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ONSON Humidifier - Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom Baby Home

ONSON Humidifier – Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom Baby Home

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ONSON Humidifier – Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom Baby Home.

Question Question 1

What Is The Total Wattage Consumed By This Unit?


Question Question 2

The Number That Blinks 25/26, What Is That Telling Us ?

Dear customer,Hello25/26 represents the indoor temperature, if you need timing, please press the timer button.

Question Question 3

Does Yours Still Spray Out Mist Even Though The Power Is Off? We Have To Completely Unplug The Machine For It To Stop.?

The mist stops when the power is off, no need to unplug.

Question Question 4

Hi Bought Mine Back In June And We Just Recently Started Using This. An E1 Error Messagd Comes Up And It Doesn’T Run At All?

Out of water.Refill.

Question Question 5

We Are So Confused On How To Clean. We Know The Manual Says To Mix Water With Lemon Juice And Wipe The Scale But What Is The Scale & Do We Wipe All Parts?

The “scale” is any residue (an example would be white residue from hard water, like mineral scale or lime scale). Also wipe any sliour residue that forms if water sits too long in the tank, which eventually happens in any humidifier or enclosed wet container. Two products that help prevent these residues from forming if The “scale” is any residue (an example would be white residue from hard water, like mineral scale or lime scale). Also wipe any sliour residue that forms if water sits too long in the tank, which eventually happens in any humidifier or enclosed wet container. Two products that help prevent these residues from forming if you don’t like to clean the inside of the tank very often are;1. “Pure Guardian GGHS15 Aquastick Antimicrobial Humidifier Treatment, 2-Pack” (https://www. .com/PureGuardian-GGHS15-Antimicrobial-Guardian-humidifiers/dp/B0055522EM/ref=sr_1_5?crid=VOTO7UCXVBCP&keywords=humidifier+tank+cleaning+cartridge&qid=1575201834&sprefix=Humidifier+ta%2Caps%2C265&sr=8-5) OR2. “ProTec PC-1 Humidifier Tank Cleaning Cartridge (Pack of 3)” (https://www. .com/ProTec-PC-1-Humidifier-Cleaning-Cartridge/dp/B000FKJRDG/ref=sr_1_2?crid=VOTO7UCXVBCP&keywords=humidifier+tank+cleaning+cartridge&qid=1575201834&sprefix=Humidifier+ta%2Caps%2C265&sr=8-2).

Question Question 6

What Is The Voltage For This Unit? 110 Or 220 Or Both?

it’s designed with wide range of voltage from 110-220.

Question Question 7

We Got This Humidifier, Set It At A Level 2 Overnight, And Woke This Morning To A Soaked Carpet.How Do We Avoid This?

If you had humidifier sitting on floor, that is resason carpet was damp. Need to put it on stand 18- 20 inches high. Need for mist to get airborn to give you benefit. we have mine 18″ high and on 3 level. Have no problem with wetness etc.

Question Question 8

Is The Timmer Button One Hour For Each Click?Also, Can’T Read The Numbers??

Yes, timer button (better, area) is on the right of the display, each click is an hour, our humidifier shows thegrowing number (1 to 12) when we click and for few seconds after last click

Question Question 9

Is It Easy To Clean?

Yes it is.Mainly 3 parts. .big enough to clean well and avoid those creeping molds in small spaces.And it displays E2 when the water is low.so you get to know when to replace water

Question Question 10

What Do The Numbers Mean On The Display? Is It The Room Temperature In Celsius Or The Room Humidity Level?

room temperature

Question Question 11

Where Are Conatct Numbers, Web Site Info, Warranty On This Product?

we left a review on this product

Question Question 12

It Makes The Floor Around The Humidifier Very Wet, What Am We Doing Wrong?

maybe you can lower the mist level,and set a shorter time to humidify your room.and effet of humidification is vary for different room size.if you have any questions,pls message us,and we are glad to help you.

Question Question 13

Will It Cause Mold And/Or Mildew?

All humidifiershave to be cleaned weekly to maintain its healthfulness.

Question Question 14

The Number That Blinks 25/26, What Is That Telling Us ?

It s supposed to be the Relative humidity (rh) of your room. The manual that comes with the unit is terribly lacking.we found out what this means by reading the item description on .

Question Question 15

If The Person Is Located In The Northeast Of Us. Should This Unit Be Used For All The Seasons, Including The Summer And Winter?

we would use accord to personal need not the time of the year

Question Question 16

We Just Bought This And So Far Love It The Only Thing I Can’T Figure Out Is What The Number Means? There Is A Number Glowing When Its On That Changes.?

