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OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories

OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories.

  • Holds small parts for baby bottles, sippy cups, straw cups and more for safe and thorough dishwashing
  • Symmetrical door opening helps Basket sit securely on countertop when loading and unloading
  • Doors accommodate up to 8 baby bottle nipples
  • Flip down straw holders hold sippy cup straws upright to assist with cleaning
  • Material: Plastic. BPA free

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More Info:

Here are some more information on OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories.
Color:TealTired of losing bottle nipples, sippy cup parts, detachable straws and removable valves in the dishwasher? Try the OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket. The doors of the Dishwasher Basket accommodate up to 8 bottle nipples and open symmetrically to help prevent toppling during loading and unloading. Internal flip down straw holders keep sippy cut straws secure and upright (not lost and melted) for proper cleaning. Basket is space efficient to maximize the number of items that can be cleaned at once. Dishwasher safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories.

Question Question 1

We Have Really Small Parts. What’S The Dimension Of The Biggest Hole Of The Basket? (Probably The Square At The Bottom Of The Basket). Thanks.?

ABout .5

Question Question 2

Does This Fit Comotomo Bottle Nipples?

Yes but not in the nipple holder part on the top. They are larger than most nipples so they would need to go in the basket.

Question Question 3

Does This Have A Divider?

There is no divider just open basket, holds nipples on top (green part) and straws on each end

Question Question 4

Can This Fit 8 Tommee Tippee, Closer To Nature Nipples (From The Bottles) In The Top Compartment?

we have not used Tommee Teepee nipples, but can fit 4 Dr. Browns wide, nipples, bottle tops, bottle fillers (the reflux reducer ones), and lids. Then you can put thinner thins like baby spoons, medicine syringes and Nose Friday tools in the top (closing lid.) It holds quite a bit.

Question Question 5

Can We Use This To Sterilize Philips Avent Pacifiers Or Other Brand Name Pacifiers?

Yes, we do. we boiled everything first, but for needed cleaning and sterilization after use we use this.

Question Question 6

Does It Dry Bottle Parts When Used In Top Rack Or Does It Leave It All Wet After Dishwasher Has Run?

It dries items pretty well but we personally like to leave things with books and crannies out on a drying mat for a while to make sure

Question Question 7

What Is This Made Of?


Question Question 8

How Many Sets Of Dr. Brown’S Pieces (Vents, Straws, Nipples, And Lids) Does This Fit?Thanks.?

we put 4 in. we put the nipples and yellow vents in the lid portion and the straws and nipple rings in the basket. It can fit more in the basket area though.

Question Question 9

Does This Really Take 1-2 Months To Ship Even When Using Prime?

No, we received mine in a week.

Question Question 10

Will This Fit Kiinde Nipples In It?

Yes. They have to sit a little sideways, but they fit.

Question Question 11

What Are The Dimensions?

10.5 *4 *4

Question Question 12

Is It Bpa Free?

YES, the packaging states:BPA FreePhthalate Free YES, the packaging states:BPA FreePhthalate FreePVC Free

Question Question 13

Do Dr Browns Wide Neck Parts Fit Into This? If So About How Many Will Fit?

we fit 5, in the basket, not in the nipple holder

Question Question 14

Will This Hold 9 Ounce Bottles Or Tall Bottles?

No, we don’t think it will, unless you leave the top open and maybe on the bottom rack

Question Question 15

Can I Put Oxo Tot Straw Cup Straws In This?

YES, as long as you keep the oxo container on the top rack of the dishwasher. Works great.

Question Question 16

When Will This Be Back In Stock?


Question Question 17

Does This Work With Tommee Tippe Closer To Nature Nipples?

Yes. We use those bottles the most. Works great.

Question Question 18

Will This Work With Babybrezza Lids And Nipples?

Sorry, we are not familiar with BabyBrezza bottles. We use Dr. Brown bottles and the lids and nipples fit perfectly.

Question Question 19

Should We Close It To Put It In The Dishwasher?

Yes. Fill it up and close it. Otherwise the little parts will fly out.

Question Question 20

Do You Have To Close The Lids ?

we bought this for an online friend who was registered at .This was one of the items she wanted.we have no idea about the lids.we are sorry.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories, these might be useful for better understanding.

