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Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops - Natural Honey

Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops – Natural Honey

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Here are a few main benefits of Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops – Natural Honey.

  • Softish throat drops
  • Pine bros
  • Value size

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Flavor:Natural Honey  |  Size:32 CountSoftish throat drops created by j. Herman pine in 1870, pine brothers has been soothing sore throats for over 140 years. The proprietary blend of natural ingredients combine with the famed “soft drop” consistency to produce, in their opinion, the most delicious throat drop in the history of the world, and possibly earlier. To know pine brothers, is to love them. Pine brothers is an American original, unique in every way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops – Natural Honey.

Question Question 1

Do These Contain Pectin?

Sorry for the delay. we checked the package ingredients, but this product does not contain pectin.

Question Question 2

Is This A Firm Gumour Or Soft Gumour? Thanks .?

Firm, but not really a gumour. It is softer than a hard lozenge but only has a little “give” or “gumour” to it. Think of a stale jujube candy. Its not soft enough to chew, but not quite a hard candy. we really like them and they work great for soothing our throat.

Question Question 3

Are These Gluten Free?

Yes they are gluten free as per the manufacturers website

Question Question 4

Why Can T We Find The Pinebrothers Honey Cough Drops . Are They Not Making Them Anymore?

we can t find them in store either.

Question Question 5

How Many 32/Drop Packages Will We Receive?

Each bag has 32 throat soothers. There are other offers that may have 2 or 3 bags, but individual bags are just 32.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops – Natural Honey, these might be useful for better understanding.

We love the subtle honey flavor and texture of these. There is none of the medicinal odor or taste in these; yet they work better than any other losenge.

Pine. Rothermel drops are great for our scratchy throat. They taste exactly as we remember them from when we were a child. They make throat problems easier to handle.

A very nice throat drop, but apparently the manufacturer may be stopping production. Very hard to find and very pricey now.

Delicious and very helpful for someone with a sore throat who has a phone job. It’s a shame they are so hard to find.

Excellent cough drops. But we still wonder why we spent 18. 00???? we just cannot find gel honey drops anyplace else. ??? 36 count.

Our household and we have been dying for the old pines bros honey throat drops for years now. We saw that the reviews here are split and deiced to buy them. To us, they seem like the ones that we have been missing in taste and tecture. They are great find and will be buying them again.

Bought these when we got sick with the flu. Still using them today due to that lingering cough after being extremely sick. Helps quiet our cough and soothe our irritated throat. Will definitely buy again.

Sore throat and coughing. It is the best cough drops ever. All our purchases for christmas were well worth the money and shipped to our kids address so when we got there we wrapped and the next day we had a fantastic christmas and everyone was happy with their gifts.

So terribly sad these are going away.

Only cough aide that doesn t have throat irritants like menthol or citric acid we know of. Gets us through church services or concerts without coughing.

Husbands favorite. Hard to find in the store.

After ordered two pine bros products and receiving ludens instead, we were happy to receive these. Problem is with , not pine bros.

We thought we were getting two packs.

Really helps dry cough. Nice and smooth to help cough, without the after taste.

We used these cough drops when we were a kid growing up in the seventies. Hadn’t seen them for over 15 years. Glad they’re back. These are great when we just need a little soothing for our throat instead of the more intensely medicated drops (like halls).

Minor, but the advertised package contains 32 drops while the one we received only had 30 drops. Certainly not going to go to the effort to return, but quantity should be accurate.

Excellent. Just what we had hoped for. Same great flavor from the old days. Product was nice and fresh. Packaging was neat and clean. Very over priced considering what you are getting. Don’t hesitate to buy these if you want to relive your youth.

Our favorite throat drops. Hard to avoid chewing them, but they are an enjoyable texture, taste, and very soothing.

These are so good. But now hard to find glad we were able to stock up.

Love this soft honey lemon cough drops. Very good for our throat.

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