Thanks for buying our product.The number means the room temperature.

Question Question 17

How Can We Get The Timer To Work Stays On Like 24 Or 27 ??????????? Will Not Change Times?

You can set the time to 1-12 hours by the button?TIMER/SLEEP?

Question Question 18

When In Sleep Mode Is This Like Manual Control (I.E. Will It Stay On Until Turned Off)? It Is Shutting Off During The Night.?

The sleep control turns the light out. It is close to the timer button, so you might be hitting that. You hold for light to go out.

Question Question 19

Can This Go Completely Cordless?

we are afraid not

Question Question 20

Hola Quiero Saber Si Se Le Puede Echar Esencias? Gracias?

No, no está permitido.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on ONSON Humidifier – Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom Baby Home, these might be useful for better understanding.

We recently ordered 2 of these,one for ourself and one for gifting purpose. The product quality is very good and digital screen makes it impressive for our son s room. The mist it releases can be felt right away as you switch it on and we use essential oil and it s smell fills up whole room rather than just a spot. It has 3mist levels which can be adjusted according to space and seasons. Love it since the first use.

We like how it is built, it s big enough to store more water which means we don t have to keep refilling it pretty often, and it tells you when your water level is almost empty. The sound coming out from the product is almost non existent, and you can choose from level 1-3 depends on how strong the mist you want to use. You can also use a timer and run it for up to 12 hours if you want. Now we don t have to worry waking up with our nose and mouth being so dry.

We bought a humidifier several years ago that only worked three times. We have been a little disillusioned but our throat has been really dry lately, so we thought we would give it another go. We felt safe ordered on because of their great return policies. If everything keeps going as well as it has so far, this isn’t something we will need to return. We haven’t had this for very long, but it’s already worked more than three times. Some things we really like about this model:*it’s super quiet. With the exception of a random gurgle here and there, we can’t hear it all when it’s running. *you can see a ton of steam coming out, so you know it’s working. *there is a thin, clear pannel that shows you the water level. It’s super convenient.

We bought this bc our baby was dealing with some congestion for a while. Honestly, we didn’t seem to notice a difference in her symptoms by using this. However it is pretty quiet, puts out a nice fine mist that can be adjusted, and shuts off automatically if you put the timer on or it runs out of water. We were disappointed though that the machine didn’t come with any kind of instructions. We are new to humidifiers so we wanted some tips/suggestions/ help on how to use and clean the machine. One thing we didn’t expect was the overall size of the machine. We thought it was going to be much smaller but it is quite large.

Pros: very quieteasy to clean- just lift off the water tank and clean the space below. There isn’t a bunch hard to reach places like other humidifiers. Push button turn on: you turn it on with one touch and can select the amount of hours you want it to run so it doesn’t run out of water. * we use water from our berky water filter and we have almost no white dust from using this machine. Cons:the only con or dislike we have found out about this simple unit is the window for judging how much water is in it is narrow and harder to see for someone who has middle-age vision, but it isn’t bad.

We live in burbank ca, and humidity was very less in summers. We were facing tears problem because of less humidity and our friend referred us this product, product is very good. It show you room temperature, 3 mist level let you adjust humidity as per your requirement, fill tank with water and it is sufficient for 1 day. Noise is very less infect we can’t hear any noise. Overall very good product and if needed will purchase it for room also.

What we love about this humidifier is that you don’t have to turn it upside down to fill it and that you don’t see the tank (usually blue in color on most models); we appreciate the clean lines and opaque color. It has three modes, putting a lot of moisture into the atmosphere in all modes. If it’s on the lowest setting it will last all day or overnight. We haven’t used the sleep mode yet. We can’t speak to the longevity of the unit but in the two months we have been using it it has been very reliable. Sometimes the little motor seems to be a tad loud but it depends on the ambient noise. It’s not overly loud and we don’t have it in the bedroom so it’s no factor. It’s brought up the relative humidity in the house from the high 20 percent range to the low 40 percent range, as measured by our eco bee thermostat. We will try to update this review after using the sleep mode and longer duration usage. Very happy so far.

Easy to use. Plenty of room for water which means it will run all day and all night. That is what makes it stand out from the others. Rooour, means it is easy to clean as well. We can adjust how much air coming out and also set how long we wanted it to run. As you can see in the video, it was set on low. It is a nice addition for our bedroom for this next winter coming up where dry air coming from our central air. Now we have something to combat it with.