This basket is great. We only wish we found it sooner. For months, we have been using a munchkin high capacity basket and often had trouble fitting the rings and nipples nicely. The top part fits a lot of the huge, tomee tipee nipples, while in the bottom, we can fit all the rings without worrying about wherher or not all of them will be washed properly. We love this basket. We wish we would have used it before we switched our baby out of dr browns bottles. We would imagine this would fit all of the parts with no issues at all. We have attached photos of the basket fully loaded with parts from 3 different types of bottles. And also shots of it next to the munchkin high capacity basket.

We purchased this because we use those refillable kurig cups (with paper filters) metal with plaste framing. Dishwasher top wrack but they are small. We make up 7 at a time. Less than 1/3 the price of the prefilled cups an we can add cinnamon if we want. Hand washing doesn t take that coffee build up off. This is much sturdier than we expected. Like the closure – no snap so not like a lot of thin baskets end up breaking. Well designed and built to last.

We have a whirlpool gold series dishwasher and although it doesn’t fit more than one perfectly, it still gets the job done. This product has been a life saver and made our life much more convenient. Each basket holds up to 8 bottle parts. We use the dr. Brown bottles and we are able to get everything clean using this product. We bought two of them since we have 13 bottles and we just run it on an hour cycle and a sanwe rinse every now and then, but normally do the heat dry. So far we haven’t had any problems. We highly recommend this for any mom that is tired of washing bottles by hand. We also recommend getting enough bottles to last all day so you can run your dishwasher before bed and you are prepared for the night/next day.

We love that it opens in the center and we do not have to take it out every time we put something in it. Our baby uses both tommee tippee and dr brown’s and we are able to fit all the tiny parts in the basket. Very happy with our purchase. And knowing it’s oxo we know it will last for years and years.

We used this daily before the aap came out with yet another article to make parents lives harder. We kid. The aap now recommends washing baby bottles, cups, cutlery, etc. , by hand to avoid plastic chemical leaching. We are prone to ftm anxiety, so now we wereh every freaking thing by hand. We digress, this basket is very useful and has just the right amount of space for daily washing.

We have always liked washing our kitchen knives in the dishwasher, and watching america’s test kitchen, christopher kimball agrees and set us free to admit the fact that the machine does a much better job than do. Not our relative’s good knives but our “we don’t care as much” knives. Our santoku’s were inexpensive, under $10, so we got 2 for dishwasher cycle. They have been great, 15 years so far. Lately we have learned how t we sharpen and strop properly, with sharp knives we now worry a little more about cutting the dishwasher or the person unloading. We modified this basket to safety hold our knives in the washer. Love it. Safe and clean. Long basket was almost well suited, just had to open one end. Thought others might like this idea.

This dishwasher basket has given us relief from the tedious task of hand-washing nipples, lids, and miscellaneous bottle parts. The basket is fitted with racks where nipples and pacifiers fit wonderfully. The main cabin of the basket is perfect to be filled with lids and rings we use with our baby bottles. The basket saves us hours, as we no longer have to wash each part of the bottles individually. Instead we disassemble the bottles, place the nipples, lids, and rings in their respective locations, and run our dishwasher. Of note: the nipples are often left with a cloudy film after being washed in the basket. This is likely due to our dishwasher or dishwashing detergent, but it necessitates a rinse under the tap to be fully clean. We would highly recommend this to parents of newborns and infants. It is a time saver, and a simple solution to a tedious task.

We have thought about buying a dw basket often but never did. Both our daughters used them when washing baby bottles and now for other things. We often wished we had one when we had tiny things we wanted to put in the dw, but always ended up hand washing them. After buying some silicon cupcake cups, we decided now is the time. We have a whirlpool dw and this basket goes right in the middle on top. It fits right in and we had no problem with it being hard to place. It’s a little large, but we are glad we got it instead of a smaller one. It seems sturdy and we are hoping it will last a long time.

Great bottle basket. Solid and rooour in our dishwasher. Fits large avent rings/nipples and pacifiers perfectly. We put the actual bottles on the rack itself.

