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Have you ever heard a tune that simply makes you wish to applaud god at the top of your lungs? phillips, craig & dean’s cd “top of our lungs” is the one that does it for us. This is a terrific cd. Real to form. Pc& d are constantly fantastic.

Excellent vocals and plans – enjoy it.

What can we state about is cd? we purchased it as soon as and it was a true blessing to us however we lost it and re-purchased here in cause these men understand how to applaud god, it takes us to the really existence of god whenever we play it.

We enjoy phillips, craig, & dean. This cd is so gorgeous. We delight in practically every tune. There is even a “hidden” track #11 that is’t is so sweet to rely on jesus, p, c & d sing with a lady. It is so quite. We extremely advise this for any pc & d fans who do not currently own it or for any christian music fans.

Love it remarkable cd outstanding shipping.

Excellent album. Perfect music for christians.

These men simply keep fantastic me. They resemble great wine-getting better with age. We thank god for them and for their skilled music.

Quick shipment. Cd in ideal condition. Outstanding rate. Would work with this seller once again. Excellent cd.

What words. A terrific cd that we make sure will bless our heart for years to come.

Was acquired for church usage for one tune however we have actually taken pleasure in the others we have actually heard.

What can we state however we enjoy this group. They are so skilled with god’s annointing. We enjoy to listen to all of their music. We will certainly keep buying more of their cd’s as they are launched.

Shipment as guaranteed. Product is simply as explained. Pcd put out a terrific set of tunes.

Excellent cd, play everything the time. Such a terrific range of tunes. You can not get disturbed in traffic if you are listening to these godly tunes.

The cd & case showed up in outstanding condition simply as we desired it. Whatever looked brand name brand-new.

We thought about ourself a devoted pcd fan. First found out about them from our college roomate who had ‘show up the radio’ and believed they sounded cool and their tunes memorable. We then got ‘let our words be few,’ ‘let your magnificence fall’, ‘let the worshippers occur’, and some of their older things. These men have constantly strike us as simply ‘down-to-earth’ folks who are having a lot enjoyable worshipping the lord. Integrate powerful lyrics with their outstanding vocals, and you have a group who regularly produces terrific recordings. Top of our lungs is no exception. Having actually relocated to the ‘praise album’- type given that let our words be few, top of our lungs continues the pattern of pcd reinterpreting today’s praise tunes, in addition to tossing their own brand-new tunes into the mix. Their voices are first-class as normal, and we should tip our hat to nathan nockels the manufacturer who as soon as again provides with terrific plans. If you enjoy pcd’s previous 3 albums, you will unquestionably enjoy this album also. The album begins with an * old * hillsong tune, ‘one way.’ enjoyable tune with some good touch by nathan. We were happily amazed to see this tune in the album. ‘your name’ is a paul baloche tune, and having both albums we believe we like pcd’s variationbetter Their variation is likewise a bit ‘busier.’ with a more emphatic beat throughout the tune. ‘conserved the day’ is most likely our preferred tune in the cd – specifically the choir part at the end. Fantastic, magnificent tune that discusses how the lord conserved the day with his sacrifice on the cross. Other notables consist of the worshipful ‘astonished’, pcd’s performance of baloche’s ‘we will boast’, shawn craig’s ‘let the redeemed’ (which has a comparable tone and message of since we’re forgiven). Lastly is the last tune – old hymn’t is so sweet’ which includes davin and danwe dean (dan dean’s children) and garland phillips (randy’s). They sound terrific and we believed they are record-ready. (phillips and the deans, anybody?:p) all in all, terrific album. If you’re a pcd fan, you will not be dissapointed.

We are a devoted pcd fan given that we have actually been most likely 12 and am now25 They contiue to put out god gloifying cd’s. They are vocally on top and you can choose them out of a million others yet they remain kinda stylish with the times however not over the top. Really blessed from them and their ministry.

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