We purchased this based on reviews and the contemporary look of the humidifier. Overall, its a good humidifier for day to day use. But there are couple of things we would like to mention. One is definitely cleaning of the base, it has quite a few corners that are difficult to reach. The second one might not be an issue for everyone. This is something we noticed and thought to put it in review. When using this humidifier with central heating system it works fine but when used with a space heater the mist does not go up but directly spreads on the floor, creating a wet floor (basic science: the hot air from heater goes up and this being cold mist stays lower towards floor). We are guessing this will be an issue with every other cold mist humidifier in market. We have been using this for a month now and quite satisfied with it.

We needed a humidifier to help reduce the effects of mucositis and improve our sleep. This humidifier is easy to set-up. It is truly “whisper quiet” and has never disturbed our sleep. We are breathing quite comfortably during the night thanks to the moist air. Additionally, it is a reasonable size and not too intrusive. We think it is a good value and we are quite pleased with our purchase.

This was such a great addition to our house. We live in a really hot area so we’re constantly running the air conditioner, which leaves our skin and eyes super dry when we wake up in the mornings. Since we got this though, no more issues. Also, we love the option to fill it from the top – makes it really easy to use. We are just not sure how accurate the machine is with detecting the humidity levels of the air because the number on the humidifier never matched our dyson air purifier. Otherwise, great product.

The air had turned really dry recently and we were waking up with sinus problems. This product was a game changer. The volume of water it holds is ideal since we usually turn it on at night. It uses all the water and stops when empty –shows ‘e1’. We also like the timer feature as we can program it when needed. We haven’t had the need to clean it yet but the instructions are detailed. That being said what is up with the buttons? the first time we used it we didn’t understand what the reviews were saying as the touch sensor was working well. After a while it became harder to change the settings, especially the vapor amount/sleep mode. What do the numbers on the display indicate –32, 23, etc. ? we read the manual but it wasn’t disclosed?.

We loved it so much and bought another one in a week. This machine is very quiet and powerful, you fill up the water tank from the top without removing it from the machine, we use filtered water out of the fridge door and a pitcher. It’s also very easy to clean. Set up was a no-brainer.

It’s a little temperamental, the valve that connects the reservoir to the lower portion has been known to stick allowing a great deal of water to pour into the lower portion out of the machine, the first time this happened we had to return the product because it wouldn’t work anymore. It puts 1 to 2 gallons water into the air every day she does a nice job of keeping the humidity up in the cold winter time. After we bought one we have bought two more.

We love this product, it lasts us about a day on the lowest setting until we have to refill it again. The humidity level seems to not read the correct level but we don’t really pay attention to it and keep it off for the most part. The only real problem we have is that it used to be so silent we forgot about it, but we accidentally barely bumped into it and now it either makes a real loud grinding noise but when we reset it goes back to a somewhat silent state. Overall, we really enjoy this humidifier and it does its job well, we can literally feel the air being more humid which is perfect for the arizona summers. It is definitely worth the buy.

Had gone through a few humidifier in the last few years. Most of them were with steam and were noisy and cleaning was a big mess and needed constant water replacement. This one gave mist and was extremely quiet to work and also noticed the water tank last enough for few nights. Glad we got this.

We like it except it makes too much noise. And it keeps beeping if there is no water. Very annoying wakes us up. :((( hard to push to turn it off too. We wish it didn’t make noise when it s empty and had remote. Hate to wake up in middle of the night and unplug it. It s almost impossible to turn of buttonsa lot of steam which is awesome and reason we didn’t return.

This humidifier is really cool product. The water usage is less. We can see the mist as soon as it is switched on. Has 3 lelvels and min level is enough for enough humidity. We used it foe our 8 month old and he comfortably sleep now. The timer setup is good and we dont need to switch it off manually.

This product really helped our kiddo breathe easier when he was very stuffy. Like crying because he can’t breathe stuffy. It’s super quiet and produces an excellent mist. Easy to use. Only problem we found is that if you leave it on for the night. The floor is soaking wet. Not because the canister is leaking, but because of all the moisture from the mist condensing. We have had to put a towel underneath. There’s probably a setting you can use that keeps that from happening. But we haven’t found it yet.

This humidifier is huge, which is great because you don t have to keep refilling it. The design is sleek and blends right in to a modern bedroom. It is a lifesaver when our baby has a cold. Keeps the room nice and moist like a jungle.

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