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Ominihome Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless&Wireless

Ominihome Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless&Wireless

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ominihome Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless&Wireless.

  • Waterless&No Heat: This waterless car essential oil diffuser adopt cold diffusion technology, converting essential oil into micro fine vapour approximately 1-3 microns without heat and water. The fragrance can cover 107-645 Sq ft in few minutes.
  • Wireless&Rechargeable: The cold mist atomizing diffuser built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, rechargeable and portable. Convenient to carry and suitable for home, office, studio, travel and yoga.
  • 3 Working Modes&Auto Shut-off Function: This black essential oil diffuser has three working modes for you to choose for different space. It works intermittently and will auto shut off after 2 hours.
  • Long Working Time&Ultra-quiet: The diffuser for essential oils can work 80 hours with lowest mode. Built-in ultrasonic quiet  pump works runs noiselessly.  You can hardly feel it when it s working.
  • Easy to Use&Clean: You can enjoy wonderful fragrance just add essential oils into the oil button then press into the machine. Easy to clean with its Mirror material pannel.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ominihome Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless&Wireless.

Question Question 1

Does This Diffuser Come In Any Other Colors? Thanks.?

Hi friend, The waterless oil diffuser is black and we are developing other colors now and will coming soon.

Question Question 2

Will It Fit 15Ml Or Only 10Ml?

Hi friend, the diffusers for essential oils capacity is 10ml.Please do not add 15ml of oil as it may overflow.

Question Question 3

Is It Compatible With Young Living Bottle?

Hi friend, we are now selling essential oil set which’s bottle fits this machine and you can have a view if you’re interested in it. ASIN: B081JC86NR,URL: https://www. .com/dp/B081JC86NR?ref=ouri_title_dp

Question Question 4

Our Bottle Top Is Broke How Do We Order A New One?

A 10ml essential oil bottle will work perfectly

Question Question 5

Do The Lights Stay On, For When We Are Going To Bed?Does The Power Button Stay Lit At All Times?

Hi friend, the light will stay on when the diffuser is working but the diffuser will auto shut off after 2 hours working to save essential oils.

Question Question 6

Can You Dilute The Essential Oil With Something So That It’S Not So Strong In The Car?

Hi friend,You can try to use multi essential oils with this waterless essential oil diffuser but you’d better do not add water into it.

Question Question 7

Can We Use Fragrance Oil That Is Not Essential Oil?

You can use any brand of essential oils but not all oils can be used.

Question Question 8

We Are Having Trouble Removing The Cap. I Can’T Push It Up (Through The Bottom). Something Is Stuck And I Don’T Want To Break It. Solution?

That means the bottle you are using is smaller than it should. That happened to us too. Take a thing stick and stick it through the small hole at thebottom and push up.

Question Question 9

The Picture Says Bpa Free But I Did Not See That In The Description.Is This A Bpa Free Product?

Yes, this diffuser for essential oil is bpa free

Question Question 10

Does This Have Any Warranty? For The Price I Expect One?

Hi friend, We have a one-year warranty if there’s any quality issue.

Question Question 11

Turns Off After About 30 Seconds. Is It Normal To Turn On And Off.?

Hi friend, the mist modes are all intermittent.Working 3 minutes and atomize 15/30/60 seconds.

Question Question 12

We Are Using The One Bottle It Came With – But All Our Other 10Ml Bottles Do Not Fit. Where Can We Find Empty Bottles With A Fitting Threat?

Hi friend, you can clean up the bottle for cycle use, and we will bring out essential oils sets with this bottle soon. Hope it helps.

Question Question 13

How Many Hours Am We Suppose To Charge This?

It will take about 2-3 hours to fully charge the waterless car diffuser.

Question Question 14

Is It Bpa Free?

Yes friend, this essential oil diffuser is bpa free.

Question Question 15

Is There Any Kind Of Noise Level When This Is On?

we have this in the car. However, there is a little whirring sound like a fan motor running. Not too loud to disrupt conversations and not too quiet that it can t be heard. For us with the road noise the sound is almost non existent.

Question Question 16

Mine Broke After 1 Month, Would Really Like To Know If I Can Get Another One Or Our Money Back.We Purchased It In January 8?

Call customer service. This juts goes out to other customers who purchased this item.

Question Question 17

How Do We Get This To Run On A Schedule Throughout The Day So That The Scent Is There All Day Instead Of Just For 2 Hrs?Suggested Hacks?

we don’t think you can. Most essential oils are suggested to diffuse for 20 min/half hour increments so maybe thats why its timed this way. You can always just restart it after every two hours.

Question Question 18

What Material Is The Oil Bottle You Provide Made Of? How Is It Supposed To Be Cleaned?

The diffusers for essential oils oil bottle is made of glass, and you can pour alcohol into it for a few minutes then flush. Also, you need to dry it out before use.

Question Question 19

We Would Like To Know If You Can Use Water Or Oil With The Essential Oil In The Bottle. We Normally Add Water Or Oil To Help Them Last Longer?

Hi friend, it’s a wateless oil diffuser so that can not use water.

Question Question 20

How Long The Smell Of Essential Oil Will Keep In The Car After The Diffuser Turn Off?

