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plcto Spacer for KIds and adults

plcto Spacer for KIds and adults

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of plcto Spacer for KIds and adults.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • LESS Medicine gets soaked up into your lungs if you are utilizing your puffer the incorrect way
  • INCREASE the quantity of medicine soaked up by your lungs by utilizing EZmeds Spacer Chamber
  • EXTREMELY delicate Visual circulation sign quickly letting you understand the appropriate speed breathe
  • TIGHT AIR Seal around nose and mouth guaranteeing no medication is lost

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More Info:

Here are some more information on plcto Spacer for KIds and adults.
8.8 long spacer with soft silicone nose and mouth mask cover makes sure a wastage-free tight fit

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on plcto Spacer for KIds and adults.

Question Question 1

Does This Fit A Qvar Inhaler?

Yes, it fits basic sized inhalers.

Question Question 2

Does This Fit A Proair Inhaler?


Question Question 3

Will This Repair A Female Adult?

we simply attempted it and it technically covers our nose and mouth- simply hardly though

Question Question 4

Is This For Pets?

You might perhaps utilize it on truly small nosed canines. we utilize it for our boy who is practically 2.

Question Question 5

Would This Fit A 8 Month Old?

We began utilizing it on our boy at 16 months. It s versatile and makes a great seal so we believe you would be great unless your child is truly little. It is The very same size as the one the children s healthcare facility provided us.

Question Question 6

Does This Fit An Albuterol Inhaler?

It fits most inhalers, like flovent, proair, symbacort. It’s a rubber fitting, so it adjusts to various shaped mouth pieces on inhalers.

Question Question 7

Does The Mask Come Off If It Does not Fit?

In order for the medicine to be dispersed, the mask requires to be held versus the person’s face while inhaling.There needs to be at least one hand holding it appropriately over the mouth and nose to develop the vaccuum seal.

Question Question 8

Would This Fit A 10 Year Old?

It would – even an adult with a reasonably little face (however most likely not a big skull and jaw)

Question Question 9

Do We Required To Soak/Disinfect This Prior To Usage?

we got this months ago and we didnt disinfect and our kid didnt have any issues.itwould nevertheless not be a bad concept esp in these times so you can take in alittle warm water with an idea of bleach and then let dry

Question Question 10

What Forming Inhalers Will Suit The End? Round? Oval? Both?

The basic inhaler that is type of square/oval

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on plcto Spacer for KIds and adults, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the only spacer we might find on that had a versatile end to connect our kids qvar inhaler as it isn’t formed like his albuterol inhaler. We didn’t provide it 5 stars since our boy states it s hard to breathe out in it in contrast to another spacer he has. Likewise, the versatile end is medium stiff so we need to truly push the mouth piece of the inhaler in it. However a minimum of it s tight and won t come out easy. We have purchased 2.

We purchased this cuz its more affordable than purchasing at the drug store even with insurance coverage and we required one for day care for our boy. It’s not as excellent quality as the one from the drug store however it still works and gets the job done so we enjoy.

This was an excellent replacement to our kids broken one. The end piece was a little difficult since it is tight when fitting some inhalers however we have made it work.

The mask on this thing is amazing, other ones we have had were rather stiff, however not this one. Another plus is that it looks like it would fit a series of ages 1-5. This spacer provides us 100% comfort, as we can in fact see the medication being taken in appropriately. Fantastic cost, so worth it.

We are absolutely late on an evaluation however we have had this spacer for about 3 years now. We have an asthmatic cat (yes you check out that right. Lol) and she needs to have a breathed in medication 2 times a day much like people. The aerokat spacer was too costly for us at the time of acquiring her medications so we got this rather, put a staple in the mask to form to her nose/mouth a little better, and it worked completely. We still utilize it with her to this day. Super easy to utilize. Cleaning up isn’t that hard, it does split up piece by piece which is amazing, it’s simply a bit hard to reach all the way inside the spacer without the ideal cleansing tools (which is not a fault of the business.) over all, really strong product.

The drug store supplied mask for our kid shattered. We are grateful that it did since this is a lotbetter It fits his inhaler and the mask is soft and does not trigger pain when he’s not so pleased about needing to take his medicine.

Functions perfectly, we purchased it for our 5 years of age kid and it fits perfectly on his face. It works for both medications that he takes.

Exceptional option to change a prescription spacer. We truly like how this works. Our kid hasn’t grumbled so if he s pleased, we enjoy.

Acquired it as a back up for our boy. The regional drug store desired $70 since our insurance coverage did not cover it. Fantastic worth and easy to tidy. We wound up utilizing it for ourself when we were ill.

Excellent quality product, works effectively, we conserved over $30 from what our drug store was going to charge.

It works and it is easy to tidy with the alchol.

Functions best.

Perfect for our boy.


Great fit for our boy. Assists a lot with his pro-air inhaler.

Functions excellent for me. And i’m an adult with a little face.

Functions as explained.

Our physician suggested it thanks once again.

Our boy is just recently identified with asthma. The spacer assists get the medicine to his lungs while he is finding out to time his breath with a press of his inhaler. We purchased one for house and one for school. This product on expense us about $10 less than through mail order drug store (not a covered product on our strategy) and $14 less than at regional retail chain drug store. We feel this mask type is more sanitary than the kind without, considering that his mouth does not in fact touch the spacer. The spacer with mask has been dropped on our slate flooring a few times — no fractures at all.

Its excellent.

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