nothing supplies the sort of restorative and relaxing support rather like essential oils; particularly when they re spread out naturally into the space with this incredibly cute Dumpling Essential Oil Diffuser Performing as a natural air purifier this Dumpling Diffuser is excellent for guys, ladies or young teenager who experience allergic reactions such as pet hair and pollen. The diffuser likewise assists mask smell from animals such as felines and pets. Created for design, creativity, and performance this pure oil diffuser can assist you find psychological clearness, physical relaxation, and even better sleep quality; all while producing a helpful environment that improves the beauty and feel of any space. Complete with several misting modes, automated timer functions, and 7 adjustable LED lighting choices, it s the ideal addition to any area. PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS: 6.6″ (16.7cm) Length x 6.6″ (167 cm) Width x 5.7″ (145 cm) Height PRODUCT INFORMATION: Premium Essential Oil Diffuser (300 mL Water Capability). Lasts 8hrs on constant setting. Lovable Dumpling Style Whisper Quiet Cool Mist Aromatherapy 23 dB MAX Waterless Car Shut-Off Function Input Power Air Conditioner100-240 V 50/60 HZ Several Timing Modes (1-Hr, 3-Hr, 6-Hr, Constant) Unwinding, 7 Color-Changing LED Lighting with Bright and Dim Modes Low (30-50 ml/hr) and High (50-70 ml/hr) Mist Modes for Moisturizing Space Humidifier Support Usage with Pure Essential Oils to Promote a Calm, Focus and Clear Mind ABS/PP Plastic Product – BPA free

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ODONOBO Cute Dumpling Essential Oils Diffuser for Kids.

Question Question 1

How Easy Is It To Open And Fill With Water?

Super easy. You simply lift the top half and it s one piece, put the water in, and you re set.

Question Question 2

How Long Does It Last In Continue Mode?

When filled at max water level of 300 mL/10 oz it will last roughly 8 hours on constant mode.

Question Question 3

Can You Utilize This As Simply A Humidifier? Without Oil Diffuser, And Does This Work Simply As Excellent As A Routine Humidifier. Hydrates Space Etc?

Yes the diffuser can be utilized just as a humidifier; simply do not include any essential oils into the water tank. It is most reliable when utilized to humidify/moisturize spaces approximately 150 sqft (14 m2).

Question Question 4

Why Is It Beeping?

Benny Bao will beep when each time you continue a button to alter settings. It will beep two times if you hold “MIST” to alter mist modes. It will likewise beep two times and switch off when it has discovered that it’s run out of water.

Question Question 5

Can The Diffuser Be On Without Any Light?

Yes you can utilize the diffuser with no light by pushing just the “MIST” button.

Question Question 6

What Nation Is This Product Made By?

Our products are created in Australia and produced in the city of Shenzhen, China.

Question Question 7

How Long Is The Cable?

The cable length is 1.5 m/150 cm/59 inches/4.9 feet long.

Question Question 8

Can You Utilize Citrus Essential Oils With This?

Yes. Any oils will work.

Question Question 9

Does This Diffuser Have Excellent Output?

Yes on the low setting the mist output is roughly 30-50 ml/hr and on high setting 50-70 ml/hr. Due to the ultrasonic technology, it will output more mist as the water volume staying declines.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ODONOBO Cute Dumpling Essential Oils Diffuser for Kids, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Super cute. & larger than we believed. Our 3 y. O. Child even likes it so it s in her space as a night light/ diffuser? we put the vick s kind in it to assist her breathe better when she s ill.

Our hamster stinks the space some how and our space is likewise really dry, considering that our mommy fractures up the heating system to 72 ° f which seems like the suemmer of arizona in our space. After purchasing it, ot make the space odor plesant (essential oil we purchased sepratly) and likewise made the air cooler with some humidity.

We have 2 active kids in which we have a hard time to get them to sleep during the night. A friend of mine advised us to attempt aromatherapy and we encountered this dumpling diffuser by mishap. Bought it since it fits the decoration we have in our kids space. It is working marvels for them; we are matching lavender with eucalyptus essential oils for better sleep and breathing. It is so cute we privately wish to take it to utilize it in our own bed room.

We reside in an extremely dry environment and we desired something ideal next to our bed and this is so ideal. It operates on a bit of water and runs for 6 hours on it. The nightlight part is beyond cute and you can utilize this as a diffuser too. We are still in shock how remarkable this is.

This diffuser is incredibly cute while likewise being little and peaceful. We have had a concern with the essential oils diffusing really rapidly and the odor dissipating rapidly, however it might effectively be the essential oils that we are utilizing. The diffuser remains on for a substantial quantity of time if you fill it up all the way to the fill line, even if you’re utilizing it on the high-power mode. In some cases the mist beads will gather on the diffuser triggering it to appear like it’s dripping, however as long as there’s some air flow in the space like having a window open or a fan going, there isn’t any concern with the condensation on the diffuser. In general a fantastic product. Would extremely suggest it.

So cute. Love that it alters colours, and we can select to to keep it on one colour setting and have it as a night light. It s likewise excellent understanding that we can turn it on prior to bed and go to sleep as there location the 3 various timer choices. We have been utilizing every night considering that we have acquired it with no problems at all. Would certainly suggest.

Love this thing. It s peaceful and cute and smells fantastic.

This diffuser is among the greatest we have ever had and it s so cute and quite we like they way it illuminate and makes beep sounds when you press the buttons. We would buy once again.

We like it assists our kindergartener go to sleep quicker as we utilize it as a nightlight for 3 hours. This winter season with all the infection walking around we put our young living essential oils on this difffuser and it s been excellent. He s had a healthy year up until now.

Super cute diffuser and the ideal size for our nightstand. The light is optional and the various time settings are great. In general we would suggest however the top part isn’t really protected so take care not to bump it.

Actually the prettiest thing ever.

This is ideal for our kids space and incredibly cute.

Love our little bao diffuser. We have it in our workplace and get compliments on all of it the time. It lasts all the time on the constant mode and like diffusing our oils in it.

It s definitely cute. We like it a lot however we want it would alter and fade colors by its self.

We like it. It s so cute and multicolor night light – we are purchased more??.

Simple and easy to utilize. We have had it for about a month now and we utilized it every night up until now.

Perfect. Cute and really beneficial.

We like the appearance of this diffuser.

We definitely liked your product however really disliked s shipment.

Our kid likes this. Easy to utilize and tidy.

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