Not sure to be honest as we turn it off as we exit our car

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Ominihome Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless&Wireless, these might be useful for better understanding.

Just got it last night and we already like it. We just have a question: why sometimes we see the mist coming out and sometimes no? we feel is not working properly. We wish someone answers me.

We were looking for a diffuser that was both waterless and rechargeable and this one fits both criteria. Perfect size, easy to use and puts out a lot of scent. Can t hear it running at all. Love t.

Bought this to use in our bedroom. We didn’t want something that had to be plugged in, so this works great. Defuser is easy to set on a shelf or table. It takes up about the same amount of space a pop can does. Works great and batteries last a long time. Would recommend to others.

This diffuser is the best. No dilution or water mess. No heat source. No cord.

We have had this for a week and am really impressed with it. We really enjoy the portability of it.

It works very well and it is fabulous.

We love the portability of it, we mix all sorts of fun scents (about 20 drops) and it will go through it on the highest settings if we run it frequently for a few days. It’s not an overpowering/saturating diffuser. We use it in our office which is 8×8 in size and in our media room which is 15x12ish. It gives off a pleasant scent and we have no doubt it would work even better in a car. We work from home so we don’t have it in our car as we don’t drive often. The portability is nice. Having a little battery inside it means it can be put wherever you need it even if it’s away from a power source. You can also use it while it’s plugged in and charging. We were looking for something that didn’t need water constantly, and wasn’t a fire hazard like an oil heater. This fit the bill perfectly. Highly recommended. We do wish there was an option to keep it on longer than 2 hours at a time, but still not a bad amount of time.

Love this diffuser. Worked already for long hours and the oil seem to be barely used. Amazing. It s silent. And give enough scent out within 2-3 bursts. We use a blend to wake us up when we are in a lethargic state. Absolute magic. Glass bottle is perfect. It won t absorb the scent. And we will be able to change for another blend without mixing with the previous. And tge best part – no heating distortion of the oil. We had terrible experience with the other the plastic recipients. Great design.

We love the look of this waterless essential oil diffuser. It s super easy to use. It s perfect to gift to a man or a woman. The fragrance fills your car/room/office and will run for hours on the lowest setting. It shuts off on its own in case you forget it s on, which you might because it s so quiet. And have we mentioned it s waterless? no messy water to spill and you get the undiluted effect of the essential oils. Definitely grabbing a few more of these to give as gifts.

We will be honest, we wad not expecting much but we are happy to say it way exceeded expectations. We plugged it into our car and it works perfect. We think it may be powerful enough for our bedroom so we may buy another one. We are not s tech person and even we thought it was super easy. Just add your oil (we just unscrewed the given bottle and screwed mine in because it’s the same size) then plug it in and press power. There’s 3 different setting if you want to change it and boom it’s that simple. Love it.

Wow, we never expected this little nebulizer to be so good, the difference between this and our water diffuser is beyond compare, this is the best diffuser we have ever had by far and we have had quite a few over the years, oils smell fantastic as they are and it’s very easy to use, scent throw within 5 mins filled the room on medium setting and our lounge is 12 ft by 16 ft. So it’s quite good for such a little thing, we turned it off 10 mins as scent was more than strong enough so we will use low setting from now on. We put 2ml of oil in the bottle and it lasted ages on the medium setting so it will last even longer on the low setting, 10ml lasts 50 hours and it only works for 30 sec every 3 mins on medium setting. So truly an unexpected little wonder and good value for money for sure. :).

We have used many different diffusers in our automobiles and the spills can be messy. None of that with this one. We love that there are three different settings so you can select how much output there is. Another great thing is that they are rechargeable so you don’t have to deal with cords or batteries. A new favorite.

This diffuser is amazing. We have purchased a couple other diffusers that plugged into our cigarette lighter in our car and they only lasted about a month before dying. We love that this fits in our cup holder in our car and we don t have to plug it in. You can barely see the oil diffusing and it is so quiet. We are very happy with our purchase.

This works well for moving in and out of small rooms or our car. The light is very bright if using at night but we work through it. We do wish it had a setting to leave on indefinitely or adjust the interim breaks. Overall works well for temperary/ spot applications.

We smoke a lot in the car and this diffuser saves from smell. There is always a fresh smell in the car and no one knows how much we smoke. But the battery lacks us as much as the seller indicated, but this fact is not critical. It is always in the car and almost invisible, rather resembles a power bank. We installed it in the coffee holder. It does not slip. In short: we satisfied with the purchase. We advise you to buy from this seller. We compared, it has a low price.

Perfect for our office. We like that you don’t have to add water to it. It seems to use the oil faster but that’s ok for the convenience of not having to add water. Like that there are 3 settings. Going to buy another one for home.

This is the best diffuser we have ever had and we have had close to 10 different kinds. This was alswe in the cheaper end compared to the rest we have had.

We have bought diffusers for years. We have been trying to find the perfect diffuser that we can take with us places that s not too loud, that doesn t have water and that helps get oil into the air intermittently. We finally found it. It s small and powerful.

We love the fact this is waterless and portable. Both the oil and battery last a long time.

The perfect portable oil diffuser, we use it in our car and in the house and we would like that it has a usb cable and that it s rechargeable.

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