Why did we choose to handwash all of our bottle parts and sippy cups for 2 years before buying this?? because we are fool. Do not be a fool like me. Purchase this. Fill it. Make a cup of coffee and stare at your empty sink with pride. We purchased this for our reusable pouches and happened to put our sippy cup parts in it out of curiosity. We never knew how much we needed this. We will be making good use of it for baby #3.

We don’t have kids lol but we bought this specifically for our gym water bottles and protein mixing bottles which have the wired balls. We were hoping that the top of the basket would hold the bottle tops in place but sadly it is very small. We don’t the top part for anything but just as a cover. We throw all of our water bottle tops and wired protein mixing balls in this basket. If we would’ve known the top wouldn’t fit the sport bottle tops we would’ve probably gone with a cheaper version without the top compartment. It works very well.

We liked the first dishwasher basket so much that we bought a second and use daily. The bottle nipples don’t wash very well but it might be our dishwasher. As long as the baskets aren’t overfilled, we feel confident that the bottle parts (dr. Brown) are washed well enough. We still boil the bottle nipples a few times a week but recommend this item.

We have never purchased an oxo product that we didn’t like, and this didn’t dissapoint, either. It fits perfectly in the glass slot on our dishwasher so it takes up minimal space. It’s easy to open, and everything in it gets cleaned well in our dishwasher. We were worried that the bottle nipples wouldn’t clean up well, but they come out looking as clean as if we werehed them by hand. We like that there’s a place for straws as we start getting into sippy cups.

It fits perfectly in our older model dishwashing machine, it s easy to store, and you can also use it in the newer model dishwashing machines. While our husband was deployed we took it to kentucky with us and we used it there. Obviously it is easy to clean said to get clean as you wash it. It s nice to be able to store your nipples on top and all your other small miscellaneous things in the compartment. Even if you don t use it for bottles you can use it for anything small that you need to contain in your dishwasher so it won t fly around.

We really like this dishwasher basket because the small items we put in it get clean and it saves us a ton of time not having to hand wash the items. However, the basket takes up a large portion of our upper dishwasher rack. The basket itself only takes up about 1/8 of the rack, but it is nearly impossible to put things up close to the basket because it hugs the tines next to it and makes it impossible to make things stand upright next to it. Still, we use it if we have room in order to save ourself some time. It does work.

This thing is awesome. We live in a tiny place with a tiny kitchen sink. The only saving grace is that we have a dishwasher. This basket has seriously reduced the time we have to spend hand washing all the annoying little things too small to otherwise go in the dishwasher. It’s lives in one corner of the top shelf, and fits perfectly. It has gone through a wash cycle almost every day for 8 months now, and still looks practically new. When we move, if we get a bigger dishwasher, we’ll probably add a second one.

Replaced our munchkin brand dishwasher basket with this one and we are so glad we did. We love that the top opens from the center. Fits nuby sippy cups perfectly. Holds way more than the munchkin one we had. Also has spots for 8 straws. We have a frigidaire dishwasher and it fits in the top rack perfectly.

We use this product a couple of times a week, and am glad that we have it. However, it doesn’t quite fit in the top rack of our dishwasher very well. It doesn’t fit lengthwise in the rows between the prongs, so we have to put it on top of the prongs so that they go through the holes in the bottom of this basket. Not incredibly convenient, but it still gets the job done as far as holding all of the small items in the dishwasher.

For some reason, washing bottles was our least favorite thing to do when we went back to work and our daughter started daycare. Realistically, it probably just took no more than 20 minutes, but we would dread it and put it off and then it would just seem like a way bigger deal than it was. And then we bought this. And it’s awesome. Works perfectly for all the little parts and pieces. Sometimes things flip over inside of it and fill up with water, but we could probably just pack it differently to avoid that. Anyway, we are super pleased with this purchase and wish we had done it sooner.

We bought this product not for baby things because our youngest baby is 33 years old. We bought it to put the mouth pieces to our nebulizer in it so we could sterilize them in the dishwasher. We have used it once so far and it worked phenomenally well. Our husband forgot that we told him to put it on the top rack of the dishwasher and yet nothing bad happened to it when it was on the bottom rack. We are very happy that the basket can hold all the small little parts to our mouth pieces.

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