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Pastilles Herbal Lozenges 27 LozengeProvides Instant, Cool, Soothing Relief For Sore Throats And Fight Coughs. Powerful, Soothing Vapors Quickly Cool Your Nasal Passages. An Effective Formula Made From Soothing Herbs And Chlorophyll. Also Helps Fresh Your Breath Suitable For Use By Those On Gluten Free Diets As Well As Vegetarians.Powerful Vaporsmenthol Cough Suppressantoral Anestheticsoothes Sore ThroatsSuggested Use As A Dietary Supplement Children Under 3 Years Of Age Ask A Doctor. Adults And Children 3 Years And Over Dissolve Drop Slowly In The Mouth. Repeat Every 2 Hours As Needed – Or As Directed By Your Healthcare Professional.Supplement FactsAmount Per Serving% Daily Value***Uses – Temporarily Relieves -Cough Due To Minor Throat And Bronchial Irritation Occurring With The Common Cold Or Inhaled Irritants.Occasional Minor Irritation, Sore Mouth, And Sore Throat.Active Ingredient (In Each Drop)Purposesmenthol 10 Mgantitussive (Cou

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Question Question 1

Where Are They Made?

This product originates in Switzerland, however, you may need to contact the manufacturer directly for more specific manufacturing details.

Question Question 2

Is The Picture Wrong Or The Description? The Picture Is For Pasilles But The Description For Lozenges. Not Sure The Pastilles Come In Sugar-Free?

They definitely have sucrose and glucose in them.

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These are really good. We found these through former wicked the musical star lindsay mendez’s video blog on broadway. Com’s youtube page and she recommended these for your throat and voice. So when we heard of them we wanted to try them. And they really cleared us up. Also, they are really minty and menthol. We will definitely use these for our upcoming school production. They do leave a not so good after taste but it’s not so bad that we can’t handle it. We really, really recommend this for singers. :).

Like the taste and results.

We were originally advised by a holistic store to take these wonderful cough drops in march 2009 for the cough that we were having with a bad case of bronchitis. We came down with a horrible virus in october 2009 and ordered 5 boxes of these to insure that we were prepared for the winter. The cough that we had with the virus was horrible and just one drop stopped the cough immediately. There is no “funny” taste to the drops. We have not used them for a sore throat yet since we have not had one but we can attest to the fact that they are great for coughs. One thing you need to be aware of. There is a gritty residue in the box that will come out especially if you are carrying the box in your purse.

The product came quickly. It was what we expected.

Wholesome goodness that is very effective.

Worked great.

These pastilles are extremely hard to find but well worth the search. Very handy to have so keep them accessible. Will buy again when these run out.

Works great.

This is a great product for a cold or sinus problem. We buy it every winter. Good strong menthol pastille.

This is the only cough drop that helps our cough due to lupus flareups. There is a cough syrup for sale, but that is hard to fit in one’s purse. We were happy to find this product available online through and at a fair price, shipping and handling. It shipped earlier than projected which was a boon as we had run out of cough drops and having bad coughing spells.

If any cough drop will work, it is these.

We have been needing breathing treatments for years, one use of this product, and we have not need another treatment. Amazing product. Well worth the price.

Olbas pastilles were recommended by a young man working in the whole foods supplement department. They work wonders on squelching our coughing reflex. They are super strong in menthol flavor which took us by surprise with the first one. We are now so used to them, the less potent brands seem like candy.

Amazing. These things work like nothing else. The taste is very strong (we kinda like it, though), but they soothe a sore throat and calm a cough amazingly well. We can’t recommend them enough.

The things are like magic. We had a terrible cough at a conference and stuck one in our cheek during our talk. It worked its magic, but one listener told us we looked like a chipmunk. Alas, perfection is so elusive.

We sing with a choir. The elba gives long lasting relief for dry mouth and reduces coughs and tickles in the throat.

Box came totally crushed. Packaging failure. Product is excellent but don t count on it looking good enough to gift or keep displayed in your cabinet.

These things worked like a miracle. In two days we were better. Coughing stopped, rattle in chest gone, felt great. They don’t taste so great but then, what medicine does? we recommend them to our friends and they also have good results.

Good quality.

We have been plagued with frequent cough for years, and was diagnosed with asthma 15 years ago. About 25 years ago we discovered olbas pastilles and have used them ever since. We know of no other cough drop that helps as much as olbas. The taste is strong, and some people don’t like it, but we got used to it quickly. It’s available in stores that sell health foods and alternative medicines, but vendors on offer better prices. Olbas pastilles come 27 pastilles in a small box with green and blue coloring, about the size of a cigarette pack.

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