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Hmmmany Idea Of The Drops Work As Good As The Syrup? Opinions? Thanks?

Almost as good as the syrup. we take them on airplanes when you can t have liquid.

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We went on vacation to the u. K. And got a typical head cold with stuffy nose, ears hurt, cough and sore throat. We needed something to help because we were miserable and wanted to enjoy our vacation. We bought sudafed for our stuffy nose and ears and bronchstop for our cough and sore throat. We honestly didn’t think bronchostop was going to do much for cough and just coat our sore throat because we didn’t realize it’s made mostly of thyme oil. We was wrong. This stuff is a miracle. Absolutely stopped us coughing and our sore throat wasn’t hurting. We could get a good night sleep. We were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation. Before we left england, we bought another box to bring back to the states since we don’t have it here. Glad we did because we ended up with another cold 2 weeks later. We used our bronchostop again and once again helped. Now the extra amount we bought to have on hand was less. We got online immediately and found the only place we could buy this in the states was on . We have ordered 2 big boxes since we came back and always have 1 new box on hand. It takes a little while to receive as it’s being shipped from the uk, but if you order it ahead of time like we do, you’ll be so happy you did.

After tried many different product from us and even china, this is so far the only one work for us. A friend who live in uk strongly recommend this product to me. Since it traditional herbal as advertised, we don’t have many worries about its side effect. The only downside of the product we think is that they don’t directly sell in us. The shipping and handling fee is almost the same as the price of product itself.

This product helped to calm down our coughing.

This lozenges are better than any american otc brand we have found.

Taste good works great.

They took a long time getting here but were very effective. Too bad they are not stocked in the usa.

A cough drop that suppresses cough.

We got a terrible cough while visiting london. We went to a chemist and she suggested these. Best thing we have ever used for a cough. Two stop the cough immediately and last for at least 3-4 hours.

Worked well. Ordered the liquid and it was damaged in shipping wrote to the company and didn’t receive any response.

Very fast shipping and great product.

Had the worst cough ever, splinting because of pain with a lot of mucus production. Starting a fever as well. Was driving around austria stopped at bad ischl were the pharmacist recommended this product. Being american, we wanted our chemicals but “better than nothing” prevailed. Took this the whole afternoon and night, by the next day, we had a little cough and felt almost back to our baseline.

We were in london in may and had the worst sore throat and cough. We went to the chemist and the recommended these. They worked immediately and we had instant relief. So glad that we can get them through .

We bought these in madrid and they made a difference at night. It was not an immediate relief, but after a day or 2, we were able to sleep. We kept buying bronchstop for the 3 weeks we stayed in spain. We do recommend for cough related to allergies or bronchitis.

Found these in a store in england when we had a bronchitis attack while on vacation. This tastes awful but really does relax the chest to alleviate cough.

These work to prevent coughing. Discovered them on trip to london and thrilled we can get them in us.

Fabulous cough drops.

Works well.

We spent a few weeks in ireland in mid-june – ear;y july 2018. We got a really bad cough. We went to the chemist and was recommended these. Omgosh, they worked marvelous . And nearly instantly. Before we left to return to the states, we bought a few boxes of the bronchostop buttercup pastilles. If we run out at some point, we will order them for shipment from the uk. We highly recommend this natural way of controlling a cough. It works. We have no affiliation to this product at all . We are just a regular person who found these in ireland and they worked wonderfully for us.

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